ANTI-SEMITISM: The Age sinks to new low in bizarre front-page attack on Jewish businessman

The Melbourne Age newspaper has stunned and appalled the Jewish community today by confecting a scandal about the fact that the Prime Minister’s partner works for a Jewish businessman Albert Dadon.

It inaccurately describes Albert as an “Israel lobbyist” which suggests he is paid to promote Israel. That’s simply not correct and conveys a false impression.

Dadon is an investor, in property and many other things and was the Chair of Melbourne’s international Jazz Festival and created the Australia Israel Leadership Forum, which we assume he modelled on the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue formed by Phil Scanlon.

We have never read Scanlon described as a “pro-American lobbyist.”

(The Age) suggests that because Julia Gillard’s partner works for a Jewish businessman that she is therefore incapable of making up her own mind about foreign policy matters relating to Israel.This is about as low and disturbing as it gets.

Indeed, we understand that the editor of the Age, Paul Ramadge, has previously put much effort into duchessing Mr Dadon in an attempt to rescue that newspaper’s reputation in Melbourne’s Jewish community which increasingly regards it as an apologist for misogynist and racist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah that are sworn to Israel’s destruction.

Sources tell VEXNEWS that Dadon went to some effort to encourage The Age to open its eyes to both sides of the story in the Middle East and that a member of The Age’s staff was invited to attend Australia Israel Leadership Forum events, including one in Israel.

Ramadge endorsed this and went to some trouble to undo the damage done by his predecessor Andrew Jaspan whose attacks on Israel seemed to know no decent bounds.

That reputation will be confirmed by today’s breathtakingly anti-semitic attack that deems all Jews to be  “pro-Israel lobbyists”.

rossburns The story was based around a letter from a retired and grouchy Arabist crank, Ross Burns which prompted a page seven story in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Naturally the Age put it on the front-page and beat it up within an inch of its life.

We have previously written of the fact that Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has a real problem with anti-Israel bias. Ross Burns, a career diplomat who was given many sweet plum Ambassador appointments, is a perfect embodiment of this.

Burns has now retired into the comfort of superannuation and is completing a PhD at Macquarie University on archaeology in Syria. He very frequently visits Syria. He has a keen interest in its antiquities and ancient ruins.

He has a long history of blowing anti-semitic dog-whistles against Israel, with a steady stream of cranky letters to the editor, speeches, appearances on an appreciative ABC and so on.

His latest suggests that because Julia Gillard’s partner works for a Jewish businessman that she is therefore incapable of making up her own mind about foreign policy matters relating to Israel.

This is about as low as it gets. Where will this obscenity end? Will The Age’s Jewish employees soon be subjected to tests to ensure they are not “pro-Israel lobbyists.”

As for Burns, he is an old crank, who is just running out his private hatreds of Israel in public view, for his private benefit. No doubt he’s prominent on the wily Syrian Ambassador’s invitation list to sip on Johnny Blue in the wee hours. He’s an angry old man who is entitled to peddle his nasty views.

But The Age has a greater responsibility than that.

And when journalists wonder why we will celebrate the imminent demise of this newspaper, this is why. Many journalists worry about what most regard as the Age’s inevitable end.

Two newspapers in a city are better than one, as a general proposition. Certainly better for journalists at both publications. Competition is a force for good, for consumers too.

But The Age’s sickening effort today reveals it not to be a force for good in any respect.

The newspaper’s revenues are in freefall, its employees facing further redundancies, its circulation numbers rigged, the shares of parent company the most shorted in the entire stock market.

Its end is nigh. And we’ll be dancing in the streets when that day finally comes.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: The Australian reports the scathing reaction of the Jewish community to The Age’s despicable attack.

Julia Gillard isn’t going to ban her partner working for a man because he’s Jewish and supports Israel, as much as The Age wants her to.



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58 responses to “ANTI-SEMITISM: The Age sinks to new low in bizarre front-page attack on Jewish businessman

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  2. Anon

    since when was Mathieson Gillard’s husband?

  3. Anonymous

    julia isnt married. she dosent have a husband… [VEXNEWS: Quite so, we envisage a Prime Ministerial wedding in Year 2 six months in to her term, if re-elected. Women’s Weekly must be excited]

  4. Travis

    The Jewish lobby is enraging me of late. At the end of the day, support for an apatheid state such as Israel is putting blood on Australia’s hands.

