TALI TRAINING SCHOOL: Feeney launches intern programme to seize control of Young Labor

Senator David Feeney, a leader of the rebellious Ambition Faction in the Victorian ALP, known unkindly to its critics as the Taliban Right, has launched a training school for young would-be members of this fractional group.

After splitting from Labor Unity, the Feeney grouping has struggled to hang on to the reins of its former influence with a surprising lack of cohesion among some of its component parts at times.

Documents obtained by VEXNEWS suggest the Labor School Winter Program is an attempt by Feeney to obtain control of Young Labor in Victoria through young proxies who are either aligned to him, the Shop Assistants Union or in some cases the National Union of Workers.

A union that has previously been linked to Feeney, the Health Services Union is also involved. The HSU was once well-known for employing a large number of Young Labor women, although most of them fell out with the union and are considered to be aligned with the Labor Unity group now.

Some of the Taliban – egged on by Feeney when in occasionally combative moods – have been active in a “naming dispute” over their group as they claim to also be called Labor Unity, although the short-hand Taliban has perhaps unfortunately caught on.

This played itself out at the otherwise uneventful ALP State conference at the weekend where some youths of inner-city appearance were seen tearing down official Labor Unity signs outside meeting rooms.

LU’s rapid response came in the form of highly-trained peace-keeper Sam Rae, whose New Romantic haircut was fooling no-one as to his potential ability to keep the peace by all means necessary. Labor Unity’s signs remained in place under his stewardship and eagle-eye. Rae works for a federal cabinet minister and is actively involved in the Labor Unity secretariat.

While generally peaceful relations are being maintained within the Victorian Labor factions, some patriots are concerned that aggressive thrustings by Feeney’s cohorts in Young Labor might lead to division and rancour where it is least welcome in a dual election year in Victoria.

A member of the Feeney group, who preferred not to be named, said we were probably reading too much into the creation of the Feeney Interns and that it’s important to keep a steady flow of well-trained party activists coming through.

They say the involvement of unions, even those who are not aligned with the Taliban, like the Transport Workers Union, Fair Work Australia and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation suggests the Intern programme should be welcomed by all groupings.

UPDATE 4PM: While there are competing views on these matters, no one could question Senator Feeney’s willingness to confront his critics. Feeney takes aim at them and even the messenger, VEXNEWS. We are of course source-driven, independent and supporting of patriots in all factions, fractions, parties and movements wherever they might be found. For all that, with very little notice at all and with pressing matters of state to which he needed to attend, the Senator took time to respond and we appreciate that.

It is fair to say that he thinks VEXNEWS hasn’t got the story completely right. He opines:
Well, your usual editorial policy is obviously in force. And as usual it’s unhelpful. [VEXNEWS: A few ‘Taliban’ backers have long held that VEXNEWS takes sides on the question of internal feuding within the Labor Right, that’s of course not true as our sources in the Feeney compound could attest. We speak truth to power.]

This program aims to involve people and institutions from across the Party and community, and in particular from across the Labor Unity [VEXNEWS: read the Feeney grouping] faction, for the purposes of training and enthusing young members of the Party. [VEXNEWS: Fair enough too and few would dispute Feeney’s genuine interest in supporting Young Labor over the years.]

Mercifully, I understand that Young Labor has not been divided and split by the squabbles in the senior faction. [VEXNEWS: Our sources in the Labor Unity group dispute this, saying that Feeney involved many of his young neophytes in FEA ballot-feuds in recent times, forcing them in a sense to take sides when they preferred not to. Quarantining Young Labor from all of these things has not been possible it seems, according to sources familiar with the matter.]

I hope Young Labor remains a forum where all LU aligned activists co-operate, irrespective of their “elders” failing in that fundamental task.

As for the LU “naming dispute”, well, it’s irrelevant to this program.

