A WRIGHT MESS: LNP star Hajnal Ban accused of misusing old man's money

hajnalban UPDATE: Following this exclusive VEXNEWS story, the LNP hierarchy have announced that Hajnal Ban’s endorsement has been removed and that a new preselection will be held.

A popular and high-flying LNP candidate for the federal marginal Queensland seat of Wright Logan councillor Hajnal Ban has been accused of misusing the funds of a vulnerable elderly man in a nursing home.

Political insiders told VEXNEWS that it was considered more likely than not that Hajnal Ban would win the seat. Ban has been a long-time favourite of VEXNEWS readers after her emergence as a breath of fresh air in Queensland politics.

Ominously though, the Adult Guardian in Queensland recently suspended Ban’s capacity to act under a power of attorney granted by a former council colleague and close personal friend, who is currently suffering from medical problems including “confusion” and is living in an aged care facility.

The row involving $2.25 million dollars has been kept secret until now. Once again, VEXNEWS is first with the worst.

Sources familiar with the case have told VEXNEWS that Hajnal Ban will be fighting for her political life once the details of the matter come to public attention.

A recent decision of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal – where the parties are not named – laid bare a very messy situation the political candidate where it appears that Ban:

â–  Transferred as much as $2.25 million from the sale of the man’s house to a joint bank account between Ban and the man that is controlled by her;

■ Failed to keep proper books and records of “all dealings and transactions” made under the power of attorney in breach of legal requirements;

â–  Transferred large sums of money from the joint bank account to herself;

â–  Continued to withdraw funds from the joint account after her power of attorney was suspended by Queensland regulators;

â–  Faces at least one angry adult son of the man who appeared at the hearing;

â–  Will most likely be removed from managing the man’s affairs if the court appoints an administrator over his finances and;

â–  Could face potentially serious legal and political difficulties as a result of the above.

Ban was given a power of attorney to make decisions for “financial and personal/health matters” for a former council colleague and close personal friend.

The Courier Mail reported on Saturday that the man “gave her away” at her recent wedding to another Logan councillor Sean Black, an ex ALP activist adversely named in the Sherpherdson inquiry into electoral fraud [pdf] who has recently become an LNP activist. LNP notables including Senator Barnaby Joyce, Ron Boswell and pro-Chinese billionaire Clive Palmer attending the politically prominent power-couple’s wedding.

The newspaper reported that the man paid for her $40,000 leg-lengthening surgery and then spent nine months with her in the Ukraine, suggesting to some they were once very close friends indeed. She has told the press she visits the man every day in his nursing home. She is thirty-two years old and he is sixty-five years old.

The QCAT decision – which made orders that she produce records explaining the transactions in the joint bank account – listed “some of the transactions” in the account funded by the proceeds of the sale of the man’s house.

Some of the transactions recorded on the joint account were:
a) deposit of $xxx on 28 July 2009;
b) deposit of $xxx on 4 August 2009;
c) withdrawal of $xxx on 4 August 2009;
d) internet transfer of $xxx to CD on 17 August 2009;
e) internet transfer of $xxx to CD on 17 August 2009;
f) deposit of $xxx on 18 September 2009;
g) internet transfer of $xxx for stamp duty on 24 September 2009;
h) internet transfer of $xxx to CD on 28 October 2009;
i) deposit of $xxx on 2 November 2009;
j) withdrawal of $xxx on 3 November 2009;
k) internet transfer of $xxx for loan agreement on 4 November 2009;
l) withdrawal of $xxx on 9 November 2009;
m) withdrawal of $xxx on 24 December 2009;
n) withdrawal of $xxx on 8 January 2010;
o) withdrawal of $xxx on 27 January 2010;
p) internet transfer of $xxx on 30 March 2010;
q) internet transfer of $xxx on 10 May 2010.

There was nothing in QCAT’s decision itself that suggested any dishonest or illegal in these transactions although transfers to herself and unexplained withdrawals will create – at the very least – a very awkward political and legal situation for Councillor Ban where she will need to explain her actions in detail. She was not able to do so before the Tribunal or inquiring regulators, indeed even broad explanations have seemed inconsistent according to the Tribunal.

This part of the QCAT decision highlights the inconsistencies in her description of what has gone on in this messy saga:

The attorney declined to provide an undertaking (to stop dealing with funds) to the Tribunal on the grounds that it was unreasonable to do so as she was a co-owner of the funds once they had been placed into the joint account.

