RUDD'S REVENGE: Labor strategists fear Heavy Kevvie might be up to his old tricks

joseteixeirarudd Queensland ALP figures recognised an old name this week. Jose Teixeira, a member of the East Timorese parliament, reared his head as a strident critic of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s plan to process asylum seekers in Timor Leste. Teixeira hit the front-page of the Australian, dozens of media references that have caused Gillard tremendous inconvenience this week, slowing her momentum considerably as she is on the verge of calling the federal election we have to have.

VEXNEWS can exclusively reveal that Jose was once known as Joe Teixeira, in the days when he lived in Brisbane during the 1990s and was a very active member of the Labor party.

Joe Teixeira was once known as a devoted ALP moderate hack, involved in all manner of recruitment schemes with chaps later adversely named in the Shepherdson inquiry into electoral rorts. A gregarious fellow, fondly remembered by patriots who used to wield clipboards with AEC and ALP membership forms in the manner of a lightsaber, he was a well-known and well-liked chap in ALP circles.

VEXNEWS understands that Teixeria was an active member of the Annerley branch of the ALP, used as a recruitment vehicle for those actively supporting the candidacy of Kevin Rudd for preselection in Griffith in the early 1990s when Rudd was running the public service with brutal and clueless efficiency for his mate Premier Wayne Goss.  Crudely put, Teixeira helped stack Griffith for Rudd, insiders say, in the company of chaps like Warwick Powell, Simon Blackwood and the colourful former communist Lee Bermingham. All smart fellows with a capacity for mischief that seemed to know no rival. And Teixeira was part of the crew.

Teixeira and Rudd were very friendly as a result and have maintained a dialogue, it seems. Perhaps a case of one good turn deserves another.

Labor sources worry that Rudd might have encouraged his old branch-stacking ally to stick the boot in.

Their concerns come at a time when other strategists had told VEXNEWS that Tony Jones of Lateline seemed remarkably well-briefed on questions relating to the East Timorese negotiations and other issues. One explained that while relations between Jones and Rudd started off as quite frosty that eventually a friendship developed, with one describing them as active “text buddies.”

Certainly Gillard has had a tough couple of days as questions of detail arose about her government’s plans for the offshore processing of asylum seekers, a policy previously derided by Rudd as inherently dismal and evil.

The issues around East Timor’s acceptance of Australian-bound asylum seekers will centre around money. It’s a poor country that will need to receive a serious amount of financial assistance to build an appropriate facility. If the policy is effective it could well become a very expensive white elephant. But to be to fair to Gillard, this is now a bi-partisan issue in Australian politics. She went beyond political correctness and most probably her own preferred position and embraced a plan that will be a powerful deterrent to those who seek to come to Australia by the most dangerous possible means, on a leaky boat owned by a people smuggler.

Maintaining this deterrent in East Timor could be an employment bonanza for the poor country while solving a huge political problem for both sides of politics and addressing a concern of many millions of Australians. While there might be lots of noise around this issue, some of it generated by a very grouchy Kevin Rudd apparently, a deal is there to be done and will be able to be pursued by the incoming government, whether it be Liberal and Labor.

Meanwhile horrifying stories continue to emerge from within the government about the strange final days of Rudd before the downfall. We hope the masterful political author and Daily Tele Gallery correspondent Simon Benson is taking note, this is a horror story that needs to be told in all its gore very soon.



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30 responses to “RUDD'S REVENGE: Labor strategists fear Heavy Kevvie might be up to his old tricks


    Good luck to Kevin Rudd if he has played any part well at least he KRudd wasnt a foreign policy dudd like Gillard is!
    Gillard already has egg on her face after what she did to KRudd
    so where was there any proof Gillard would be any better as PM see as unelected PM already she Gillard has stuffed up re the asylum policy!
    Tony Abbott is right ALP are a bunch of amateurs led by
    by a VACUOUS VAINGLORIOUS foreign policy inept PM!

  2. Rudd's Sweater is anothers Jumper

    What is the differednce of being held up in Indonessia or staying at club Timor? The so called refuge seekers are out of work male queue jumpers.

  3. Boofa Leigh

    I have a little mate too! His name is Percy. He also gets up to all sorts on mischief…

  4. Anonymous

    Colin Brooks is the champion MP with racing stripes. He will be Premier of Victoria in the next 2 months.

  5. RDR

    My little mate is alway’s up to mischief around the teenage ladies.

  6. john

    this ‘news story’ is libellous.

  7. Maxwell

    Well done 99, it’s the old conspiracy trick again.

  8. Timor-Leste can speak for itself...this story is garbage

    Timor-Leste is a sovereign state!! That actually means something to 99.9% of states in the world.
    A very long painful and costly fight had to happen for it to gain its indpendence.
    Do you really think that T-L needs Kevin to tell it to assert its rights as a sovereign state?
    I suggest you do some basic political history of the country and also understand the ongoing issue with displaced persons in that country, and how the Timorse felt about being overtaken and run by Muslims.
    You think that they are not going to get p**sed off all on their very own (without any prodding) over this issue?
    This is the dumbest conspiracy theory I have ever heard of.
    ‘Camp Gillard’ (if it is them) had better think of some more credible scapegoat for their stuff up.

