SICKNESS: Victorian Liberal leader Ted Baillieu's shaky hands prompt health rumours

tedbaillieuillness Victorian Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu has battled the contempt of his party organisation and its dominant Kroger/Costello faction for most of his time and just as he enjoys opinion polls that show he is on the verge of winning state government, serious health rumours about him are circulating in the party.

At a Clem Newton-Brown fundraiser about town planning at Gary Morgan’s building this morning, a number of attendees noticed that his hands were shaking and trembling involuntarily and not while he was addressing the group.

Baillieu is certainly fit, in the Tony Abbott mould of athletic politicos, but VEXNEWS understands that the Leader’s office has fended off press queries about his shaking hands before. They have emphatically denied there is an issue.

Medical experts consulted by VEXNEWS this morning were reluctant to diagnose Baillieu from a distance but some believe it is symptomatic of serious medical conditions including Parkinsons disease.

Our informant insisted the shaking was persistent and not at all consistent with Melbourne’s currently chilly weather as the venue was kept warm.

The gathering this morning titled “Planning Beyond 2030” was “packed out with bitter old crones who hate developers” according to one fly on the wall.

Other Liberals are saying that Baillieu has many of the characteristics of former Prime Minister Rudd in that he is prone to explosive bursts of bad temper and that in his youth he was commonly referred to as “Bonkers” Baillieu in the Portsea set. It is unknown whether those symptoms are related to the shaking hands noticed this morning.



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39 responses to “SICKNESS: Victorian Liberal leader Ted Baillieu's shaky hands prompt health rumours

  1. Orville

    …it is cold…

  2. Reds are better in bed

    james wright isn’t a proper doctor

  3. Steve Sensible

    Is there any slanderous garbage you won’t print about this man?

  4. Anonymous

    Seriously, why does anything posted above matter?

    It’s the Liberal Party’s policies that are cadaverous.

  5. The GTM Express

    The Great Terry Mulder is indeed a safe pair of hands.

    Time to roll Ted.

    Kroges’ words on Lateline where he praised the ALP for getting rid of a hopeless leader were his command to the troops to roll Ted.

    So get on with job, put in the GTM so that come November 28 there is a Liberal Premier in the State of Victoria.

  6. Another day another Labour conspiricy.

  7. anon

    It’s often brought on by excessive masturbation.

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  9. dela rivet

    repetitious text injury i suspect!

  10. Slow News Day?

    Andrew Landeryou behaves like a spurned lover in all matters of Ted Bailleau.

    Unfortunately for Andrew, Ted is a decent man. He’ll make a great Premier.

  11. The Economist

    Well, with five sitting weeks left, I’m sure we – and the press gallery – will get to make our own minds up as we watch him.

  12. ha

    fair ‘shake’ of the sauce bottle, Ted!

  13. Labour Voter

    Stop hounding Ted! He is doing a great job and I for one want him to remain as opposition leader…how else can we ensure Labour get re-elected in November!

    Inside polling in Forest Hill, Mount Waverley & Mitcham show my boys are increasing their lead!

  14. RDR

    Do any young ladies require ‘my services’ as a chauffeur during university holidays?

  15. toorak tractor

    Bit of a low blow here.

  16. Darla Jane

    Mmmmmmyyyyyy hhaaaaannnnnndds ddddddoooooonnnnnn’tttttt shhhaaakkkkeeeee.

    Ssssstttooooppppp ttttalllllkiiinggg aabouuutt meee llllliiiiiiiiiiikkkeee tttttttthaaaatt.

  17. [deleted - impersonation]

    Edward gets overcome with lust and the poor devil shakes when he glances at my voluminous derrière clad in a skimpy skirt.

  18. Stephen O'Shea

    A classic and devious headline producing bit of spin to hint at something which isn’t there.

    If there is nothing to report – print the denial.

