NEWSPAPER SCAM: The Age aids and abets job fraud

theagescams The Age newspaper, part of the financially troubled Fairfax Media group, Australia’s most heavily shorted shares on the stock exchange, has been accused of running ads for foreign fraudsters.

A Collingwood pensioner, Dennis Gentry, says he is “absolutely disgusted with The Age” for running ads for scammers who cost who him $1375.

The man answered The Age advertisement for a “work-from home” job last month.

He was told by the Age’s scammers that he would be processing travellers cheques and could keep 10 per cent off the top for his trouble as long as he forwarded the rest to “Ade Williams” in England.

When he deposited the travellers’ cheques they were good enough to convince the bank initially but were quickly identified as fake.

Gentry has received little help so far from Police who struggle to deal with villains in different jurisdictions.

But he reserved his anger for the newspaper that is cashing in on the scam by accepting the crooks’ money in the first place: The Age. They have directly profited from Dennis Gentry’s loss by trousering hundreds of dollars for the ad.

He told the Leader’s Michael Gleeson:

“And I’m absolutely disgusted with The Age because I thought there would be some sort of guarantee or security (regarding the job advertisement),” he said.

In these circumstances, The Age should be compensating the poor bloke for facilitating this scam and taking action to carefully check foreign advertisers in the employment category. Seems like they’re so desperate for money that they gladly accept it from any source regardless of the ethical and legal issues.



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24 responses to “NEWSPAPER SCAM: The Age aids and abets job fraud

  1. Dan Lewis

    I believe it is against the law to profit from the proceeds of crime.

    The Age should be returning any profit made on the advertisement at a minimum.

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  3. Ben

    I’m glad Vex is looking after the little man. What a nasty, nasty newspaper.

  4. No depth too low

    Vexnews strikes again! If a grain of truth can be spun into a bushel of bullsh*t, there you’ll find Vexnews.

    Does ANY newspaper vet ANY job advertisement? [VEXNEWS: Yes, bogus ads are rejected all the time, we are advised]

  5. Stephen O'Shea

    Spare me – your pathetic attempts to continuously discredit the AGE are clearly scraping the bottom of the barrell. Why is the AGE responsible for a gullible Collingwooder? It was an advert – caveat emptor – let the buyer beware applies. Given that you continually assert that NOTHING in the AGE is believable suddenly it’s convenient to believe this one thing. You are a shocker.

  6. Josh

    It’d be nice if The Age compensated the old gent but i doubt whether they have $1375 to spare such is the dire state of affairs at this once great publication.

    Time to give the paper it’s last rights(the atheist version of course) and put it and Victoria out of its misery

  7. Adrian Jackson

    On 29 Jun 10 The Age reporter Miss Carolyn Webb did a story on the Vineyard lease issue in St Kilda. The Vineyard is council (ratepayer) owned building on Crown land near Luna Park.

    I think it should go to tender and not leases via a backroom negotiation between the current tenants and the council. The Port Phillip Council minutes of the meeting of 28 Jun 10 reports my submission concerning the Vineyard accurately.

    Some fringe issues like the future of the old building and the problem with drunk vagrants next to the Vineyard were not detailed in the minutes but not a problem.

    The Age cub reporter Miss Webb quoted me as saying the Vineyard should go to tender because “there are enough live venues”. I did not say the words in quotes marks that were in The Age and now on a number of music orientated websites.

    Failed reporter Miss Webb you are a goose. She seemed more concerned with name dropping the names of former musos, actors I have never heard of and a talk radio woman I have also never heard from one of those FM stations. ABC News Radio for me

    Miss Webb if you are going to quote someone check with them first after all I stayed at the council meeting to hear the other items like the budget and striking a rate but I suppose the musos are not ratepayers as they all left after the Vineyard was discussed.

  8. [deleted - impersonation]

    I placed a personal ad in the “bath house partner wanted” section of the Age. My mouth is still sore from the response. Don’t listen to Andy Landy – the Age is good at keeping me in (blow)jobs!

  9. anon

    Silly old codger should have used his brain. I suppose it is The Age’s fault if an estate agent lists a poor property or a car dealer tries to sell a dodgy car. This old half wit is only after his 5 minutes of fame.