This “naming dispute ” is your obsession – not mine. That’s why “Labor Unity Inc” was registered – and why there has been no response to this juvenile provocation. [VEXNEWS: We admit that conflict – especially petty conflict – is our obsession. If it bleeds, it leads. This much is true. What Feeney might be less than candid about is the level of pre-occupation in the Feeney compound about the “naming dispute” which is nearly enough to leave us in hysterical laughter at times. This is what led to Labor Unity’s little conference signs being ripped down and to Feeney’s talented trooper Stephen Donnelly putting out emails as the “one and true Labor Unity”. Feeney is right, it does cause us a little mirth, from time to time.]

Your Orwellian and partisan coverage of these matters may cause you mirth, but they reinforce the fact that on these internal ALP matters VEXNEWS and the truth are strangers. [VEXNEWS: Feeney knows I am a huge fan of Orwell and is clearly cynically appealing to this bias]

How is it that the majority of the Labor Unity faction can be described as “rebels”? [VEXNEWS: Feeney is a student of history and is aware of the phenomenon where the majority of ALP branches and members in the 1950s were punted and then called splitters. Feeney refers to the numbers on the Labor Unity Executive prior to the ‘Taliban’s’ departure from that faction. Faction insiders tell VEXNEWS that while that executive has been replaced, even on the old numbers a majority stayed with Labor Unity and a minority departed. There was one vote in it apparently. You wouldn’t think it matters but clearly to some of the politicos it does.]

Where, aside from in your vicinity, is any grouping within the Victorian ALP described as “Taliban”? [VEXNEWS: It’s not a term I have used at all but it is common usage, we understand. We suspect it’s been imported from the NSW Liberal faction feuds.]

How is it that you concoct a version of events that has me “splitting” from Labor Unity? I have always remained loyal to the faction and the determinations of its duly elected Executive. [VEXNEWS: Feeney appears to be referring to that faction’s old executive, prior to it splitting in two, it’s certainly true Feeney was a moderating force within the ‘Taliban’ when it attempted to seize control of the Labor Unity group (and briefly looked like it succeeded before they were out-maneuvered], urging them to back off from some of their more blood-thirsty actions, including their repeated attempted necking of highly regarded State Secretary Stephen Newnham motivated by intra-factional malice.]



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49 responses to “TALI TRAINING SCHOOL: Feeney launches intern programme to seize control of Young Labor

  1. Anonymous

    The union movement have had trainee organiser program since 1994 and a number of universities have had internship programs where a student is attached to a state or federal mp supervisor for at least fifteen years. Somehow having such a program comandeered by a sole political representative and his factional associates seems like just a dressed up way of recruiting compliant young labor croneys to do their dirty work. In the old days this sort of “internship” would have been acquired at the pub and the youngens would do all number of things on the promise of being in on the action or given a job as a hack (electorate office staff when in opposition, adviser when in government).

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  3. Anon

    Nice material for the program. I hope successful interns are given opportunities to do research projects which build their skills. Otherwise it’s just a recruitment exercise.

  4. feeney fan

    I was going to join up to Feeney’s facticon until I saw Frank Crean’s dropkick son was a member of it.


    So long as anyone joining here doesnt have to often deal with the loony left thats ok! See Jay Gee the lefts leading light often tells teachers what to do and she suposedly knows what good teachers are! But how would she know, so as she Jay Gee has never ever taught a day in her life
    hey Miss Gillard you booted Beazley out when he was on 40 percent of the vote you and Krudd are now sitting on 35percent Newspoll vote
    so you should both step down
    you have as much chance of being a Pm as the Titanic did of not sinking! Bring in the lovely Maxine Mckew she Maxine has charisma or what about
    Kristina Kenneally make her a Federal MP
    Give Gillard the boot at the next election more power to the right of the ALP!

  6. Pauline Fegan

    Mr Feeney,

    Where do i apply?

  7. Anonymous

    Feenay is a joke he couldn’t take over senior party so he has lowered himself to young labor, more reason the moderates in real labor unity had to break away from the rebels.

