SWITCHER: NUW number-cruncher prefers Labor Unity patriots in internal Vic ALP ballot

sebastianzwalf The Victorian ALP loves an internal election and even schedules them on dual election years.

This year’s one has been a peaceful affair with scarcely a patriot raising a sweat.

And yet one candidate linked with the Taliban faction, as it is called by its foes, Sebastian Zwalf, normally linked to its NUW arm,  has caused eyebrows to be raised with his how-to-vote card for the party’s all-powerful Administrative Committee.

The HTV, obtained by diligent members of the VEXNEWS Investigations Unit operating in Melbourne’s east, reveals that Zwalf might be batting for both sides of the fractional conflict between Labor Unity and its Taliban splinter group, sometimes called the Ambition Faction, the Feeney group or the NUW/SDA/Feeney bloc. The fact they call themselves Labor Unity too is an unending source of frivolity for all and is referred to in internal factional discussions as the “naming dispute.” Even in that context, none can agree which side is Greece and which side is Macedonia.

Leaving that aside, Zwalf’s HTV indicates that he has preferenced to Southern Metro MLC Jennifer Huppert, who is a member of Labor Unity and a supporter of Michael Danby’s righteous cause. Next on his list is Jane Shelton, a member of Admin and also a rising star in the Danby firmament. Next on the list is long-time foe of the NUW/Network cause Felicity Smith whose hatred of that group could be enough to fuel a nuclear reactor after many years of defending herself from their hostilities and shark-like behaviour. Also high up on his Seb’s list is Senator Conroy’s staffer Sam Rae and Bill Shorten’s staffer Lance Wilson, both gents active within Labor Unity and sternly opposed to Zwalf’s Taliban group, as it is described by fractional foes.

Zwalf’s HTV is thought by some to indicate a change of factional change of heart or possibly an attempt to persuade voters that he’d had one. Either way, it’s an interesting move that will have many wondering which way he’ll swing.

The ambitious chap has even previously expressed views one would have normally associated with the Socialist Left, he once told The Age:

Members felt ignored over Tampa and asylum seekers

Indeed, at other times he has expressed reservations about factions themselves:

"From time to time the faction system does not promote the best people into parliament," he says. "You can name some MPs not there based on their ability to represent constituents, as opposed to backing a faction."

And yet through the complex HTVs, the concern about the party lurching to the right on the question of boats, the criticism of some in the faction system, others insist that he remains a firm friend of Minister Tim Holding, as reflected in recent charity athletic events where he captained “Team Holding” only to be dissed in his personal profile as “hirsute” and pale.

Team Holding kicked on to finish the 100 km walk in astonishing 15 hours 52 minutes, beating the average of 28 hours 56 minutes and coming 21st of 729 teams and raising nearly $10,000 for charity. Other members of Team Holding included lobbyist Llewellyn Rees and Simon Tolstrup, also a lobbyist at the ailing CPR Communications.




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9 responses to “SWITCHER: NUW number-cruncher prefers Labor Unity patriots in internal Vic ALP ballot

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  2. ...

    Sebastian Zwalf is a legend of the highest order.

  3. Edmund Egg

    Bad career move Zwalfster!

  4. Anonymous

    Kevin Rudd’s nephew to run against Julia Gillard
    From: AAP July 01, 2010 4:57PM Increase Text Size Decrease Text Size Print Email Share Add to Digg Add to del.icio.us Add to Facebook Add to Kwoff Add to Myspace Add to Newsvine What are these? IT’S FAIR to say the Revolutionary Socialist Party doesn’t have a huge presence in Canberra.

    But the party has taken the strategic step of putting up Kevin Rudd’s nephew to run against new prime minister Julia Gillard in her safe Labor seat of Lalor.

    Van Thanh Rudd, 37, hasn’t seen his uncle the former prime minister since he stepped into the top job in November 2007, but says there has been some telephone contact during Kevin Rudd’s “busy” reign.

    The son of Kevin Rudd’s older brother Malcolm and a Vietnamese mother is not afraid of using his close family connection before the federal election campaign.

    “Of course I feel for an uncle who’s had his dream career stopped short,” Mr Rudd said.

    “But my politics isn’t a career move – if anything, it’s a duty, I feel.

    Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar.
    End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar.

    “Part of our duty as a party is to challenge the Labor Party and challenge the coalition and basically the parties that support a capitalist system.”

    Working people, the unemployed and those living below the poverty line are in Mr Rudd’s sight for debate during his campaign.

    The treatment of asylum seekers and racism will also rank as key platforms.

    “Inevitably the power always comes back to those who are at the top,” he says.

    “I guess Lalor is like a microcosm of this.”

    Mr Rudd has come to public attention before.

    On January 26, he walked into the Australian Open precinct wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit in protest against racism in Australia and attacks on Indians.

    And in 2008, the City of Melbourne rejected one of Mr Rudd’s paintings that depicted Ronald McDonald setting fire to an image of outspoken Buddhist monk Thich Quang Durc with the Olympic torch.

    The softly-spoken artist and activist says Kevin Rudd lacks an arts education and he did not agree with his criticism of Bill Henson’s controversial exhibition featuring photographs of a naked teenage girl.

    “I feel like he doesn’t believe in free speech – it shows in the Henson case,” Mr Rudd says.

    “But in my view you can’t have a politician who is aware of everything, it’s impossible.”

    Mr Rudd says it was his uncle who gave him his first set of oil paints at the age of eight.

    “They were good too,” he recalls.

    A visual arts student at Melbourne University, Mr Rudd is adamant artists are also politicians – and sometimes more effective than those spinning lines to the media.

    On his chances of beating Ms Gillard in Melbourne’s western Labor Party heartland, he is more philosophical.
    “Who knows in this global climate?”

    He is even challenging Ms Gillard to a debate about a “big Australia” if she visits the electorate.

    And he wants to see more of Kevin Rudd, following his dramatic departure from the Lodge.

    “I’d love to have more person-to-person contact with him now,” he says.

    “We’ll see what happens after the dust settles.”

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/features/federal-election/kevin-rudds-nephew-to-run-against-julia-gillard/story-fn5a6dkp-1225886812406#ixzz0sQrTO2kr

  5. anon

    Christ no wonder it’s such a big sheet with Lee Tarlamis and Garth Head on the same page.

  6. [deleted - impersonation]

    Seb is a true patriot. Not like the ETU grubbs that turned up and voted for one of there delgates to be on admin and then the next week Deen Mighell (who is doing a shit job running the ETU but that doesn’t stop him judging others along with his liberal mates. but that another story) pushes ETU members to disafiliate. Does anyone know what that means to the delegate they will put into admin?
    Please everyone wants you to f*ck off and but can you please F*ck off completely you wanker

  7. Commrades, I to voted for the Taliban on the instructions of Commrade Green and Cesar piperno my electorate officer, Sam David advised against this however , I wanted to broaden my friends and networks, sorry commrades theophanous, and shorten, and my dearest friend senator conroy,

  8. Commrades, i was further enraged to see that my good friend Senator Stephen conroy, got up and defended Hakki Suleyman, ( Commrade have you lost your mind)this man is plotting to defeat me him and his daughter and been recruiting against me and further i do not trust them, The job in Uruguy sounds better by the Day

  9. DWLL

    Fractional conflict eh? What’s happening to labor – they’re even starting to invent new words to describe their infighting. Or should I say infrighting? Once again, stellar job vexnews. Keep it up!

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