GOTCHA: Houssam Abiad defeated by VEXNEWS nation

houssamabiadloses Despite wielding support from two of the most powerful figures in South Australian Liberal politics, Christopher Pyne and Alexander Downer, one-time front-runner Houssam Abiad was defeated for party preselection for the winnable federal seat of Adelaide today.

A well-regarded Liberal patriot Luke Westley was nominated after a strong and stirring speech. Others praised Sam Duluk for also impressing preselectors.

Those present at the preselection told VEXNEWS that Abiad was quizzed about his now widely-reported views on Israel and the United States that had been brought to national attention by VEXNEWS and that he struggled to explain himself.

It was certainly a bizarre episode in recent political history.

And as always, VEXNEWS was first with the worst. We reported his bizarre statements and prompted a tsunami of concern among Liberal party members and supporters across the nation with press reports in The Advertiser, The Australian and public expressions of concern about the matter from conservative commentators Andrew Bolt and Christopher Pearson.

Abiad was clearly not well advised. If he’d gone out on the front foot and had explained that his views had changed and how he’d transformed from a hot-head Israel hater favourably quoted in the official publication of the Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) to a moderate businessman who had left his extremism behind where it belonged the things might have been different.

But he didn’t. He seemed to think he could gloss over his previously expressed views or perhaps even take them to federal Parliament to fill the hole left by the departure of Labor’s disgraceful Israel lasher Julia Irwin.

Either way, he paid the price.

We suspect he’d struggle to get preselected even by a caucus of Labor Lefties these days, they have sympathy for the Palestinian people but they – for the most part – refrain from the language of hate in which Abiad engaged.

Some of Abiad’s supporters had publicly questioned whether we’d had a partisan political agenda by reporting the truth about his candidacy. They even pointed to the fact that my father was a Labor politician (who retired – mind you – in 1992) to attack our credibility.

Of course, a partisan politically motivated agenda would have pursued the political loon after – not before – his preselection. Before our coverage commenced, he was universally described as the favoured candidate, most likely to prevail. Our record of being equally unfair to both sides of politics and supporting those who support freedom speaks for itself, we think anyway.

We support freedom fighters in all major parties and we think Australian political life would not have benefited one bit from having such a publicly avowed hater of Israel anywhere near a seat in the Australian Parliament.

Mission accomplished.

UPDATE: The Australian reports

SOUTH Australian Liberal Party members have rejected a Muslim businessman accused of strong anti-Israel views as their candidate against federal Sports Minister Kate Ellis, instead choosing a candidate who describes himself as “not anti anyone”.

Marketing manager Luke Westley defeated Houssam Abiad yesterday to become the Liberal candidate for the seat of Adelaide in the upcoming federal election.

Mr Abiad received broad publicity during his preselection run for comments he allegedly made at a 2006 rally criticising the Howard government’s stance during Israel-Lebanon hostilities. [VEXNEWS: They don’t like giving credit where it’s due sometimes. Tsk. Tsk]

Despite this, Mr Abiad had the support of former foreign minister Alexander Downer and Liberal powerbroker Christopher Pyne. [VEXNEWS: Yes, who’d given that support without knowing Abiad had protested against the government of which they were both part]  State party president Sean Edwards said Mr Abiad still had a future with the party.

“It was disappointing to see obviously some elements of the community were concerned about Houssam’s entry into the federal parliamentary arena,” Mr Edwards said. “The fact that we had an Australian of Lebanese descent who is also a Muslim attracted to joining the Liberal Party speaks volumes about where we are right now.” [VEXNEWS: Edwards’ contemptible implication is that those expressing concern about Houssam were bigoted is ridiculous. He was merely being held to account for his stated and virulent views]

Mr Abiad said last night he was not anti-Israel and he had only asked Israel to “exercise restraint” in 2006 so Australians trapped in Lebanon could escape. [VEXNEWS: Those reading a text of Abiad’s remarks know he said plenty more than that]

“Israel has the right to exist, same as the Palestinians,” he said, [VEXNEWS: Very big of him] foreshadowing another run for public office [VEXNEWS: We’ll be waiting]. He said he did not believe the Liberal preselectors had counted the views attributed to him on Israel against him. [VEXNEWS: From proud peacock frontrunner to carved game, he is an enthusiastic denier]

Mr Westley, who turns 28 today, ran unsuccessfully in the March state election, achieving a 14 per cent swing in the safe Labor seat of Enfield.

He said the party members had judged the candidates based on the information before them.

“Houssam is a great party member, he’s a very big supporter of Tony Abbott now,” Mr Westley said. Asked if he shared Mr Abiad’s views about Israel, Mr Westley said: “I’m generally not anti anyone.” [VEXNEWS: A polite slap at Mr Abiad’s anti-Israel rhetoric]

The Liberals are hoping Ms Ellis will suffer the same fate as her state counterpart in Adelaide, Jane Lomax-Smith, who was toppled in the state election.

Ms Ellis has an 8.5 per cent margin in the seat, which she has held since 2004.



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22 responses to “GOTCHA: Houssam Abiad defeated by VEXNEWS nation

  1. Pissy Chryne

    How did I get this so wrong? I thought Alexie Downer and me had something going and were an unstoppable force for preselecting like minded candidates. The silly libs are so campophobic that it makes me want to tear a ladder in Alex’s stocking!