No evidence had been provided to substantiate that contention which was inconsistent with a submission made on behalf of CD by her counsel earlier in the hearing that the proceeds of sale had been placed into the joint account in order to prevent AB’s estranged family from accessing those funds.

The Public Trustee contended that the earlier submission gave rise to an inference that the funds were in fact being held on trust by the attorney for AB in the joint account and were not her property beneficially.

A Queensland government website explains [pdf] that people granted a power of attorney owe a strict fiduciary duty to those granting them that authority:

What are the obligations of an attorney?

The attorney has an obligation to keep the donor’s property separate to theirs and should keep a written record of all dealings with the donor’s affairs. The attorney must act honestly and keep confidentiality.

An attorney takes on serious responsibilities. If they do not observe their responsibilities they may be removed or even convicted of an offence or required to pay compensation.

Anyone who suspects that the power of attorney is not being used properly can inform the Adult Guardian. The Adult Guardian has the power to protect the donor’s interests when the donor is unable to do so. They can require the attorney to provide accounts and details about any decisions that have been made.

An application can also be made to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal where an attorney is acting improperly. An attorney who does not protect the donor’s interests adequately can be removed.

The Tribunal’s orders that Hajnal Ban provide sworn information about the application of the funds will soon shed more light on the matter and – if the answers are not satisfactory – could land her in hot water with regulators and with the LNP itself that has endorsed her to represent them in their must-win Queensland federal seat of Wright.

The QCAT decision is available here.

UPDATE 2PM MONDAY: The ABC is now reporting this VEXNEWS exclusive.

UPDATE 9PM MONDAY: VEXNEWS sources say the LNP has removed Hajnal Ban’s party endorsement for Wright. She will be permitted to recontest, presumably after she’s demonstrated a resolution to her difficulties with Queensland regulators over her management of the man’s $2.25 million nest-egg. Based on the QCAT decision, her less than convincing radio interviews today and the rumours circling the LNP, that would seem like a real challenge for the very determined woman. The rising tide of optimism in the Coalition could certainly attract a big field for the new preselection.

UPDATE TUESDAY: Nine News in Brisbane reported the controversy last night, click here to see.

UPDATE TUESDAY: The Queensland Times has done well to find out more background on this case. In their article today they explain aHajnal Ban’s friend is blaming this matter on a “political witch-hunt”.

Based on the admissions of a friend it appears that some of these funds have been used to pay for construction at her family home. Absent any agreement to the contrary, it would seem if the man’s funds were used to make additions to Ms Ban’s home they would become part of her property, potentially substantially increasing its value. The Queensland Times reports:

“She made those withdrawals to help build a granny flat for her friend because she did not want (him) to live in a nursing home.

“She wanted (him) to live with her and her husband,” the source said.

UPDATE TUESDAY: Hajnal Ban’s husband Sean Black, himself a former ALP member who changed sides after being won over by his now wife, has come out swinging against the LNP’s decision to disendorse her. He was highly critical of the party hierarchy when he spoke with the Courier Mail:

“It was only an hour ago that Hajnal found out about what happened,” Mr Black said. “Our family is devastated by this news. The decision is pre-emptive of the matters before a tribunal and we still have loyalty and faith in democracy, the party and in the tenets of justice. We’re not going to let it beat us.”

Mr Black, a former real estate agent, is a “passionate advocate for his community,” accused by council bureaucrats of bullying, he is banned from meeting with council staff and is not allowed in the council building without security staff as he explains here.

LNP insiders told VEXNEWS that the decision to remove the preselection was because she failed in her duty to disclose the suspension and resulting QCAT process to the party hierarchy. She’ll be allowed to contest the preselection, on the understanding that she has resolved her legal issues, insiders tell VEXNEWS. One wasn’t optimistic for her, one explaining:

“She can blame the press on politics but she’s can’t really blame the Office of the Adult Guardian, whose job it is to protect vulnerable and sick elderly people, for making decisions motivated by politics. She has a duty to keep the books in order and appears not to have done so. She also continued to spend (the man’s) money even after she was suspended. Even if everything else is above board, and spending his money on her property doesn’t sound good, these mistakes will probably be enough to persuade her not to run and if she does will make it a lot easier for less controversial opponents.”

