WHIP CRACKS: Vic ALP MP Craig Langdon attacks own government over education funding

langdonwhips Flamboyant Victorian Labor MP Craig Langdon – disendorsed after a messy and unpublishable personal situation – is rumoured to be on the verge of political explosion once again after sending out a letter attacking Labor minister Bronwyn Pike.

VEXNEWS can exclusively reveal that the Government Whip – who has repeatedly denied claims that he plans to quit his seat  in a hissy fit and cause an inconvenient by-election – has sent out a letter to constituents that is highly critical of Pike, who previously employed his Labor preselected successor Anthony Carbines as her ministerial chief of staff, and government decisions relating to education.

Locals who still hold Langdon in high regard despite recent controversies say it appears to be posturing ahead of his planned political comeback at the next municipal elections in Banyule council, on which he has previously served.

Langdon is a prickly and tough political operator despite messy personal entanglements that would have made his re-election in Ivanhoe somewhat challenging, if not impossible.

Once close with his nominated successor Carbines, Langdon is believed to be extremely angry about what he describes as his “forced retirement.”

Langdon continues to maintain a solid base of numbers, principally in the Heidelberg area and has been an active factional operator within the Labor Right. Some say he was approached by the NUW block to join their Rebel Right “Taliban” faction although Langdon has told supporters that he isn’t going to be forced out of his Labor Unity moderate faction or party by anyone.

The Liberals are yet to preselect a candidate in Ivanhoe with some speculating that another former Langdon ally turned nemesis Jenny Mulholland will be a candidate after a reasonably successful run as an independent last time and her decision to join the Liberal party last year.

Those close with Langdon say that it will be a close run thing of competing hatreds for the feisty government whip, with one Langdon observer explaining:

“He hates the faction bosses who did him in and he reckons Carbines cheated on him in a deal for succession they had but I can’t imagine wanting to help make that mad shrew Jenny Mulholland a member of Parliament either.”



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39 responses to “WHIP CRACKS: Vic ALP MP Craig Langdon attacks own government over education funding

  1. anon

    Good on you Craig you can stand tall and proud.

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  3. Adrian Jackson

    Did his taxpayer funded electorate allowance pay for these leaflets?

  4. Ollie

    Those factional bosses are soooooooooooo nasty.

  5. Pike-out

    Craig is correct Browyn Pike is such a pike-out in education a complete flop!
    Vote her out she Pike is another of those pushy ALP women like Maxine Moronand and Jacinta Allen who think they know it all
    their self assuredeness on every topic puts the likes of Barry Jones in the shade
    it must be so hard of late to be a man in the ALP as there are far too many pushy dominant women that try to steam roll everyone!These women and their cohorts are all for choice so long as its only their choice ie Pike and Moronand and Allen want to dominate and force their biased views down everyones throats – this just wont do anymore as the public are so awake to these hard women of the ALP!

  6. anonsky

    Time for a Rick Roll!

  7. Adrian Jackson

    I have never liked Pike. She was a whining bible basher before she entered Parliament during the Kennett era – I remember her letter to the editor.

    She also irritates me by refusing to use the correct title for The ROYAL Children’s Hospital (she drops the Royal) which means she is a creepy republican.

    Transport, Education and Health she has been hopeless.

  8. Adrian Jackson

    Only a PO Box at the bottom of the leaflet too. I thought a political leaflet is meant to have a street address as part of the “authorized by” section.

  9. Video of Craig Langdon bagging Bronwyn Pike in parliament:

  10. Bonebrain

    Jake the Pike?

  11. Skizziks

    Good onya Craig.
    I wont be voting for some Ministers golden boy. Not interested in a nodding dog type for this electorate.
    It’s a bit rough not getting a response from Minister Pikes office.
    I mean when I wrote to a Brumby Minister a year ago at least I got a response. No answer, mind. Just a nice cut and paste telling me ‘we are looking into it’and would provide details ‘in due course’. That’s a bit like ‘at Her Majestys Pleasure’. And goodness knows when that’s going to be.
    Anyway, even if it was done on the allowance it’s stuff important to the Electorate, even if it shows up
    the way Pike organises things.
    So no vote for the well related A. Carbines and Mulholland? Bwhaaaaa-ha-ha-ha.

  12. Factional ghosts

    Brumby must be given credit for showing sietz, theophanous and langdon the door.

    However these 3 operatives remain active members in the Alp and continue to influence fea elections and the public office selection committee.

    These factional ghosts will continue to have influence until the Alp embraces a primary style preselection process that by passes the stacks in the west and north where these 3 and their numbers are still active.

  13. Good bye

    So Pike may lose her seat. So what! Having such a marginal seat she or her minders should have put a 4 year plan into place so she could mix her ministerial job with a plan to “work” her electoate to prop up her vote.

    What happened, nothing! In life you get rewarded by the effort you put in. Put nothing in, you get nothing back.

    Seeing she is not a political animal and could be forgiven for thinking doing her job is enough, maybe her political minders are to blame with their lack of political nous and grass roots common sense!

