FED FURY: Brumby's spin doctors hurt Commonwealth-State relations in NBN boast

brumbycelebrates After a dreadful day from an ordinary Newspoll that claimed a bizarrely high Greens party vote, John Brumby’s media unit was hanging out for a distraction from the Premier’s claim that Kevin Rudd was dragging down his vote.

Brumby does a good job in our view but it is fantasy to suggest that Rudd was dragging down his numbers and reminded some of Sunday Age Melissa Fyfe’s deceitful and damaging claim that he’d described the Altona by-election monster swing against Labor as a “fantastic” result for the government. He didn’t say it but Fyfe’s false reporting left a lasting impression that Brumby was in denial and wasn’t listening.

We think he’d be better off telling how it is, a long-term government always gets hammered on this and that and that if people vote Liberal they’ll get Ted Baillieu, promoter of kiddie nude artist Bill Henson, critic of Victoria as racist and an opponent of the jobs-creating Port Phillip channel-deepening. JB might not be perfect but Red Ted is a bad egg.

Instead he’d repeated the comforting self-talk line about Rudd hurting them that has been doing the rounds of various “Category A” Spring Street lambs to the slaughter, comforting Head Office types and those few left at 1 Treasury Place who don’t occasionally check in at seek.com to see what’s available.

Not smart, at least in our view. We think the truth can set you free, if you’re game to use it. And it seems Brumby’s small army of spinners were somewhat concerned about it too. Imagine if sulky KRudd responded and got into a war of words with the JB? It would give a bad poll story more legs than tall-girl spinner Fiona McCrae.

So in what the Americans call a “Hail Mary” pass it appears that the Media Unit decided to leak the story that the NBN had decided to base its operations centre in Melbourne and certainly scored a touchdown by getting a very positive front-page for Brumby in the Herald-Sun. So maybe they were right to chance their arm. The front-page didn’t actually mention the Commonwealth Government, Julia Gillard, the federal Minister Stephen Conroy and barely even referred to the NBN itself.

But VEXNEWS understands that there’ll be hell to pay for this one-day media hit.

NBN executives are believed to be stunned at the impertinence at the breaking of the embargo by people they’d only included as a courtesy. The announcement was to be made by the Broadband minister Stephen Conroy and the NBN boss Mike Quigley who caught the nation’s attention for his generosity this week by donating his first year’s salary to medical research.

Some in the Premier’s office were not thrilled by the leak strategy, saying it could be bad for Victoria to have a vengeful Conroy and an alienated NBN that the Victorian government had done so much to win over.

The NBN is yet to make key decisions about where they’ll roll-out first, which won’t necessarily be in Victoria. The test-bed construction is beginning in Victoria in the People’s Republic of Brunswick here. Residents are believed to be in such a state of ecstasy about the prospect of world-class broadband that some are considering naming their first-born children (of either gender) Conroy. The author will be moving into the area in time for its day of operation in 2011 and will keep an open mind on the issue of first-born names.



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62 responses to “FED FURY: Brumby's spin doctors hurt Commonwealth-State relations in NBN boast

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  2. Boofa Leigh

    John if you need help with any local planning issues for the NBN office setup just give me a call.

    I am very good at ‘ramming things’ through local councilors.

    I also work with some of your ex ALP mates who help me out when some semblance of intelligence is required for the ‘deal’.

  3. [deleted - impersonation]

    Is that a stain under her arm or is she excited being surrounded by such stunning looking men??

  4. Anonymous

    Trains, hospitals and 11 years of mediroctory for Victoria… Bye, bye Brumby

  5. Wenchy

    Geoff are you going to ‘ram it hom’e with me over the weekend?

  6. Julia Redard

    I take full credit for teaching Brumbles all he knows – especially about getting leaders killed off.

  7. Question

    So the feds will be angry because Brumby got their story on the front page of the herald sun? Doesn’t seem to make any sense.

  8. Milli Vanilli

    Not since my days has someone passed off someone else’s work as their own so convincingly.