She was opposed in the first preselection by Gold Coast City Councillor Bob La Castra, Lockyer Valley Councillor Dave Neuendorf, former federal Liberal member for Blair Cameron Thompson, aircraft engineer Scott White and English-Chinese translator Don Graham. Also Peter Dutton was thought to be interested in the seat but was scared off by local party members who said they wanted one of their own.

UPDATE TUESDAY: Hajnal Ban’s interview on 4BC yesterday available here explaining her situation was a factor in her disendorsement, party insiders tell VEXNEWS. It did not suggest she was going to be able manage being a candidate while being embroiled in this legal row very easily.

UPDATE TUESDAY LUNCH-TIME: Hajnal Ban’s husband Sean Black says she is reassessing her future in politics after the bitter disappointment of being disendorsed. Some believe this means she may not nominate for the new preselection which will be held later this month. The newlywed lovingly and loyally compared his wife with “Sarah Palin, Margaret Thatcher or Hillary Clinton,’’ arguing that “politics is very tough for any woman” because “the things that people throw at you are astonishing.” That is certainly true, we suspect, regardless of gender.

Black has also launched into the LNP hierarchy saying they acted prematurely and unfairly by disendorsing Ban. He insists that she’ll stay loyal to the LNP regardless of the new preselection result.

UPDATE WEDNESDAY JUNE 9: The Australian reports that Hajnal Ban has been warned by LNP powerbrokers not to recontest her stripped preselection for Wright. It reveals that her preselection was removed on the orders of the highly regarded Liberal party federal director Brian Loughnane.  Our sources say Party President Bruce McIver needed little encouragement after hearing a disastrous radio interview where she struggled to explain her actions.

The Australian also confirms our earlier report that Cameron Thompson, the former MP for Blair, is going to run. He will probably get the nod and it is even expected by one party insider speaking on condition of anonymity, at this stage, that Thompson could be unopposed.  At the moment Councillor Ban is not ruling out contesting the preselection but if she does she is likely to have much less support than was previously the case.

UPDATE WEDNESDAY: Another story in The Australian today by Matthew Franklin reports federal Leader Tony Abbott’s “immense” frustration over the LNP’s performance “savaging the party over poor selection of candidates and lack of focus in the lead-up to the federal election.” It even claims that “Abbott had never been comfortable with the endorsement of Ms Ban, who came to prominence after writing about having radical surgery in Russia to have her legs lengthened by 8cm.” He sounded more enthusiastic about Councillor Ban when he launched her campaign earlier this year so there might be some re-writing of history going on there.

UPDATE WEDNESDAY: While telling the national press she’s still very much contemplating running in the new Wright preselection, Hajnal Ban’s husband Sean Black is talking up a storm to local scribes, this time offering that she might avoid politics for the time being to “settle down” and have a baby:

Cr Black said settling down and having a family was now “a most serious consideration. I don’t think anyone would want to put their family through this type of nonsense,’’ he said.  Cr Black said he was not 100 percent sure why his wife was disendorsed by the LNP.

UPDATE WEDNESDAY 1.30pm: The prospect of LNP preselection in a new seat where you’ve got a 4% notional advantage over Labor is attracting quite a bit of interest despite a desire by some in the LNP hierarchy to give the spot to “safe pair of hands” Cameron Thompson, the former MP for Blair. Kennedy Room regular Joe Kelly at The Australian exclusively reveals that the larger than life Scott Driscoll, the self-styled ruler of a retail association to rival the Australian Retailers Association, is thinking of chancing his arm:

“If I take the decision to throw my hat in the ring I don’t do things by halves,” Driscoll said [showing a commitment to mixing metaphors that is always needed in our federal Parliament]

UPDATE THURSDAY: There’s been lots of speculation within the Logan council and Wright seat about the circumstances of the sale of the property of the man who granted Hajnal Ban a power of attorney. The Courier-Mail has reported on one aspect of it this morning, suggesting the property might have been sold too cheaply. It was not just a house, locals have told VEXNEWS, but a major development site. The newspaper reported that it was initially listed for $5.7 million even though it was actually sold for $2.25 million.

Locals have speculated that Ban or her former real estate agent husband has ties with the developer who bought the site or some arrangement with them, an accusation that sounded very unlikely to us. However, today’s story will certainly add to that speculation.

Black, Ban’s spokesman it seems, declared with all subtlety we once associated with the Queensland National Party:

“The man was the full quid up until October last year so he was able to sell his own property,” Cr Black said.

