LEGALLY BLONDE: Hajnal insists she's a real barrister, blasts LNP again and praises Labor

hajnalbanbarrister Former LNP candidate from Queensland Hajnal Ban has now officially gone troppo.

Some expected the smooth operator would take her medicine and keep her head down as the courts dealt with a scandal involving the missing millions of an elderly man in her care.

If she has done no wrong, plenty of people have recovered from worse than this storm. While her management of the man’s money raised eyebrows about whether she was exploiting him, it is not yet a Police matter and will not necessarily be enough to have her removed from the Logan shire councillor, of which she is a member. Nor was there any move to expel the long-standing party member of her membership. Party insiders say that she is expected to resign or might even be expelled if the blog crusade continues.

But now there have been rumours in the area that Ban or her husband Sean Black might run as an independent conservative candidate to undermine the LNP’s efforts in the seat.

scottbuchholz Their candidate Scott Buchholz – who is an electorate officer for LNP Senator Barnaby Joyce – is criticised for living more than 500 kilometres away from the seat but has promised to move there.

Instead of being supportive of the new LNP candidate she is using her blog to blame people in the “LNP hierarchy” for her own self-caused fall and in her most recent post has even praised the ALP.

VEXNEWS on the weekend exposed allegations from within the LNP that Ban was not a barrister, as she repeatedly claims. She has responded to the suggestion she wasn’t really a barrister and explains while she’s not a member of the Bar Association, her reason is that it’s not compulsory and that she doesn’t like unions:

Some of the claims emanate from the fact that I have never been a member of the Bar Association. I mean where do people get off, don’t they realise I don’t like unions? The law is not a closed shop; the Bar Association is not compulsory for Barristers to join.

The Bar Association is obviously not a union.

She explains that while she might not work as a barrister, she did enough to get admitted, including doing her pupilage under Russell Tacon, a barrister and LNP activist who took a keen interest in her career:

I worked hard at establishing my career in law. In fact before I was elected to Beaudesert Shire Council law was my life, as I studied and worked towards achieving justice for people that were cast aside or chewed up by the system.

While I was gaining my experience most of my work was pro bono. I had to build experience, and am grateful for the lessons it taught me. The law is a firm grounding for politics. I represented clients in tough negotiations seeking justice, not dissimilar to what I do now.

I appeared before the Beenleigh and Inala Magistrate Courts on behalf of clients; both courts are tough environments where I represented people who were desperate and seeking justice. All of this was done as I undertook my pupilage under the direction of Mr Russell Tacon. Court records show my advocacy; it’s funny how critics can find court papers referencing me in QCAT proceedings but not papers showing where I appeared for clients!

Reading between the lines it seems she did enough to get admitted and then soon after focused full-time on being a Logan city councillor (where councillors are paid a full-time salary).

And Ban also continued to attack the blokes she seemed to have been very keen to impress previously with an array of cosmetic surgery that appears to have modified her from head to toe:

The men of the hierarchy making these claims about my career are usually bullies, desperate to trash women and keep female achievements in the closet.

Women like me usually threaten these men’s relevance. What these men say is usually a reflection about themselves… Arbitrary justice by men without an understanding of the real world is what people find distasteful about politics and for that matter the law.

What worries LNP observers about these remarks is that these men had nothing to do with her decision to transfer many hundreds of thousands of dollars from the bank account of an elderly man (who is not a relative) to her own. These men did no invoke concerned Queensland regulators. All they did was remove her in circumstances where that was probably best for her too, insiders say.

One of these men in the LNP hierarchy was in fact Russell Tacon who also served on the Logan council with her. Ban has spoken of her close relationship with Tacon:

Cr Ban said she met Russell Tacon at a fruit shop in Park Ridge where she worked a decade ago while putting herself through a law degree at Griffith University. He helped her become a barrister and then a politician, as well as paying for her $40,000 leg-lengthening surgery in Russia.

Mr Tacon, also a barrister, introduced Cr Ban to public life, encouraging her to join the National Party, but not before making sure she stood out.

