LEFTIES SCRAMBLE: Cath Bowtell to take on angry Adam Bandt

cathbowtell Labor’s Left have now fully appreciated the transformation of their one-time stronghold in Melbourne to a fully-fledged marginal seat.

While factional operator Andrew Giles had a strong claim on the seat, he has been unwilling to claim his prize because he and other faction hard-heads have been keen to come up with a candidate who would represent the biggest challenge to cocky Greens party chickens-before-they-hatched candidate Adam Bandt.

Bandt is believed to have high-fived party comrades in the Greens party bunker in Melbourne’s CBD after Lindsay Tanner’s unexpected retirement due to family reasons. His glee will turn to anger when he realises that he has just been gender-wedged in the lefty seat.

The smirk might be wiped off his face now that the Labor Left are playing their best possible inner-city cards, Julia Gillard as PM and Cath Bowtell, an accomplished inner-city lefty woman from the ACTU.

Bowtell was considered a likely ACTU secretary successor to Brussels-bound Sharan Burrow until outsider nurses union boss Ged Kearney brutally did her in to claim the prize.

Sources have told VEXNEWS that she is likely to be the only candidate at a Socialist Left faction meeting today. Some have suggested that the rebel right faction associated with David Feeney would be putting up ALP Assistant Secretary and renaissance man Nathan Lambert, but sources close to Lambert have strongly denied this.

MONDAY 9PM UPDATE: The Social Left has convened and as VEXNEWS Investigations Unit had exclusively revealed earlier in the day, Comrade Cath Bowtell emerged as their candidate. Giles had graciously decided not to run, giving her a clean run and maybe Labor’s best chance of hanging on to the seat. Meanwhile, the party’s Administrative Committee will on Tuesday night convene to establish a quick preselection process that will almost certainly select Bowtell.

It is interesting to compare our revelations with claims made in the Sunday Age whose Melissa Fyfe confidently opined that Bowtell would not be a candidate because she’d recently taken up a new job:

Former ACTU senior industrial officer Cath Bowtell was approached about standing but at this stage is unlikely to, having just started a senior job at WorkSafe



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48 responses to “LEFTIES SCRAMBLE: Cath Bowtell to take on angry Adam Bandt

  1. alp - one term idiots

    Congratulations Bandt, you’ve got it in the bag if the ALP are silly enough to preselect this ugly moo.

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  3. Adrian Jackson

    With the excellent MP Tanner now out of the picture who cares about Melbourne now. The Green or ALP ACTU hack they are both the B grade candidates. The Liberal will probably be a C grade candidate as their membership base continues to shrink.

  4. assessment

    She’s a woman and a mother at that
    Has credibility from running the your rights at work campaign

    Lifelong union staffer – no ‘real life’ experience
    Doesn’t have a high profile in the community
    46 years old – Bandt is 38

  5. Faceless union fat cats going cheap

    Good kite flying by Awu.
    Cath may have her strengths but is 100% Awu stooge in this context.

    Carr and sl may just need to cop it though.

  6. it get's worse

    Crean’s back. It’s a little bit like buying your clapped out old Kingswood back from the Wreckers, instead of driving your new car.

  7. Anonymous

    Local Right will support Cath even the seat in SL allocated.One LU person on Local FEA Executive apparently already singing the praises of Cath.HHMMM

  8. Melbcity

    The Greens have never been a real contender for the seat of Melbourne any way. The preselection of Cath Bowtell will further distance the Greens relating them to third place behind the ALP and the Liberal Party. The Greens will secure at best 18-19%, the Liberal Party 22-23% the ALP 55% and the balance allocated to minor candidates.

  9. Don't be so sure Melbcity

    All that is needed is a 4.7 per cent swing and it’s bye bye ALP

  10. inner city latte sipper

    Prez Charlie Donnelly has called a special meeting of the Administrative Committee of the ALP tomorrow at 6:30pm to discuss the Melbourne preselection.

    I often see Cath Bowtell, her husband Pete Keogh (Chief of Staff to Richard Wynne) and their two daughters, around the cafe scene of North Melbourne.

