COVER-UP: Greens against helmets row among comrades

greenscoverup In an attempt to marry VEXNEWS art with life, Greens party comrades have even taken to predicting cruel and accurate VEXNEWS headlines denouncing them for this and that with startling accuracy.

Our friends at the beseiged Melbourne Times report that a Greens party online Maoist style self-criticism session got out of hand after one comrade had pointed out that a hippy love sketch of inner-city bohemian life with happy young people bopping along to their iPhones and raising their fists in solidarity (could be worse we suppose) used in their party propaganda had a bicyclist riding along the street without a helmet.

“You have to put a helmet on the cyclist” one Greens Facebooker opined, “It sends the wrong message about cycling and road safety.”

Perhaps some might say it speaks to the difficulties containing the heads of egos so large as the variously self-described “shoe-in” Greens party candidates in inner-city Melbourne who might face some fierce socialist Left Labor resistance in the style of Stalingrad when the election actually comes.

The arrogance of their slogan “Make History Melbourne” is typical of the high self-regard of the “shoe-in” lefty party. They have a rendezvous with destiny, they think, which excuses them for talking up uncosted policies that they defend on the basis they’ll never have to implement them. They say they hate negative campaigning yet are ceaselessly negative about the major parties and often comply with their criticism by ditching policies after they’ve been attacked by rivals. Recently, without ceremony, the Victorian Greens quietly ditched their disgraceful opposition to selective-entry state schools after a brilliant ALP strategist Stephen Newnham orchestrated an attack on them for that policy during the Albert Park by-election. An avowed opponent of the Greens menace, Newnham has had more influence on Greens party policy than most of its individual party members who complain they get the mushroom treatment from an elite cadre of comrades who decide pretty much everything for themselves.

melbourneweekly The Greens pretend they have a high calling that means they can look beyond the concerns of ordinary people who have to worry about how to pay surging power bills made potentially vastly more expensive as a result of Greens party dogma. Don’t get us started. Two elections will be soon and the VEXNEWS magnifying glass of scrutiny has been polished up and is ready.

Others in this online chat group were keen to suppress this subversive banter lest members of the famed VEXNEWS investigations unit discover the frank talk.

One wrote “The ALP might notice it and turn it into a big something…. I can imagine it on VEXNEWS with a headline of “Greens against helmets” Hahaha.”

“Perish the thought” wrote the Melbourne Times’ author.

Don’t say we’re not a crowd-pleaser.



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20 responses to “COVER-UP: Greens against helmets row among comrades

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  2. Anonymous

    The besieged Heidelberg and Diamond Valley Weekly is all but dead having had a coup conducted on it more deadly than the Gillard coup on poor KRudd. One week a million dollars of real estate advertising. The next week this is all tranferred to the Heidelberg and Diamond Valley Weekly Review,a new local rag which is part owned by all the real estate agents.
    The fact that the lefty news rag has been the subject of a right wing coup has not been lost on a few in that community.

  3. The Scooterist

    Why can not motor Scooters use the segregated bike lanes? Much more can and should be done to share the road and support safer road use for scooter riders. The Government road policy make no mention of Motor Cyclist. It the Bike only or no way highway.

  4. Josh

    They give me the creeps

  5. sg

    It escapes me how you can prattle on about a ‘rendezvous with destiny’, whilst simulatenously ranting confusedly about the Greens’ penchant for self-criticism.

    I know that schoolyard taunts about commies and reds must take you back to the good ol’ days when a dozen slopes heads on a bayonet could earn you a medal, but these tired cliches simply fail to impress the rest of us Australians who simply aren’t old enough to remember the 1930s.

  6. Anonymous

    What is Dean Sherriff’s involvement with the Diamond Valley Weekly Review? Is is a case of bitter revenge?

  7. Bonebrain

    I wonder if it was the strange article about the Eltham :iberal preselection that did it?

    Basically 99% made up (the remaining 1% was correct spelling of people’s names). An amateurishly crude piece of agitprop.

  8. Racist greens

    The racist nature of the greens is well known in Victoria. The fake greens are great at vetting any serious migrant candidates. The yarra greens are most famous for this with their necking of gurm sekhon. Ethinic purgers are particularly pronounced in nth upper house seat area where barbers henchmen run the party like a personal dicatorship. It is complete with ethnic branch stacking of Sudanese and Muslims. This maniputive stacking us used to block genuine green members who now feel like they are in a gulag… Even if it is one run by a smiling clown. The African and Muslim numbers are used in a cynical display of divesity for photoshoots and letterboxes. The ethic warlords are then run in unwinnable seats like batman or Preston. Winable seats go back to the greens white masters.
    if anyone like Hard working sekhon question the racist nature of the arrangements by barbies puppets then they are executed with the pickaxe of preselection. They can be barred from the party by faceless factional operators or low level council puppets. That is the greens today folks …. Sick to the core and drunk on power even before they win the seats.
    genuine greens turn up to public meetings but are known the wiser that all candidates are know controlled by a pragmatic faction keen fir power at any cost.

  9. Anonymous

    Dean who???

  10. Medici

    re: ‘Racist greens’, sounds just like the ALP!

  11. carbon copies

    Medici you catch on quick.
    greens are same unaccountable politcal class of self servers.
    Just carbon copies of the old factional smartie pants from ALP. In fact many of them are recycled labor lefties. Only difference inthe greens they do not have to fight the right – they are the right.

  12. green fraudsters

    Given the global environment challenge the world faces the Australian Greens and their gradualism is a joke.

    The problem is that the greens vote is based on the very people who are over consuming with a upper middle income lifestyle.

    Councils and sate and federal seats where the greens dominate are in fact high carbon communities.

    That is why the Greens have very little to do with any real action to curb the over-consumption of the rich as they do not want to upset these voters.

    They support expensive green 6 star buildings but cannot bite the bullet on reducing car ownership in the inner city where they rely not just on wealthy green voters but also the preferences from wealthy liberal voters.

    The Greens is no longer a movement but a career path.

    Tree hugger no more – these guys are preference deal huggers these days.

  13. Hippy Scumbag

    The unwashed scum can’t even bring themselves to LEGALLY use a stock photo – not the watermark:

  14. Anonymous

    The greens want to open up Heroin injecting rooms right across Melbourne.

  15. Greens whitewash

    Love the greens enrol to vote propaganda ….all nice white kids with skateboards ready to vote green…. One Asian girl holding books…. Love a slogan and love a stereotype our greenies…pose near a refugee but only back white male lawyers for winnable seats…. Another sexist racist male club.
    Just what oz needs.

  16. Greens smarter than u think

    The greens are notso dumb as to back heroin addicts. The will also never tell u where they would put 6,000 boatpeople…not in their rich inner city backyards you can better.

    The greens is just a sneaky what to vote liberal and support a smaller whiter australia.

  17. Vexnewbs can’t hack The Greens

    Ha! I’m the opining Greens Facebooker. You should have quoted me with my Facebook name.

  18. The truth

    In the Greens Melway you only find maps that go out to the 10km line.
    Obviously this occurs because after 10km they get tired riding their bikes and turn around and go home to a glass of mineral water, a latte or glass of white wine!

    What about doing the hard yards out in the suburbs where most of us live. Or to Rural and Regional Victoria (which by the way is actually green at the moment. A little water goes a long way.).

    Do you Greens know where the rest of Victoria is?

  19. Wendy

    I so look forward to some of your posts AFTER the election – then you’ll sound like Dutch football fans … we was robbed by the Greens, they were offside sir, it was a handball, honest it was …

  20. anon

    And Wendy you’ll still be working in the Gorilla Biscuit factory as the mould.

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