ADIOS: Lindsay Tanner pulls pin in Melbourne

stalingrad Lindsay Tanner won’t be recontesting the federal seat of Melbourne, according to his media release today.

Some will interpret this as meaning he didn’t want to work with fractional rival Julia Gillard but it seems that isn’t the case.

We missed the Victorian ALP State Conference on the weekend but a number of people had regarded Lindsay Tanner’s speech as a “valedictory.” Indeed feared Melbourne FEA numbers man and popular past Lord Mayoral candidate Ray Collins had said as much to VEXNEWS on Saturday night and we felt that to be an extremely unlikely event. It is said that Nostradamus Collins’ footy tips are also as prescient and that he makes them available to grateful tippers for $5 a round.

Word around the traps is that Left faction secretary, lawyer and state ministerial chief of staff Andrew Giles – recently dubbed man of peace by VEXNEWS after recently committing unprecedented acts of factional peace-making – will be the likely Labor candidate going up against the self-important poseur Adam Bandt who was apparently high-fiving comrades at the slum that is the Greens HQ in Melbourne’s CBD. It might well be a case of premature celebration, Giles has his faults – many of which we have happily chronicled – but he’ll make a fine candidate for the inner-city seat. Latte runs through his veins.

Sources close to Giles insist that he wants the “best candidate” to fend off the Greens party and will make way for anyone else he thinks could poll better.

There is talk that Lindsay Tanner wanted former Wesley College music prefect and social commentator Waleed Aly to replace him. While a strong candidate in some respects, it seems unlikely he’d be favoured over Giles.

Some will be keen on a woman running, thinking this could give them an advantage over the Greens’ latest male candidate, although no-one obvious has emerged in discussions, with Labor insiders saying a woman is already running for the seat and all others in the form of Julia Gillard.

We certainly live in interesting times.



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64 responses to “ADIOS: Lindsay Tanner pulls pin in Melbourne

  1. annoon

    they will lose the seat

  2. Anon

    Lindsay was a great local member and Ray Collins would be the first to acknowledge that.
    Linsay’s only blind spot was to support the same team of football reprobates as both you and ‘Nostradamus’ Collins.

  3. Anon

    Last post should’ve ended with 😉

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  5. Anonymous

    Collins always supported Tanner.Not sure if Giles will get the same.Word has it that Collins was so sure on Saturday that he attempted to speak to Giles on this very subject but was snubbed.
    Prominent Sl operative was in earshot and was surprised.

  6. CANT STAND The heat in the kitchen

    Thats why Tanner is going see he cant stand Gilard and who can blame him for that!
    who would in their right mind want to work under Gillard!
    Lindsay is one smart man to get out his timing is right and its now time for Tony Abott to be the next elected PM!

  7. Adrian Jackson

    Please ALP factional leaders tell Michael Danby to stand for Melbourne so we in Melbourne Ports can be rid of him after 13 years as our do nothing MP. Labour will probably loose Melbourne and if Danby is the ALP candidate this would be a win win situation for the Greens and the ALP

  8. United We Stand

    Lindsay’s speech on Saturday was – let’s face it – depressing. Lindsay was heavily reliant on Andrew Giles anyway, so it’s fitting that Giles should be preselected. Given everyone in the seat of Melbourne realises how serious the challenge is from the smarmy Green Adam Bandit [sic], I’m sure everyone from every faction will rally to support Giles.
    Re Anonymous @ 18:26 – Giles was extremely busy on the floor of conference demonstrating his other great strength – besides numbers counting 🙂 – policy development. No snub, if it happened, would have been intended.

  9. Craig

    Simon Olsen Liberal for Melbourne. A fine upholder of the Menzies legacy

  10. Anonymous

    shut up jackson you anti-semite

  11. Green Vultures salivating at Tanner’s withdrawal

    The Greens are political vultures, salivating at the mouth in the false hope that they will win the Federal seat of Melbourne following Lindsay Tanner’s shock announcement that he is retiring from National Politics..

