POLITICAL PERFORMANCE: The good, the bad and the funny

Three videos obtained by the VEXNEWS Investigations Unit grabbed our attention today.

Last night’s QandA show was great for those who want to see the future of the Greens political party.

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young appeared and initially argued that voters were moving on from the old parties because politicians wouldn’t answer questions directly.

When the audience then asked her questions like 1) Why did your party vote with the Liberals to vote down the carbon pollution scheme and 2) Are you happy with Tony Abbott being elected on Greens party preferences, she answered in an incredibly uninspired way, effectively declining to answer. This caused the audience to express their extreme displeasure.

It was a humiliating performance.

Much more impressive later in the evening on Lateline was the WA Premier Colin Barnett who is really travelling very well at the moment despite losing a Treasurer to a sex scandal involving Greens party MP Adele Carles.

Barnett’s measured, reasonable and direct tone was certainly a stark contrast with Senator Hyphen.

Also good for a laugh is a clever and cheeky Youtube video that pays out on Victorian Labor MP Bob Stensholt over Police numbers in his marginal seat of Burwood.


The Libs are on video fire at the moment with this very clever ad Kevin 0Lemon:



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3 responses to “POLITICAL PERFORMANCE: The good, the bad and the funny

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  2. coughcough

    Another one…

  3. john

    Not sure that ad will go so well. It’s a bit nasty, and that makes people switch off.

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