ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: LNP Oxley candidate's withdrawal causes merger concern

lnpbus The Queensland LNP has lost yet another candidate, this time in the safe Labor federal seat of Oxley.

LNP officials say the UQ politics student Downing withdrew for health reasons, although would not elaborate on the nature of his condition. Preselection interruptus is certainly doing the rounds in Queensland conservative circles.

Local party insiders though say the twenty-one year old was “told to resign” and that he is actually in perfectly good health.

With a federal election expected to be called within weeks, the LNP does not currently have a candidate in Oxley.

The young lad has been out campaigning and had set a cracking pace according to local party members.

The incident confirms concerns that Liberals outside of Queensland have expressed about the LNP’s vetting procedures and internal governance. A Queensland federal MP told VEXNEWS:

“They have brought the ethics and competence of the Queensland National Party into the heart of the Liberal party. Mal Brough’s worries about what would happen after the merger are vindicated. If the LNP polls badly in Queensland despite Labor assassinating its own Queensland born PM then there’ll be a good case to revisit and undo the forced merger, I think many federal Liberals will insist on it.”



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24 responses to “ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: LNP Oxley candidate's withdrawal causes merger concern

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  2. mothdog

    well Derr.

  3. yaaaawn...again

    So many quality candidates, I don’t know how the party manage.

  4. Adrian Jackson

    Perhaps the former Liberal Aboriginal Affairs Minister Mal Brough was correct when he said the merger would not work and then left Queensland for Melbourne, I think.

    Brough did great work with the intervention which I hope Jenny Macklin is continuing; to bring the Abos into the 21st Century.

  5. Jenny Sams

    Mal Brough did not win the battle, so Brough goes on and on. Mal Brough is only trying to look after himself.

  6. Mommy Downing

    But I was doing such a good job running the entire campaign!

  7. Happy Valley

    Maybe the LNP should select young people who have quit the party like that star from Q and A. He is a former young lib and would be an excellent strategist for the Oxley area. I hear he wants to build a new race course in the area.

  8. concerned local

    Didnt he run in last years Springfield run for life. Surely someone who can run 10km is fit.

  9. Edmund Egg

    Banjo picking ‘tards

  10. Argus Tuft

    He must know that the mad monk and the dumb blond can’t win

  11. Bazza

    I live in the Oxley area. For a guy who was ment to ‘been out campaigning and had set a cracking pace’ he certainly was the invisible man of Oxley. Not once have I seen him or got a letter in my mailbox from him telling me any of his policies.

    Go Gillard!

  12. Patrick

    Adrian Jackson.


    Are you one of them ugly, pasty faced, poofy sounding, buck toothed Anglos, or what?

  13. Adrian Jackson

    Patrick (06 Jul 10) “Abos” is just Aussie, skip, slang; its short for Aboriginals. Just like other Aussie slang like Tommo, Warnie etc.

    Patrick are you from one of these dysfunctional Catholic families (white or black) that are always queuing up for a handouts at the church missions or from the government.

    The Abos in the bush on those isolated unproductive homelands have to be civilized, educated and brought into the wider community as working families.

    Gough Whitlam giving the Abos a handful of dirt was crap and successive PM’s since then have largely been useless.

    As Noel Pearson said recently these settlement are occupies with people with to little to do, to much welfare and to much booze.

  14. Oxley Resident

    James who? The LNP had a candidate? They quit? I have only ever seen Labor in the area.

  15. patrick


    Wanker – Aussie slang for people who spend too much time pulling their dicks watching on-line porn.

  16. Adrian Jackson

    patrick (13.30hrs) you would know. Many of your Romanist priests are into it and little kiddies too

  17. nat willacy

    The LNP have themselves a new candidate for oxley.

    She is a mother from forest lake that runs her own business-a butcher shop – and has a very well founded grasp on life. I believe she has been an industrial advocate for many year, but actually worked as a woollies check out chick in Inala when she moved her family here 13 years ago.

    That is what i call a woman with some life experience. I cant wait to see her in person. Maybe we have got a real candidate on our hands.

  18. pickle

    how could one possible even consider voting for someone with life experience similar to an everyday person when you can get a union hack whose only experience in the last 20 years is being a unionist!

  19. Anonymous

    ‘xscue me?

    Who was this dickhead in Oxley who was/is feeling poorly after winning tdhe pre-selection?

  20. Keith

    This is just so funny. He withdrew for health reasons and now is campaigning strongly in Ryan for Jane Prentice. Very sick little boy indeed.

  21. no matter what i do i cant stop dreaming about my girlfriends bubble butt!

    Is there a cure for this?

  22. Irene Webber

    Have you dumped me Les?

  23. Doug Byrons mop

    I still love you Irene!

  24. Gallen

    I noticed that Oxley got a nice swing against Labor. Wonder how James would have done?

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