The complicating part for Ban – as she still contemplates whether to persist with the preselection candidacy – is that she signed off on all the paperwork, so speculation that she had a conflict of interest in some respect, is serious:

QCAT documents reveal the man signed a contract while in hospital and Cr Ban completed the sale using her power of attorney on October 28 last year – two weeks after he was readmitted to hospital. The sale of the property was settled on October 30 and the man was discharged on November 4 to a care facility.

Ban’s position, which we suspect is more likely to be true than the wild speculation doing the rounds, is that she merely signed off on paperwork that the property owner had set in train many months earlier. Certainly, for her sake, we hope that’s right.

Meanwhile, local supporters of Hajnal Ban are telling the press that she still has the numbers to hang on to her preselection despite the apparent disapproval of party federal director Brian Loughnane and federal leader Tony Abbott.

If she could bounce back from all this, that would be quite the comeback, but with the new preselection set for June 27th – and the messy legal proceedings in which she is involved unlikely to be resolved by then – that does look like a stretch.

UPDATE THURSDAY: Independent Liberal federal MP Michael Johnson has weighed into the Hajnal ban row on Twitter:

Spoke to Hajnal Ban this morning, who LNP disendorsed from Wright – she confirms LNP officials bullied her to resign…Sound familiar?

UPDATE FRIDAY: We’d anticipated concluding the updates of this story by now but it seems it’s just getting bigger.

The Age’s Michelle Grattan reported on the story – strangely enough – today and declared that Ban has no chance of being selected a second time. And after you’ve read what’s next, you’ll start to see why.

The Courier Mail has accessed the court file of the Hajnal Ban case at QCAT and what they found certainly doesn’t look good for the former LNP candidate.

Click here to read their grim tale.

We should probably belatedly note that just because regulators are making claims doesn’t make them true. They can often be wrong.

But the one thing we suspect they’re not wrong about is that the old man in Hajnal Ban’s care had $2.25 million. It appears Councillor ban withdrew $1.9 million of it, spending some – perhaps most of it – on the man and very large amounts – totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars regulators claim – on items it appears were not for the benefit of the man.

Some of the money also went to her husband Sean Black. He had some big expenses recently.

We wrote on Sunday that we thought this could get very ugly and it certainly does seem that way.

It wasn’t as if both of them were struggling for a quid to begin with. One thing people outside Queensland might not realise is that many local councillors receive full-time salaries, in Logan’s case each councillor is paid some $94,640 per annum.

We’ve reported on many candidates and knocked off public officials as high ranking as state Treasurers. Usually they deserve it. Mostly we have a chuckle about their folly and air-punch in amused celebration about the pure joy that is VEXNEWS. This time, there’s no joy in it at all.

Articulate, confident, personable. Hajnal Ban could have been a contender. Our research found she was courageous and principled too, willing to stand up for a guy being assailed for remarking how lovely looking Liberal ladies were as a bit of fun. We wrote about her back in 2006 when she first emerged as one to watch.

Her loss is ours too. We broke the story but it also breaks our heart.

We end as we began: This is a Wright mess.



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  2. Beaudesert bulldust detector

    In one article, Ban claimed she’d saved the money for her bizarre leg-lengthening operation in Russia.

    In another article, Ban claimed the man paid for it.

    Please explain, Hajnal Ban.

  3. haha

    This is just the bitterness of Cameron Thompson spewing out on to internet hate sites.

  4. Edmund Egg

    What a shame. That woman is seriously hot. Too bad she’s dodgy…still….yep..I’d throw a leg over.

  5. This woman is just like me but better looking!

  6. disgusting behaviour

    I just cannot believe that someone in a position of trust could take advantage of a man that is under guardianship, take money from an account and side step the family, blood is thicker than water, and she cannot be trusted as a federal politician EVER. Do the honourable thing and resign from the LNP. There is nothing so callous as a blood sucker over money. Family 1 – Ban 000

  7. cough cough a STAR = Fail

    A star, i don’t think so, she has always been trouble, now we know just how much trouble she is in. Every thing is about to un-fold and the truth may get out if she is not involved in telling the story. Politic career is over, will have to go back to soliciting, legal work i mean, that is if they strike her off for mis-using clients money. oh a sad day, closing in like a comet strike.

  8. The man's family

    Who paid for Hajnal’s wedding from our inheritance and funds needed for the care of our father?

