CAN'T DECIDE: Greens party's Adam Bandt struggles with big decisions

adambandtdesp Greens party Melbourne candidate Adam Bandt has been a curious figure at dozens of different inner-city Melbourne auctions in recent times.

He has actively participated as an under-bidder in many auctions in the Flemington and North Melbourne area and according to well-informed real estate industry sources, Bandt is looking to splash the cash on his first home, around $700,000 worth, some say.

Despite this, Bandt, an aspiring law-maker, is struggling with the decision-making process. “I’ve not seen someone attend more auctions and not or under-bid, he seems very nervous about the whole thing and usually attends wearing very dark sunglasses. Aren’t Greens allowed to spend their money? I wonder where he got it from” a real estate industry source asked VEXNEWS.

adambandt Bandt has previously worked at Labor’s millionaire factory Slater & Gordon, a law firm that listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, greatly enriching the firm’s then partners but causing questions about how the firm will attract equity partners going forward.

Bandt – who occasionally refers to himself as Doctor Bandt because of a PhD – is now a barrister and also worked as a Greens party staffer and hack for former medical Doctor Bob Brown when short of a quid. Brown is a sly superannuation and property millionaire who frequently falsely describes himself as on the verge of bankruptcy as a fund-raising tool.

The candidate who frequently offends Greens insiders with his off-hand and self-important style is apparently desperately keen to point out that he’s a home-owner in the house-proud inner-city but is struggling with the kinds of big decisions that grown-ups have to make. Labor critics say it doesn’t augur well for his ability to serve in the Australian legislature, one pointing out passionately that:

“The only environmental credential of this wanker is that he’s a highly recycled failed candidate, he’s run for Melbourne before, he’s run for Lord Mayor before, no doubt he’ll run again. His campaign has already made it clear that it’s all about him and not about the people of Melbourne. He has corrupted a slogan that’s about the world’s poorest people – Make Povery History – and misappropriated it for his own self-aggrandisement – Make History Melbourne. For Adam, it’s all about Adam. He’s an egomaniac. He says he’s anti-conservative but hopes to get elected on Liberal preferences. If you live a lie for long enough, eventually it eats away at any goodness within. That’s exactly what’s happened in Melbourne with the Greens. Their whole strategy for winning depends on the preferences of those who oppose them the most. No wonder he wants a new bedroom, Adam Bandt must have trouble sleeping at night. It’s inevitable these guys will go the way of the Australian Democrats, choking to death on their own hypocritical moral compromises…”



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28 responses to “CAN'T DECIDE: Greens party's Adam Bandt struggles with big decisions

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  2. nice pic. seems he’s looking for a ride. c’mon RDR. would you go there..?

  3. RDR

    No way I’ll leave these limp wristed lentil eaters for Ollie and Pissy.

  4. Wendy

    Oh dear me. A Green owning a house, and having a PHD and calling himslef Doctor!!! Wow, is that like Dr Hewson the former Liberal Leader? I’m stunned at this fraud.

    And obviously if you are a Green member, you should live in a shack; if you’re a Lib a mansion right?

    Another pathetic dig at a party who is steadily polling at about 12-15% and a threat to the losing Libs and their losing leader.

  5. not a green fan

    why is the aged doing all the publicity for the greens?

  6. Bandit- wants to make history but isn't worth a footnote

    Can someone tell this Adam Bandit that there’s nothing historic about electing smarmy male lawyers to parliament.

  7. How come Cath has disappeared so quickly?
    I was hoping to tell you all how she was going to stand up for families, social housing clients, child care centres, children’s parks & trees in our community of North Melbourne.
    She remains unusually silent & is obviously hoping to slide in on Julia’s pig tails.
    I reckon that she is an inner city NIMBY ALP fraud who will encourage her partner’s community destruction at La trobe Close.

  8. Good thinking 99

    I read somewhere that part of the super duper Green plot is to deprive the CBD of electricity of the conventionally generated type.
    Wind Farms? Covering the MCG in solar panels? Holding hands and chanting? I think that the Green in the party name is the stuff thats being smoked!

  9. Adrian Jackson

    Not another bloody lawyer – ahh f##k off. Lawyers in parliament are smooth talking people who usually sound good but generally do nothing for the people.

    We have no many lawyer in parliament, the judiciary is full of them (naturally) and often they are in the executive. What about the division of powers?

  10. Brandy

    Gosh this was a pretty sad little beat up Andrew. Even for you. It’s not even a beat up really though. I don’t know what the word is for it. It was just silly.

  11. Stepenwolf

    Andrew, now I know why your blinded….get your filthy hairy hands out of your pants. Time to accept that “a change is a’comin”.

  12. Melbcity

    Adam Brandt should not give up his day job.

    The Greens will not even come close to inning in the seat of Melbourne. They only looked like they could win because the Liberal Candidate’s were so hopeless their vote dropped below 20%.

    The ALP has preselected a candidate of high calibre who will win 52% or the primary vote. The Greens more then likely poll in third place dropping below the Liberal party who will secure 24% of the overall vote.

  13. While you are all trading insults I want to know how Cath Bowtell will stop the community destruction in our community at La Trobe Close.
    This ALP destruction is typical NIMBY from an inner city trendy. She has a magnificant parks near Dryburg St yet is silent whilst a small kiddies park & beautiful trees are to be ALP destroyed in Chetwynd St.
    Is she an ALP stooge or what?
    Speak clearly to us Cath and no dog whistlinging you NIMBY.