    I’ve offered to run in Bendigo East in case Jacinta wants to swap over to Thomastown.

  9. Master Card Shark

    Conroy’s stacks – $15,000 pa

    Kaiser’s salary – $400,000 pa

    Number of lost Labor votes from internet filter – 1 million

    National Broadband Network – $43 billion

    Watching Conroy have to be polite to Brumby after he stole credit for his NBN announcement – priceless.

  10. Julia Redard

    I will now take credit for all of these good news stories.

    Kruddy had nothing to do with them – he’s only responsible for the unpopular decisions.

    Does anyone know how to get spots of your hand?

  11. Memories

    Love the pic. Takes us all back to the root cause of brimbank disaster.
    Labor can fix itself. Just run primaries on candidates. Then atleast the dross can be flushed out.

    Marlenes thank you to george sietz that night was also priceless…..

  12. Spun doctors

    Brumby seemed to do well containing the factional antics during preselection hut has lost every media issue since.

    Who advises Him on this stuff?

    B team by name and nature..

  13. Warlords just cowards

    When you have been scamming the public and the party for so long it is hard to think outside of the box.

    Primaries in all seats is the way brumby can clean up the mess the party is in.

    once we win the federal election and lose the state election then perhaps the Vic admin will have the guts to start the process.

    The sl ofcourse will simply want to keep rewarding the losers and cutting backroom deals to put these lame duck losers into safe seats like dandenong, Melton and thomastown. Giles big challenge is to keep the developer backed ethnic stackers in Hume and whittlesea going while he slides some Anglo mates. Gee Andy the road to scullin sure is a sewer.

  14. Spin mAsters inc

    who claims credit on jobs is of little concern.

    The photo of koroit so called victory is real problem.
    Carr brumby shorten conroy along with sda have duds in so many safe seats. But the state election will remove a swag of ministers and could be ministers.

    think about the low life branch stackers that we are left with after the November election defeat.

    No doubt brumby batchelor hulls etc will take pensions and run.

    There is no depth in state labor ranks despite current 55 seats.

    Say what you like about unfairness of the media – when you show in twits at every chance you cannot expect an easy run in opposition.

  15. Wake spin master

    Spin master needs to wake up. A handful of people run the Alp….the rest is a pyramid scheme for ethnic branch stackers.

    20% of seats are allocated for this purpose.

    That is fair…after novembe flogging the Vic Alp will be fine with great minds like robin Scott and Andrew Giles ready to run the circus.

  16. Sulyman for preston

    A good rebuilding move will be natalie sulyman for Preston. This move would be a just reward for ferguson for planting khairouz in the west.

  17. Notso wize

    Conroys mob are not so wize pushing sulyman barrow in club fed. But the Preston move is likely price for short con support for Giles in scullin.
    Giles and Scott are old uni mates but … This is business…. and scullin can’t be delivered without shortcon support on the ground and centrally.

    But word of advice for sl whackers and stackers… Do not expect whittlesea council to be handed back…..

  18. Yawn

    The last few post clearly know nothing about what is really going on in th ALP. Looks like frustrated B level councillors who want to be MPs but never know why they don’t make it.

  19. nothing going on

    Nothing going on in the Alp that most union members have not seen before. But the level of stupidity has reached surreal levels that makes any satire quite redundant.

    That is why etu vote will be no surprise.

    That is why this website is such a source of complete misinformation.

  20. Faction bosses liberation front

    Can u guys lay off b grade councillors and factional bosses. I mean if a 20 something kid recruits 130 voters in Hume…, ain’t it natural they should be candidate for Brunswick or atleast mayor of moreland or atleast told to hang around until next time… I mean you intellectuals act like there us something wrong with Turkish stacks to stop Greek stacks and Kurdish stacks to conter the Turkish stacks. I mean this is the sign of a mature democractic culture. Let’s all celebrate. Kababs anyone?

  21. Just chill

    Enver supporters should chill. He has time on his side.
    Learn some skills and serve your community.
    The wheel turns. Your time will come.