"He knew that one of the things I wanted to do was become taller," Cr Ban explained. "He says: ‘Pet, I’ve found an operation that will make you taller’. And I said: ‘Really? What is this?’ I wasn’t sure what he was on about."

The pair travelled to Kurgan in the Ukraine for nine months. He nursed her back to health.

"They don’t give you a lot of medication for the pain, so the doctors used to suggest vodka to numb the pain. So, every day, he’d go down to the shops and he’d empty out the shelves of vodka and Baileys (Irish Cream)," she said.

That sounds like a very supportive friend and mentor and not at all like the “men in the LNP hierarchy” she seems so keen to condemn.

She insists she’s no feminist although did reserve special praise for her political opponents in the ALP for dumping an incompetent leader:

Not that my views are rooted in feminism. As Margaret Thatcher said, “I owe nothing to Women’s Lib”. My views are firmly rooted in distaste for incompetence, and to me it seems the very people that our state and country need at the moment have lost their way. At least the ALP recently recognised this.

Ban’s husband Sean Black was once an ALP member until named in the Shepherdson Inquiry into electoral enrolment rorts.



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12 responses to “LEGALLY BLONDE: Hajnal insists she's a real barrister, blasts LNP again and praises Labor

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  2. Boof Leigh

    Hey Hajnal I don’t care if you are legally blonde, brunette, red head or air head I am ready and waiting to give you a hand in your Political ambitions. Percy and I play no favourites on who we ‘conquest’. And I can conquest you any Wednesday night if you make a booking. My first ‘conquest’ lesson is always memorable. I have a litany of testimonials to verify this!

  3. Joolia Gizard

    Mr Leigh I am sick and tired of you and your rampages on this blog. You are a simply a low life. Always have been, always will be.

    Remember what you did to me when you were the member for Mordialloc and I wasn’t even in Parliament?

    For those interested read this –

    Well I haven’t forgotten this Mr Leigh! Now I am PM I am coming to get you.

    First I have the Federal election next month to square away and then onto helping JB. I will take extra delight coming in to help Janice Munt our excellent member for Mordialloc against the ‘Liberal’ blonde bimbo you are supporting in more ways than one.

    Its people like you who give Politicians a bad name. And you know what I do with these types of people 🙂

  4. The more I read about this lady the more she sounds like a bullet the LNP was lucky to dodge – Jocelyn Wildenstein with a Queensland tan.

  5. Vex Fan

    It will make no difference what political move she makes, she is completely washed up in that field, no one will touch her with a ten foot pole,what a deceptive person, a fool also to think people were not suspicious of her long before all was reveled, good ridance I say, and a bit of advise to The new Queensland Party, don’t fall for her Bleeding Heart routine, or your creditability will be laughed at!

  6. interesting

    Check out her blog page – it seems she has been vindicated.

  7. Cusack Greg

    Amused by her claim that Tacon encouraged her to join the Nationals when she sought preselection with the Liberal Party and was knocked back at the last Federal election.
    It was only after that knockback that she lobbed to the Nationals who still appear to be desperate to have people under the age of 50 run for them in an attempt to appear relevant.
    Similarly her proclaimed beliefs and principles and those of the failed real estate agent appear to be less than credible when one considers their political backgrounds and their ability to change teams with barely the blink of an eye.

  8. Observer

    In her book, “God Made Me Small, Surgery Made Me Tall”, she says she did go to court and represent someone as she recounts the tale of how standing up at the bar table she was still short compared to her really big client.

    But then again, in the book she also says a doctor friend told her about the surgery (rather than a barrister).

  9. Back to the Cue Shop

    really when is this joke going stop talking. No substance, shallow.

  10. Sam Newman

    I am definatley Barred

  11. Anonymous

    Boring boring boring – so ’70s.

    She stuffed in politics.

    Let’s all move on.

  12. Viktoria Bekker

    Dear [deleted]
    I hope that you have the most memorable Birthday of all ! I still remember you. I want say that I really Thank You for all, what you did for me in Brisbane and after…
    I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed the Your Birthday with friends. May you be blessed with many more!
    Viktoria from Estoooooooooooooonia

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