    They are most definitely latte sippers, and the girls have their training wheels on with their babyccinos.

    Given a choice between the annoying Adam Bandt and anyone else, you’d have to go for anyone else, wouldn’t you?

    (Burning question : will she grow her hair out like Julia has?)

  11. Oh great

    Peter Keogh is a nuffy. He was a nuffy in DTF and is a nuffy in Dick’s office – who is also a nuffy. Is Bowtell the best we can do? I liked her better before I knew she’s married to Keogh.

  12. Melbcity

    The so call 4.7 percent is based on the false assumption that the Greens will outpoll the liberal party in order to force a contest between the ALP and the Greens.

    This will not be the case in 2010.

    4.% might appear as being within the grasp of the hopeless dreamers but the truth is a far cry from becoming a reality.

    Even if the Greens manage to position itself ahead of the Liberal party vote (An unlikely event) they will not pickup sufficient number of preferences to win the seat.

    The accession of Julia Gillard and the preselection of Cath Bowtell to fill the vacancy caused by Lindsay tanners announced departure will on strengthen the ALP’s support in Melbourne.

    The Greens represent a fringe element in Melbourne and Liberal voters will not reference the Greens.

    The seat of Melbourne will remain a safe seat for the ALP bringing it back to a 60%+ ALP|LIb 2PP

  13. Boofa Leigh

    OMG Cath Bowtell is a foxy looking thing! Why haven’t I heard of her before? Never mind. Cath I have a vacancy this Wednesday night for you to learn about the dark art of politics. The lesson will start at 10.58pm and finish at 11.00pm ‘on the knocker’. Wenchy has cancelled as there has been an issue with our mutual obligation deal. Apparently no money…no funny….for Percy that is 😦

  14. Medici

    Cath Bowtell? Is that the same Cath Bowtell who has blithely chatted that she enjoys company of bosses union head Heather Ridout on shoe shopping expeditions? The same Cath Bowtell that shafted more than a few unions over Workchoices? Is it that Cath Bowtell?

  15. Boofa Leigh

    Leave Cath alone…she is all mine…prreecciouss….

  16. Get smart

    Dick wyne and awu have good deal going.
    But do not expect the right Asians to deliver in Richmond, melbourne or in the nth upper house.

    Time to get smart morons or get burnt.

  17. Nor smart

    The sums you Alp and greens guys are all fine but rely on Asians and Africans to be happy with two candidates they have never heard of.

  18. Racism the issue

    The Alp reckons they can win the Anglo vote back from greens. What if anti racism candidate preferences the greens? Alp can say good bye to votes in flats that hold up labor…

    Trouble with labor is he same old dinner parties are trying to stich up same old deals.?

  19. anon

    Seems Giles is getting no love from Carr!!
    Poor Giles…..

  20. Karma enforcement

    Hello cath
    bye bye dick

    oh and bye bye what’s her name in forest hill

    Cath will lose too and ensure a brumby green govt… Don’t blame the greens don’t blame the libs.. Don’t blame admin….simply bad karma…..you can’t fight demographics.

  21. Done deal

    It’s Cath Bowtell for sure

  22. andy bult

    Here is another hack from the inner sanctom of ACTU house.Get a real job before you put your hand up darling

  23. god help us Rob Hulls is deputy premier

    Let’s not judge her because her hubby is Dicky Wynne’s chief of staff. More lefties arrrrrrrrrrrh.

  24. Socialist left deserve this defeat

    Caths direct links to Awu and the socialist left clique who gave us:
    1. Missing in action police minister
    2. Myki wasted $1.3 billion endorsed by 2 sl ministers
    3. Local government minister playing factional payback
    4. Hospital waiting lists
    5. Slowest school spending in oz
    6. Racist police in inner city
    7. A crime zone CBD

    but no need for renewal let’s run more of the same.

  25. Karma enforcement, you might want to take a look at the difference between federal and state…

  26. Carli

    melbcity maybe you should be smoking less of whatever you are. it seems to be affecting your intelligence, that is if you had any to start with.

