SO LOW YOU CAN'T GET UNDER HIM: John Pilger reckons US secretly attacked South Korean ship

jihadjohnpilger John Pilger, snappy dresser and left wing lunatic, writes on his blog that Obama’s America is behind the sunken South Korea naval vessel, the Cheonan, that killed 46 men in March of this year and not by the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea.

The article has been reprinted in Green Left Weekly, the flaccid organ of The Socialist Alliance, an anti-capitalist party formed in 2001 by eight conspiratorial socialist groups, as well as Britain’s New Statesman magazine.

In a possibly chemically inspired flashback to the 1960s, Pilger believes the US wants to fabricate a naval incident along the lines of the 1964 Tonkin Gulf faked naval clash between the US and North Vietnamese –the pretext that led US President Lyndon Johnson’s escalation of hostilities against Russian and Chinese armed Hanoi and the VietCong.

Theories are floating around the ‘Bush did 9/11’ sites as to how the Americans and those belligerent South Koreans placed evidence to frame Pyongyang. These probably have their origins in pro-North Korean papers in Seoul.

This fever for conspiracy has infected the far left internationally who were already risking organ failure over their pro-Hamas propagandising. Of course, a conspiracy like the Cheonan can explain away North Korean culpability while the international left is mounting a campaign of anti-Zionism in the aftermath of a staged provocation to break the blockade of terrorist-run Gaza.

Pilger argues that a number of Seoul officials claimed no evidence in April existed to implicate the North. He then insinuates that Hillary Clinton’s visit to Tokyo precipitated the recent resignation of the independently minded Japanese leader Yukio Hatoyama.

These ominous events and the ‘conclusive’ evidence of traces of North Korean torpedoes are supposed to invoke in the reader: ‘ah gotcha, Mr President’. And to think the Left so loved Barak Obama just a few short years ago.

It ought to go without saying that of course North Korea blew up the warship. (The Korean Herald has a nice piece on conspiracy theories operating in South Korea.

Sometimes conspiracy theories are true. Watergate comes to mind. Or even communist party influence in the Labor Left during the Cold War.

The humanitarian case for invading North Korea merits a conspiracy theory. The overthrow of Kim Il Jung’s cruel regime, its despotism, export of weapons of mass destruction and the abject poverty of its oppressed citizens is a sickening blight and a real security risk to Australia’s leading trading partners.

Pilger is horribly unconvincing. He sings to a choir that forgives him his flat notes and relentless monotone. Given the current military surge in Afghanistan, there is a discernable lack of appetite of American enthusiasm to strike the North Asian member of the ‘Axis of Evil’. Given Pyongyang is nuclear-armed with long range missles, the project is too risky to be popular.

The point behind Pilger’s article and much of his writings is that the intelligent reader is being lied to by mainstream media; only ‘alternative’ media can report honestly. It’s an approach popularised by Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent thesis and works like a kind of moral blackmailing of journos. Conclusion: trust Pilger’s independent judgment and considered perspective without question or proper scrutiny.

But, honestly, is there any anti-American conspiracy that Pilger will not peddle? Is there any communist regime with whom Pilger is not sympathetic?

If Pilger really believes he lives in a fascist system of global thought-control why not blog from Pyongyang and report on the next war as it unfolds.

VEXNEWS, Australia’s real alternative media outlet, dissed as the right-wing Crikey by the Courier-Mail, is the future of news not these tired over-rated pampered old hacks with their nasty old conspiracy theories and vicious national self-loathing.



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24 responses to “SO LOW YOU CAN'T GET UNDER HIM: John Pilger reckons US secretly attacked South Korean ship

  1. kk

    why not blog from pyonyang? becaue the arch-hypocrite likes the freedom & comfort of the west as a platform for bagging the west

  2. Christopher Hitchens gets cancer; John Pilger gets a soapbox for his batty views.
    Proof there really is no God.

  3. Dan Lewis

    Whether North Korea did it or America did, notice that the event itself attracted far less publicity than Israel achieving a far less bloody naval mission.

    If only there were a way to pin this far worse event on Israel! I’m sure they’ll come up with one soon.

  4. Perry White

    How is it that the term “investigative journalist” has has become a euphemism for ideologically blinkered, extreme left fruitcakes that thinks 9/11 was an inside job, the Americans blasted a South Korean ship as a part of a sinister conspriracy, Ares 51 is an area used by the US to hold Martians who have fallen to earth, all police are corrupt, anything the US or Israel do is a breach of human rights, and that the earth is flat?

  5. Edmund Egg

    Pilger is a bitter old gerkin.

    It must take a lot of effort to keep the fires of irrational hatred burning for so long. Shame that when he goes, no one will really remember him other than as a crazy old Leftard.

  6. Stooge

    For a man who’s only journalistic triumph – the exposure of the regime of Pol Pot – came over 30 years ago, you’d think people would start to question why they still listen to him.