    E.G. Imagine this made-up headline ‘Andrew Landeryou vehemently denies recent rumours regarding relationship with known Gay Sauna visiting upper house MP’ [VEXNEWS editor : Hey, I admire his poetry but let’s not get too carried away]

    Now the example headline clearly states that the information is a rumour and not in any way factual. It also clearly shows that whatever the rumour is AL has ‘vehemently denied’ it. [VEXNEWS: It’s not a rumour that his hands are shaky, this is an eye-witness report corroborated by several others we checked with. We can only speculate as to why it is…]

    What this fake headline DOES do is link AL with Gay Saunas and an MP who is known to visit them and his ‘vehement denial’ only makes things worse. [VEXNEWS: True enough, as per President Johnson’s fondness for calling his opponent’s pig-f*ckers, he wanted to hear them deny it. In this case, the health of our elected leaders is our business and I think we’re entitled to know. That’s why we ran the story.]

    The objective is not to tell the truth but to put a seed of doubt in the readers mind. [VEXNEWS: No, the objective is always to tell the truth, including and especially those parts some would prefer silenced]

    It’s a disgraceful – and all too common – form of journalism.

    This article is the same – there are no facts so the denial is printed. Disgraceful.

  19. Patriot 1

    I am not a big fan of Ted politically but he isn’t a bad person at all. So this news saddens me.

    How quickly does Parkinsons progress to a serious state? He seems OK at the moment except for this shaking.

  20. ha

    If the Libs win, Ted will really shake things up in Victoria!

  21. Adrian Jackson

    This sounds like a beat up from that Liberal has-been that has a face that looks like a turkeys backside; complete with parsons nose.

    Bracks for some months after being elected Premier was always sweating (probably trying to think of a policy to talk about). Perhaps he had the sheep disease called braxy

  22. ha

    I always thought Ted’s leadership was on shaky ground

  23. Boofa Leigh

    Teds fine. All a big beat up by the ALP. I am the one with shacky hands! Every time I go home on a Wednesday night my hands shake when ‘her in doors’ asked if my ‘meetings’ went OK…

  24. Steve Wolf

    What a horrible comment.
    even if this was true, would this affect his decision making abilities?

  25. Wenchy

    Ted since Geoffrey has been most unsatisfactory in all departments can we catch up soon? Your wallet and shaky fingers could satisfy all my needs my future Squadron Leader.

  26. Minsister for Federal Education!

    Yes Ted B is sick so very sick of Brumby and Tim Holding and Maxine Morand and Martin Pakula
    fancy that Tim Holding and Conroy and Bill Shorten trying to get rid of Simon Crean in Hotham in 2006
    well Crean is on the rise again tiny Tim and you and Martin Pakula and Bill Shorten and Conroy are going nowhere
    shows you have no judgement Tim in trying to execute ALP royalty that Simon is! you and your cronies yet another gang of four are hopefully on the way out!

  27. like a tiger

    It is ironic that Ted tries so hard to demonize cannabis when it is the one drug that could save him from Alzheimer’s.

    It must be God telling him he is a cunt.

  28. Boofa Leigh

    Wenchy how could you? I thought we were a unit? After all I have promised you – but have not been able to deliver yet! And now you are simply Rudding me? Fair suck of the sausage.

  29. Hork. Alex

    I like the fact that his hand shakes while he is assisting me to urinate by holding my boyhood. It’s not as good as playing trains with Scotty F but the result is still the same.

  30. On th grog

    Another reason for shaking in liberal ranks is their late night celebrations. Every new poll confirms that victorians want to dump brumby- and the liberals have another party.
    The most recent one shows that Victorians have the same warmth fir brumby that they felt when he last asked ti run the state in 1992. Polling fir sometime in the south east has shown that brumby never enjoyed the public support he inherited from bracks.

    The Alp is in for a huge whack in the south east due to bad trains and high crime- having our least favourite Alp leader will just give them more reason to put labor last.