  9. just interested

    Didn’t the LNP vetting committee ask whether she had anything that could her and the LNP significant difficulties during the campaign?

    And if she said no then isn’t that perhaps enough to disendorse her first thing tomorrow morning?

  10. Boofa Leigh

    mmmmm crumpet…if Hajnal wants to learn the dark art of politics I have a vacancy between 10.12pm and 10.13pm on Wednesday nights. As always, no need to bring anything in fact the less you bring the better the lesson

  11. Black widow spider

    “Someone once said to me, ‘Sean, what’s the greatest idea you’ve ever had?’ And I said, ‘The greatest idea I’ve ever had was to marry Hajnal.’

    “He said, ‘Who gave you that idea?’

    “I said, ‘Hajnal did’.”


  12. Black widow spider

    This is a man that then changed my entire life just by chance and a coincidental meeting,” she said. “He took me on as a little protege . . . he referred to me as ‘pet’. So I was his pet.”

    The man, also a barrister, introduced Cr Ban to public life, encouraging her to join the National Party, but not before making sure she stood out.

    “He knew that one of the things I wanted to do was become taller,” Cr Ban explained. “He says: ‘Pet, I’ve found an operation that will make you taller’. And I said: ‘Really? What is this?’ I wasn’t sure what he was on about.”

  13. Black widow spider

    POLITICIAN/lawyer/author/leg extension surgery advocate Hajnal Ban has dismissed the whispers she’s in a relationship with fellow Logan councillor Sean Black.

    Evidently tongues were wagging after recent spottings together at LNP fundraisers. This is hardly unexpected, since Black is managing Ban’s tilt at a federal seat with the LNP.

    But then there’s the change in Ban’s Facebook status to “in a relationship”. Ban tells Confidential this is a ruse to divert some off-colour attention online.

    “I get requests from overseas and comments on Facebook that I don’t think are appropriate,” Ban says.

    “By changing (my relationship status) I’m hoping that will reduce those.”

    So not in a relationship with anyone, let alone the recently divorced Cr Black, who has two young children.

    “Sean Black is a very good friend of mine, as too is (Cr) Darren Power, as is (MP) Aidan McLindon,” Ban says.


  14. when will the lies end?

    LOGAN City councillor Hajnal Ban is “notable’’ and “unusual enough to deserve attention’’—so say Wikipedia contributors.
    The Division 11 councillor was the subject of debate on the online encyclopedia site after an entry detailing her life was added by an unknown called “Propertysouth’’.
    One website contributor, named “Grahame’’, called for the page to be deleted, saying Cr Ban was not “sufficiently notable’’.
    Those who joined the call for deletion said Cr Ban had achieved only “tabloid’’ recognition following revelations about her dramatic leg-lengthening surgery in Russia.
    But others argued to keep the page active, with “WWGB’’ saying: “Her surgery, book and political campaign are together sufficient to achieve notability.’’
    Wikipedia’s guidelines state that, to be included, a person must have “received significant coverage’’ and be “interesting or unusual enough to deserve attention or to be recorded’’.
    The argument wrapped up on Monday, with the majority voting to keep the page.
    Cr Ban said she only became aware of the entry this week and was glad it did not “trivialise’’ her life.
    “I’m trying to find out who was involved – I guess in time I’ll find out,’’ she said.
    “The pleasing thing for me, as I’ve learnt over the last day or so, is a Wikipedia entry means you’re notable, but not because of any tabloids or because you’ve appeared in a proliferation of blog sites.
    “It’s an academic-based outcome so I was quite happy with that.’’
    Close friend Cr Sean Black, who worked as a real estate agent in Logan’s south before his election, denied he was “Propertysouth’’.
    “I’ve got more important things to do than create other people’s Wikipedia pages,’’ he said.
    The Wikipedia page adds to Cr Ban’s blog, website, 150-member Facebook fan club and fledgeling Twitter profile.
    To see the page, search for “Hajnal Ban’’ at wikipedia.com.


  15. RDR

    I am very happy to offer the young lady a ‘ride’ home.

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    Another LNP star bites the dust lolz

  17. Moaning Joan.

    She’s a woman in politics and therefore should be allowed to get away with anything.

