ON TARGET: Excellent campaign ad hits the spot

The para-military wing of the Victorian Labor Left that operates from a secretive and highly creative bunker at ALP Head Office has a proud history of service to their country in the form of the Army Reserve and many also achieved high rank in several prominent video war-games. They haven’t seen a Greenist or a Les Twentyman they didn’t want to shoot at.

Their boss, Fitzroy resident and State Secretary Nick Reece most certainly would not allow them to cut an ad with Premier JB wielding automatic weapons and shooting stuff (as much as he’d want to) so we’re pleased to show them a campaign ad of an attractive weapon-wielding conservative candidate in Arizona to warm the cockles of their heart during this wintry weather.

UPDATE: It is noted that every group has its dissident. One member of the para-military wing is understood to be  pleased to associate with the highly-trained elite squad “the Creative Unit”  but that expresses disagreement on the issue of weekend warriors.  At least one of the members of the crack creative unit is believed to have served six years in the regular army including heroic active service in Somalia (where he is believed by some to have inspired a character played by Eric Bana in Black Hawk Down) and professes a “long-standing hatred of the Army Reserve.”



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5 responses to “ON TARGET: Excellent campaign ad hits the spot

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  2. anonymous

    this version has a more rational introduction

  3. disgruntled goat

    you sir, are an idiot!!

  4. Julia Redard

    I support stopping the boats.
    I support the war in Afghanistan
    I support the mining companies.
    I support no ETS.
    I support the ALP right.
    I am Tony Abbott lite or whatever it takes to remain your leader.

  5. Warrior

    Name the army reservists Andrew.

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