CRACKDOWN: Iran's internal war on "Satanic" haircuts, sun-tans, neck-ties, dogs, mixed-gender parties and immodesty

irannukes While busily developing nuclear weapons to obliterate Israel and even cosying up with one-time steady Western ally Turkey, Iran’s government has found time to issue a guide for its citizens on acceptable hairstyles.

For the men, spiky hair is a no-no but short-back-and sides is good.

Iranian spokeslady Jaleh Khodayar, who is in charge of a Modesty and Veil Festival, is promoting a catalogue of authorised haircuts to help citizens avoid arrest for immodesty and “Satanic” hair styles.

Religious police conduct “morality crackdowns” regularly, even shutting down offending barber shops who have offered “decadent Western cuts” to young Satans.

Law enforcers have also warned that “suntanned women and young girls who look like walking mannequins” will also be arrested and imprisoned. It’s no laughing matter either, as prisoners in Iran are often subjected to rape and torture. Protests after a blatantly rigged presidential election last year saw thirty people killed and hundreds more – including teenage children – brutally bashed and sexually assaulted in jail.

Iran’s religious police, well-known for taking bribes, are also in the habit of harasssing dog owners taking their mutts for a strut around downtown Tehran. To that effect they have created a dog prison for pup perps guilty of being walked in public. One cleric has issued a fatwah against dogs.

Previously the highly effective religious police have issued hundreds of thousands of warnings about offending their interpretation of Islam.

Many thousands were arrested and detained with thousands more ordered to attend “guidance” classes.

Hundreds were also arrested for taking part in mixed parties.

The regime has also previously launched a jihad against the necktie, which some mullahs say offends Iranian culture.



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6 responses to “CRACKDOWN: Iran's internal war on "Satanic" haircuts, sun-tans, neck-ties, dogs, mixed-gender parties and immodesty

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  2. Dan Lewis

    Yes, but there are no Jews involved, so nobody will give a shit. I mean, it’s not real news, like say an Israeli beeping his car horn at a Palestinian driver.

  3. Ben

    Dear Iran: Lighten up guys. Chill. Just shh..lax. Kylie Minogue is not the enemy.

  4. Henry

    The Iranian people are starting to fight back!!
    Check out Hypernova on YouTube. They are an Iranian rock band, they are awesome!!!!

  5. Xtoffer - sultan of sodomy

    If I was in Iran they would probably try to hang me.

  6. Adrian Jackson

    Most of this sounds good to me. Dogs are dirty vermin, sun tanning is a waste of time and gives you cancer, a good short back and sides hair cut is for real men, immodesty is disgusting while mixed gender parties often lead to rape, assault and worse if booze is involved, and as for neck ties most of us do not wear them either including Israeli and other Asian Middle Eastern MP’s.

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