RUMBLING: Victoria's formidable answer to rowdy parliamentarians

jennylindell comic value of brawling legislators is always a delight to behold. Usually Taiwan and Korea are the leading exporters of such mirth but as the eyes of the world turn to Africa during the World Cup, Nigeria’s law-makers pictured here have also brought back the biff.

For more on legislator biffery, click here.

There’s not likely to be an outbreak of any such thing in the Victorian Parliament with its popular Speaker Jenny Lindell imposing her iron will on the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly.

Their much-improved website gives internet users from all across the world the opportunity for the first time to see Speaker Lindell in action. She does not muck about, wielding a sharp tongue and a big stick.

It’s Judge Judy meets Yes Minister. There’s no nonsense, that’s for sure.

Legend has it that the Speaker’s husband, Roland Lindell, the chief of staff of the state’s Treasurer, has been dubbed by some wags “The Listener.”

The Speaker is able to kill the audio of the live video webcast of the Parliament’s questions and does so more frequently than a radio producer activates the dump box during a Kyle Sandilands broadcast.

Her stern but fair pronouncements and feared death-stare from the chair can quickly silence even the most recalcitrant, mouthy and  liquored-up legislator.

She is must-see TV and is already developing a cult-following since the Parliament has started to webcast vision of the proceedings.

The feared and famed Speaker can be seen here. Particularly compelling are her performances at Question Time at 2pm. They’re sitting today.



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12 responses to “RUMBLING: Victoria's formidable answer to rowdy parliamentarians

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  2. The Player

    Great photo both Lindell & Dreyfuss have done jack for the seats of Carrum & Issacs respectively.

    He shows some real promise Dreyfuss and IMO would make a great minister or even PM given his talents he should have a higher rofile compared to the lightweights he is surrounded by.

  3. Jenny Lindell Fan Club

    We love Jenny Lindell – kind, caring, whip-smart, tough. She is a role-model for women.


    Never see a Comcar very much around Issacs
    yes the player is spot on we concur
    Mr Mark D is so often a noshow around Issacs for important local events!
    so give him the Big A at the next election
    well whats the use of an Mp who doesnt seem to care for his own electorate!
    Anne Corcoran cared for the electorate far more than he MD ever does!

  5. Facts please

    The Player & CONCUR not COMCAR obviously you not real Isaacs locals as your way off the facts.
    As well you pair of ‘dickheads’ – Backbenchers don’t get comcars in their own seats as they have cars as part of their package. You both better get back to polishing Fifield’s shoes!!

  6. Boofa Leigh

    Cooor….go the one in the middle….as long as she helps me with one of my planning application ‘clients’ that is….Wenchy pass my glasses will you? My eyes seem to be getting worse of late.

  7. anon

    Boofa any ‘port in a storm’ now he wants to throw a leg over Dreyfus.

  8. The Player

    @ Facts Please

    Where is my comment on Comcar availability ?

    I live within Issacs and have for over 10 years and Dreyfuss only comes down with his card table to listen to the people on a Saturday (next is this weekend I think)

    The handling of Ann Corcoran pre selection was abhorrent.

    Dreyfuss would have some credability if he moved down from Malvern and was part of Issacs. How can he act and relate to local issues from the leafy streets of Malvern.

    To quote Hayden…a drovers dog could have won Issacs last time around given the ‘quality’ of the Liberal candidate Fox.

    Perhaps Councillor Brauer will put her hand up from the City of Kingston ?

  9. Lindell - about as electable as Rudd.

    Lindell – grumpy, ineffective- won’t get any better after 11 years.

    Drypuss – Bring back Ann Corcoran. Ann was decent; Drypuss has tickets on himself.

  10. anon

    Ann was/is a nice woman, but she was a very very average MP. She won preselection as a fluke after an unsustainable faction deal was done after [VEXNEWS: Despicable reference to Greg Wilton removed and will not be tolerated]

  11. Lindell - about as electable as Rudd.

    Drypuss is worse than Corcoran. He lives in Malvern but represents Carrrum and Seaford…. Bye Bye Drypuss.

  12. The Player

    No matter what way you look at it we the citizens of Issacs have been getting a sub par performance from both the recent and former sitting members Corcoran & Dreyfuss. Lindell has been pretty much ineffective as well.

    However given the lightweight alternative (Fox) it could have been alot worse.

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