  7. hughie

    Love the fact that an old commo like Pilger wears black tie (and tied it himself!)

    Class hypocrite.

  8. Walter Plinge

    A classic pilgerism. Pilger has out-pilgered himself this time.

  9. Anonymous

    Exposed: The truth about Israel’s land grab in the West Bank

    As President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meet, a report reveals 42 per cent of territory is controlled by settlers

    By Catrina Stewart in Jerusalem and David Usborne

    Wednesday, 7 July 2010

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    A Jewish settler hangs the Israeli flag over a vacated building in the West Bank town of Beit Sahur


    A Jewish settler hangs the Israeli flag over a vacated building in the West Bank town of Beit Sahur

    * Photos enlarge

    Jewish settlers, who claim a divine right to the whole of Israel, now control more than 42 per cent of the occupied West Bank, representing a powerful obstacle to the creation of a Palestinian state, a new report has revealed.

    The jurisdiction of some 200 settlements, illegal under international law, cover much more of the occupied Palestinian territory than previously thought. And a large section of the land has been seized from private Palestinian landowners in defiance even of an Israeli supreme court ruling, the report said, a finding which sits uncomfortably with Israeli claims that it builds only on state land.

    Drawing on official Israeli military maps and population statistics, the leading Israeli human rights group, B’Tselem, compiled the new findings, which were released just as the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, arrived in Washington to try to heal a gaping rift with US President Barack Obama over the issue of settlements.
    Related articles

    * Leading article: Time for action, Mr Obama
    * Soldiers indicted over civilian deaths during Gaza offensive
    * Patrick Cockburn: American politicians face domestic constraints to talking tough with Israel
    * Search the news archive for more stories

    “The settlement enterprise has been characterised, since its inception, by an instrumental, cynical, and even criminal approach to international law, local legislation, Israeli military orders, and Israeli law, which has enabled the continuous pilfering of land from Palestinians in the West Bank,” the report concluded.

    Mr Obama’s demand for a freeze on illegal building has caused months of friction between his administration and the Israeli government. But the US president, facing mid-term elections in November, appeared eager to end the dispute with Israel yesterday.

    He said the country was making “real progress” on improving conditions in the Gaza Strip and was serious about achieving peace.

    The two men made a joint public appearance, carefully choreographed to convey mutual ease and friendship.

    When Mr Netanyahu last visited the White House, in March, US anger at his refusal to end construction meant the Israeli premier was denied a joint appearance with Mr Obama before the cameras. This time the photo-op was granted and the two men afterwards shared a meal – although not a state dinner but a working lunch.

    “Reports about the demise of the special US-Israel relationship aren’t premature, there are just flat wrong,” Mr Netanyahu said, in response to a reporter’s question about the perceived tensions. Playing to the same script, Mr Obama said that the “bond between the United States and Israel is unbreakable”.

    But the revelations in the B’Tselem report suggest that despite Mr Netanyahu’s stated desire for peace, his policy on settlements remains a dangerous obstacle to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and therefore to a durable peace.

    They cast an uncompromising spotlight on Israeli practices in the Palestinian territories that have long drawn international criticism for establishing “facts on the ground” hampering the creation of a viable Palestinian state.

    While most of the Jewish settlement activity is concentrated in 1 per cent of the West Bank, settler councils have in fact fenced off or earmarked massive tracts of land, comprising some 42 per cent of the West Bank, B’Tselem said.

    And despite the outlawing by Israel of settlement expansion on private Palestinian land, settlers have seized 21 per cent of land that Israel recognises is privately-owned.

    B’Tselem alleged that Israel had devised an extensive system of loopholes to requisition Palestinian land.

    At the same time, Israel has built bypass roads, erected new checkpoints, and taken control of scarce water resources to the benefit of the settlers. The measures have effectively created Palestinian enclaves within the West Bank, the report said.

    Under international law, any Jewish settlements built on occupied territory are illegal. These include all the settlements in the West Bank, and thousands of Jewish homes in East Jerusalem, the Arab-dominated sector of the city annexed by Israel after the 1967 Six Day War. The international community still regards East Jerusalem as occupied territory. Despite firm commitments from successive Israeli governments to dismantle illegal outposts built after 2001 and to cease expansion of the settlements, Israel has provided millions of dollars worth of incentives to encourage poorer families to move into the West Bank. Some 300,000 settlers live in the West Bank.

    Settlers immediately attacked the report, claiming it was timed as a spoiler to the Washington meeting.

    In Washington, no concrete breakthroughs were announced but Mr Obama said that he believed the Israeli leader was ready to move towards direct talks with the Palestinians. Indirect talks began earlier this year, mediated by special US envoy George Mitchell.