  9. Take responsibility JG

    The blame game is it? This is too stupid for words.
    East Timor have enough of a history of neo-colonialism to see it coming a mile. They are not stupid and dont need political cues.
    The suggestion that Australia use East Timor without asking them was very neo-colonial in approach.
    This story, which assumes that the people of East Timor are too inept to recognise neo-col attitudes after all they have been through, is even more insulting to them. Shame on the people who concocted this! Get yourself a basic regional history lesson — fools.

  10. Frothing at mouth

    The twitching semi hysterical media are something to behold on every small detail of the asylum seeker debate.

    Perhaps the 5000 refugees that Abbott urges us to fear are less a threat to our way of life than the past liberal govts use of 100,000 of 457 visa workers with low pay and little real work rights.

    Could the age of the Hun ever asked the hard questions about our growing dependance on guest workers. A massive policy shift that flies in the face of our history of building this nation with free migrants with full union rights.

  11. Anton

    Hey Andy
    Did your mate Bill Shortern feed the story?

  12. Alex

    Was little Stewie Griffin in Family Guy modelled on Kevin Rudd or vice versa? Ether way, it seems pretty clear that devious Kev will do whatever it takes to stick the knife into PM Julia.

  13. Treason

    This is treason.

  14. Jackass

    And I suppose the terrible interview by Gillard with Michael Smith on 4BC was Kevin Rudd’s fault as well. Very unlikely given Smith has forever been a strong and strident basher of Labor and Kevin Rudd.
    More muckraking without facts just innuendo.

  15. Fatty Doyle

    I too have a little mate……

  16. Boofa Leigh

    My little mate is littler than your little mates RDR and Fatty Doyle. Just ask Wenchy!

  17. Wenchy

    Geoffrey is correct this time, I hardly notice or feel anything.

  18. Anonymous

    Colin who???

  19. Adrian Jackson

    Gillard looked good at the start but after a few weeks she seems to be Rudd Mk 2 with a red wig.

    Federal Labour are a laughing stock and the Federal Liberals should not be allowed to govern for 20 years because of the Iraq war invasion crimes.

    So what do we voters do? Answer put the two major parties last and second last (you choose the order) on the ballot paper and all the rest above them in the order you choose.

    Ignore the silly HTV cards too.

  20. Jackass

    Where’s the comment about Bill Shorten being a greater risk to Julia Gilard.

  21. Adrian Jackson

    In China they probably call Kevin a “Ruddy iriot”

  22. Boofa Leigh

    Don’t think about the size Wenchy!

    Just feel the ‘quality’…

  23. rech

    “employment bonanza for the poor country ”

    Oh come on. Have you seen how people live in that country? How can anyone seriously propose putting motel-quality accommodation, running water and round-the-clock electricity in a detention centre there, so that economic migrants can live in ten times more comfort than the East Timorese themselves?

    I’m happy to spend the money, but I’d rather pay it to East Timor so that they can fix their own housing. As for the Afghans, what is the logical end of lefty reasoning? Presumably every single Afghan who gets here deserves asylum…why don’t we just invite the whole country here?

  24. Tiny Tim. Water Lord

    8,9.10,11. The counting continues. My destiny awaits

  25. vex sets aganda again

    Three days after vex in left-wing email newsletter:

    Rudd the leaker? Is Kevin Rudd again leaking to promote himself and destabilise others in his own party — as Mark Latham accused him of doing for years in his Diaries? On Saturday in the Sydney Morning Herald, Phillip Coorey and Damien Murphy quote “senior diplomatic sources” as saying — regarding using East Timor as an asylum seeker processing centre — that “Rudd was advised against broaching the subject with Ramos-Horta because it was a bad idea …Rudd himself was aware of this, the source said.”

    Today, also in the SMH, Peter Hartcher describes in detail a phone conversation between Rudd and US president Barack Obama the day Rudd lost the prime ministership: “Obama said he appreciated everything they had done together and he hoped they could continue their friendship and their partnership in working on international challenges … Rudd replied that he had decided to stay in parliament, and fully intended to remain active on the international issues he had been involved in. It was possible he would be in a future Gillard cabinet.” There he goes again?

  26. Xtoffer Whine

    I have always fancied men with latino names. Yes way Jose! Just ask me XX

  27. Wenchy

    There is no quality with your ‘little mate’ either Geoffrey.

  28. Fatty Doyle

    Lindy my massage therapist and sometime waitress at one of McPerton’s favourite restaurants, Isthmus of Kra, can testify that Little Fatty is not so little. Well, not whilst Little Fatty is being massaged by her delicate hands.

  29. Wacko Jacko

    Those Iraq war invasion crimes are very naughty. I wont let Little Johnny Howard, the Joos, and the Septic Tanks stay at my B&B in St Kilda.

    That’ll learn’m!

  30. Adrian Jackson

    Seeing Gillards face at the National Press Club address yesterday I am starting to think the the Shorten and Co agenda might be not not only get rid of Rudd but to get rid of Gillard too.

    She is not preforming any better than Rudd (except for the lack of Rudd’s waffling) and if she looses or does badly at the Commonwealth general election the gang of four assassins will have a reason to dump her too. Prime Minister Bill Shorton and new wife (the GG daughter) in the Lodge. Wouldn’t mummy be pleased.

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