FACELESS MEN: Hajnal Ban's bitter blog blast at blokes

hajnalblack Ex LNP candidate in the Queensland federal seat of Wright Hajnal Ban has launched a strident attack on “faceless men in the LNP hierarchy” for ending her political career.

Ban was cruelly dumped from the new notionally LNP seat after revelations on VEXNEWS about her dealings with millions of dollars of funds of an elderly man in her custody.

On her blog, the disendorsed LNP candidate launched a tirade against the LNP, men and politics.

The re-energised feminist argues in a blog entry entitled “All their balls exploded at once”:

Working in the male dominated industries of politics and law has taught me to be tough. My view is as simple as this; women have to beat men at their own game.

At every turn women are hindered in their rise through corporate structures and politics.

Men stick together, and the faceless men in the LNP hierarchy were never comfortable with a woman holding what they regarded as a safe LNP seat (Wright). They were just as distressed, in fact some cried like babies, when Karen Andrews won her preselection in MacPherson. It’s as if all their balls exploded at once.

There is a long way to go for women to get a fair go in politics. I hope that I can continue to provide inspiration to the many women who have called me for encouragement over the six years I have been in public life.

banblog An LNP critic has questioned all this as sour grapes, and while agreeing that she was admitted as a barrister but questioning whether she ever worked as one. Some have previously told us that her inaccurate claims about this was the next lot of scandal about the candidate had she continued in the role. They explained:

I understand that she has never practiced as a solicitor or as a barrister. Anyone who has completed a law degree and PLT can be admitted as a solicitor or a barrister – but it is another thing entirely to actually work as one.

Another also strongly disputed whether anyone “cried like babies” at the McPherson preselection telling VEXNEWS:

There were definitely no tears at the Macpherson preselection – I was there.

They had no comment on the balls problem Hajnal described.

On politics itself she’s not too impressed either:

According to some in public life, those questions (about alleged financial impropriety) are enough to have me vilified and cast to the wolves. To others it shows the reality of politics; it’s brutal, overtly masculine and unforgiving.

To me it shows that Benjamin Franklin quote rings so true; “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch”.

And for now, Hajnal is making a transformation from being a Barnaby Joyce ally to a fully-fledged feisty feminist:

So what does the future hold for Hajnal Black (nee Ban)? Over the next few weeks I will reveal some projects that I am working on and talk about some of the issues I am passionate about. Most important to me is empowering women to overcome the challenges they face in their respective careers.



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36 responses to “FACELESS MEN: Hajnal Ban's bitter blog blast at blokes

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  2. Sam Newman

    I would get on it

  3. faceless machine man

    It was less about her being a woman and more about her being Barnby’s plaything…

  4. a woman who hates transparency & accountability?

    Now what was she annoyed at? The fact that she got caught, or that it was so properly publicised. What cheek she has.

  5. Hajnal is a crumb.

    Earth to Hajnal – you’re a crumb. You are of no relevance or importance and hardly a role model for females.

  6. Chris

    Hajnal never practised as either a solicitor or a barrister. She just parades around telling people she did. FACT.

  7. Sonya

    Chris is right. It was funny at first, but when she started telling people about the “complex corporate trials” she had been involved in as a Barrister it started to get a bit disturbing. The only two times she would have worn a Barrister’s gown and wig would have been for her Wikipedia photo and when she hired them for her facebook photo.

  8. Mummy

    AND WHAT’S WITH the comment on her blog about “our two boys” on her blog???? She’s not the mother of those two kids!!! What a misfit.

  9. She obviously in the wrong party if she’s going to start that ‘politics is tough when you’re a woman’ routine.
    Think Cheryl Kernot. Carmen Lawrence. Joan Kirner.

  10. Hajnal IS a role model

    You should all stop being so awful. Just because her husband looks like a kling on doesn’t mean that Hajnal isn’t from the USS Enterprise.

  11. Dr Who

    No, I can confirm that Hajnal also has a slightly protruding forehead. This would mean that Hajnal is probably not from the USS Enterprise.

  12. Astronaut Cady Coleman NASA Transmission - Shuttle Mission STS-73

    Mission control, we have a UFO pacing our position, request instructions.

  13. President Ronnie Reagan

    I looked out the window and saw this white light. It was zigzagging around. I went up to the pilot and said, “Have you ever seen anything like that?” He was shocked and he said, “Nope.” And I said to him: “Let’s follow it!”

    We followed it for several minutes. It was a bright white light. We followed it to Bakersfield, and all of a sudden to our utter amazement it went straight up into the heavens. When I got off the plane I told Nancy all about it.