  8. Anonymous

    Yes but that isn’t going to get mr feenay that spot on the senate ticket. Desperation

  9. learn how to stack with kanose

    The flyer forgot to mention Marlene’s brief stint at the AWU were she was sacked for incompetence.

  10. Kate D

    What about me? David knows I like them hanging left.

  11. Anonymous

    if this shit keeps up within the labor party the socialist left and the REAL labor unity will side and push out the skum sucking SDA/rebel right. Know your place and stay there! ShortCons are the real labor unity and any other faction of the party are just kidding themselves. start your own party you all make me sick!

  12. Anonymous

    Perhaps they can get George S in on the program. “Learn how to stack with godfather George”

  13. Anonymous

    feeny is a useless log he should stick to chain smoking and eating bacon sandwiches

  14. Feeney fan

    Mr Landeryou – Feeney has a point about the Taliban jibe – it does show a lack of imagination in name calling. Can I suggest a competition sponsored by VEXNEWS?

  15. David Clarke of Cherrybrook NSW

    Feeney is a little twerp. How dare he steal the name for my faction!

  16. Anonymous

    This further demonstrates the man will absolutely do anything to get himself that spot on the senate ticket. First he hires all these poor little young labor duds to his office on one day a week wages. The poor kids are well within there right to think they have political carers. Well rise and shine you fellas little do you know that you are been used to stack via recruitment which is evidentially from direct control of young labor. This strategy obviously hasn’t gone according to plan as the rebels or should I say the Taliban are well within minority in the party. Now it sounds to me like a man on his knees and is throwing all his weight behind a bogus program so that the SDA/NUW can gain control of young labor at the up and coming elections. That’s all this is about RECRUITMENT. Time to pack your bags big boy.

  17. Anonymous

    What inspiration. Being groomed at such a young age to be a stack.

  18. god help us Rob Hulls is deputy premier

    Not only have the rebels spilt the senior side of the party they have now moved onto young labor. What a disaster, get a life and serve your constituents you rebels.

  19. Edmund Egg

    Dave should be careful – he might end up with what we have in NSW. A Party office run by infants who have NO IDEA what they are doing.

  20. A rebel on his last straw - learning how not to get that spot in the senate

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. It’s all happening for the Taliban.

  21. official in-grown toenail watcher

    Watching the clumsy manipulation of young labor is just a touch creepy…bit like Feeney’s christmas functions…while the electorate is switching off labor instead of doing real policy work we find feeney et al playing young labor politics!

    In the end it shows how these jaded labor unity factional light-weights are not much more than the in-grown toenails of the labour movement.

    they have been left untreated and they have gone septic…

  22. a faction down and out

    Feenay and his faction is an embarrassment to the Labor Party. His only policy is to employ kids and just work with the kids.

  23. Arther conan doyle

    A very poor imitation of the SA Labor Left’s, Progressive Labour Education Association Inc. (PLEA Inc.)that has been running for several years. That program runs for four weeks and participants are paid Award wages, travel and accomadation.It also is genuine in providing an educational entry into Labor, Union polity.

  24. Anonymous

    A last ditch effort to save himself and is willing to spilt young labor in order to achieve that, how low.

  25. The real labor unity

    Not a bad idea but this is all stack and symbolism with no substance. John Barlow and Bella Mentor are two gimp friends of Mike DB and Ben Maxfield (Bella being the younger sexy sister of older brother Jimmy). This program will stir the subfactional pot for a couple of weeks but what will be the relevance of it after that? I suggest none. More importantly, wtf is Mark Dreyfus doing with this crew? Ol’ buddy boy should start remembering who put him into Parliament if he wants a look in on the next Federal Labor Ministry of Gillard PM

  26. Miles

    But what about ME!

    When I am in the Senate I will run a Liberal training school for Capital R Right Wingers like me.