  27. Feds and state sl the same

    When you recruit from the same dinner party… When your household draws two wages from political appointed state jobs then there is no difference. Federal mps turn blind eye to Victorian mps branch stacking and other creative acts .

    Show me how the gravy train and the socialist dinner party are different….you can’t.

    Let’s not forget theo and carr were joined at the hip.
    Brimbank was a joke……the ingrained corruption of he socialist left is beyond a joke.

  28. Brumby won't investigate

    We now have a promise of a full fledged crime commission from brumby. But does anyone really expect anything more than the low level harassment of low ranking factional warlords?

    Will brumby have the courage to probe who and how socialist left and sda and nuw branch memberships are paid? Or are we only to wrry about Turks in this regard?

    Monash dandenong and whittlesea councils have hidden gems that will make brimbank look innocent.

    ofcourse the ten year itch might just put the libs in power and see a royal commission put in place…

    Then the fun begins….

    By making the sl the ‘truth police’ brumby has got stuck on the wrong tram….

  29. Brumby carr and shorten can't complain

    Sometimes we make a small choice that is wrong….
    Like cutting off a motorist in the road who turns out to be your bank manager.

    Mr c and b and s made that wrong choice….

  30. Anonymous

    Bowtell is an intelligent and capable woman with a nice family who lives locally. Sounds like a good choice to me.

  31. Anonymous

    Sounds like Peter Keogh has alot of time on his hands

  32. Fill Cleary

    Do the think the she-mighell will take the greens posters off the ETU Swanston building now, or has Cath told him over the years she thinks he’s a complete wanker like 99% of anyone else that have been exposed to his wierd antics?

  33. Medici

    Mighell is about to remove the linch pin that has prevented the complete meltdown of the so-called ‘left’ of the ALP and bloody good on him. The ALP has been a useless vehicle for workers for many, many years. Mighell has learnt a long and bitter lesson about deals in the ALP, deals with faction bosses, and various other self styled headkickers. The truth is it really doesn’t matter who replaces Tanner, who gives a shit, it means nothing in the scheme of things. Mighell despite all his faults puts most of the left unions to shame. When all is said and done unions likes the CFMEU, the AMWU, the CEPU are just littered from top to bottom with mean old men still yearning for the ‘old days’, if I hear one more SL union boss say ‘we got rid of the groupers’ I will scream. Move on, the rest of the world has, most of your potential members do not have a clue what you are talking about, nor would they care. I have no doubt the disaffiliation vote in the ETU will get up by a high percentage. In the future I look forward to seeing the ETU building plastered with posters for any genuine candidate that supports workers rights, at least Mighell and the ETU are prepared to give everyone a fair go, not just some wanker from the ALP.

  34. Deck chairs unlimited

    When a former actu president and mining minister calls the union movement a small interest group we know we are dealing with something far worse than hatred of dean mighell. We now have a small elite who hate the whole idea of a collective of workers. If this is the core view of cabinet – that organized workers are just another interest group to be lied to then we have reached a historic low and dean’s actions far from being erratic and intact the only rational action for all union members to a small Alp political clique that is only power due to workers rejection of workchoices.

    The elevation of another faceless actu fat cat seems to seal the arguement for disaffiliation.

  35. Giles to teach the 'dumb wogs' of scullinba thing or two?

    While the Italians and Greeks slave away in scullin- Giles support for an Awu plant in Melbourne is a sign of his secret deal with the Awu for scullin.

    While conroy now is only 30 votes short of control ib the so called left heartland….and the whittlesea council is now controlled by the plumbers.. Galant bill shorten has sold conroy plumbers hopes down the drain with a Giles for scullin deal that puts Paul hoses mate in Melbourne.

    The ETU can take heart that the right does not just betray the genuine left it also backstabs it’s own.

