POKIES: Joan Kirner's compelling argument for legalising gaming in Victoria

Lashing pokies is such a popular pastime among the inner-urban left that we thought it timely to bring out this old video of former Victorian Premier and lefty Joan Kirner making a compelling argument for why Victoria legalised poker machines.

Of course, these views were not acceptable at dinner parties subsequent to the conclusion of her reign of error, so she quickly expressed regret and self-loathing for her apostasy on gambling. As did Jeff Kennett, who agreed with moaning Joan about pokies and also thought toppling murderous tyrant Saddam Hussein wasn’t very sporting.

Of course legalising pokies didn’t allow pokies into Victoria for the first time, it just transferred them from the hands of Lygon Street and Chinese Triad mobsters and put them into pubs and clubs with a heavily taxed regime that took billions of dollars from the gambler in taxes and spent it on community facilities like hospitals, the Aquatic Centre and many others. And as Joan argues in the video, it ended the absurdity of tens of thousands of senior citizens being literally bused into NSW border towns so they could indulge in their favoured form of entertainment, which in per hour terms is actually very cheap for most people. This absurdity greatly enriched NSW at Victoria’s expense.

So the only people who suffered from the introduction of legal pokies in Victoria were gangsters and the NSW government (to the extent they are distinguishable – ha ha).

Anyway, moaning Joan wasn’t all bad as the Essendon supporter amply demonstrated fronting up belting out a Joan Jett tune. Please also note the unique musical stylings of former minister turned lobbyist David White on electric guitar.



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16 responses to “POKIES: Joan Kirner's compelling argument for legalising gaming in Victoria

  1. BS Detector

    :So the only people who suffered from the introduction of legal pokies in Victoria were gangsters and the NSW government (to the extent they are distinguishable)”

    Best line of the year, Andrew – and I’m from NSW.

  2. Tim Falkiner

    To be fair to Joan Kirner, she did not know that The machines were powerful, hypnotic devices, putting the problem gambler into a trace state (the “zone”) and using hypnotic conditioning. The machines create multiple trance loops using tactile, auditory and visual repetition (NLP – different modalities). This creates a strong hypnotic trance and leads to the disabling of cognitive functions including the disabling of critical judgment. Within the trance state the suggestible subject is subjected to at least three hypnotic suggestions – winning statements on net losses, starved reels/near miss and archetypal symbolism. The trances comprise interlocking trance loops which are stable, unterminated and addictive. Joan Kirner could not have known this at the time.

  3. Boofa Leigh

    Hey I’m into pokies too Joan! Lots of vacancies on Wednesday nights!! Ohh Ohh – those pokies. Not to worry…but are you available anyway? Its been a dry month so far….

  4. Fatty Doyle

    Geoffrey even though you were a crap Transport Minister would you like to meet my Therapist Lindy? She has done amazing things to my niggling old organ.

  5. Wenchy

    Fatty are you interested in joining my campaign tag team?

  6. Boofa Leigh

    Yes please fatty. Is that Linda Lovelace by chance? I would love to patch up the Malvern ‘thing’ if we could. Also if you have got some doh rae me for Wenchy that would be terrific. Everyone is relaising now I am all just piss and wind.

  7. Fatty Doyle

    Geoff both of us better give Malvern a wide birth – that old codger Gibson still mutters something about stringing up your testicles and I’m out of sauce cause I left them with O O O’Brien. By the way it’s not Linda Lovelace, did you borrow Victor’s home movies in the old days as well?

  8. Melbcity

    I think it is fair to say that the no holes bared introduction of gaming into Victoria was poorly managed. NSW had limited gaming in the first interest to no-profit sporting and social clubs.

    One of my concerns is that the is no planning control over gaming venues. If you want to instal four or more pinball machines you need a planing permit. All that is required for a gaming venue is a general licence and the blessing of the two main players.

    All gaming venues should be subjected to local planning laws and a planning permit.

  9. Ben

    Some say Joan Kirner ruined places like Geelong. Families are still suffering. She couldn’t manage a shopping list – let alone a state.

  10. sooty

    melbcity … just for future reference, you do need a planning permit and local government approval for a venue. Also, and more importantly for a pedant like myself, I think you mean no ‘holds’ barred.
    When you’re talking ‘no holes barred’, you may be thinking of some other licensed venues, like one down at Peel St, Collingwood. Or so I’m told.


    Mrs Kirner Get out of public life you simply cant stop interfering so whats next to legalise
    Firstly the LATE_TERM abortion rate jumps 600 percent because of your ill considered ill informed actions ! So where is the apology for that and now this!
    Not everyone thinks like you so HOORAY for that
    go and retire before you lose all of your
    dignity Suggestion take up knitting at the old folks home to help people, instead of trying to get other people lives in a knot
    or take a one way cruise on a Titanic ship that matches your Titanic ego

  12. annon

    In fairness, Joan probably didn’t realise how destructive the pokies have been for some regions. Perhaps, though, she should stick to what she khows best – articifially enhancing the prospects of talentless left wing women trying to get seats in Parliamnet. Why should the best person get the seat when you can have a token, talentless left wing woman? Having said that, as a person I quite like Joan. I just don’t always agree with her.

  13. Well I hope Joan Realises that she also made a big mistake introducing Radical American Feminist organisation Emily’s List into the Victorian Labour Party. Most Aussie Labour Voters innocently vote labour as the Working Persons Party. How Dare Joan Kirner sneak this radical feminist group into our working persons party. Joan Star ya own party!! Get ya feminist radical ideas out of our party and start being honest for once in your life. Take emilys list to an election as it own party. On Joans Emilys list these pro abortion policticians have to support the legal killing of 9month old infants or they dont get support. They also must not support giving pain relief to 9months babies before killing them by the most cruelest death imaginable. Yes Joan you and your bunch of brain washed feminists, get out of our Labour Paty.

  14. Joe

    So people are saying she didn’t know how bad these machines are?! Sir Joh knew not to introduce them. Labor brought them in in QLD also. Thanks! Not. Pity I can’t find a soft focused glamour video of Wayne Goss trying to justify his decision.

  15. melb city

    There is not requirement for a planning permit for a gaming venue. All you need is a planning permit for a general licence. This could be a licensed restaurant or a club but the requirement for a planning permit to install gaming machines does not exist. You do need a planning permit to install 6 pin-ball machines.

  16. melb city

    Sorry I stand corrected the state government did alter the planning act in 2006. But at the time gaming was introduced by Kirner there was no requirement for specific planning permission. A fact that I had raised concern about at the time.

    Local Planning
    :. On Wednesday 18th October, 2006 the Victorian Government gazetted the changes to local planning provisions in relation to gaming venues (Download Gazette number S 276). The amendments alter planning powers relating to new and existing gaming venues by removing the previous clause where if the gaming room took up less than 25% of the total licensed floor-space, the venue did not require a planning permit for gaming machines. All applications for new gaming venues, or for additional gaming machines in existing venues will now require local council planning permission regardless of the floor space percentage for gaming machines. In parallel, changes were made to the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 to allow for the planning changes in the VPPs to take effect. These changes were also gazetted at the same time

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