LAZARUS: Why Kevin Rudd is sticking around

kevinator Queensland sources familiar with Kevin Rudd’s modus operandi tell an astonishing tale that he and formidable wife Therese regard his removal as Prime Minister as no more than a temporary setback and possibly only an interruption to his ongoing leadership aspirations.

Rudd surprised Canberra insiders during his farewell press conference by not actually saying goodbye, instead he explained that he’d be available to be selected to the ministry and would be re-contesting his seat in Parliament.

With a vacancy looming in the Ambassador’s chair in China, many had presumed he would be offered that role and would take it with enthusiasm. Not so.

Instead Rudd is staying and has every intention of being Labor leader again according to those in his circle.

His former staff – some of whom are still actively briefing media as of yesterday – believe that Rudd will be made Foreign Minister. There has been reported speculation of that, including claims that Stephen Smith wants to give up the role to take on Education. Rooster insiders say that isn’t the case but he’ll take what he is given, with gratitude, with the prospect of him losing his Perth seat now substantially diminished with the leadership change.

Sources familiar with Cabinet action tell VEXNEWS that they had effectively their first “real” Cabinet meeting on Friday without Rudd where ministers could speak freely, argue about matters, express opinions without the prospect of being given the Rudd death-stare or copping a monstering from straying from his one true path of enlightenment.

It says much about the cattle in Cabinet that so few of them could raise a moo of protest about the slaughter-house manager KRudd. Many – if not most – were willing executioners of the few in caucus willing to express a desire to participate in decision-making (a tribal and traditional whinge of MPs) but also to express genuine concern about political judgements on matters like climate change, boats and most recently the resources super profits tax.

The Cabinet wouldn’t have cowered though unless the leader acted in such a flamboyantly bullying and spectacularly thuggish way.

If he acted that way in any other workplace, he’d have been shown the door or at least been the subject of a steady stream of litigation.

While not many will want to talk about that because it seems not kind-hearted to do so after he’s been done in, that’s the truth of it.

A Labor moderate, with values that many Labor moderates and even Liberals could identify with and support him on, his private dealings were so corrosive it just wore away the large amount of goodwill and admiration he started with.

For the first time since the Labor split, Labor moderates have a majority in the Labor caucus. Normally they are not very united though. But they did unite on the question of the viability of Kevin Rudd’s leadership. They delivered the leadership to a lefty, but hopefully for the good of the country, a new type of lefty that will recognise that Labor governments who indulge inner-city enthusiasms will end up out on the street.

Kevin Rudd is a brilliant man, a star full-forward whose own talent was exceeded only by his contempt for his team-mates. The Wayne Carey of modern politics. Totally brilliant. Utterly flawed.

And that world gone crazy situation more than anything speaks to the problem with Kevin Rudd. A brilliant man, a star full-forward whose own talent was exceeded only by his contempt for his team-mates. The Wayne Carey of modern politics. Totally brilliant. Utterly flawed.

For all that, we hear Gillard may well still promote him into the Foreign Ministry. It would give her a one-day media bounce and an ongoing nightmare, in the opinion of even Rudd’s old supporters from Queensland and some in his ex-crew in Canberra, who worry about him as much as they admired him.

And that also speaks to the problems in this government. So often, it is all-tactics and no-strategy.

The brilliant men of brilliant man Kevin Rudd’s PMO could spin even the most appalling story into a good yarn. Rudd gets caught out swearing and monstering caucus members, he says he makes no apologies for being tough on politicians on the question of their entitlements.

Nice tactic.

VEXNEWS thought we were onto a good one with this: an exclusive PM misbehaving story that might even have the effect of cleaning up his notoriously rough play. It ended up being a greedy backbenchers misbehaving story. Lachlan Harris might be reviled for a week by clueless people keen to blame his boss’s sins on him but he certainly did good spin, that was his job and I doubt we’ll see better. It was boss’s job to decide strategic questions though, to do so in a calm, orderly and careful way that would keep him in the job and keep the nation prospering and becoming a better place. He consistently failed to do this, mixing rush and delay with a dysfunctional cabinet.

It doesn’t take an awful lot of hindsight to figure out that it’s not good strategy to show such unbridled contempt to those whose support you depend on to be party leader.