    Shut up Jewish lobby groups – freedom of speach is what we have in our empire before you try to remove this from us!

  5. Dan

    Dadon’s company and every other decent minded organisation should pull their advertising from The Age.

    The Age are of course entitled to write whatever they want. That does not mean that Jewish business people (or anyone else) needs to subsidise it.

    And yet, were the Jewish advertisers to pull their dollar from this disgraceful ragsheet, I can just imagine the usual suspects lining up to claim some sort of Jewish media control conspiracy.

    All I can say, is that whilst the antisemites have always been convinced the Jeeeew runs the media, the fact The Age (and the BBC) is still around surely disproves the theory.

  6. [deleted] Alert

    Hmmmm. One wonders about [deleted].

    Perhaps the Handbag is playing both sides.

  7. blackmambo


  8. Karl Marx

    I thought the Age dredged the bottom of the barrel when its own in house flotilla resident McGeough made nice with the unusual peacenik Jihadists he travels around with but today is a red letter day for the newspaper.

    Any person or company with any decency left in them would would never subscribe to or advertise in this rag. Shame on you if you do after this.


    Well worth reading this about the Arabist lobby of which Ross Burns is part.

  10. Adrian Jackson

    I read The Age story today – very interesting.

    I note on BBC radio it was reported that Turkey has banned IDF aeroplanes flying over Turkish air space too.

    Locally former Port Phillip Councillors RAY, Darren and GROSS, Dick have been links to a PR company employed by the St Kilda Triangle developers Melbourne weekly (Emerald Hill – Port Phillip), 30 Jun 10, page 3.

    Given his track record with interests in Central Equity, Western Waste Management and support for more street prostitution a few years ago (Sex Tolerance Zones)some people are asking whether Gross is the [deleted]

  11. The Age is Pathetic

    Geee – how pathetic is The Age? What is a “Israel lobbyist”? Must be Age-speak for a nasty, nasty person.

    Such bigotry from The Age is no longer surprising.

  12. Adrian Jackson

    Did you see the ABC documentary on the last Abe Saffron. In his time running prostitution, gambling girlie joints like the “Pink Pussycat” in Sydney it would appear he had the government and NSW police in his pocket.

    The murder of the heiress to the former “Foys” department store over development in the Sydney rocks area but another developer, with a foreign name, is thought to have involved Abe Saffron too.

    Abe apparently in later life enjoyed his holidays in Israel too. The Rocks creepy developer and Abe are now DEAD thankfully and the Rocks was saved by building bans by the former BLF and others.

  13. anon

    Yawn the Jew’s are whingeing again!! The simple fact is Israel is an illegitimate state and hopefully Hamas blows stinking Israel to the shizenhousen real soon.

  14. Knee-jerk

    Is it possible to be anti-Israel without being labelled an anti-Semite?

    I was anti-apartheid, not anti- Afrikaan.

    And I am an Irish-Catholic but I don’t support the IRA.

    Why is it the race card gets pulled out everytime someone suggests Israel may not be the best global citizen?

  15. adrian is a dickhead

    Adrian, there is a jewish, lebanese, irish, sicilian, CFEMU etc mafia. There is also the corruption flowing from the Rum Rebellion which is more relevant to NSW to Abe Safron’s success than is his Yiddish background. The Age and yourself truck in a silly undergraduate suggestion of unwelcome Jewish influence. You do know that the Protocols of Zion was a fake document invented by the Tsar’s secret police to preoccupy Slavic bigotry?

  16. Andrew Landeryou and the VEXNEWS Orchestra

    We go back to the question raised in the article.

    Why is Peter Scanlon (the founder of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue) not demonised as a “pro-American lobbyist” while Albert Dadon (the founder of the Australia Israel Leadership Forum) is inaccurately described as a “pro-Israel lobbyist”?

    Scanlon is a former CEO of Bonlac and Dadon is an investor. There’s not a lot of difference between them.

    The Age’s approach to Israel is so absurdly unfair that it makes their unkind coverage of the US look kind and sensible by comparison.

    This is their darkest day for a long time.