  31. Observer

    The only ones who’re sick are the grubs on this blog who have set a new low water mark in their filth. The likes of these people should be scrubbed out of your moderator’s list, that is, if you EVER want this blog to be treated seriously.
    Otherwise, it’s just a heap of rumour mongering, filth and grubbiness.
    And, as for any “sickness” which Ted Baillieu, or you, Landeryou, or me or anybody for that matter might have – don’t you have ANY respect for individuals and their privacy? Unless you want to be treated like the grubs that some other contributors to this blog appear to be, you should have a long hard look at your behaviour, too. If you’ve nothing accurate or correct to say about anyone, say nothing at all. Stop the rumour mongering. And have a bit of respect for privacy.

  32. On the grog is a fake...

    On the grog pretends to have inside Labor info but is a fake.

  33. On the nose in south east

    It has been known for sometime by a number of pollsters that brumby vote began decay there first about 12 months ago.

    The reasons are simple.
    High number of south Asians.
    High number of young families.
    High crime rates.
    High reliance on unreliable public transport.

    I could go into the woeful manipulation of monash Casey and dandenong councils by labor and liberals but hey … Let’s leave something for later…..

    For those of us low class enough to use the dandenong train or the freeway… There is no mystery to labors collapsing vote….. For others I suggest a trip to the toilets at dandenong station …. Then tell me who is informed… For those who want …. Let’s say more professional reassurance talk to aus poll emc or CPR…. You will also find certain unions have very accurate polling in region…. But heck do not go on my say so…..

  34. On the money

    Sorry but inside polling over 12 months ago showed a slump in labor support in sth east. The scary thing then for labor was that labor support had fallen back to pre bracks days. The latest poll confirms that Victorians have same level of support for brumby now as they did back in 1992.

    the federal fix us also needed in Vic. But a Julia we do not have in Vic….. Having been drunk on power we have filled seat after seat with semi literates, mutes and plain dummies…. Having created one of the lowest IQ parliaments outside of nsw it now appears we have no credible labor leadership.

    You know credible …. Like someone who votes can half believe…

    It matters little that the opposition are lifeless rump of political uglies…. The public are ready to punish a state party that let itself stagnate…

    Brumby is a solid guy… Our best Victorian treasurer ever… But he is no leader and he is rational enough and objective enough to know it too.

    Pity because Victorians do not deserve a ballieu government and a part time millionaire liberal premier.

  35. Boofa Leigh

    Observer | July 1, 2010, 11:01

    ….nothing wrong with a bit of filth. Look where it has go me and now Wenchy….if you don’t like what you read perhaps you should not read the blog? The really good thing about the Internet is that no one knows you are a really dog ehhhh Observer?

  36. On the grog is a fake...

    Teh only reason Brumby may be on the nose is not because of him, but because of the lazy MPs…look at Jude – the ghost of Cranbourne; Grayly who puffs and pouts, and graces us on the Fountain Gate TV but is useless; Panda – who lives in the CBD ; Harkness who just cracks his knuckles, Morand who is a goner ,Janice Munt whose office is not even in the electorate and Ann Barker who has had better days with a few more pounds on her. These people have passed their use by dates and we need to bite the bullet and get some fresh blood in to renew and give the Brumby Labor Government the best chance we can!

  37. Observer

    Boofa Leigh (and some of your ilk on this site) I really DO think you need to seek profesional help. You gotta problem, mate!

  38. Stephen O'Shea

    OK – so far absolutely nothing in any other press about this. I say it again. A disgracefull beat-up. I am no great supporter of Ballieu but it’s clear that Brumby is so on the nose (especially in the E-SE Subs)that the devil himself looks good in comparison. I gather from the regular blogs that VexNews is no fan of ‘Red Ted’. Mr Brumby does himself no favours when he blames everyone but himself for his failures. If he wants to win he needs to do a ‘Beattie’ and call an election with a serious bit or Mea Culpa’ing and he might- just might be given one more chance. If he doesn’t he is dead in the water and he will have handed the state over to a Premier who is probably further to left than himself.

  39. Greg. E. B.

    If you actually new the man, who is an excellent man with that, you would no that it is a genetic thing and nothing else then that. I assure you he does not have parkinson disease!

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