Not faction bosses, but all the caucus felt his wrath.

It will certainly make for interesting times if the new PM continues in the tactic-driven ways of the old.

And in Rudd’s case too, the tragedy is that it’s true he’d be a fine Foreign Minister. He is sound on many of the issues of concern to patriots and moderates. He is experienced enough in dealings with China that he has their measure. Contrary to widespread assumptions about Rudd and China, they don’t like him much and he doesn’t like them much, a long familiarity the Chinese regime doesn’t engender a whole lot of love for what is – after all – an evil empire.  He is a friend of Israel, a true friend. But he’s also consumed by contempt for his colleagues in the Cabinet and the party and we suspect for one in particular, the woman who replaced him.

Our Nick Mack wrote an interesting analysis of why Rudd was done in. For the story, we dug up a graphic of a quote of Machiavelli’s Golden Rule:

“The offences one does to a man should be such that one does not fear revenge for it.”

Or in other words, don’t  merely insult or injure a foe, bury them completely in case they have occasion to even the score.

How apt these words are in this case.

By putting Kevin Rudd up as one of her most senior ministers, Gillard would almost certainly truncate her term as Prime Minister, whether Rudd is able to rise again (he’s certainly no souffle) or not.

While the press has been keen to blame patriots Mark Arbib, Bill Shorten and David Feeney (all three conscious of the bad press that might come from doing this good deed) for doing in Kevin Rudd, the truth is that the numbers were always there to remove him. They didn’t need factional operators to whip the numbers into shape, MPs reached their own conclusions, from their own experiences, their own observations, their own discussions with constituents, panicked reading of polls and so on. He had to go, and the Gallery’s determination to find blame other than where it really belonged shows just how shallow and amateurish most of them are.

It’s also true that the days of MPs taking orders from anyone on whom they ought to vote for in party leadership votes are long since over. There are no binding faction votes on anything, let alone something like that.

Certainly a majority of the caucus has been deeply worried about Rudd personally and the performance of the government for at least six months, long prior to the budget and the RSPT. Party polling prior to the budget, with which VEXNEWS sources are familiar, showed the government was in trouble early in the year after wasting nearly all of 2009 on the ill-fated vote-losing carbon pollution reduction scheme.

But the truth is that it was one person’s decision to remove Kevin Rudd and Kevin Rudd knows it. It was his successor.

And if she ignores Machiavelli’s golden rule, she’ll have made her first very obvious and basic mistake.

And cause a very broad jaggle-toothed smile to form across the face of Gillard nemesis Anthony Albanese.

MONDAY UPDATE: Julia Gillard – surely only weeks away from calling a federal election – Sir Leshas wisely opted for minimal change giving Stephen Smith the extra responsibility of Trade and shifting Crean to Gillard’s areas of Education etc. Notionally a promotion for Crean when he could have least expected it, although this will cause much mourning among five-star hotel owners and Singapore Airlines who regarded the former Trade Minister as the most enthusiastic consumer of taxpayer funded travel services since Sir Les Patterson.

A recent press report confirmed that in the last financial year, Trade Minister Crean managed to travel more than even Foreign Minister Smith:

while Trade Minister Simon Crean spent $352,000 and Foreign Minister Stephen Smith $345,000.

While not often visiting the Parliament House cafeteria, clearly this man has had his snout in the trough. No wonder PM Gillard wanted him grounded.



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61 responses to “LAZARUS: Why Kevin Rudd is sticking around


    Tony Abbott will DELIVER and he hasnt knifed a PM to get there
    Many Australains was aghast at the Kerr dismissal of PM Whitlam 1975
    what ALP did to one of their own will never ever be forgotten by so many voters on election day!
    so good on you Tony you have far more integrity than Gillard and its nonsense you are not nice to women
    so many women that have met you in person find you very affable and polite so the public are sick and tired of Gillard Mould women
    really what has she Gillard done in her life- nothing exceptional
    well Gillard aint no Kim beazley and she aint no Paul Keating yes bring the election on and kick this rash immature ALP governement out they lack a steady hand that tells them to stop and think before they boot hardworking PMs like KRUDD out!