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    Give stifflers sister a break hey, we need some new talent in the corridors of the patliament.
    Bronwyn is getting a bit tired from the couch

  19. past friend of the man

    I don’t agree with what the woman has done, the man did take a liking to Russian women, but I would not be listening to the Sons of the man. They have not been a part of his life since the split with is former wife. All they care about now is the money. That would be why he put his trust in Ban, to make sure they did not get there hands on it.

  20. susieq2312

    When the family go on record here to say “where is” then that says it all…get rid of her ..FAST

  21. ex best friend

    Pity about the expense wasted on leg extensions – what a pity it wasn’t a brain transplant.

  22. Mike Baird

    what’s the big issue – it never hurt my neighbouring Liberal Brad Hazzard?

  23. The Ear

    This is just a drop in the ocean. It is my mail, that ‘Mr Ban’ (Cr Black) has not put the harassment of council staff issue to bed yet either! This will continue approx November. Just a reminder

    What a great couple.

    How does this look for Cr Black whom is the treasurer of her federal campaign? Shouldnt he know all the cash movements? I bet he does, as I bet he was the one making the transfers.

    U put your neck out there, you have to expect to have it cut off!

  24. Boofa Leigh

    On second thoughts…….if Hajnal wants to learn the dark art of politics I have an extra long vacancy between 10.12pm and 10.15pm on Wednesday nights.
    No need to bring anything at all……..

  25. Karma

    Checkmate, Barbie.

  26. i'm just sayin...

    has the man been tested for poisoning? a state of confusion and a decrease in physical abilities can be symptoms of poisoning. i am definitely not implying that anyone has done this, but in instances like these it needs to be explored.

  27. Queenslanders to Rule the Universe

    Hajnal Ban has been ripping off Logan rate payers since she was nominated to run for the LNP. She has spent countless days campaigning for her own self interest at rate payers expense.

    Beaudesert and Jimboomba are not exactly in her Logan Ward.

    It comes as no surprise that she is now ripping off a dying man.

  28. The Ear

    At least Hajnal has been up front with her goals and her lack of interest in serving as an elected councilor. ‘Cr’ (and I use the term loosely!) Black has been riding her coat tails, hiding in the shadows & doing just as little for his DIV 4 constituents!

  29. back to the Cue shop

    NOW we learn Hajnal Ban is notable and unusual enough to deserve attention. That is an understatement. Not sure if this the type of notable she would have been hoping for. Young lady this is why laws are made to help protect ailing people, it does not matter if the family may have been estranged, blood relatives do carry entitlements. You will be lucky that this situation does not involve jail time for fraud.

  30. just interested

    Is that the Wayne Black who is running for pre-selection in Ryan?

  31. C.Pine-Whine

    The female of the species does nothing for me.

  32. dirty tactic

    @ just interested. “Is that the Wayne Black who is running for pre-selection in Ryan?”

    Lol trying to discredit the main opposition for wednesday night, is Jane getting nervous.

    It clearly states “Logan councillor Sean Black,”.

  33. Nelson Muntz

    Ha Ha

  34. Rodger D.

    The stories keep changing, she told community members that the man was a freind of the family who they’d used when they first came to Australia from either Israel or Hungary depending on to whom you talk.

  35. Fatty Doyle

    She looks like my ‘therapist’ Lindy.

  36. just interested

    She is vetted out by the LNP as I write.

  37. The Ear

    By ‘Vetted Out” u mean…..?

  38. Anonymous

    She will not be the LNP candidate for Ryan

  39. Boofa Leigh

    Hey Wenchy could we have a work out this Wednesday night? All my lessons have been cancelled and I am at a loose end – if you know what I mean…

  40. Karma

    Sad Sad Sad. If the LNP are going to maintain any credibility and win the seat of wright then they need to Blacklist Ban ASAP and hit the eject button.

  41. Outback Jack

    $40, 000 to break the legs? There were plenty of people that would have done it for nothing!

  42. ann from logan

    Political muck raking at its best. Coincidental that there is an election looming and she is a popular candidate. No doubt an ALP worm is at the bottom of this hole. The man is the absolute last person to be fooled by anyone as anyone who has ever met him will tell you

  43. Not convinced

    Political muck raking, indeed? This is a very serious matter regarding the ability of an elderly person to ensure that whoever looks after his financial decisions is looking out for his best interests. If he has family – as it appears he has – it is extremely unusual that one of them has not been appointed Power of Attorney on his behalf.

  44. Grimesy

    She has ripped off a man who trusted her for massive sum of money, a man who can not make deicions for himself.