  2. Daniel Lewis

    Congratulations Vexnews.

    Now watch for predictable claims of Jewish influence over politics, as though his views were otherwise inoffensive to ordinary good Australians…

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  4. Murray from New Zealand

    Gud Ruddance to bud rubbish I say. I huv no time for buggots of unny kind.

  5. Old Mal

    I told you so – the Liberal Party is now a right-wing conservative party which does not tolerate progressive small-l liberals.

    I feel vindicated.

    Now – would any Liberal Party members like to buy my book? I am available to speak to party functions on this subject. No reasonable offer refused.

  6. zion

    Vex news you are supposed be revealing the truth of politics, then why dont you run article on the huge influence of the zionist lobby groups in Australian politics.Scared?
    Why is it is a crime to critisize Israel in the media? Truth does not fear being investigated. Israel seems to use the mass media so well in promoting its warpedview that its actions of genocide and murder are ok.
    This man had an opinion that should not be feared as it probably had elements of truth about israel’s global influence due to its huge lobbying power with AIPAC in the US congress.

  7. Jill

    Very very nice Andrew! Score for righteousness and goodness!!

    Very very well done.

    *a big Gold Star* to you!

  8. Jill

    I have a question for you – why is it not a crime to be a hate-filled fruitcake who lies about things he doesn’t know just because a few thousand brain cells got nuked in the birth process?

    This man is a jihadist at heart and in speech. We know where this kind of rhetoric leads and it’s not to the Botanical Gardens.

  9. anonymous

    Houssam Abiad will one day be a MP for Adelaide. He was only in the Liberal party for 3 weeks. In order to be successful you sometimes have to accept defeat and learn to overcome it to one day be successful. I believe Houssam will be successful just like he is with his businesses and his strong ties in the community. Your racist views [VEXNEWS: ?]against him should not and do not affect him what so ever. If you look up his name under Google besides your racist remarks [VEXNEWS: Racist? We don’t publish and don’t tolerate racism around here] you will see that he won the award for peace and that he has many friends who are in the Jewish community who support him. You do not have facts to back up [VEXNEWS: Except for links to his own speeches and reportage in the extreme left press that detailed his activities?] what you say instead you twist the truth and interpret it however you want just to make yourself feel better because you are not as good as him and never will be. At the selection process he did not hesitate at all to answer the question about Israel and America, I believe he answered it with sincerity and honesty. Give up on writing about him, it only brings out your jealousy against him.

  10. Miles

    But what about ME?

    If I denounce Israel will it improve my chances of preselection?

    I’ll do anything for another chance. ANYTHING.

    Nick, Alex, Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase.

  11. Chrissy Pyne

    I did so much like Housammy

  12. Ben

    Thank you Vex News!

  13. Jack

    Now he should join the Greens. They will love him!

  14. mick

    Anyone who reads Vexnews and can find a sustained bias towards either side of the mainstream center is a fruitloop.

  15. Pisstopher Chryne

    Hassoum will now be joining my personal group of friends as we have a lot in common. For example -both of us would be stoned to death (or hung) if we lived in Iran. Hassoum of course is already ‘well hung’ as I have discovered for myself

  16. Nice to see someone supporting the right side

    Great stuff. Good on you Vex News. In an era where everyone loves to bash the stuffing out of Israel it is nice to see you giving fair coverage. It would have been a travesty to see someone like this get pre-selected to any party. A leopard never changes its spots. I mean didn’t Kevin say he was an economic conservative – yeah right….You really have to watch out for people who claim that they are reformed. What it really means is that they have leant to better hide thier views – but they ALWAYS revert.

  17. Sean Edwards [deleted]

    Sean Edwards as SA Liberal President is a joke. He was backing Abiad as well but then they both have less than credible business careers. People, including me, have lost millions of dollars relying on Sean Edwards. His election as part of the Liberal senate ticket is a big mistake that the party will rue when his history is exposed. Another mission for Vex.

  18. Walk Luker

    No one is as left wing as me.

  19. palm wayneker

    Walk Luker, I am as left as they get so you can’t get me.

    Hassoum is a special friend of mine as is Pissy Chryne. I would like to meet this sean edwards fellow though. I think he could add something to our little group of friends 😉 My palms are rubbing in anticipation.

  20. Anonymous

    Vex news writer Andrew Landeryou is a racist. He should be sued for all this crap that he publishes on the net. So the guy is against Israeli policies, lol who isn’t these days. It doesn’t mean that he is an israeli hater it means you are Muslim Hater. What a shame that people like you can sleep at night publishing lies lol.

  21. Andrew Landeryou - editor VEXNEWS

    I don’t care what ethnicity/religion/nationality any candidate has, it’s their views that is and always should be at issue.

    If candidates can’t be accountable for what they say in a public forum then what’s the point of having one.

    I’m sure there are a few people who might have liked what Abiad said about Israel. I just happen not to be one of them. Many VEXNEWS readers, by no means all, would agree.

    We stand by our story and are pleased a good result was achieved.


  22. anon

    The decision must have seemed like a stroke of brilliance at the time to go after Kate Ellis with a nominee even younger, more inexperienced and less educated than she is.

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