GONE NATIVE: Patriot Bernie Finn receives high praise

Lovable Liberal Victorian upper house MP Bernie Finn has been in Melbourne’s popular newspaper again, this time compared favourably with one of our most loved native animals and icons, the wombat.

They are known for their stockiness, resourcefulness and quickness of thought. Much like the MLC.

State minister for Tourism, Water, Finance and keeping the NUW out of trouble Tim Holding says that he had a confrontation with a wombat that “bore a striking likeness” to our favourite state Liberal.

The Hun’s Steve Perkin obligingly provided a pic of a different wombat and challenged readers to spot the difference between the Liberal patriot and the protected species.




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8 responses to “GONE NATIVE: Patriot Bernie Finn receives high praise

  1. Joe

    Better to be called a wombat than a brumby. Keep up the good work Bernie you legend!

  2. Reg

    Surely an afront to all wombats. Tim Holding should be castigated and sanctioned for the defaming wombat kind. Since when have wombats been sighted in Sunbury exposing their grapes by wearing 1980’s footy shorts 3 sizes too small.

  3. Anonymous

    finn is a loser and is pathetic

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  5. Sandy

    Finn should replace Baillieu


    Give us a wombat or a kookaburra over disappearing from action man Tim Holding anyday so who is good at disappearing at times and who is so good at being very annoying to senior ALP royalty that Simon Crean is! Tim of course
    hey Tim go Mountain Climbing and take that dud Maxine Morand and Martin Pakula and your pen knife all along too for a big hike!
    see nothing will save you lot from the KUTA at the next election
    so bye Tiny Tim hello Bernie cant wait to see who has the last laugh
    The Kookaburra!

  7. Say what you like about Bernie,but he is a local reb in State Parliament who works for us second class voters here in the West,not like those blow in useless ALP hacks we get dumbed here.No pre selection,branchstackers,no FEA meetings,because a quorum cannot be meet.Quite frankly,Labor is on the nose for the real ALP members out in the western dumbing grounds.

  8. Susan

    Bernie Finn is terrific.

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