EARS BURNING: Byrne's friends insist she's still on fire

gossips VEXNEWS always wishes our friends at the house of the rising Herald Sun well and there is considerable doubt as to a suggestion published here earlier today that Fiona Byrne – former Confidential editor – has been boned or dethroned in any respect. We can confirm that her star continues to shine brightly in the News Corporation firmament.

Sources inside the company explain that – in fact – Byrne had herself requested a change of direction in the company to broaden out her skills and indeed improve her career trajectory. Edicts from the highest level of the company have made it clear that the company needs to fully embrace the opportunities it will have online by exploiting its brands, its incredible talent bank on staff and loyal customer base that need to be transitioned to paying online for what they gladly pay offline. So her move fits well within that.

It is certainly true though that speculation swept the building that Byrne had been burned so we are pleased to be able to dispel these unpleasant rumours, having done so much to fuel them beyond the HWT building. We have always heard good things about Byrne and continued to today from her many fans so we hope our boning yarn caused her to chuckle not frown. Technical difficulties prevented this story from being published earlier.

The truth is that many in the company wanted her to keep her in the Confidential role and prevailed upon her for a considerable length of time to stay doing it.

Because of this demonstrated loyalty and endurance, Byrne is regarded highly throughout the hierarchy at HWT, we are reliably told, and is no more a tough task-master than Rupert Murdoch himself, a journalist who did rather kick on.

Sources say that Byrne – on her own initiative – requested that management give her a bigger multi-media role, recognising the importance of that to the company and indeed to her own future. When Conroy’s NBN comes, anything could be and will be possible.

The VEXNEWS bunker can pull down 1MB per second on a good day. That’s a pretty good ADSL connection. With Conroy’s NBN – based on what we’ve read from Tasmania about the first connections – it’s likely to be 50MB per second. 50 megabytes per second! Little wonder Conroy enjoys the love of the smart folk in the internet community even if committed animal and child sex abuse video downloaders and libertarian types worry that the internet filter will cruel their enjoyment of suicide guides, snuff films and material that has been banned from sale in Australia forever and ever.

The opportunities for news organisations like News Corp and the VEXNEWS Group of Companies from the NBN are huge and are just beginning to be understood.

Back to Byrne, as a recognised name in her own right, her brand represents a considerable opportunity to use across the whole paper, insiders say, and particularly its web presence. Indeed, because of her high profile in the entertainment community, she will still contribute to Confidential on an ongoing basis, as one of the best connected journos around.

Good to hear. Crisis averted. Report’s of Ms Byrne’s boning have been greatly exaggerated. Onwards and upwards to a Melbourne where The Age is a distant and laughed-about memory. The future belongs to patriots.



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12 responses to “EARS BURNING: Byrne's friends insist she's still on fire

  1. Load of rot

    Are you referring to the same Fiona Byrne? So, she’s been moved to Special Projects, hey? The frump should not be inflicted on the public any longer, let alone unleash that double chin on the online community.

    She’s an angry, bitter spinster who projects her unhappiness on anyone who crosses her. What a horrendous specimen.

    It’s about time management finally boned her to prevent a big HR scandal over her bullying. In fact, management allowed her bullying to continue for years so it’s shame, shame, shame. Just ask the countless journos who’ve had the misfortune of working with Fiona.

    Cries of joy could be heard from Murdoch’s tower at Southbank over her boning. Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead.

  2. anon

    Who’s the darkie?

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  4. So… the talentless hack threatened to sue?

  5. Drongo

    That darkie is UNHCR refugee M’bebe Kabaka (No. 348282) who liked his prospects in OZ because he comes from Nigeria and possesses email skills.

  6. real story

    [deleted – unpatriotic]

  7. Stephen O'Shea

    I am grossly offended by the imputation that because I believe that Conroy’s internet won’t work (it won’t – any year 9 internet savvy teenager can prove it) that some-how I am in league with the peddlers of filth and exploiters of children. It’s the same pathetic and tiresome argument by the religious right. I fervently believe that governments have an absolute responsibility to protect it’s citizens from harm. Stephen Conroy’s plan won’t do that because it can’t work. Every time you mention other forms of internet information delivery other than websites (Peer2peer etc. where most of this diabolical filth is peddled) Conroy goes deaf.

    You should apologise to those who genuinely want this filth stopped – because Stephen Conroy’s filter won’t.

  8. larissa

    Boning or not …. sounds like you’ve been fed some spin from the Herald Sun … dig a bit deeper, there may be another story…. perhaps ask the numerous young reporters who have been on that column the past few years what they think…. I think the very large number will say Fiona Byrne ruined their career, made work an unpleasant and unbearable place…. I’m sure that’s what a ”tough task masker” Rupert Murdoch would want … . or perhaps not?

  9. Jillian Bowen

    Personally, I’ve always found Fiona to be one of the fairest and more reasonable writers in this ‘genre’. She’s not perfect and she’s not a puppet on a string but this is gossip and entertainment people – you have to accept that she is delivering what the public wants to read and the flip side of sometimes getting glowing coverage is living with an uncomfortably bright spotlight on your (or your clients) flaws.

    However, I do respect that we all have unique experiences and understandably some people might want to take advantage of this situation to vent over a bad memory or two.

    That said, anonymous comments truly do say more about the writer than the subject. Perhaps your opinion would garner a little more consideration if you had the courage to put your name to your anger.

    Congratulations on the new position Fiona. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and success in any industry inevitably leads to both supporters and detractors.

  10. Andrew Morrison

    Jillian, you’re a trouper to come out in support of she who must not be named.
    Jillian Bowen can be reached a fbyrne@ogre.com.au

  11. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum

    Nicola Webber and Phil Gardner are fine, fine people.

  12. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum

    Nicola Webber and Phil Gardner are outstanding people.

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