  22. Julia shows the way

    Never mind the boys Games at moreland… Good women where thrown oveboard by Alp admin.
    when are these women going to be brought back and shown some respect mr gile and mr carr?

  23. Republic of moron

    Can’t comrades in moreland understand holding govt in Canberra and spring St just a tad more important than who us mayor….

  24. Greener pastures

    Whinging labor councillors can join dean and greens….

  25. Nothing as ex as ex alp

    I think you will find they are x labor now.

  26. Boring

    Brumby pr people outfox conroy’s mob… Is that news?

  27. Brumby trumps conroy everytime

    Brumby got 700 jobs in Hun….. Conroy only got 400 jobs in the oz.. Hakki bring back those 300 jobs….

  28. Conroy correct

    Ofcourse conroy’s numbers are more accurate and reflect the number of jobs created for Victorians who are not labor mates….

  29. Give credit

    Very generous of brumby’s spin doctors to count conroys mates as Victorians…

  30. Hakki fan club

    Hakki is good bloke… I read it in hansard…

  31. Real stature

    can the Brimbank communityLook forward to the federal funded statue of hakki?

  32. Not funny

    No worries Scott…. Sorry you had to shelve plans for the bust of community builder George seitz…..

  33. I smell libs

    Hakki’s main fan club is state libs… They can’t wait for him to pop up…if conroy fits him in the nbn then you are just giving Abbott a free kick too.

  34. Double election year

    It is a double election year – it is a pity to Alp pr merchants having a turf war over good news. This site is full of libs. Take some care.

  35. Brumby's office pr winner

    This pr win by brumby’s office shows how the nongs in charge worry about infighting too much.

    These are the same unprofessional idiots who spent so much energy making a strong labor government weak via the brimbank scandal and press backgounding that put labor people against labor people.

    No wonder the herald sun bash labor every day – all they hear from labor spin doctors for the last three years is chronic backstabbing.

    For journos it us hard to see the merits of the various factional clashes or the branchstacking that underpins the various claims for seats and the terrible tensions in the labor party.

    No journo honestly believes that the libs are ready to govern Victoria but when they view the wasted energy in inter and intra factional warfare on the Alp – the asked the question is labor past it’s use by date?

  36. Brumby the propblem

    Brumby and his mates will be voted out, people are fed up with his backstabing briefing of jornos and the mess his office created with Brimbank, Kororiot, Altona, and Law and Order, hospitals in a mess and lets not forget i don’t know Madden!! the wheels are turning, and just cause someone’s a turk or kurd or greek so what they can also have aspiration to be in public office, we don’t live in Cuba this is supposed to be Vic 2010, so get a life you red necks.

  37. Julia Redard

    Boys, boys, boys…

    Now that I have assumed the greatest role in this country I want you my loyal subjects to behave. Can we please have some loyalty to your leaders?

    Please do not undermine my fellow leader, Brumbles, just because the polls are a bit weak. We need to stick together and fight the enemy for the common (and not so common) good.

    In fact, I demand loyalty from you all – after all in the eyes of the media I can do no wrong (which is not far from the truth).

  38. anon

    I’ve just returned to my computer after visiting the latrine as I had to drop a big brown stinking steaming ‘Hakki Suleyman’ in the bowl.

  39. Relief all around

    Dear anon,
    your efforthas been recognized by a senator …. So flush with care and respect…, that was a federally recognized turf….

  40. Pr wars futile

    This article show what is wrong with modern labor. Too much infighting not enough energy fight labors foes.

  41. Brumbles

    Labor out of touch, see you later Brumbles and you can continue to get your puppets to divert attention to Suleyman not going to help you and your factional mates.

  42. blackmambo

    full marks vic media unit – all 140 of you

  43. Lily

    Dept of Planning and Community Development – community sector laughing out about all the replication it is doing with the comm sector all – expect an announcement of mergers by Brumby to axe dept before opposition does. a few million saved

  44. Vic media unit fan club

    The Vic media unit deserves more praise from the liberals for:
    • repeating leftwing mantras and being seen as soft on crime while Victorian assaults went from 19,000 to 33,000.
    • Serving up the brimbank scandal on a plate
    • inept response to violence on our trains
    • being arrogant and treating media like fools
    • point scoring against factional foes
    • backgounding media on internal infighting
    • acting like robots are saying myki is ok when it has been a disaster from day one
    • letting a handful of indian students and the indian media walk all over our reputation
    • generally sooking when asked any tough questions

    good work…. Ted loves you.