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  3. Bonebrain

    The coiffure vs the red headed concorde. It’s a good thing for her she’s “seeing” a hairdresser.

    May the best quiff win

  4. The resuffle

    Kevin Rudd should be given the portfolio of Foreign Affairs and Smith could then take up the portfolio and vacancy left behind by Lindsay Tanner as Finance Minister.

    The main thing that Gillard must avoid is elevating the likes of Bill Shorten to the Cabinet. In denying Bill Shorten a Ministerial position Gillard will demonstrate that she is not beholden to factional forces and the undue influence of certain Union officials who supported her in overthrowing Rudd on Thursday, June 25.

  5. The resuffle

    Kevin Rudd should be given the portfolio of Foreign Affairs and Smith could then take up the portfolio and vacancy left behind by Lindsay Tanner as Finance Minister.

    The main thing that Gillard must avoid is elevating the likes of Bill Shorten to the Cabinet. In denying Bill Shorten a Ministerial position Gillard will demonstrate that she is not beholden to factional forces and the undue influence of certain Union officials who supported her in overthrowing Rudd on Thursday, June 24.

  6. Rudd as Foreign Minister – God help us. I don’t know what the ALP is putting in its coffee these days but it’s fucking deadly.
    Rudd, the PM who managed to alienate successive US Presidents, Democrat and Republican. Rudd, who told mining executives “We’ve got a long memory.” Yeah, there’s a diplomatic touch for ya!
    I don’t know why we’d even bother trying to maintain external relations with Rudd as Foreign Minister. Easier to just ship a carload of rancid chicken carcasses to every government with a note attached saying “FUCK YOU!” in the local dialect.
    Quoting Patrick Cook: Why did Kevin Rudd give up a diplomatic career to enter politics? Simple: he wasn’t very good at it.

  7. Macbeth

    We all know that Gillard isn’t worried about Rudd as much as she is worried about Shorten & co. Rudd’s only chance comes if labor fails to get reelected. And, since the only other choice is Abbot, it is doubtful this scenario will eventuate.

  8. anon

    I hope he kicks the double crossing Welsh Barren Witch half to death.

  9. anon

    And as for that arab Arbib I hope one of his muslim mates blow’s him up to where the 76 virgins are. It would NOT be a sad loss to decency.

  10. amused!

    Jaggled Toothed – love it love it. Albanese’s career should be on a death watch.

  11. Jason

    I’m almost 100% sure K Rudd will be back as Prime minster within 3 months and will go on to smash the next election on sympathy votes. Watch and learn the master plan 🙂

  12. Tom

    I agree, “The Lazarus strategy” is failproof, I they want to win the election that’s what needs to happen. It will be truly be a master stroke.

  13. teller of truths

    anan 20.29. Mark Arbib may have arab roots but what makes you think he is a Muslim?

  14. Boofa Leigh

    Give it up Kev. Its overs. I was huffing and puffing about being asked to challenge Muzza in Sandringham by his ex-chairman a few years ago. But why would I bother? And besides I could not afford to lose face when beaten!Got me a $100k pension indexed for life. I get the occassional bit of political thrill with my local branch members. Why I am currenty working ‘hard’ at getting Wenchy up in Mordy, not because she is any good but because I have a few ‘scores’ to settle. One being stopping that Munt woman from receiving her pension by having her booted out 4 days before she is entitled to have one. This will make me feel fantastic (and important). I am not sure why people keep telling me I am an old sad git who needs to get a life though?

  15. Medici

    Rumours were rife for weeks that the so called ‘hard left’ were planning a coup, that coup involved installing Combet into The Lodge. The ‘right’ got wind of this and moved. The left caught navel gazing again lol. Very funny if it’s true, the ‘left’ need to learn to execute the plan immediately upon hatching it. Don’t stand around and tyre kicking.

  16. Anonymous

    Isnt it better to have Krudd inside cabinet pissing out rather than on the outside pissing in? Wouldn’t he be more of a lose cannon with all that extra time on his hands as a backbencher?