  17. Adrian Jackson

    Dickhead (29 Jun 10) what is your real Israeli name? Perhaps Mark Regev??

  18. whispering jack

    Adrian Jackson.

    Thanks to the bigotry of the Age it’s now safe for racists like you to spout your intense hatred of anything Jewish.

    Therefore, here’s my biblical message to you from my Jewish ancestors:

    Go forth and multiply.

  19. Adrian Jackson

    Hey Dickhead (29 Jun 10) undergraduate comments – yes I agree as I never went to Uni to waste my time getting a crappy arts degree. I got a real job in the Army for 23 years and saved and bought 3 properties with no mortgage debt now and two of then are earning income as well. Not bad for an undergraduate who got his HSC in 1971 with an “E” for English and “D” and “C” for the other 5 subjects. Dickhead are you a renter for life or are you going to Israel soon to steal some Palestinian land.

  20. Simon

    This is not to do with anti semitism. It is to do with the diabolical nature of the activities of the state of Israel in relation to their neighbours and non Jewish inhabitants. It is to do with the lack of balance of Australian politicians in dealing with these issues. Instead of pulling the anti-semitism card sensible dialogue is what is needed.

  21. Anonymous

    What is your real name Adrian Jackson

  22. Anonymous

    his real name is adrian jackson. He is the resident ex liberal anti semite

  23. Anonymous

    OK, the man’s a whizz at pushing hair care products, but we’re expected to believe that he’s been taken on by Ubertus to flog luxury flats just because he’s a nice guy?

  24. Bernardo

    Adrian Jackson is the same Adrian Jackson who, a few years ago, banned Israelis from his B&B in Albert Park.

  25. Faygale

    No doubt Jewish academics at monash Uni and their Palestinian / Muslim lobby comrades Maher Muhgrabi, Samah Sabawi., Waleed aly and the Australians for palestine mafia Karkar, Mooamar and Shaik will be enjoying today’s latest Age reading.
    After all it’s only Israeli lobbyists these lefty academics object to not the hard working Palestinian lobbyists.
    the Jewish community who fund the Jewish studies department with these Bozos must be thrilled.

  26. Israel has to come to terms with the fact that antisemitism is an archaic term. Every nation will now be judged on the basis of its view on democracy, social welfare, ethical governance and fair economic growth. At this stage, the Israel government fails on all fronts. So all Jews out there, your religion, your government and nation are not all the same on the global stage. If Australians criticise another nations foreign policy, we are not attacking there religious beliefs or culture . Time for you to mature and become part of the global village. We are all the chosen people now and there is no chosen nation.

  27. Karl Marx

    Is Adrian Jackson related to that delightful Age journalist Andra Jackson?

  28. Adrian Jackson

    Are Karl Marx, Bernardo, Anonymous the Mossad murder death squad goons in Melbourne?

  29. anon

    Israel is the world’s filth.

  30. Michael

    Is it possible to criticize palestinians Arabs,and Muslims with out being labeled a racist or islamfobiac

  31. John Ray

    So being a Jew makes you a polecat??

    Sieg Heil!

  32. Anonymous

    Sounds like Adrian Jackson is a bit of a clown

  33. Michael

    Why is it The age don,t spend the same amount of time exposing the powerful Palestinian lobby and Mp. Julia. Irwins Australian. Parliamentry. Friends of. Palestine
    Why is it only the Palestinians are expected to lobby our media and government and not the. Israelis. .?
    Even. Australia has lobbyists in Washington, Uk, Eu etc

  34. Adrian's Neighbour

    Bernardo – get your facts correct, Adrian’s B & B is in fact in Middle Park.

  35. Michael


    Do you only have a problem with Jewish lobbyists or do you also object to Australians for. Palestine lobby group a, Australians friends of. Palestine lobby group,

    I look forward to your response .?

  36. Adrian Jackson

    Bernardo (21.50pm) and the Israeli Zionists are still banned however I lifted the ban on Yanks when Obamas said he would withdraw the troops from Iraq.

    Not that I get any enquiries from Israelis because its such an insignificant little country and we do not have any Synagogues in in Port Phillip north of Carlisle St, St Kilda, either so the walk would be to far for them.

