WACKO: Councillor's violent rampage in council chambers


A Victorian local councillor has allegedly assaulted the Mayor of Manningham in the council’s own august chambers at its most recent meeting on the 25th of May.

VEXNEWS understands the the councillor – a member of the Greens political party – David Ellis repeatedly and forcibly punched the Labor Mayor, Charles Pick while uttering some curious and concerning words which cannot be published due to our family values broadcasting policy.

How unpleasant.

Neither gentleman responded to our calls of inquiry this afternoon. It is not yet known whether the violent incident has yet been referred to the authorities.

But it certainly should be.

The councillor –a key political ally of the resources rent tax advocate and Manningham councillor Stephen Mayne – has had form in all sorts of anti-social behaviour including anger management and racism. The Sunday Herald Sun brought Ellis’s concerning conduct to public attention earlier in the year.

Mayne is believed to be openly canvassing which Liberal party state seat he should run for at the next party preselections. Party insiders laugh this off saying his alliance with the Greens party shell-back and advocacy of Rudd’s great big new tax are just the most recent atrocities that will taken down in evidence and used against him if he attempts to rejoin the party he so thoroughly burned after defecting from the ranks of Kennett spin-doctors.

Meanwhile Ellis is believed to be particularly obsessed with a Chinese aged care facility in the municipality and wants to “run it out of town.” He is understood to be a radical anti-immigration advocate too and must figure that third generation Chinese folk are still immigrants of a sort. I suppose we all are.

His views on the nursing home and his misconduct on the council have led him into frequent conflict with many other councillors including the Mayor and his deputy Fred Chuah. He even told one of his council colleagues that he shouldn’t voted on the Chinese nursing home’s expansion plans because his wife was Korean.

Ellis’s political ally Stephen Mayne explained in a strange column last week in the left-wing email newsletter he founded that Ellis had strongly objected to spending money on “multi-cultural causes.” He also didn’t like the council spending money on translating material into the first languages of some immigrants.

His views are contentious as the council’s own website explains:

Manningham has a population of 116,449 and is made up of a diverse community, with 34 per cent born overseas from places including: China, Italy and Greece, bringing a wealth of languages, music, food and cultural traditions to the area.

If this man was any more of a pig, one insider claimed, he’d audibly oink:

“How he ended up in the Greens party is a truly puzzling question…”

His opposition to translating material to Italian, Greek, Chinese and other community languages does seem remarkably petty and bizarre.

According to Mayne’s account, one of his council opponents, Ivan Reid, complained that these views were Hansonesque, a tough but seemingly correct observation.

Ellis complained – in the manner of Pauline Hanson before him actually – that his free speech rights were being infringed and complained that he was being labelled racist.

That was just the beginning.

We understand that after the meeting Ellis angrily confronted Mayor Pick and attacked him in the way described above.

Mayne was aware of this when he wrote what appeared to be a pre-emptive PR strike against any legal repercussions that might follow from Ellis’s violent attack, which could include the Minister for Local Government sacking him.

He was clearly very worried about what fate could befall his key political ally on council.

He accused Pick of “goading” Ellis several times to hit him although that is not clear from the recording he linked to to substantiate his claim.

He then left out the part of the story where Ellis attacked the mayor. The left-wing email newsletter insists Mayne isn’t paid for contributions about the Manningham council, which is just as well in light of their incredibly self-serving nature.

Given that he has censored the most interesting and appalling aspect of what went on at and after that council meeting, it is clear they are truly getting what they pay for.



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16 responses to “WACKO: Councillor's violent rampage in council chambers

  1. anon

    Charles Pick actually loves males playing with his cock – so what’s the problem here?

  2. Glen Milne's Defence

    I would like to plead the Milne defence. Mayne is known to bring it out in all those associated with him. I have said it before and I will say it again ‘He is a disgrace’

  3. candid

    People Power’s membership collapsed because no member renewed their membership in July 2005. So Mayne was present at 2 meetings in NOvember 2005. One to change the constitution to never ending memberships and the second only minutes later with some different people assumed that all members who failed to renew 5 months before were automatically accepted as current members. This was not ethical or allowed under the Associations Incorporations Act.
    People Power Inc has not been deregistered. Are all they then still members of the Mayne’s people Power?
    Is Mayne still a member? Has he resigned in writing?
    People power has not lodged it’s annual return for 4 years.
    Why are the past and present board members not prosecuted.
    The Liberals would not want anyone as a candidate who presided over a party with never ending memberships, or would they?

  4. Ben

    Wow. Another violent green? That’s a surprise (not).

  5. Mary Woolridge

    You know you lost a council debate when you start queeling “IM going to tear your cock off.”
    Pick is a boxer so he showed great disapline in not belting the suitcase out of green creature from panet dickhead.
    On the other hand Mayne has shown no desipline, no ethics and no brains in his lust for liberal preselection.
    Anyone who is frustrating his greatness must be attacked with girlie slaps by his halfwit goon.The local Liberals that clearly would never vote for Mayne should be on alert if a 60 year old nuffer on a bike starts doing wheelies towars them.

  6. Sandy

    Thats what happens when the hippies who ran the Greens allowed Trotskyites and Socialist Left rejects into the Party.

  7. Boofa Leigh

    Hey Mayne. I have got a little mate too. I let him out whenever I can..

  8. sausage

    It’s all over Dave!!!

  9. good idea

    Pick and Ellis should put on a exibition boxing match for charity if Ellis wants to sort out there differences by fistycuffs.
    I’m sure it would draw a good crowd.
    Pick could give Ellis a handicap and let him wear his bike helmet.
    If Mayne is gunna be Ellis’s corner man he better have a big spit bucket for the spit that will be directed at him from the crowd.

  10. Rampant

    Candid – People Power was deregistered on 1 June 2007 …..

    The notice is worth framing:

  11. candid

    Rampant that was electoral commission. I am talking about the registration on the Associations register. The party still exists.

  12. candid

    Search Results

    An Extract for an Incorporated Association includes contact details and public officer details. See Demonstration for an example.

    Number of Result(s): 1
    Search Type: Key words
    Word(s) Searched: people power
    Time and Date: 8:13 PM 10/06/2010

    Additional information about an incorporated association can be purchased by selecting the Buy button. The fee is $14.00 per extract.

    Purchase Extract Organisation Name Organisation Number Date Registered Status Last Annual Statement Lodged Year Ending
    PEOPLE POWER INC. A0040585M 15/12/2000 Registered 30/06/2006

  13. Observer

    Stephen Mayne – absolute oxygen thief and waste of space. Begone you idiot! Get a REAL life.

  14. Walter Plinge of Templestowe

    Charles ‘Porky’ Pick is an first-rank idiot. He’s only mayor because it’s his turn. I bunch of fives up the bracket wouldn’t do any harm.

    Unmarried I believe.

  15. sausage

    The comment below by Observer is “GOLD”It’s like your reading my mind!!!! —- Stephen Mayne – absolute oxygen thief and waste of space. Begone you idiot! Get a REAL life.


  16. The Source

    YOU should send this to the Ombudsman, and the Inspectorate. FORCE an investigation. That will create a big story in many ways and give the Greens what they deserve.
    But in another councils things are not much better.
    In one a would be MP of a Councillor bullies women, Crs and staff, and is feared by men as well. And he likes to talk about how he grew up with the late Mr Moran and used to bash him to pieces

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