  17. Medici

    Oh Christ, not the ‘tent’ analogy again. I frequently hear this. Just think about this, there are actually three different tent possibilities not two. They can be inside the tent pissing out, outside the tent pissing in or inside the tent pissing all over you! If I was Rudd, I would want to be inside the tent spraying everywhere.

  18. Anonymous

    This politcally assianation was purely about the personal ambitions of Shorten, Feeney, Arbib and a cabal of other faceless Caucus hacks. As Peter Hartcher said in the the sat age
    ‘the ALP has wasted a perfectly good PM’

    ‘Kevin Rudd’s polling numbers were no worse than John Howard’s had been at the same point in the electoral cycle on several occasions before he went on to win….

    Rudd’s poll support fell brutally in April and May, but had stabilised. Two polls this week, a Newspoll and an Essential Media survey, put Labor ahead by 52 per cent to 48 on the election-deciding two-party share of the vote.
    As the former national secretary of the Labor Party, Bob McMullan, told a caucus meeting on Tuesday, no government sitting on these polls numbers this close to an election had lost.
    And no opposition leader as unpopular as Tony Abbott at this point in the cycle had gone on to win…

  19. Alex

    Julia Gillard and ALP would be very wise to remove Rudd entirely. Any cabinet position will result in ongong destabilization – Rudd has shown he is incapable of changing his spots and he will be out to knife our Ms Gillard and anyone else he holds responsible for his downfall. Rudd was a lousy PM….Whitlam, Hawke and Keating were all great and visionary Labor leaders – Rudd, by contrast, was only ever driven by power and his inner core of anger. Good on you Julia!

  20. Anonymous

    why does albo hate gillard?

  21. Anonymous

    Who were the top 8 factional bosses involves in the putsch?

    1. Arbib
    2. Feeney
    3. Shorten
    4. B. Ludwig
    5. Farrell

    Open to suggestions?

  22. anon

    How on earth and why did any political party with half a brain, preselect a filthy, semi coloured, muslim loving piece of shit like Arbib?

  23. Ozymandias

    Meanwhile, in the Liberals’ party room, Bronwyn Bishop is busy building the numbers to push a Dream Team ticket of Wilson Tuckey as Leader and Phillip Ruddock as his deputy. But such is the depth of talent in the Coalition, the smart money is on Bruce Bilson taking the top job, with perennial deputy Julie Bishop retaining her position.

  24. Anonymous

    add howes. need two more???
    Andrew L – suggestions?

  25. john

    gary gray from WA AWU was involved.

    his seat is marginal, and i’ve heard he’s in deep with the mining companies.

  26. john

    actually, i might be wrong about the AWU part, but he’s on the RIght

  27. Anonymous

    who was at the dinner table that nite?

  28. anon

    Wouldn’t it funny to see Shorten as road kill.

  29. Medici


  30. Anonymous

    what about hutchins? anyone know him?

  31. Rage Against The Machine

    To make matters worse most of theses factional thugs have cushy ALP Senate positions.

    Come election time, vote below the line on the Senate ballot paper , number every square and put the likes of Arbib, Shorten, Feeney etc LAST.

    Australian democracy is now at crisis point – the office of Prime Ministership is now squarely in the hands of these contemptuous and manipulative thugs, who will act with compunction to put their power-grab interests ahead of the interest of the Australian electorate.

    The people have to push back hard against this arm of Australian politics. The only way to stand up is to take control of the voting process, do not allow how-to-votes to determine preferences, and ensure these unrepresentative and irrelevant thugs do not achieve the quotas to retain their seats.

  32. Anonymous

    Shorten’s ego knows no bounds, he is a dishonourable snake, politically, professionally and personaly. The quicker he gets what he wants (prime front bench position) the sooner people will see his true colours…

  33. Adrian Jackson

    Both Rudd and Turnbull should bugger off out of politics as they are not suited to being an MP

  34. Anonymous

    Billy Shorton is a dishonarable rat.

  35. Medici

    Totally agree with ‘Rage Against The Machine’ Australian voters need to get more savvy in dealing with these creatures like Arbib who cannot get elected to the House of Reps so they lurk in the Senate. Unfortunately Arbib’s term does not expire until 30 June 2014, still plenty of time to train the electorate how to vote below the line. Hutchins term expires 30 June 2011, Conroy’s term expires 30 June 2011, he will no doubt re-contest because lets face it what else would he do outside politics. Ludwigs term expires 30 June 2011. So voters could deal with at least three of the vipers. University campuses have been leading a push like this against Conroy anyway over the internet filter. Unfortunately the voters of NSW will have to wait until 2014 to remove Arbib for us.