  14. Doubting Thomas...NOT

    You’re all wrong. The logan council wesbite says:

    Cr Hajnal Ban, 30, had a background in the legal profession before being elected to Beaudesert Shire Council in 2004.


    Plus, her facebook photo had her in a Barrister’s outfit.

    So there.

  15. John

    I have it on good authority that she was indeed a barista.

  16. Mary

    She makes a really, really good skinny double shot decaf.

  17. Bean Slack

    I regularly give her a long Black.

  18. Dog Captain

    she is a nobody now, her poltical career is finished + she will probbly spend some time in the can for taking advantage of the old guys money.. enjoy being somebody b*$#ch inside sweetheart !

  19. Tanya Black

    I think you mean short black…. i can barely remember though

  20. Back to the Cue Shop

    Nearly half the candidates of the LNP are women, checked the website, so no problem there at all. The problem is they just dont like LIARS, and you did by omitting the facts last year when you were required to, and lied when you were challenged for the information. It seems this is a long held trend in your life, and it will only continue because you would not know how to lie straight in bed either. Digging all the way back to Beaudesert Shire Council days too, will they find out?

  21. Tell us more

    Back to the Cue Shop – you can’t leave us like that!!! Come on…tell us more!!!

  22. Kling On

    I am not a Kling On.

  23. It's True!!

    I saw Hajnal working at the Wild Bean Cafe at the Beenleigh BP earlier this afternoon. Therefore, I can also confirm that she is a Barista.

  24. john


    Considering she got replaced as candidate by one of Barnaby’s staffers, I don’t think that was the reason.

  25. Boofa Leigh

    Hajnal I am not a faceless man! You can always come and see me. In fact I have a vacancy this Wednesday night between 11.13pm and 11.14pm. The 1 minute lesson will be on the ‘dark art of politics’. I have found that it only takes 1 minute to get the main thrust of the message out to those hopeful air heads with bottle blonde hair. I will be waiting for you with baited breath…

  26. Joolia Gizard

    Mr Leigh I am sick and tired of you and your rampages on this blog. You are a simply a low life. Always have been, always will be. Remember what you did to me when you were the member for Mordialloc and I wasn’t even in Parliament? For those interested read this – http://www.abc.net.au/austory/content/2006/s1590028.htm

    Well I haven’t forgotten this Mr Leigh! Now I am PM I am coming to get you. First I have the Federal election next month to square away and then onto helping JB. I will take extra delight coming in to help Janice Munt our excellent member for Mordialloc against the ‘Liberal’ blonde bimbo you are supporting in more ways than one. Its people like you who give Politicians a bad name. And you know what I do with these types of people 🙂

  27. Back to the Cue Shop

    Hajnal black RANT..””Not that my views are rooted in feminism. As Margaret Thatcher said, “I owe nothing to Women’s Lib”. My views are firmly rooted in distaste for incompetence, and to me it seems the very people that our state and country need at the moment have lost their way. At least the ALP recently recognised this.””

    Well go and join the ALP, that will be the third party in three years, almost as good a record as Bean Slack

  28. Captain Kirk

    there are Klingon’s on the starboard bow. you know the rest, while im waiting can i order a short black, cause bean slack did.

    bean slack & short black and a couple of short stacks.

    wait for it there will be more.

    got to go, just been beamed up!

  29. Not a role model for this woman!!

    Says quite alot about Senator Joyce’s lack of judgement in supporting this woman as the LNP candidate. (or in any way) At least some men could see through the lies and sent her packing. Now she can earn an honest living serving others at the Beenleigh BP. Karma is a Bitch!!

  30. Claptrap


  31. Darren

    what does her gal pal Patricia have to say on this?

  32. She's back on it

    Hajnal has updated her blog. Honestly, this broad is cringeworthy.
    OMG This is too funny for words. She is a nut.

  33. Sam Newman

    I would still get on it

  34. J.Peg

    It is embarrising how quickly Sean Black (Propertysouth) updates her wikipedia site – and during Council office hours.

    If only he spent as much time looking after his constituents as he does updating and glorifying her Hajnal’s wikipedia site – his career would be as stellar as hers

  35. Back to the Cue Shop

    NO one cares what projects your working on, get a life, your not a notable author, anyone can write an autobiography of nine months of their life. Every about you, like your legs, are an extension of the TRUTH. go wiki that!!!

  36. Pete

    Hajnal, these people are total pricks. Ignore everything that they’ve said.

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