WHO'S COUNTING: VEXNEWS comes first on election date

proudtobeskite Yesterday around the lunch hour (OK, lunch is more like three hours on a Friday) , when Canberra Press Gallery sheep and know-alls had been convinced (or convinced themselves) that the federal election date would be August 28th, the famed VEXNEWS Investigations Unit struck with stealth and speed.

We reported exclusively that the date would in fact be one week earlier, August 21st, from sources familiar with the matter:

READY, SET, GO: VEXNEWS hears Federal Election will be August 21st

By VEXNEWS â‹… July 16, 2010

VEXNEWS understands that the federal election will not be August 28th as widely speculated but instead will be one week earlier, August 21st.

Around the same time the ABC was still claiming it would be the 28th.

By yesterday evening, following the VEXNEWS lead, some in the Gallery changed their tune although most remained far from convinced. Our sources remained steadfast.

vexnewsright Some in the Gallery even cheekily rang VEXNEWS demanding to know the name of our source, we explained that not even a hot iron rod bottom-probe would extract such a confession, let alone lazy Canberra rent-seekers hoping for a few crumbs from the VEX feasting table.

Anyway, if we were the ABC, we’d spend gazillions of air-time boasting about this epic exclusive, but we’re not and we’ll just go on punching and being the first with the worst, with outburst and the well-versed. And any other words that rhyme with first.

This is a splendid victory for the many dozens of patriot volunteers, sources, snouts, insiders and investigators in the VEXNEWS Investigations Unit. We love youse all.

Now we march on to this most curious of elections, where polling provides us merely with snapshots of a very rapidly changing electoral environment and unusually almost tells us nothing. Labor is probably set to win, but they’ve been doing it ugly, despite the new attractive image of the shiny, newly minted PM Julia Gillard who has previously wowed even conservative types like broadcaster Alan Jones. Up against her is one of the starkest polarisers in the Parliament, a brilliantly effective political hit-man Tony Abbott. Not even VEXNEWS can tell you who’s going to win this one.

We know that the campaign will dwell on the past. Gillard’s and Abbott’s record as ministers, Gillard as a big-spender on Building the Education Revolution that had more than its fair share of embarrassingly expensive bungles and Abbott’s as Health minister where he made some deep cuts and also imposed his personal will on divisive issues of controversy around reproductive health.

Hopefully it will also deal with the future challenges we face as a nation.

Meanwhile, lurking in the background is the ultra-left’s most effective political vehicle since the days the Communist Party of Australia boasted hundreds of thousands of members, had a river of Moscow gold funding it, and controlled many of the trade unions in this country, the Greens political party. They are set for a good election, many commentators say. We’ll be doing our best to ensure that the same level of rigorous scrutiny applied to the major parties is also applied to them. “Give ‘em hell” one interjector yelled out to fiercely anti-communist President Harry Truman one time. He quickly responded “I’ll just tell the truth about them and they’ll think it’s hell.”

In the weeks ahead, we call on all those who’ve made VEXNEWS what it is to be vigilant and to phone (0415 99 33 26), email (editor – at – vexnews.com) or meebo us with anything they see or hear about the election that could amuse, inform, entertain or worry our growing audience. We’ve had a bloody good start, but let’s finish big.

Game on, indeed.



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19 responses to “WHO'S COUNTING: VEXNEWS comes first on election date

  1. Julia's Speech Therapist

    Nice Scoop, Awesome Website.

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  3. Adrian Jackson

    Well done Andrew.

  4. May Julia become the shortest-serving PM in Australian history.
    Going forward indeed. Going forward without this government, I hope.

  5. Long live Frank Forde.

    For Julia to have been the shortest serving PM in Australia’s history, she would have to have been removed from her post any time before the early hours of July 2nd, 2010.

    If she loses this election, she will become the 5th shortest serving Prime Minister.

  6. LlFF – aha. Well, August 21 will still be good enough for me.

  7. Anonymous

    Yes and just think Frank Forde’s widow (she married him long after his political career was over) still gets a federal parliamentary pension plus I assume her pension as the widow of a NSW cop plus the pension as an ex Qld Governor.