  36. Polywatcher

    Number 8 was Abbott – he said so at the Liberal Federal Conference on Saturday.

  37. Filth

    We should never forget that Shorten and Conroy backed the Fegan fiasco at the HSU that saw them ultimatly lose and led to the end of the HSU Vic branch

  38. That is thanks....

    Whilst a Shorton would have one his seat in 07 regardless of who was leader, it is fair to say that (as Latham so aptly put it on Sky News)a Feeney was elected on the coat tails of Rudd. Feeney was 3rd on the ticket and only just scraped in ahead of the Greens. It’s fair to say that the Greens would have had Feeneys nice red seat/car/phone/office/salary etc in the Senate if Beazley not Rudd was running. Feeney owes his parliamentary career to Kevin 07…now that is thanks.

  39. andy bult

    Dont forget to include shotons blood brother Brendan O Connor in that group.
    Now might be the time for Kev to have his heart surgery!

  40. Rudd was dumped because he so badly treated his collegues they all hated him.

    Despite all of this, the reports are right. He will be waiting for the chance to jump back in and may spend the next year or two working on it.

    Look out Julia and Wayne! Cos Kevs comin’.

  41. Observer

    I actgually think Rudd’s truest words were what he said to the miners at the Mid-winter Ball:-

    “Boys, we’ve got very long memories!”.

    Ah! The ALP is SUCH a lovely, happy family.


  42. Rampant

    The more foreign they can make Rudd as Foreign Minister, the better

  43. True believer

    Rudd was no where as bad as what his opponents suggested.

    I accept he had made some poor decisions (which Gillard in all probability was also involved) but he was still the preferred PM by a big margin over Abbott. He was a proven campaigner and Abbott was by no means a certainty. The argument that he wasn’t close to the factions is in fact a positive for all those who support the ALP but are not members.

    Rudd stood up to the factions and powerbrokers and gets shafted at the first opportunity. Gillard sees her chance and takes it – is this what politics, especially in the party supposed to be one of principle, all about?

    Great we have a female PM. One with blood on her hands, one that will be tainted as being the most opportunistic and disloyal in Australia’s history.

  44. Howards way!

    So much for Stability hey Ms Gillard back to school as you dont seem to realise that you facilitated the biggest unstable move of all by deposing a hard working PM that Krudd was!
    so did you try to get him back on track Gillard no you just sacked him so that was so cold, heartless, ruthless, and immature!
    so wait until you get sacked then you may well know the feeling! Gillard your dream run will hopefully soon end well you didnt give Krudd a chance so why should the voters give you one at the next election?
    John howard was down in many polls but you sack the PM because of a slump not good enough Gillard so next election no job for you as next PM!

  45. shotern and sweet

    Ms Gillard already we are sick of you so suggestion step down and
    sack Conroy too
    hey we want a new prime minister to wait two years to get rid of you if you get reelected is far too long
    bring on ambitous Bill Shorten well he would have a Governor- General for his defacto mother in law
    ALP are such a laughing stock the public are not fooled by snap polls ! Vote Julia the dominatrix out!
    she has no heart she is as hard as nails!

  46. Jack Ming

    I suspect the coal, gas and mining industry have used their heavy influence with the unions to order the removal of Rudd. And they complied, the unions don’t want to be kicked out of bed.

    Rudd was too much of free agent with no factional ties that usual keep PMs under control. This was a risk factor to industry and why they wanted him gone ASAP. The media were happy to comply, union heavy weights and of course a few senior ministers, who have managed to make out they had no involvement in such sordid affairs.

    With Gillard we have a PM tied to factions and thus controlled. To some extent. How much we wont know until we see some policy. The ETS gone – the coal industry says thank Julia, their work paying off immediately. But will the resources industry get an immediate return or will they have to wait until Gillard mid term to reduce any tax.