    Mr Netanyahu showed signs of responding to the pressure. “Peace is the best option for all of us and I think we have a unique opportunity to do it,” he said. “If we work together with [Palestinian] President [Mahmoud] Abbas then we can bring a great message of hope to our peoples, to the region and to the world.”

    The Palestinians continue to refuse direct talks with Israel while new settlement construction is allowed. Settlement activity continues in East Jerusalem, which Palestinians aim to include in a new state.

    With US-Israel ties already frayed, Mr Netanyahu postponed a visit to the White House last month in the aftermath of Israel’s deadly raid on a Turkish-led flotilla trying to deliver humanitarian goods to Gaza.

    For Mr Obama, the danger is clear that any long-lasting record of animosity towards Israel could translate into lost votes at the mid-term elections.

  10. Peter

    If you read news on how SOuth Korean government is arresting dissidents on this subjects, censoring its own internet to stop dissidents from talking about their suspicions of the South Korean government’s report, you would think that they are trying really hard to hide something.

  11. "Our Man"

    An article about a left-wing idiot written by a right-wing idiot…

  12. peter is an idiot

    Hmmm, Peter. I suppose there are no dissents in the North then …..

  13. peter is still an idiot

    Amnesty seems to think South Korea is okay except for some heavy handed policing of protesters – that is not the same things as censorship of political dissents. Of course – Amnesty is part of the conspiracy to wage war against the communist north!!

  14. cynic

    Always like how thos eof theilkof pilger are so scathing of we morons in the decant west who do no good at all & conspire to do away with the pure like sof north korea. We contrive complicated scenarios as an excuse to excute some devlish plan.

    I am drawn to wonder though, why it is pilger & his cronies do not go and live in the worker’s paradise of north korea?

  15. Harry Fear

    As a matter of fact he never said that America was behind the vessel’s sinking. What terrible reporting you produce. How pathetic.

  16. mad kev

    bugger me!

  17. it's clear

    it is clear that pilger was insinuating that the US is involved in creating provocation with the N Koreans. A little wriggle room by not nominating a specific conspiracy is devious because he makes enough links to US interference in Asian affairs to demonstrate his pro Stalinist position on the matter.

  18. Adrian Jackson

    Fidel Castro thinks that too.

    I dont the Obama Yanks would do that but past US governments have done similar things like supporting the military coup in Chile and covering up the Israel air attack on a USN spy ship near Sinai during the lead up to the 1967 war, I think, as its information would put Israel in a bad light as an aggressor.

  19. Adrian Jackson

    Gulf of Tonkin incident of Indo China in the early 1960’s is another example

  20. it's clear


    The US did not need to encourage the Chilean government to overthrow the incompetent Allende. There are better examples of less than benign US involvement than those ones like Guatemala, Iran and Dominican Republic.
    1967 – I am sorry but the Arabs were planning to invade Israel and the Israelis were lucky to get wind of it. The Arabs got their arses whipped! Your anti-Zionism is very unhealthy. You make me want to get circumcised !!

  21. Adrian Jackson

    it’s clear (16 Jul 10) you waffle and talking around the point. The Israels attacked the unarmed US spy ship in international waters – got it. Killing a few dozen USN sailors.

    Are you in favour of elected governments being over thrown in a violent coups supported by the Yanks (Trick Dicky)?

    And be a man (or woman) and use you name you nameless coward

  22. it's clear

    I am in favour of overthrowing regimes that threaten world peace – Saddam’s Iraq, North Korea – or are such heinously failed states costing the lives of hundreds and millions of lives – Sudan, Congo – if there are no alternatives. UN trusteeships to bring about law and order and nation building are a good idea. Gaza could benefit from it, so could Haiti. It is not a pro-American thing – if China wanted to overthrow the North Korean dictatorship and denuclearise the peninsula, I would support it. If India through Nepalese naxalites were on the verge of genocide, I am there with them. Vietnam invaded Cambodia to overthrow PolPot – thank god, Hanoi did, even though it had nothing to do with being humanitarians.

    Where is the moral high ground sitting back and watching Rwanda unfolding. Adrian, stop being a cheese eating surrender monkey!

  23. Adrian Jackson

    it’s clear (17 Jul 10) you are just another arm chair general who does not care if 100,000 Iraqi civilian get killed during the invasion, and after, to have a government of mainly expats elected that can’t even get electric power to the survivors for more than 2 hours a day.

    The Iraqis will wake up to these Yank puppets and get rid of them at the ballot box or by a popular revolution like in Romania and not an unpopular military coup like in Chile

    The best regime change ie done from within just like in Romania when the peasant dictator was overthrown.

    The USA are a joke and there military adventures since WW2 had been failures or counter productive.

    Give my regards to your Mossad mate Mark Regev

  24. it's clear

    Adrian – I’d be be an arm chair general than a myopic appeaser. Mossad rocks!!

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