  8. Dr Leslie Patterson

    Anonymous @21.40 you are a plum duff. Leneen Forde is PM Forde’s daughter-in-law, not his wife.

    Leneen married Francis Forde Jnr in 1955, and he died 11 years later, at the age 31. She has not married again.

    PM Forde’s wife, Vera, died in 1967, about 16 years before he did. She therefore was never a widow and no-one ‘inherited’ PM Forde’s parliamentary pension (PM Forde died in his 90s anyway).

  9. Anonymous

    Dear Vex,

    Could you tell me please why Channel 9 has on their news reports, a man who has been charged by NSW Police for various criminal offences and has appeared and will appear again in the NSW Supreme Court?

    I speak of course of Ben Fordham. Surely he should be stood aside from reporting any news, especially a federal election, until his Supreme Court trial is over?

    He is of course presumed innocent but should be stood down until a guilty or not guilty decision is made.

    Dont you agree Vex ?

  10. Dan Lewis

    Kudos Vexnews.

  11. Little Blonde Choir Boy

    Maybe Mr Abbott will leave me alone until after the election.

  12. Anonymous

    Save the Orangutans!

  13. Dan Lewis

    Oh gee. The Catholic jokes are almost as clever as the budgie smuggler jokes.

    I do wish politics in this country were a bit more intelligent.

    I watched Sixty Minutes tonight and couldn’t believe Charles Wooley was banging on about budgie smugglers, to the Prime Minister. Clearly he’s not afraid to tackle the big issues…

  14. Adrian Jackson

    I stopped watching 60 minutes 20 years ago. It only watched now by Channel 9 bogans viewers. ABC TV for me and ABC News Radio of cause.

  15. Anonski

    Little Blonde Choir Boy, you still seem to be confusing your “special friend”, Milton Orkopoulos for Tony Abbott.

  16. Congratulations VEXNEWS. I had picked September 4 or even pushed back to October. ;(

    VEXNEWS got it right again

    I expect that in Victoria Labor could in fact increase its holdings by one seat. I disagree strongly with the Dream world media that the Greens will win the seat of Melbourne. They may have a chance in the November State election but I am of the view that the ALP will hold on to Melbourne Federally the full extent of margin depends on the strength of the Liberal Vote which I expect will be higher this year putting greater pressure on the Greens. The ALP will also whittle down the Green vote form the other end. Event of the Greens manage to creep above the Liberal Party they will not attract significant preference flows. Bowtell will win over a large portion of the Women’s vote.

    The ALP could also pickuy Fran Bailey’s seat of McEwen,

    Corrangamite could be at risk but the the ALP is expected to hang on to to the other Victorian seats it holds.

    My concern still remians with the way the Senate vote is counted. The Senate vote counting system is not proportional and in 2007 the system delivered the Greens a bonus 7,000 votes above the value of their support. It is possible that this bias will play a significant role in the outcome of the 2010 Senate election.

    So serious is the level of distortion in the way the count is conducted in Queensland Larisa Waters was denied representation unfairly. She actually won the election based on the value of the vote. If you recount the vote excluding all candidates except the last seven standing Larisa Waters should have been elected in the sixth position.

    The flaws in the way the Senate is counted can rebound against the ALP IN 2010.

    The only certain in the Senate count is that Family First will not climb the pack.

    Its Game over for Family First and Ganu out for the Greens in Victoria

    Cath Bowtell has about a week to halt the ALP Destruction at La trobe Close, as there is about 5% in it. Can she keep or loose Melbourne?
    Will keep you all updated with her skills as a real politician as compared to ALP stooge or Party Inner City Trendy Hack.
    Stay tooned

  18. DJ

    Talking about the gloating that the ABC do – they have been caught flat-footed with the launch of their 24 hour news network due to start 6 days into the election campaign! But the silver lining is that it is one less channel for Julia Dullard to be seen on…

  19. Adrian Jackson

    Andrew, Danby is in a tiz over a fake “Liberal” website. See Melbourne Weekly (Emerald Hill- Port Phillip) dated 21 Jul 10. Advanced copies at Middle Park IGA

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