  45. Not convinced

    Interesting that Sean Black’s ex-wife’s blog has been taken down tonight. Very sudden.

  46. Anonymous

    Now it all makes sence, she anounced she was’nt getting married untill the end of the year,then brought the wedding forward,
    for 4weeks after the announcement,because she knew the man’s family were about to lodge a official complaint, then ditched her dad, who she does has a good relationship with, halled this poor weak man down the aisle to nood his head,sent him immediatly back to the nursing home, then tells this really weird story in the Sunday mail trying to fabricate a petty relationship with the man she was ripping of..sure pet. LNP shame on you for condoning such behaviour

  47. Ryan from Hillcrest

    The very fact that a man who has been a Barrister for 30 odd years,and who chose to give his power of attorney to Hajnal Ban and NOT to a member of his family shows where his trust and faith lay. Some people say you cant choose your family. Well in this Case the man evidently and very confidently did just that and since he walked down the aisle only a week or so ago he still must. None of us know any facts other than those, so I say until YOU personally know all that has taken place dont be too quick to lay judge.

  48. Former supporter

    When was the hearing date and why was the wedding brought forward suddenly? Was the man told to nod his head and say yes? Did he know where he was? Yes, don’t pass judgement until you read the ACAT transcript on this page under the photo!!

    The truth is there for all to see.

  49. Queenslanders to Rule the Universe

    The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal are NOT affiliated with any political party. In fact they have snuffed out rising stars on both sides of politics.
    The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, whose work is referenced in this article, are truth teller; not muck-rakers.

  50. Wayne of Greenbank

    ALP traditionally throws a ton of crap and hopes a Gram sticks on every LNP member prior to each election. It is just another case of ALP muck digging prior to each election. They do it prior to every election. It is just a ALP / Union thing.

  51. Queenslanders to Rule the Universe

    Wayne you are kidding!
    How many times has your old mate, Clive Palmer, made reference to the fearsome Communists and Reds during the mining tax debate?
    Fear campaigns are all the Torries have going for them. Whynot? It kept Howard in power for 12 years.
    FEAR campaigns on a national scale is what we can expect from the Liberal Nationals.

  52. constituant

    Shame, shame shame the lowest is to rip off a gullible old man, I thought it was a strange story in the paper, now I know it was really there to cover her tracks,
    this is what she will use to get her self out of this rip of, if the LNP lets her get away with it, than they won’t get my vote, bring on a indepandant, or I will lower my standards and vote Green

  53. Les of Logan

    ALP is a bully boy outfit. Look at the Rudd, his abuse of the young female flight attendent. The ALP would feel threatened by a young attractive opposition person. Of course they will try to bring her down. The Dudd is a classis example.

  54. Karma

    That’s Karma for her. For those who truely know her, will agree. It was bound to be exposed!
    Poor man, he probably doesn’t even remember the wedding – a wedding funded by him! SAD!

  55. Barry

    her preselection has apparently just been set aside by the LNP. Landeryou strikes again!

  56. Wayne of Greenbank

    In real life greed from relatives and other people takes over when people are dying. Those who have done the looking after for all of the years are shafted. I have been there and it is not nice. My sympathies go out for Hajnal as she has done a great job. Talk to the person in care and not to the vultures.

  57. Tanya Black

    @ Not convinced
    My website has been intermittently down today because the server is down. I’m sure it will be back up soon enough so no need to fret.

    In the asbsence of being able to post an entry on my website today, I did post a note on my Facebook in support of Hajnal.

    Hajnal is one of my most trusted and dear friends and I will stand by her whenever and wherever she needs me to.

    Reading the comments on this article, the phrase springs to mind “Sometimes what we say about other people says more about ourselves”.

    Unless you know either Hajnal or the man personally, your opinion is of little consequence.

  58. Gwen of Logan

    Stay strong Hajnal. As no matter how low the ALP muck rakers dig, you will always be true. Rudd and the ALP are just bullies and muck rakers. People , tell me what promises the Dudd has kept? Why has this fowl tempered little man still held post? ALP ,your muck raking does not win you votes.

  59. Lance of Springwood

    I have been there with powers of attorneys over my aged father and I know of a close relli with the same situation. Both have sinced passed on but the same thing occur, those that have entrusted us to look after them are attacked by long lost relatives after as much money that their grubby little hands can grab. The ALP should butt out and let the people deal with the facts.