  14. PS

    This is the most ridicolous personal attack I have ever seen. Can’t find fault with Green policies because they are overwhelmingly sensible so you attack the candidate for not taking time to decide on a house! C’mon!

  15. Wendy

    Melbcity, if the ALP poll 52% of the primary vote, you can have my firstborn! I doubt Labor will poll over 50% of the primary in any seat, same too for Libs.

  16. PP

    Adam Bandt deserves to win the Melbourne. And I think he will win it.

  17. not a fan

    Adam Bandt won’t win. He’s ripped off too many clients. That’s right, we don’t need any more lawyers. Best to stick with the ALP and play it safe. We don’t want any extreme Greens in there causing problems for the government. The Greens will be disruptive. Keeep them out of parliament!

  18. The Greens will be disruptive…pleeeeeese!
    The ALP is intent on destroying the community around La Trobe Close:
    1. Evict current family public housing tenants
    2. Clear Fell the site destroying 50 beautiful trees.
    3. Sell off valuable family public housing accommodation.
    4. Shit on all previous promises to the community about child care facilities.
    5. Destroy a kiddies park.
    6. Build a GHETTO that treats the public housing client as sub-human.
    How do I know?….I spent my childhood & Youth as a Housing Commission boy & rusted on Labor voter.
    Why does the ALP want to shit on us and the public housing tenant?


    Whether another lawyer in canberra is anyway to reform that dung heap is a valid question.

    However, the ALP have no strategy to keep current seat.

    The core ALP vote is infact a marginalised migrant vote in public housing.

    The more affluent voters are now even split between libs, lab and greens.

    On top of this is renters – mainly younger.

    The ALP is alienating the first core base with a race-to-the-bottom redneck set of immigration and refugee policies based on pure panic. It has insulted the second group by imposing an unknown candidate on them – and as for younger voters….they would just love labor to censor the net!

    In the Federal seat of Melbourne we will be dished up all sorts of rationalisations for the coming labor loss but it can be pinpointed to a lack of intellectual rigor and moral honesty on many issues at the cabinet level and at the national executive level.

    ‘Me tooism’ is wrecking labors chances all around. End of story.

  20. Laisa

    Wendy – in seats like Marybinong, Lalor and Wills the ALP will get > 55 % of the primary and > 70% of two-party perferred. Greens have been clever at picking up on Kelvin Thomson’s sustainable population policies such as boosting refugee intake to 20,000, but will struggle to get 15% of primary in Wills. Adam Bandt has a slight chance in neighbouring Melbourne, but greaty diminished with the replacement of Dudd with PM Julia Gillard.

  21. emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood

    Bob Brown and Dr. Richard Di Natale are decent men both doctors,things are looking good for the greens sorry comrades.

  22. we want our park, North Melbourne!

    Neither Adam Bandt GREENS or Cath Bowtell ALP have shown any community concern. We would like a solid commitment prior to the election to throw out the disgraceful distruction of a community park at La Trobe Close in Chetwynd Street, North Melbourne. Have you looked at the lack of parks in North and West Melbourne? This is how to decide who is community minded.

  23. Fitzroy

    He divorced his wife a few years ago and took her to court, and got a huge settlement from her. He brought few assets to the marriage and then fought long and hard for his ‘share’ – god knows who his partner is now, but I feel sorry for them. Dont believe me? Its all on public record, they lived in northcote together, she still does. Lovely woman.

  24. Cameron

    “A real estate industry source” hey? Another example of fine vexnews journalism. Does the “real estate industry source” have nothing better to do than follow Adam Bandt around to auctions and report to vexnews? A very strange (not to mention creepy) “real estaste industry source” indeed. And creative too. Takes some serious leaps of logic to link not buying a house with a person’s political credentials. But then the ‘writers’ on this site aren’t exactly known for their intelligence (or integrity). Vexnews hacks, you really are scarily stupid. If you knew what was good for you, you really wouldn’t speak – it’s only hastening your own demise.

  25. Cameron

    FYI ‘not a fan’, according to Radio National, Cath Bowtell IS A LAWYER TOO.

    So yes, by all means ‘stick with the ALP and play it safe’ but just realise your comment was pretty dim. It’s ok though, the alp won’t hold it against you. Dimness is a quality shared by most labor faithful. It is held in very high esteem by the party. An essential characteristic really.

    Adrian, the separation of powers refers to the separation between the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. It means that judges can’t interfere with decision making etc in parliament and vice versa. It doesn’t refer to the usual or past occupations of elected members of parliament. Also, if you just google human rights lawyers, or public interest lawyers, or pro bono lawyers, or community lawers, I’m sure you’ll come across a lot of lawyers working in the public interest.

  26. matilda

    Hey Roger, feel free to post further details about La Trobe Close here:

    so that current, engaged public tenants can be informed and chalk it up on the whiteboard of ‘appalling things Labor has done to public housing’. I know it’s hard to believe but not everyone reading this lives in Melbourne’s inner north.

  27. kaysera

    So many truly dodgy characters in the Greens. How is it anyone votes for any of them. They disgust.

  28. Angus

    I have the distinct impression that Adam Bandt appears to be a [deleted]! Thankyou

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