  10. andy bult

    I suppose he has answered an ad to wipe someones butt to. Get real you wacker. But then again he does come from Collingwod that might account for it

  11. Hal Fwit

    A clear case for Masters Baker & McKenzie to investigate their own employers. Here’s a tip which should get them going: Ade Williams is obviously a Nigerian name (probably Williams Adebayor)so they should get straight to Lagos to check it out.They will of course not make it out of the airport without being gangbanged by 12 Igbos but some of us pay good money for that. A second tip: Nigeria will want to see a yellow fever certificate for them both, because it doesn’t want to have its mosquitoes infected by them.

  12. Stephen O'Shea

    Why to my posts have ‘Your comments are awaiting moderation’ when other posts, posted after mine, don’t? Is lil’ ol’ me a threat to VN?? Am very puzzled…. I don’t use the ‘c’ or ‘f’ bomb like other bloggers. I simply voice my opinion in a clear an concise manner. What’s the problem? Why have I been singled out?

  13. The Player

    However the HS & Leader advertise ‘massage’ places freely.

  14. [Censored]

    Stephen O’Shea, did you post a comment that criticised Vexnews’ reporting of this event? That’s a guaranteed deletion.

  15. Dan Lewis

    Stephen O’Shea, relax.

    There are a number of keywords which will get your post dropped into moderation automatically. Happens to me all the time.

    There’s no conspiracy.


    Dan is right. There are a lot of words and names and mobile phone numbers and all sorts that will trigger moderation.

    Generally speaking, not all comments are sent for moderation but when they are it’s because the back-end of the site has identified something in the comment that could be an issue.

    An example is the words Jew or Jewish. Naturally they can be used perfectly innocently but sadly many Israel-hating types use them in a racially vilifying context and so anyone using those words will get moderated.

    The list of words on that list – generated since VEXNEWS launched on the 8/8/08 – is extensive and even rather disturbing. We try to prune that list every now and then as crazies ebb and flow in their enthusiasms.

    It doesn’t work perfectly either, allowing all manner of nasty comments through.

    We do our best to minimise those.

    And in so doing, we generate quite a lot of false positives that require manual approval. Sometimes this causes a delay, but usually not much of one.

    We have a number of volunteers who help us with approving comments and removing them so if you wish to assist in that endeavour please give us a call on the mobile to discuss.

  17. Stephen O'Shea

    Dan Lewis – I am relaxed. Actually I was a little flattered that lil’ ol’ me could be so provocative. VEXNEWS’ explanation is fine…. just hadn’t seen it anywhere else. I don’t subscribe to conspiracy thories. I use the old adage if you have a choice between conspiracy and idiocy – go with idiocy….
    And [Censored] I have critisized VEXNEWS heaps of times and they have taken it on the chin and published – hence the curiosity.

    Cheers and thanks VEXNEWS.

  18. [deleted - impersonation]

    I’d like to volunteer to work on your back end Andy. You can trust me to punch through the sh1t and make life very pleasurable for you. I can do the same for all your readers if they’d like me to. I have enemas myself so no nasty dirt when my cavity is being filled.

  19. Adrian Jackson

    Stephen (14.14hrs) I go to the moderator too but all my comments get published soon after although weekend are a bit slower. I do not know the % but as I understand it only the comments author would see the moderator tag, obviously.

  20. Brian McCarthy

    Now that the Tulla plant only needs to print just the few papers we give away at social worker conventions, teacher condom training courses and to line the inside of Melissa Fyfe’s worn-out recycled runners, I’ve had the foreman run off a few mill of those cheques.

    Works a treat, and whenever anyone answers an ad, I also sell the dim bastards a long contract on Fairfax options.

    Got to balance those shorts somehow.

  21. Pissy Chryne

    Please Andy I really want a job on your back end? I’ll punch you more around the ‘ring’ than Muhammad Ali did to George Foreman.

  22. Dan Lewis

    Loath as I am to encourage them, I must commend some of the trolling on this post. Very witty.

    I particularly liked all the clever gay jokes.

  23. Dan Lewis

    And I can now confirm that “gay” isn’t on the wordlist…

  24. The way the recruitment industry runs job ads, half of them should be in gaol. The are playing with peoples lives. Time for the Govt to regulate them and clean them up.

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