"YOU'RE ALL JUST SLUTS": Richard Dalla-Riva celebrates with the ladies

richarddallriva It’s good to see Liberal Victorian front-bencher Richard Dalla Riva kicking up his heels after encouraging poll numbers landed this morning.

Sighted by a member of the famed VEXNEWS Investigations Unit at the popular Tuscan Bar near Parliament House this Thursday evening, surrounded by a bevy of beauties, RDR was having a particularly festive time. He yelled out playfully to them as he departed “You’re all just sluts…” (for clarity we should say he definitely meant it in jest and it was taken that way).

Several groups of revellers heard the remarks and had a close look at the ladies concerned to reach their own conclusions.

Our investigator then overheard the family man, as he made preparations to depart in the relative quiet of the mens, calling home and confirming with his wife or young ones that they should – indeed – “warm up the sausage rolls.” Yum, yum.

The informant hoped that he washed his hands prior to eating the sausage rolls because it appears Dalla-Riva neglected to do so after making use of the urinal. He might face reprimand for this hygiene offence by hard-drinking former chiropractor David Davis, his upper house leader, some-time friend and current health spokesman.

Once a close factional ally of Liberal leader Ted Baillieu, relations between the two are strained after Dalla-Riva felt Baillieu mishandled his temporary removal from the shadow ministry after an incident relating to confusion over text messages directed to a young lady who might have misunderstood his intentions.

The incident prompted a particularly brutal Channel 7 Brendan Donohue news report:



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24 responses to “"YOU'RE ALL JUST SLUTS": Richard Dalla-Riva celebrates with the ladies

  1. RDR

    Do any young sluts need me to give them ‘a ride’ home?

    Kudos to your crack team of investigative toilet traders…
    did you notice whether his pasty clammy hands showed signs of Trembling Teddy at the Trough syndrome?

  3. Edmund Egg

    What a class act!

  4. Anonymous

    [deleted – copyright]

  5. not even funny as a joke

    His comment, as quoted, is not even funny as a joke.
    How very juvenile and inappropriate.
    The Liberals aren’t getting my vote after my watching that YouTube link.
    I would have dumped him altogether. Bad judgement Ted. You really don’t seem to understand the need for women to feel safe in ordinary daily dealings and general respect for women. Keeping RDR on proves this.

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  7. Who cares about Rudd's nephew running for a spot..zzzz

    Why doesnt he make a name for himself rather than riding off his uncle’s name and fame — reputational freeloader….
    Reading the bits of the interview, I am already bored by the ‘philosophical’ blah blah blah self-centredness, arrogance and attention-seeking of this character.
    Have mercy– spare me and don’t bore me by giving him anymore attention please. His uncle was enough.
    Gillard is genuine and worked hard to get to where she is.
    Why doesn’t this ‘quietly’ cocky clown go and paint his face.

  8. sniffing too much paint?

    On his chances of beating Ms Gillard in Melbourne’s western Labor Party heartland, he is more philosophical.
    “Who knows in this global climate?”

    … “global climate” has nothing to do with it mate. It is only Australian citizens that can vote.

    “But in my view you can’t have a politician who is aware of everything, it’s impossible.”

    …. a genius in the making? I am so glad that he pointed out what is obvious to any person with a pulse.

    “I feel like he doesn’t believe in free speech – it shows in the Henson case,” Mr Rudd says.

    … ehem, no mate, I think you mean freedom of ‘expression’.

    it’s just blah blah blah again, with little thought…

  9. Anonymous

    RDR is clearly a [deleted]- a leopard that never changes his spots.

  10. Adrian Jackson

    Were the ladies Shardey, Troeth and Kroger as the comment would fit all three politically speaking and not just in jest. None got there job on merit either

  11. Homey Pyney

    What about me? Why wasn’t I invited, I am a slut too

  12. della rivet

    Luv those young lusty liberal girls. They’re always so easily impressed with my sexy texty and those muscles I preen in the gym!

  13. A man of immense personal charm, obviously.

  14. Rivers

    RDR is scum.

  15. Burn Baby Byrne

    RDR – will you ever learn?

  16. Steve Sensible


    You didn’t get your famed Policy Assembly role on merit either – only because you were not Jason Aldworth

  17. All the way with JA

    At least JA is not as bad as J-Rat.

  18. The Economist

    Is the rumour about RDR and Dianne Hadden true?

  19. RDR

    Only if Dianne Hadden is a teenager.

  20. Adrian Jackson

    Steve (02 Jul 10) you are probably correct as I only nominated at the last minute without lobbying but I did a good job at PA and took two Melbourne Ports guests along almost every month. I wrote a 2 page report on PA and distributed it to MPFEC delegates too.

    I remember Jason when he did a report he used to talk to report on his laptop but no written report was given to delegates at Melbourne Ports FEC – bizarre.

    I notice that the Chairman of MPFEC in 2003, Mike Kabos, was balloted out first in a recent preselection involving about 9 candidates – perhaps there is a God after all.

    Where is Jason these days?

  21. Anonymous

    Do vexnews reporters always follow leads in the men’s toilets?

  22. Anonymous

    Sounds like an interesting soiree in the men’s toilets?

  23. Now we have gone to the depths of following MP’s into the toliets.

    How low can this thing go?

    Vexnews or gutter news?

  24. Anonymous

    If you had been to a Young Liberal function you would agree with him.

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