  45. B team let labor vote sink

    The b grade team in the media unit are what’s left when the real talent went to federal level.

    this lazy mob have let a lack lustre opposition get away with murder in the media. The press bash the brumby govt with little resistance.

    Hard working brumby has been allowed to look like a tired administrator.

    Victoria is streets ahead of other states on every front yet the media unit have failed to paint the true picture.

    When challenged about this ineptitude the media unit’s poor excuse…. Is oh it is hard to promote the government…it is easy to criticise… Poor little you ….
    If you can’t do the job quit. Stop being a b grade excuse factory.

  46. Media management missing in action

    The jobs story is a very rare case of Vic media unit getting good news printed.
    For two years it has failed to project news and instead has chased bad new stories.
    To set the news you need to get infront.

    But the slow witted media unit is always a day late and a dollar short.

  47. it's hard to work a miracle

    A decade long government is always going to get flogged by the press especially when there is no decent opposition, the media think THEY are the opposition

    Most of the current bunch of state rounds reporters have only been doing it for the last term (except the veteran brendan donahue and paul austin). They have to make their mark and the target is the government.

    And you can’t polish a turd – dud policies and poor performing ministers cannot be dressed up.

    Then there is the Brumby factor – he’s not as well liked by the media as Bracks was. He patronises them and is ALWAYS late to gigs.

    Sure there are duds in the media unit with bugger all experience – but the team has some strong players who are doing their best to save Brumby from himself.

  48. Not a brain drain

    Hardly anybody from the Vic media unit went to Canberra – both Ben Ruse (to Shorten) and Jessica Walker(to Macklin) had only been in the media unit for less than a year. And Campbel Giles went to O’Connor after 3 years at 1TP. So 3 out of 20 is bugger all.


    Its Ok because come November all these non ALP members working out of that media unit wont exist.

  50. Bad news travels fast

    Bad news sells papers. You can’t blame the media unit for constant campaign being run by the hun.
    The media unit is doing the best it can.

  51. its all madden's fault

    Bring back Ben Ruse. None of these nonsense would be going on if Rusy around.

  52. Shooting messenger

    The media is an easy target to blame.
    But let’s face it this govt lost it’s way over two years ago.

  53. Media unit loyalty

    So let’s get this straight. Journos are too tough. Brumby is boring. Policies are wrong and govt is tired.

    But you guys all Rock.

  54. Give the kids a break

    As they said …. You cannot polish a turd.

  55. Perspective people!

    They may not rock, but they are not the only reason this govt is on the nose

  56. Thin skin

    brilliant…even the media unit has thin skin.

  57. labor unity for preston

    Robin Scott should very well be on red alert. The deal between comrades in Labor unity and the socialist left will finally deliver labor unity’s rising star Mehmet Tilem the safe seat of Preston.

  58. Anonymous

    The only solution is to have Peta Duke head of premiers media unit

  59. Singing own praises

    Mehmet…..rising stars do not do their own boosting posts…Just sad.

  60. Invisible nobody club

    Invisible nobdies like the [deleted] should stay off this site. The less attention you draw to yourself the better.

  61. Social inclusion champion

    Let’s not forget robin scott is a champion of social inclusion. Who can forget how he broke down the barriers for white middle class males and became an office holder for the cambodia association. Prior to these Asian community groups had been the exclusive preserve of asians.

    Petty attacks by the age regarding links between this Cambodian group and branch stacking missed the point.

    Scott was breaking down cruel social barriers for wasp males everywhere.

  62. i vote suleyman or preston commrades she will stick it up george seitz, and give me breathing space in derrimutt, viva la suleyman

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