    Don’t think you could call Labor a left wing organisation now days. More self serving power seeking lot, similar to the other side.

    The clear message is this. Independent and popular PMs will be undermined then taken down.

  47. Mad-arse fucker (not mad arse-fucker)

    Exactly who has been cultivating the myth of Lachie Harris? The reality is that he was an appalling media adviser. It’s not just that he is an obnoxious silver-spoon socialist who got the job because mummy wrote out big cheques to the ALP from the family home down on the Hunters Hill waterfront – he simply didn’t speak to any journos. Aside from one old high-ish profile journo who was his flatmate, he would send his lackeys out to risk contamination in the press gallery. And even then, all they ever did was ask what the hacks were writing – not recognizing the irony that it was a little difficult to pen a yarn about the government if they wouldn’t provide anything… Harris was nothing more than a light-weight rich kid on a socialist jaunt before he joins the family business – Harris Farm Markets – where he will apply all he’s learned about the working class, so that he and his family can even more efficiently screw the farmers who supply them. Anyone stupid enough to indulge him if he plans on postponing his destiny will quickly learn how effectively he has used arrogance as a mask for competence.

  48. Medici

    Yup anyone who comes up with annoying phrases such as ‘working families’ and politics by Facebook deserves everything they get. Ditto the Libs and ‘a great big new tax’. The parties and I mean both of them, thought they had dumbed down the electorate enough that we would swallow all this shit.

  49. Joolia Dullard

    Another sherry please Simon.

  50. candid

    Will Rudd be the next Governor General?

  51. Candid, you have just ruined my day.

  52. Catalyst

    One day lets hope darling of the leftie media ghoolia sorry julia cops an ounce of what she has dished out to Rudd
    hey she was meant to be his loyal serving deputy now they treat him like a pariah
    Poor KRudd he must feel so used by the ALP and justifiably so!
    well Gillard, here is the latest breaking news you may think that you can sweep this ridd Rudd debacle all under the carpet but hey the voting public arent imbeciles nor sonambulators!
    you first time as soon as it came opportunistic grab for power shows how ruthless you are!
    heaven spare Australia from you we need a stable governement and you unstablised the office of Pm with your hasty impetuous illconsidered move to trash a hardworking PM.
    Gillard you aint no Hawke nor Keating at least Keating gave Hawke a fair go.
    Krudd was never given a fair go by you as you sat back and bided your time to take the plunge well you may well have gone too far and in over you head!
    The BER builders early retirement was your stuff up and removing Rudd was another for which you were the catalyst!
    so Gillard give Krudd some dignity and stop trashing him!

  53. Adrian Jackson

    Kevin has left the building (The Lodge)

  54. Anonymous

    We all thought it was a new dye colour in Julia’s hair. Little did we think it was KRudd’s blood from a knife wound to the back.

  55. Joolia Dullard

    I hope no one realise half the cock ups were directly related to my portfolios: BER, ABCC, League Tables and Industrial Relations.

  56. BER Builder

    Thanks for me Porsche luv.

  57. Joolia Dullard – sorry, but some of us mere citizens CAN join dots.

  58. Anonymous

    now if only they would give me my post in Uruguay i would be of to and let lappos, Suleyman, and tachos fight it out amongst themselves for my successor, come on Brumby where is my offer ?

  59. Melbcity

    Australia is a Parliamentary democracy` not a Presidential autocracy.

    David Feeney was elected on the strength of support given to the Australian Labor Party. His win was decicive and not even close.

    The Greens have never a Senate Seat in Victoria.

    Analysis of the 2007 Victorian Senate result highlighted a problem in the way in which Senate elections are counted. The Greens being a beneficiary of inflated value of the vote arsiing from the formula used to calculate the Surplus Transfer Value, giving the Greens a additional bonus of 7000 votes above the level of their support.

    This analysis has been backed up by ABC journalist Antony Green who confirmed my earlier analysis if sa hypothetical.

    The Greens support was bolstered by the Liberal Party, which could explain why the Greens have been prepared to support Liberal Party’s policies and the defeat of the ALP’s proposed Climate Change legislation.

  60. Anonymous

    Feeney aint goin to win from number 3 on the ticket next time

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