  36. You honestly think of us members on the jobs are dumb

    Medici or should we say Clearly. What gets lost in all your bullshit is that Mighell is a shit union secretary that spends all of his time bagging other people to deflect that. The ETU has become a shit union compared to what it was 5 to 10 years ago. Mighell has brought in pea heart organisers because he knows they wont ever question him, the problem with that is that there also pea heart bosses boys on the job and if you think the etu members haven’t realised that your even more full of shit clearly. The shop steward framwork has collapsed. Mighells also hounded out a heap of good stewards in case they might challenge the grubb.the insurances in the severance fund have been cut and on top of this Mighell continues to isolate the etu more and more from the rest of the movement because they know what a self promoting dickhead he is that cant keep his word. the other building unions laugh at the etu about how soft they are. And it just gets worse every day. So dont get on this site and spuke bullshit about this dog putting other unions to shame unless you actually see first hand how shit your hero’s union is on the job like I’ve had to endure. I’m sure the ETU will leave the ALP because no gives a shit.I ahd to laugh about the 100 grand will be spend on a well fair officer. thats code for mighell has another cousin that needs a job.No wonder Mighells looking to jump after turning the union to shit. He did the same thing at the Coburg Footy club didn’t he Fill???

  37. Green Power

    Congratulations Adam you’ve got it in the bag. [deleted – sexism] don’t give up your day job just yet.

  38. worksafe a factional safety net?

    Will cath have to resign from worksafe job? If it is a consultancy then she can suspend her contract and then restart her contract after she loses Melbourne.

    Ofcourse if brumby loses then her household loses two wages.

    Politics is tough .. Even for the awu’s favourite latte sipper.

  39. Adrian Jackson

    Does this mean that “Sex and the City” will be replaced with “Socialism and the City” on Aussie TV if the Green or the ACTU chick wins in Melbourne?

  40. JO

    Looking across the comments two things become self evident most of the contributors have not meet Cath and the greens will sling mud like children but are unable to engage in policy debate. Cath is local and has track record of significant achievements related to working families.

    My Green friends Politics 1.01 is about achieving a compromise were all individual have a stake in the outcome. The Greens record is one of all or nothing republic and ETS are just two examples. Their narrow position has led to no outcome.

  41. Anonymous

    I agree with Jo. It is generally easy to sling mud at candidates in inner-city seats because they can sometimes be of questionable quality,celeb ring-ins or taking their constituency for granted as they see their seat in parliament as just a stepping stone towards their grander ambitions. In this instance this is not the case. Bowtell is clever, hard working, earnest, is good at both the policy and strategic side of things and has a lovley family who are long time residents of the area. Good luck to Cath, the people of Melbourne would be lucky to have her representing their interests. The ACTU’s loss is perhaps the Commonwealth Parliament’s gain.

  42. Roger

    Cath has to stop the Public housing Ghetto being planned for La trobe Close in her own suburb of North Melbourne. That alone will cost her 5%.
    The ALP plans to destroy a Childrens Park. Clear Fell 50 mature trees. Evict & sell off magnificent existing family public housing. All to build a GHETTO. I am a Housing Commission boy, rusted on Labor voter but we are all going Green if this criminal GHETTO is built. Julia has compromised with the miners & Hansonites. Cath has to get her to do the right thing at La Trobe Close for the social housing client. http://www.latrobeclose.org.au

  43. Anonymous

    All ALP Federal and State MPs should be worried about planning as an electoral issue in the inner-city. A total mess with bumbling councils, a special Minister and the Greens are going to be campaigning hard on these issues which will play extremely well with the neglected constituency.

  44. jo

    Labor should be worried if they plan to go ahead with the distruction of a children’s park, kinder,and a community as with La Trobe Close proposed development….this community (and supposedly Cath Bowtell’s communty) deperately need more parks…not less….well, we’ll see how much Cath Bowtell cares for the community. I’m sure if she were to look further into this disaterous project she would not want to be associated with it’s Windsoresque processes. Could luck Cath you,ve got the courage.