  27. Anonymous

    Why is merlino in the program he isn’t going to be in parliament come 27 November.

  28. Alex Hork

    THIS IS IT!!

    No more evidence is needed. Failow (the future member for Castle Hill), myself (the future PM) and Campbell represent the “sensible right” and Clarke and his rabble are nothing but a bunch of snivelling closet socialists. Clarke is nothing but a Labor puppet controlled by Feeney intent on stifling the nurturing of new, fresh young talent within the party like Nick Tyrell, Justin Simon and Scott Farlow.

    The Talis have got to go!

  29. David bin Clarke

    Tony Abbott Akbar!!!

    Tony Abbott Akbar!!!

    There is no God but Allah and Tony Abbot is his prophet!

    Tony Abbott Akbar!!!

    Tony Abbott Akbar!!!

  30. Anonymous

    Henry must be very proud of his son

  31. Rampant

    The Taliban Right would make for a more effective opposition that the Liberals!

    I say, Feeney in, Baillieu out!

  32. Anonymous

    I wonder if infamous Peta Duke would be apart of the premiers advisors?

  33. Anonymous

    if there is any truth to the reports that gillard is challenging Rudd, the Federal ALP will lose the election and be fucked for a a generation

  34. Anonymous

    if there is any truth to the reports that gillard is challenging Rudd, the Federal ALP will lose the election and be screwed for another 10-15 years

  35. Boofa Leigh

    Mr Sheen has gooooone… It looks like Big Red is taking over the helm. Boy am I in trouble! She hates my guts after I tried to politically assasinate her in Parliament when I was a backbencher late last century. I hope she doesn’t find out about me and Wenchy – she will scratch her eyes out before she gets a chance to ‘strut her wares’ at the State election in Mordialloc.

  36. Anonymous

    Feeney is probably behind the push for gillard, this is just more poor political judgement from the fat man. I hope he enjoys his last three years in the senate from the opposition benches.

  37. Anonymous

    Feeney and Shorten – rats who are prepared to bring down a sitting PM to further their own politcal ambitions. Anyone who thinks they are doing this for benevolent reasons ie for the benefit of the party and the Labour movement etc etc are fooling themselves.

  38. Mettle

    No-one’s doubting Feeney’s strength now – HE JUST ROLLED A PRIME MINISTER.

  39. Anonymous

    Gillard has won with the support of the Unions.

  40. Adrian Jackson

    Andrew, do you think the PM will be staying up to watch the Socceroos probably loose against Serbia?

  41. Anonymous

    Feeney is a rat he will get his. He is a oncer! Labor is now unelectable for another 10 years. Now they can do what they are best at fighting over the spoils of defeat

  42. Anonymous

    He has rolled a Prime Minister, but at what cost, perpetual opposition

  43. Taliban

    Good luck Gillard

  44. Fascinating

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Squawk, Squawk!!!

  45. Shorten's concumbinic slur

    Gillard will tank. The AWU supported Hawke against Keating. As such, you can’t say that their support alone will grant Gillard the top job.

    Gillard is unelectable, and everyone knows it.

  46. Rawl

    What a bunch of idiots the ALP are? PM-in-waiting Abbott must be loving this.

  47. Argus Tuft

    Without Feeney we would not have
    Senator Fielding

  48. Tommy Tudehope

    I diss not drink n duh drive that car..burp. I wass stones cold soobber…burp…i will be havin a feww drinks with me mates Charles…burp anddd Domonic afterr the preeeselllection on saturdayyy for my dadddd burppp. My dad’s the greatesst
    …burp….he is better than Thommmasss….evenn ifff he cannottt countt proberly….burpp

  49. Hork, those young pups have no talent! Only Clarke has the quality candidates, like Naji (sorry, Nigel, or Mike, or whatever name he goes by these days) Najjar, Tudehope and McCoy.

    Great mainstream candidates who will win over swinging voters… keep up the great work!

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