    In fact all the Christian churches have closed locally too due to lack of interests except the RC’s which is only attended now by old and the dying.

    Our new PM does not believe in God – Yes great news. Atheism, progress and prosperity is the way forward.

  37. Alastair Murray

    To ALL of you hate God’s Chosen People, there is hope for you in repentance before you Die!!

    But then comes God’s Judgement!

    As you shake in fear and terror, stand in your own urine and excrement, you will suddenly “see the light” and try to lie and cheat your way into His Grace!!

    And you Hear His Words – Depart from Me, I NEVER knew you….. And Eternal Damnation begins!! And you only have yourselves to blame!!

  38. jacob

    Rather than anti-semitism, I prefer he term Judeophobia, Arabs being Semites also but Jew-hater morons mean strictly Jews.
    Judeophobia is nowadays personified in Israel and, as Jews were never right regardless, so is Israel, even when it foolishly bends over backwards to accomodate its sworn enemies whims, as proven
    “ad nauseam”…
    Nothing short of Israel’s suicide will ever please Judeophobes and even then, they will take on the survivors, if any.
    After all, doesn’t Hizbullah’s leader want all Jews to congregate in Israel, saving him the trouble of hunting them down worldwide ??

    What the whole thing boils down to is that, same as for ancient Rome, the Mediterranean was their MARE NOSTRUM and no room there for anything but Roman ships, Arabs consider the M.E theirs and there is no room there for anything but Muslims, unless they accept to be Dhimmits…
    Therefore, you can polemize with a Judoophobe until you get blue in the face and get nowhere, moreover being as he is, fueled by petrodollars, which is what at least 90% of our rotten western media is…

  39. jacob


  40. Dan

    Quoth “Travis”:

    “Shut up Jewish lobby groups – freedom of speach [sic] is what we have in our empire before you try to remove this from us!”

    Thank you “Travis” for proving once again the direct correlation between antisemitism and illiteracy.

    That’s right folks. A prerequisite for hating Jews is that they all did better than you at school and you now collect their shopping trolleys for a living.

  41. Anonymous

    Not only is Julia not married she is an atheist. Not good as there are many voters who are Christians or Jewish.

  42. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

    what was not in the story was that albert was the bag man passing it on to kevin brother at the last election

  43. Sea Shepherd.

    When they circumcised Nick McKenzie they threw the wrong bit away.

  44. Joe of Melbourne

    The inferences of the front-page article on Dadon by The Age are that anyone who openly supports Israel, culturally or otherwise, ought to be suspected of a manipulative conspiracy to control the Australian government. Why does The Age’s editorial team appear to believe that Dadon (who is one of Melbourne’s best-known movers and shakers in leading the city of Melbourne to pre-eminence as Australia’s cultural heart ) is part of an Israeli-based plot that ‘controls’ the Australian government through the “appointment of an Israeli-controlled pawn” to the position of Australian Prme Minister? As this is the REAL inference of the article, all I can say is: How low can a newspaper’s reputation sink ? – And to think the story was headlined on the front page!! Der Sturmer lives on : Read all about it in The Age!!

  45. Great Perkins Ghost

    The Age was once a serious investigative paper, feared and respected on all sides of politics. It is now a sheltered workshop where otherwise unemployable troskyites, anti-semites, police haters, anti-american fanatics, demented conspiracy theorists, Green Party members and environmental extremists find employment.

    It was once a paper that sought the truth. It is now an instrument of hate. It was once a paper defined by the honourable value for which it stood. It is now a deluge of shrill negativity defined by what it hates.

    Don’t buy it and tell it’s advertisers that you won”t buy their product whilst they continue to support this loony rag!!!

  46. Ruth

    These days it is a crime in the left-wing world to be pro-Israel, or to even give Israel’s side. I’d like to know in what way Israel is apartheid — in a country where the Arabs vote and have their own representatives, where even terrorists get treated by Israeli doctors. Since Ed O’Loughlan the Age has treated its readers to Hamas supporters who are more pro-Palestinian than the Palestinians.

  47. Susan Cole

    I am a Christian woman & also thoroughly fed up with the Israel knockers for whatever political reason.