    Talking up their chances the Greens claim that they will win 14% of the national vote and 24% local vote of the Melbourne electorate, securing Liberal Party preferences to win the seat of Melbourne from the ALP.

    The ALP Federal Government, thanks in a large part to Lindsay Tanner, has steered Australia though the world’s worst recession since 1930 and Melburnians will not put at risk the economic gains and security delivered by the Labor Government. Rational minded Melburnians, when faced with the prospect of a Abbott Liberal Government, will support a Gillard Labor Government and return the safe seat of Melbourne to the ALP.

    Prediction: The Greens will not win Melbourne. They will not surpass the Liberal Party or secure sufficient number of Liberal Party preferences to take the seat from the ALP. The suggestion that Melbourne is a marginal seat is a fallacy that feeds the media hype.

    Melbourne is not a close seat, as the media and the Greens would like us to think it is.

    The Liberal party will secure more votes then the Greens relegating the Greens to distant third place.

  12. Mr Magoo

    Tanners “retirement” reminds me of when that useless Michael Ronaldson “retired” from Ballarat when he knew he was about to get flogged by Catherine King. Both of them weak as piss for bailing and not facing the music.

  13. Balls up

    Lindsay Tanner is disappointed that he as not considered for the PM leadership role. Tanner has always played second fiddle to affirmative action and Gillard. Up until Gillard’s preselection for Lalor she as the left’s main player in Melbourne delivering the left a majority of FEA delegates. Gillard always played a more significant role maintaining more support in Melbourne then Tanner ever had. It was Gillard that help deliver restore the ALP to government in the lead up to the 1999 State election. If only Tanner had tits.

  14. Blackmambo

    I always found Tanner quite approachable and helpful to constituents in his electorate as well for stakeholders impacted by in his Ministries.

    Compare Tanner to Adam Bandt….god help us. Bandt is like some moron kid who thinks its cool to wear different coloured socks to a business meeting. Has he actually said anything at all remotely informed?

  15. mick

    The sooner Labor takes an aggressive approach to putting down these fringe radicals the sooner we can stop worrying about them actually holding lower house seats in club fed.

    Imagine, if you will, a federal government stuck in coalition with the Greens party ala Tasmania. Certainly you would solve the refugee problem. We would become a net exporter overnight.

  16. Hennessey anyone

    Melbourne needs a woman to stop the Greens invading. Cmon Jill H I know you have the suport. You are the freshest member in a long time.

  17. ALP hack

    Initially I was thinking Giles would be the best comrade for the job, however if we want to win the seat we need someone who can prove they can do it.
    Hennessey would wipe the floor in Melbourne, and retain the seat for Labor!

  18. Adrian Jackson

    anonymous (24 Jun 10) Ha ha ha you faceless goon. Use your name you Mossad terrorist.

  19. Anonymous

    Anyone for a freedom sandwich (liberty Sanger) in Melbourne?

  20. reds are better in bed

    Giles! what next Alex white for the seat of Richmond.

  21. anonymous

    tanner supported theo for batman and gaye yuille for lalor – unsuccessfully thank god – waleed ali third time lucky

  22. Anon

    How about Cath Bowtell?

  23. Micky D

    How about Tammy Lobato.

    She is so muddle headed on policy she could run on both tickets. Then Gembrook could be rid of her egotism.

  24. Anonymous

    The general population want Luba Grigorovitch – (both Labor & non Labor voters elected her on Council in a history making win on first preferences alone) then why not giver her a go! She is already an experienced campauigner that has proved her worth. We should be worrying about keeping the vote in the area for Labor, and she has a city appartment!

