FLABBERGASTED: Melbourne TV news reporters duped by "concerned resident" with hidden socialist past

nataliezirngast2 Profound embarrassment has been caused in Melbourne’s TV news fraternity today after several of them presented an angry socialist activist as a seemingly apolitical concerned resident annoyed about Victorian government plans to build road and rail infrastructure to unblock congestion on the Westgate bridge.

TV news reporters Brendan Donohue, Brett McLeod and Gareth Boreham in Melbourne interviewed residents directly concerned by the prospective compulsory acquisition necessary to build the new transport plan. These interviews included a chat with a woman identified as Natalie Zirngast who described herself as a “new Footscray West resident and mum” while wielding her new-born child like a cheap prop. Her property is not affected by the plan.

She complained on-air that Footscray would be wedged by cars and trucks and made other general attacks on Labor’s transport plan. She was gravely worried about the impact on “her” community.

What’s caused a huge stink in Melbourne newsrooms is that Zirngast did not disclose her radical anti-Labor radical leftist past or the fact that she has fewer ties with the Footscray community than the average blow-in. VEXNEWS understands that interviews were suggested and arranged by Colleen Hartland, the Greens party Member of the Legislative Council.

VEXNEWS can reveal that in the 1998 federal election Zirngast was an unsuccessful Democratic Socialist Party candidate in the Northern Territory. She was Darwin’s organiser for the extremist left-wing movement “Resistance.”

She descended on Melbourne shortly after and ran again under the socialist banner in the Darebin council election. She polled 1.8% of the vote, a fact gleefully reported as a triumph by the clearly not very discerning Green Left Weekly.

These weren’t youthful indiscretions either, with the Socialist Alliance site showing that she was agitating against Australian troops at Victoria University as recently as 2008 for Resistance and the Socialist Alliance.

Documents obtained by VEXNEWS reveal that the militant also agitated for the release of convicted rioter and ratbag unionist Craig Johnston, whose most recent exploits include racial attacks on Tongan security guards at the West Gate freeway picket.

Hopefully Seven’s Iron Chef Brendan Donohue (not normally easily fooled), earnest Brett McLeod of Nine and slick Gareth Boreham of the TEN Network will not be so easily duped by far-left extremists again. The fact that interviews were arranged by the Greens party heavyweight Colleen Hartland probably should have given them pause. We hear they are all fuming at being played. A quick check on Google will usually be enough to save future embarrassment, lads.



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29 responses to “FLABBERGASTED: Melbourne TV news reporters duped by "concerned resident" with hidden socialist past

  1. Name game

    Gareth Boreham?

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  3. Reds are better in bed

    Is this a bit like Lambros Tapinos using the VUSU office when he isn’t studying at VU.

  4. anon

    looks like Judith Lucy 😀

  5. Flipper

    I hear she is running as a Socialist Alliance candidate in the coming elections for either Gellibrand or Footscray. I wonder if she will direct her preferences to Colleen Hartland? Me thinks so.

  6. Adrian Jackson

    But was she telling the truth or not about the project?

    Speaking of reporters being conned the PM had yet another daily press conference today to promote a uniform allowance for parents who buy their kids a school uniform however this will be implemented after the election if Labour wins.

    This is not policy this is campaigning with the media giving the ALP a free plug. All the parties and candidates should pay for advertising of election promises.

    Policy is about things happening now like the East Timor DP camp proposal – opps; but this not happening eithor if the Parliament of East Timor has its way.

  7. sooty

    the thing i can’t believe about this is how what was a good announcement has been undermined by such unbelievably crappy consultation.
    One can only hope someone either in exhibition st or at treasury place is copping a bollocking.
    That other bird holding the baby did more damage in one sound bite than the greens ever could.
    Any why is there always an upset oldie called Norma? That’s the real conspiracy here.

  8. RDR

    No I most certainly did not. Fatty most have done it, he’s not fussy at all.

  9. Argus Tuft

    Is she any worse than the Right Wing Extremeists in the Mad Monk’s neo Fascists?

  10. Anon

    Kudos to the Vexnews investigative team for this cracking scoop – first with the worst as always!

    I notice Comrade Zirngast has also spent time as “Womyn’s Research Officer” at RMIT:


  11. Anonymous

    Colin Brooks will save them. He is superman!

  12. Walter Plinge

    Who’s the daddy?

  13. anon

    Christ who impregnated her? She’s uglier than a hat full of arseholes.

  14. Adrian Jackson

    Emilys List

  15. Ping

    I cant beleive the media tried to portray her as a typical household mum. Imagine the outcry if they interviewed a member of the ALP or a Liberal Party member about this issue and didnt disclose it.

  16. The Player

    Danger Lowbrow !!!

    Come on Brett Duck you should have known better.

  17. god help us Rob Hulls is deputy premier

    Brumby’s spin doctors have lost there spin.

  18. Adrian Jackson

    Why didn’t the residents get a letter in the mail delivered by Australia Post, using certified mail if necessary, the day before Brumby told a business lunch about the plan?

    Who were the pathetic weak public servants who were sent around with a letter to residents who chickened out when the media were present?

    The Transport Minister is not back in Israel with his bulldozer knocking down unsuspecting residents homes.

    Martin Pakula should be sacked.

  19. ayg

    She used to hang out in the VU Women’s Collective as well a couple of years ago

    To Reds are better in bed – Lambros actually works at VUSU. Get your facts right.

  20. peta duke should be the head of brumby's spin doctors

    Time to give public transport portfolio to the capable hands of a unity minister (or MP) to fix the ongoing problems, years under the SL reign and now the Taliban regime the Victorian public will only continue to suffer.

  21. Reds are better in bed

    and by the look he is working very hard


  22. let us be realistic

    All this shows is that the Greens are a group of individuals who call themselves Greens. They have no policies, no structure no leadership except for some bush hick from Tasmania. As for the Victorian Greens they are being manipulated by Liberals who claim to be green.

  23. Boring Bob

    Comrade Natalie is typical of the extremists who are duping inner-city dopes into voting for them under the guise of being “Greens”. The truth is, most are Trots (or worse) in Green clothing.

  24. Dan Lewis

    She’s no Claire Werbeloff…

    Jew-hater Adrian Jackson, who seems to have set up shop here, should probably disclose his own political history. How about it Jackson? We’re still waiting for a frank, honest disclosure about your pathetic military career.

  25. Adrian Jackson

    Dan Lewis (16 Jul 10) is ranting again. You should stop swimming in the toxic waters at Rushcutters Bay; it apppears to be affecting your mind. But I still love you daring Danny boy.


  26. Richard Bender

    Christ, there’s a blast from the past from my ANU days. [deleted]

  27. bereal

    Stupid, ignorant, left wing greens should be driven out of the state. Labor would have to agree reforms to the Upper House allowing the Greens into Parliament was a big mistake.

  28. bereal

    Is there some sort of code or protocol that extreme left women are uuuuugly. Like Colleen Heratland looks like she lived near the toxic dump a little too long, and this other leftie probably has pubes down to her knees. Who would impregnate either of them?

  29. Dan Lewis

    Adrian Jackson might make a good boxer, being so capable of ducking and weaving. Except he’s been a failure in everything else in his life, so would probably end up being knocked out before the first punch was thrown. Loser.

    Tell me, Adrian, would a “Free Palestine” be as free as say, Iran? Saudi Arabia maybe? Or Gaza under Hamas rule, where there is no freedom of association, freedom for women, or freedom of expression?

    Or di you mean “Free Palestine” as in free of Jews, in which case Gaza already is. Perhaps you should go and live there. I’m sure they could use a man of such demonstrable military experience as you…

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