  14. Stephen O'Shea

    If Bronwyn Pike is so concerned about the Greens winning her seat – why did she and John Brumby go to the over-funded State selective school of Glen Waverley Secondary College to spruik their ‘Green’ credentials….? Are there no schools in her own electorate worth visiting?

  15. Olympia Ward

    We are know that Langdon is willing to sell his soul to whoever funds his campaign for local council…..

  16. Madam Lash

    In fact Good bye it could be a threesome…first the federal seat of Melbourne falls then the state seats of Richmond and Melbourne…not bloody likely… but who would have thought that things would come to this in the inner subs…and that anyone could even contemplate such a scenario also says a lot about the times…and as you say Good bye it is really all about grass roots connections

  17. Anonymous

    He has actually no support in the Ivanhoe electorate, which is well versed by his “messy and unpublishable personal situation”.
    The local Council has none of his influence left.
    All that is left is a bitter and twisted old man, taking aim at a few former colleagues, before he hangs up his whip.
    Looks like we made the right decision in dumping him.

  18. Anon

    Maybe Garreth has a plan to win it back…

  19. AC

    Oh gee I hope no one hears about my numerous indiscretions
    otherwise I’ll never be an MP and I have to re-apply as Fishhead’s man servent.

  20. Anonymous

    Carbines just another bag carrier

  21. Anonymous

    Only reason AC got preselected was because mummy was a MP. the alp family

  22. AC

    I always do what Mummy says, I hope Mummy does not find out about my antics.

  23. Skizziks

    Anonymous at 16.04.
    Dear Sir or Madam,
    Aaaaand the ‘we’ is?

  24. Inbreds unlimited

    The inbreds are not limited to the Alp…. Oz politics us looking more and more like a tassie family reunion. Even is related but know likes each other…, you can’t pick tour family….,

  25. Skizziks

    @ Anonymous 16.04
    Dear (insert title when known).

    Further to my earlier question, my bodyguards joined me for our post prandial nip and we were analysing the weeks events and got to the bit about the Ivanhoe situation.
    Hey Skiz, the larger one said, does it stand to reason that if the ‘Royal We ‘ ditched Langdon that they were the ones who endorsed whatisname?
    Well, Bonzo, I said, I suppose that follows and this Anonymous said that there is no support for Langdon in The Ivanhoe electorate. So I suppose that would mean with a swing of 74.35% he would have lost the seat.
    Mmm said Bonzo, probably he/she/it went under-cover to get this vital information.
    Would it have been the one that was lurking in the bushes opposite the Austin do you think?
    Nah, I said more likely the one down Burgundy St by the Embroidery shop, the one with the tattoo’s and the lower jaw like a washbasin.
    The skinny one, who doesnt normally say much piped up and asked do you think the Labor guy with the cheap suit and the hornrimmed glasses what lurks at the Ivanhoe Mall, Saturdays would know?
    Nah, dont think so, he carrys on like he is the local Labor Branch, maybe we will ask him tomorrow when we go shopping.
    Here, have another Mineral Water.

  26. Anonymous

    Langdon has too many ghosts in the closet to have any influence over this State Government. 14 years in State parliament and his claim to fame is Government Whip? His ghosts will haunt him during his run for the local Council.

  27. Boofa Leigh

    Coor..I would love to lash out all over Pike. I wonder if Wenchy would find out?

  28. Wenchy

    Oh Geoffrey dear you said I was your special kipper.

  29. AC reply

    Mummy will not find out about your antics because there ain’t any. Unlike a current State member!

  30. Laurie O

    Craig Langdon. Walking proof that politics is show business for ugly people

  31. Anonymous

    Any pot left in the back garden?

  32. AC

    My sins are coming to a head Mummy will be so cross I might never be an MP.

  33. m.o.

    look out for the ore st rival

  34. Anonymous

    Not another shit-fight for a Banyule Council seat.
    Just imagine: Langdon v Carbines v Mulholland v Sherriff v Phillips. Could go thermonuclear!

  35. Anonymous

    Pity Vex cant publish why Langdon was dumped. I guess it must be court suppressed?

  36. Anonymous

    Why does Langdon say in his letter “forced retirement” ???? He can run for the seat of Ivanhoe at the next election, just like anyone else.

    Just is he will have to be elected under his own name, not hide behind the ALP banner.

  37. Anonymous

    This must be embarrassing for his best friend Colin Brooks.


    Was it a deal, Craig you give up your seat of Ivanhoe and have my Olympia Ward, then you can try to be Mayor – Ohhhhhh Lord help us were he to come back to Council and stuff that up with his antics. I just wish he would go away quietly and hide in his closet and leave us all alone because as ratepayers we do not want him along with his cohorts on Council, I have a suggestion why not make him Commissioner for Public Toilets I would willingly buy him the broom, bucket and mop

  39. Colin Bwooks

    Craig can use my toilet. Maybe he can fix my sink.

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