  25. Anon

    Steve Michealson for Melbourne

  26. Wacko Jacko

    Catherine Van Clit has also thrown her hat in the ring for SL

  27. Anonymous

    Are you serious Anon 16:39, I hope you are just taking the piss

  28. Anonymous

    Luba are you serious – Just what the ALP needs more young people with no life experience. That was one of the problems with Rudd he surounded himself with young inexperienced kids

  29. anon

    Surprised Kathy Jackson has not been mentioned, after all she is being mentored by Michael Williamson, and she did give him HSU Vic on a platter

  30. hope

    Kathy Jackson is the reason why all health workers should join HSAM

  31. Unsalted

    Tanner devastated the Australian IT industry. I hope he suffers. Greatly.

  32. anon

    Luba has a fine pair of boobas.

  33. Anonymous

    Rumour doing the rounds is that Pike to move Federal and Jenifer Kanis the Melbourne City Councillor to take over from BP

  34. anon

    You’ve got to be joking Pike, imagine listening to her and Gillard in Parliament together? It would be like listening to a 45yr bogan mum smoking winnie reds in the tracky dacks at Croydon Market.

  35. no way

    Kanis? Like she set the world on fire as a councillor at Town Hall.

  36. Window shopper

    People should look at the ASU vic (sacs divison) Rising talent – proven results. my 2 cents.

  37. Pauline

    Nathan Lambert dark horse for the Feeneyites

  38. anon

    You know the line about the ‘Pants Man’ don’t you? He rather f*&% his way to victory than fight his way to victory.

  39. Anonymous

    Great campaigner needed. We need to look towards Lambros Tapinos, Dean Sherriff or Robert Larocca.

  40. anon

    Anonymous you’ve just scored the Quadrella of ‘Useless Low Achieving Turds’.

  41. Margin call

    Time for a fair maiden of the left to rescue melbourne. But it will come down to those with smaller margins in state seats perhaps? Garrett and Pike would both have better chances of success in the federal seat of Melbourne. Do not expect safe seat mps to chance their hands.

  42. Left unions left out again

    the socialist left by passed the union sometime ago….the cfmeu and amwu will be waiting for decades for their safe seat allocation…..
    Giles is set to go into altona and not so young Jill will finally get that federal seat that jones pledge denied all those years ago….

    Giles message to the metals the etu and the cfmeu is simple …. Eat my shorts..

    You read it here first folks…..

  43. Labor quits Melbourne

    All the names mentioned so far equate to a socialist left surrender in the seat of Melbourne….the party needs to match the greens threat with serious candidate not mute nobodies and backroon duds.

  44. Medici

    A union independent such as Dean Mighell I reckon.

  45. Greenless

    The Greens will be related to third lace falling behind the Liberals. They will they collect preferences. It is a Green pipe dream. They have been smoking to much of the Green stuff.

  46. Anonymous

    Lambert re Luba another kid with no life experience he would have no chance in Melbourne…

  47. Anonymous

    Lambros… hilarious funniest thing I have heard for ages. I cannot think of anyone more inarticulate. The greens would be walk into the seat if he was candidate

  48. Dinosaur left

    The socialist left have the advantage over other factions with a number of mps who are just Clapped out chairwarmers.
    Tanners seat is a chance for wider renewal. Bite the bullet.
    Put thomastown and Melton on the table and give the National executive a deal that gives the party the stability it needs in a double election year.

  49. latte leftie past used by date

    The socialist left are out of touch and past their us by date. The greens will clear out 3 sl mps and one federal mp because it has turned its back on unions women and young people.

    Concede Melbourne now…. Deans is waiting for your call carr.

  50. Garretts way out

    Jane Garrett faces am impossible task in brunswick. Why not move her to melbourne and free up brunswick for young enver. Atleast carr keeps the Kurds on side in calwell. Still leaves the problem of ratting out metals. But gee u can’t always keep your word.

  51. Gob smacked

    Heard Garrett speak? Makes a good suburban mayor but no match to brandt. You lot can’t be serious. Not federal material.

  52. Give a kid a break

    Garrett is young and deserves more than a poisoned state seat. She will surprise many later.

  53. Pando forever

    What about pando for Melbourne. So much talent in the left.

  54. Far out brussel sprout

    Melbourne is a bit far from mount Martha …. Let him slumber where he is…..