    Wake up you band wagon riders, Israel is the shield for the west against radical Islam’s caliphate…

    I have no problem with moderate muslims, moderate Jews, moderate Christians, but stop beating your dustbin lids against big bad Israel when the real enemy to our way of life is out there trying to turn the clock back to the 15th century…

    Read the facts about the blockade, study both sides. The Age is turning into a rag & as a subscriber I’m thinking of cancelling & reading The Australian for a far more balanced reportage.

  48. Peaceman

    For years The Age has been involved in a massive cover up of the excesses of  Palestinian terrorism and rejectionism. The fact is that both the Palestine Authority and Hamas are both preoccupied with the end game of destroying Israel and killing Jews rather than forming their own state and developing the infrasructure for a decent civil society of its own. But why do that when the US and the EU treats them to endless piles of aid which often gets pillaged by the corrupt leadership? Pity those poor unemployed and destitute Europeans whose governments are subsidising Gaza and keeping the Hamas thugocracy in power thereby making peace harder to attain. The truth is nobody is starving in Gaza and the place is not a concentration camp. The truth is that Palestinians have plenty of food, their markets and stores are full of produce and, in fact they suffer more from obesity than from starvation according to health authority figures. The Age treats its readers as fools by simply failing to report the truth about the Palestinians. Research the words ‘taqiyya’ and ‘Arafat’. Google Zuheir Mohsen and read what he says about the Palestinians. Watch videos on Palestinian Media Watch and MEMRI TV and read the Hamas Charter.

    Today, a kassam rocket fired from Gaza destroyed a factory in Sderot. Luckily no casualties have been reported. If the Age covers this story (and I will be surprised if it does) it will bend over backwards to protect Hamas as it has done routinely for years. 

  49. Dan Lewis

    Everybody’s favourite Jew-hating expelled Liberal, Adrian Jackson recalls his career:

    “I got a real job in the Army for 23 years ”

    Go on Adrian. Tell everybody what rank you achieved after 23 years. Let’s hear just how successful you were in your “job”.

    Not exactly John Monash, were you? You are a life failure mate. Little wonder you resent Jews, every time you pass them with their intelligence, good looks and nice cars.

  50. Adrian Jackson

    Dan Lewis (01 Jul 10) of Rushcunters Bay look its nearly Friday so just have a nice cup of tea, a bex and a good lie down sweet heart. But I still love you your hottie.

  51. Adrian Jackson

    Dan also, unlike the Prussian Monash I did not get 60,000 Aussies killed for nothing. The Huns love mass casualties

  52. Dan Lewis

    You still haven’t answered my question Adrian.

    Can’t *imagine* why! A typical Israeli nineteen year old girl would achieve more in her military service than you did in a quarter of your lifetime.

    Pathetic. Miserable. Failure. Although I know all about your professional failures, I know nothing of your personal life, though I’d be willing to bet plenty you are alone there too.

    Maybe you and Marilyn Shepherd can hook up one day. You can have dirty roleplay bedroom sessions dressed as Nazis. Needless to say you’d want to dress in a higher German rank than you ever got in the ADF…

  53. Adrian Jackson

    Oh Danny boy (02 Jul 10) I remember watching the IDF withdrawing from South Lebanon in 2006 with their asses and knuckles dragging on the ground after Hezbollah killed 100 of their comrades. That look of relief on the faces of the young IDF leg infantry soldier said it all.

    I don’t know Marlyn Shepherd but I have read her writing in the press, including the AJN, but I notice since the editor left the online paper is a shambles with the last letter comments posted months ago and even those before were usually usually nil posts. What is going on at AJN? Is the new property developer owner censoring the paper?

  54. Dan Lewis

    Adrian Jackson – life failure.

  55. Adrian Jackson

    Andrew, I notice the AJN online has dumped the selection of letter in their new format. Times are tough in the print newspaper industry.

    Dan Lewis, ha, ha, ha.

  56. Dan Lewis

    Ah, I see our Anrisemite in Residence, Adrian Jackson is referring once again to his “real job” in the military for over 20 years.

    We are all still waiting to hear what rank you achieved in two decades, Adrian. You keep dodging the question. Go on, share with us how successful you were.

    Or was the ghost of John Monash what zedded your pathetic military career? Was it a Jewish conspiracy mate? Was it the Jeeeeews fault you are an abject failure?

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