READY, SET, GO: VEXNEWS hears Federal Election will be August 21st

VEXNEWS understands that the federal election will not be August 28th as widely speculated but instead will be one week earlier, August 21st.



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7 responses to “READY, SET, GO: VEXNEWS hears Federal Election will be August 21st

  1. overseas

    Well it won’t be called tomorrow – Gillard is in Melbourne tonight (Fri) and the GG flies to France on Saturday until Wednesday


    Ah no, I think you’ll find it will be called tomorrow.

  3. Ex DFAT

    VEXNEWS is well informed. The 21st it will be.

  4. Adrian Jackson

    The PM flies back to Canberra early on Saturday morning so she will visit the GG before she goes to France.

    Besides a local told me yesterday that the ALP had booked the Middle Park Bowls Club for 21 Aug 10.

  5. Lindsay Boy

    Oh, I just want it to be over…I have nightmares of boatloads of towelheads on the horizon. Mum & Dad said I’d one day be PM but it’s all going so terribly wrong. I wish I didn’t sook about whole issue in the first place – I started a joke and got the whole world laughing….

  6. Adrian Jackson

    I live in Melbourne Ports and I have just put one of my home made signs on my front gate which reads:

    Federal Poll

    1. Put Danby LAST – Free Palestine.

    2. Put the Liberal second last – No more unwinnable overseas wars.

    3. Vote for a good local candidate.

    *I am not a candidate nor a party member*

    Authorized by: A Jackson. 404 Richardson St, Middle Park Vic 3206.

    Isn’t democracy great !!

  7. Anon

    Adrian, for someone who does not like Americans, you seem to have embraced the Yank spelling of the word “authorised”.

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