  45. cait

    Dear Cath, I need to ask you, how commited you are to the community? You live in this neibourhood you know we have a tendency to embrace change. Public housing is an important part of our community..you also know there is a desperate lack of public recreationsl space in North and West Melbourne. I’m concerned about your views and what action you’ll take about inappropriate development in this community. Case in point…State Government proposed La Trobe Close development…the public housing section of the development is inhumane, the planning process seems dubious and patronising in it’s process. If you refer to the MCC’s proposed Planning Ammendent MSS C162, North Melbourne has been deemed a stable area not to be developed. There are almost no open recreational areas in North and West Melbourne. Why is the Labor Party allowed to propose such an inappropiate development in such an undemacratic way when there are so many other more appropriate sites. Why not remove the poluting City Wide Asphalt Plant located next door to the new multi-million dollar Sports and Community Centre at North Melbourne Oval in Arden Street…which is the the area proposed for urban renewal (eg Asphalt Plant could go to Coode Island?)

  46. In order to save the village we must destroy the village (US policy Vietnam 1970)
    In order to build the nation we must destroy the community (ALP policy N Melb 2010)
    Chetwynd St
    North Melbourne
    VIC 3051
    5 July 2010
    Ms Julia Gillard
    Prime Minister
    Parliament House
    Canberra 2600

    Dear Julia,


    Julia we look forward to your, “Plain speaking” and reckon you will recognise a GHETTO when you see one. We also note that you have compromised with the miners. Now is the time to speak with us the little ALP people.

    We have the revised plans for this development, following another ALP government Sham Consultation Process.

    I have enclosed two marked up studies for you that rigorously outline your COMMUNITY DESTRUCTION & GHETTO BUILDING:

    I have kept you, your relevant ministers & local member Lindsay Tanner fully updated with the progress of this Community Destruction for the last 8 months. This will enable all of us to appreciate your personal responsibility with this sordid matter. Lindsay’s view of this corruption of the body politic has been manifested by his complete lack of engagement with his electorate. We will reciprocate in due course.

    However what is such a criminal shame is the fact that you are:
    1. building a GHETTO
    2. treating the social housing client as a third class citizen
    3. destroying a children’s park
    4. destroying about 50 mature trees
    5. selling off valuable social housing
    6. wasting about 80% of the budget
    7. ignoring previous promises made to the community

    I live in close proximity to & engage with the existing public housing at La Trobe Close and was brought up in Social Housing. Like my neighbours we have no problem with social housing anywhere in Melbourne or Australia be it North Melbourne, Toorak or Yarralumla. Indeed all suburbs must be seen as appropriate suburbs for a full range of public welfare goods. Just because you are in a gentrified inner city suburb or a wealthy near city suburb or your exclusive beachside is no reason alone for not offering accommodation to social housing clients.

    On an Australia wide basis, even Yarralumla should be viewed & examined for Social Housing. I am certain that you agree that nobody, especially politicians in Yarralumla should be NIMBY when it comes to Social Housing. No doubt you have ensured that those in Yarralumla & surrounds in need of social housing would also be expecting Nation Building in Yarralumla as part of your economic stimulus & well advertised social conscience.

    However, we know reality is different and that there will never be a proposal for public housing in Yarralumla or similar suburbs as our public guardians be they senior politicians or senior public servants have no guts in this regard. You are the quintessential NIMBY. Hence we all know that those suburbs that are safe Labor seats will be expected to host the bulk of these very important but the less loved social goods. The senior politicians & senior public servants know that they can take the lazy, stupid option every time because they can get away with it. Unfortunately there is no room on their agendas for the real needs of the social housing client and the community.

    So it is with La Trobe Close North Melbourne & the proposed social housing public policy catastrophe that will play out over the next 50 years to the detriment of all concerned. It will be a social, economic & political disaster that will be studied by future social welfare, town planning and architectural students as an exemplar of how not to build social housing.

    Why is this so?

    Basically both you & the state Labor government for different reasons are logically and carefully planning this community destruction in La Trobe Close.

    As we know your government swept into office in a wave of euphoria, feel good factor and proposed good deeds. Part of this feel good factor was to house the homeless. Who but the most heartless could argue with that? Not me or anyone else. However we were all mugged by the global financial crisis and you quite rightly went into debt to stimulate the economy back to recovery. Indeed you could both stimulate the economy and put a roof over people’s heads at the same time with the catchy slogan of Nation Building. However, as I am sure you are aware by now your proposal brings with it very real community destruction.