  55. Leftards are corrosive

    The list of no talent no hopers from the socialist left reflects the small gene of that once large faction. Ofcourse attracting talent is not the function of a faction like the socialist left. It’s main purpose is to protect a small no talent elite and keep participation on policy and ideas to a minimum. That is why socialist left seats are happy hunting grounds for a more youthful greens party.

    Those of us in the labor party can only watch in disgust as they give away Melbourne.

  56. Medici

    Sadly have to admit that ‘Leftards are corrosive’ is right. Having worked in an ‘SL’ dominated union, I have never seen such nasty, exclusive, lying, stop at nothing, Stalinist old pricks in my life. The union is also extremely sexist, I cringe at the treatment of women at the hands of some of the men, some of it quite overt. Many of the older officials are stil living the Cold War and the hatred that they display is corrosive and destructive. Plenty of talented women and men are getting driven from these unions, while compliant hacks stay and get promoted. The SL is actually brilliant and making sure its own gene pool is destroyed and you are just left with inbreeding. As a Socialist I will be glad to see the end of the SL.

  57. The Dogs breakfast

    When did tanner decide to pull the plug and not contest the next election? Why did he stand for preselection if his decision as made months ago? come to think of it he took over from Gerry hand who also did not have his name listed in the general draft. Its a good thing that tanner will lose the number one ticket holding of Essendon Football club.

  58. Every dog has its Day

    What’s happening to Mary Day? Will she also be put down?

  59. Wacko Jacko

    Cath Bowtell has accepted the gig, to be confirmed at SL broadgroup meeting later today

  60. Puzzled

    ‘Left unions left out again ‘… Why would Jilly want to leave such a safe seat and take on the fight of a seat like Melbourne where she could loose?
    Also I heard Giles is after a fed seat, not state…

  61. Jill is over the hill

    Jill was wasted some years ago when she was you g enough to had energy to give left. Let her rest in altona in state opposition. Looks like 12 years in wilderness for state labor. Greens will vote with libs for full on royal commission. Like the host of tis website labor mps should send their cash to Latin America now.

  62. Cath cops a loss for 2 nd time

    Caths loyalty to Awu is commendable first she loses actu post….now they promise her unwinable Melbourne….how many lives does the Awu wreck?

  63. I still cant understand why the media doesn’t pay more attention to me. Sure being Liberal I will come a distant third in this seat, but isn’t Australia run by Labor and liberal candidates?

    Ok, part of the secret is that my ‘team’ wont let anyone near me because I am a tool of a slick salesman, put in simply to lose and gain experience, but don’t you all want to know my back-story? Check out my linkedIn page if you don’t believe where I work …

    For instance my small business credentials are a shame. On paper I am part of Sales Force Australia (created just to steal business from the real but I only ‘work’ there about 5 days a year. The reality is that I am the head salesman (5 days a week) at, and we make targeting software to help the US blow up anyone they want!

    Sure my company only exists because of Australian Defense grants, but so what, I am Liberal, do you expect me to do any hard work? If I can sell one box of software a year I am happy, Grants do nicely at keeping me in my slick Silver sports car!

    Vote for me if you want another big business hack pretending to care about ‘the people’.

    If not, then go vote for someone who cares!


    Simon Olsen

  64. I can’t believe it! Here I am driving around my my shiny two seater sports car, living in my leafy eastern suburbs villa … reviewing my stock holdings, yet my minders still wont let me actually be near the people or media! What’s an out of touch rich boy to do?

    If Tony can run for PM why cant a simple salesman from NZ get a little limelight? Sure it makes it hard when ‘they’ wont let me answer the phone .. but what if you ring me at work? When I am not figuring out how to sell weapons of war (well they would be if they worked) you can reach me on 03 9646 3331. So be nice when you ask for me, and I might actually allow you to buy me a coffee!

    Toodle do,

    Simon O (LIBERAL use of the truth forever!)

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