HAJNAL BAN: The party's over for needling botox babe

hajnalbanbook Former local supporters of disendorsed LNP candidate Hajnal Ban say they believe Ban has very serious legal difficulties because of her private use of an old man’s money for her own benefit. They have said that she will be strongly challenged at the next Logan City council election in her Division 11 seat.

Beyond that, Hajnal Ban can’t keep out of the news for all the wrong reasons.

While the press has been told she intends to stay in the LNP and the LNP won’t act against her membership, we hear that this is purely temporary with LNP officials resolved to remove her once the federal election is out of the way.

In her latest public outburst, speaking with Fairfax’s battling brisbanetimes.com.au, she has pledged to add to Australia’s sustainable population adding to her blended family.

She has also promised to write a tell-all book, with Fairfax reporting:

Clearly bitter about her booting, Cr Ban also intends to spend time spilling the beans on the LNP in a book.

"I think it’s time the way I was treated be exposed," she said.

The former barrister has lashed out at what she said was the party’s testosterone-heavy hierarchy.

The book might be her best opportunity to explain why she trousered some $870,000 from the funds of an elderly man previously in her care. The rest of the funds were put into a term deposit ($500,000) and into a bond (nearly $700,000) for the man’s aged care facility.

The Queensland Office of Adult Guardian or Public Trustee could initiate proceedings to recover these funds, although that is considered a last resort, legal sources say.

Queensland courts have ordered Hajnal Ban to provide explanations of her withdrawal of funds from the man previously in her care. Her defence seems to centre on the fact that she established a joint bank account and was therefore entitled to take as much as she liked.

It isn’t certain whether the legal process will require Ban to return the funds or whether she could face criminal charges but her behaviour was certainly enough to justify the LNP boning her.

She left them with no choice and to spin the matter as an attack on womankind by anti-feminists has been a remarkable act of disloyalty against people who had been entirely supportive of Ban.

hajnalbannews That part of Queensland is certainly full of political mavericks and people of flexible party loyalty. Pauline Hanson was, of course, in the Liberal party before going rogue as a One Nation party MP. Most recently Aidan McLindon departed as well to form his Queensland Party, although is not thought to be a fan of Ban. Indeed, Ban’s husband is a former ALP member, associated with its Old Guard faction, who was named in the Shepherdson inquiry into electoral rorts.

Justice Tom Shepherson’s inquiry found that Black had participated in falsely enrolling ALP members to bogus addresses for the purposes of corrupting internal plebiscites for selection to run for public office. It also found that Sean David Black was also falsely enrolled and that he had consented to this corrupt arrangement. Black was never charged with forgery or false enrolment offences. He might also face legal scrutiny over his receipt of more than $100,000 from the old man’s funds which were apparently spent on the recent wedding of Ban and Black.

jasonwhittakerugly VEXNEWS crusading revelations on these matters have caused considerable waves in LNP circles in Queensland. The Courier-Mail today described VEXNEWS in terms that some would dispute as a “right-wing Crikey”, this is perhaps like being described as a “right-wing Castro”, an oxymoron so internally contradictory that it could cause Crikey’s resident moron Jason Whittaker’s pea-sized brain to explode.



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15 responses to “HAJNAL BAN: The party's over for needling botox babe

  1. Edmund Egg

    Yeah…..but she’s STILL SMOKIN’HOT!

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  3. Steve Irwin

    what did they call yo?

  4. Dog Captain


  5. Arther conan doyle

    Keep on this one Andrew. What else has this Tory trousered over the years.

  6. Fatty Doyle

    I’ve just cracked a ‘woody’.

  7. Boofa Leigh

    OMG can we have no more pics of Hajnal Ban? I am having cold showers all day and it’s doing no good. What a waste of a ‘valuable’ Boofa resource!

  8. Have yourself a cold Cheryl Boofa.

  9. Argus Tuft

    Looks like the Right Wing Extremeist Brn to Rule party under
    the mad Monk are falling apart

  10. JJ

    For Goodness Sake!! This woman is a thief. She has stolen from her sugar daddy and she should now face the consequences of her actions-QUIETLY!! No-one in Australia should buy her book, don’t give this embarrassment any air!

  11. Edmund Egg

    I just wanna gobble her up!

  12. A. N. Ban

    Pat Petersen is going to get your scalp!

  13. Sam Newmaaaaan

    Id still get on it

  14. Boofa

    Sammy you and mr we can tag team her mate.

  15. dog captain

    out of 10, i would give her one !!!

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