    Now I have called the current proposal as both stupid and lazy for good reason.

    In order to Nation Build all town planning laws and social housing policy & practice built up over decades of study & trial and error have been suspended. THIS IS STUPID PUBLIC POLICY and will lead to proven catastrophic public policy outcomes.

    Wherever there was “ spare” land in a relatively safe Labor seat you propose to build social housing. THIS IS LAZY PUBLIC POLICY and will lead to known catastrophic public policy outcomes.

    Let’s look in more detail at La Trobe Close:

    1. Occupied FAMILY PUBLIC HOUSING will be sold off to a developer. Obviously to maximise a profit to Victoria. Where do displaced & families in need of social housing in North Melbourne go?
    2. The public housing client has not been placed front and centre in the exercise. In other words we have no brief from the client or their guardians. The brief was obviously to optimise the land for units in a fashion that would not be permitted to a private property developer. Indeed it is an exemplar of developer greed & destruction.
    3. Why would you want to treat the social housing client as second class from the get go?
    4. Your Federal Department of Housing has varied its well developed policy in relation to not supporting more than 50 units on a single site. This is a reasonable policy and seems to have been modified to “Nation Build”.
    5. The Victorian Department of Housing policy and approach to public housing has been ignored.
    6. Every square inch of the remaining site will be built on but for walk ways.
    7. There will be no place for children to play or adults to gather. There will be no interaction with the community on the site.
    8. Why do you want to endorse the construction of a public housing GHETTO?
    9. About 50 majestic, mature trees on the site and nature strips are proposed to be clear felled. This would not be permitted in any other development in Melbourne. This is a criminal act with Labor governments encouragement and approval.
    10. The proposal will build over area designated as a Park by the City of Melbourne and treated as such in Melways for at least 15 years.
    11. The Melbourne City Council has thrown the proposal back to the government as totally unacceptable. This is what would have happened to any private developer with such a destructive proposal.
    12. A Child Care Centre was promised for the site has been ignored.
    13. Heritage Issues regarding the site have been ignored.
    14. Traffic problems have been incorrectly researched & a dangerous traffic position is being planned for.
    15. The current proposal is a gross overdevelopment of the site.
    16. There was no assessment of the capacity of the suburb to absorb an extra 200 social housing clients especially given the current extensive social welfare already in the suburb. A recent study has shown that this suburb is at breaking point.
    17. The recent consultation process was but another sham exercise that Labor has now become notorious for.

    Need I gone on?

    Further information can be found on: http://www.savelatrobeclose.org.au

    The ALP governments are proposing a modern social housing disaster that will destroy the community. How is this Nation Building?

    With a modicum of thought we could have all been winners, especially the social housing client.
    Is it any wonder that the social cohesion that binds communities together is being eroded away?

    But it beggars belief that this lazy, stupidity of epic proportions would be ALP governments led.

    Julia I urge you not to go down in history as a destroyer of communities.

    Stand up for what you know to be true and reject this disaster out of hand.

    Go back to square one so that we can truly look after the social housing client. Let’s work together as a community, not as some neo-liberal property developer intent on profit maximisation via GHETTO building.

    Julia you did it for the miners.

    Do it for us the little people.

    And the Social Welfare Client…They are people too.

    Yours sincerely

    Jenny Mikakos
    319 Spring Street

  47. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a response from Jenny M, Roger.

  48. Cath I have written to you about this criminal destruction & have heard nothing.
    I have been told that your partner works for the Minister for Housing.
    Does this mean that you are fatally conflicted?
    The ALP has responded to the wealthy miners & cut their taxes, the Hansonites over the refugees, the polluters over carbon pollution.
    You must stand up for the social housing client & YOUR community of North Melbourne or be branded as an ALP stooge & a fraud.
    Come on engage with us & do the right thing for the real ALP voter.
    We are family people who care about the social welfare client and our community.
    Where do you stand?

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