  60. Lee of Logan

    Good on you Tanya. Trully an unifmormed comment is made only by a fool.

  61. Jimboomba John

    Muckraker, ALP?? Wake up fools. I am just one of many that have been duped. Tanya Black, read the report by QCAT, especially the sentence in the last paragraph . If there is nothing to hide then why the request to suppress the QCAT orders?? Pleeease we are not fools. I was a LNP supporter but after reading the transcript I have now changed my view like many others that are becoming aware of this terrible story. No I am not ALP either but if you or others want to keep blaming them then I may just put my vote there when the time comes. Wake up, some things are just undefendable.

  62. Garry of Logan

    It is a political stunt. ALP is worried about her so they are muck raking. Lets talk about credibility here. Hajnal how many young female flight attendendants have you wrongfully abused? 0 Mr Rudd, how many young female flight attendants have you wrong fully abused?

  63. Jerry of Jimboomba

    John of Jimboomba. You have to sepperate politics from this situation as there is nothing in common other than ALP muck raking.
    The situation is a law and family issue. It is not uncommon for family members and non family members to dispute assets of dead or dying people.

  64. Mark of Greenbank

    Gee, there is more people blogging this site in one night then Mr Black has had since he started facebook. LMAO

    I am not ALP but isn’t it great to be labelled ALP because you express concern. Good one. I am considered a normal uneducated dumb voter but my bullshit meter is off the scale! Bullying seems to be a trait that never changes with some. I was a strong supporter but after reading the transcript of the QCAT and reading some of your comments you have lost me. Bring on the court hearing.

  65. wake up people

    Come on get your self informed, Read the transcript.did Labor register the complaint, no they did’t, Yes I to know and have observed, this pair, very strange behavour
    by both, he was totally brainwashed by her, he apeared to be a very weak and confused person,
    I broke of all contact with both, because it made my stomach churn,
    something just was not right.You were not on the scene then Tanya, you had your hands full looking after Black

  66. Larry of Logan

    It amazes me that people who do not know the facts are happy to post their useless ideas on line.

  67. Not convinced

    I’m sorry. I am still looking at the QCAT report. And, as the representative of an elderly relative, I still can’t see how a case such as this being brought to court can be held up along party lines. The wellbeing ofthe man should be what is being investigated now. This includes the fair distribution of his hard earned money. If the man wants to spend it on medical procedures and weddings, so be it. However, if he was my relative, I would be concerned about the distribution of his hard earned funds.

  68. Grahame of Greenbank

    As a local not for profit organigation Hajnal has been a super supporter. I wish Hajnal all the best through this political motivated attack on her person just prior to the election.

  69. Miles

    But what about ME?

    If I break both my legs and have cosmetic enhancements would that enhance my preselection chances?

    Alex, Nick – what do you think?

  70. Queenslanders to Rule the Universe

    Comparisons between Hajnal and Rudd are irrelevant. Voters in Wright get to choose between Hajnal (maybe?) and Andrew Ramsay – who could use 40 000 for a hair implant.

  71. Dog Captain

    was this guy her sugar daddy ??

  72. Nelson Muntz

    Heard her on 4bc today. Says it is all a labor witch hunt due to upcoming election. I dont know that the man’s son was politically motivated . Nor did I think that the Public Trustee and the Qld Civil and Administrative Tribunal have a political agenda.
    Trips in Ukraine, free cosmetic surgery, little pet. Sounds very Sugary to me.

  73. Big Bad Bruce McIver

    It’s true we’re having a new preselection. I cannot confirm that Hajnal’s sister Burqaa Ban will be the likely replacement.

  74. Katie

    I know Hajnal and Sean. Sean went from the ALP to the LNP. I don’t understand how someone could change from one to the other. Hajnal said she was friends with Aidan McLindon but changed her mind when Aidan left the LNP. Lots of people liked them before but they don’t understand how they can change so easily.

  75. Queenslanders to Rule the Universe

    Congratulations VEX NEWS on breaking this story.
    Those LNP bloggers who claim this was a piece of muck-raking have jumped to the defence of Hajnal a little prematurely.
    The abce have just announced that Hajnal has been disendorsed, and will have to reapply for LNP endorsement.

    But again – well done Vex for getting the jump on the rest. Great research.

  76. ZdeeeAich

    Hajnal shouldn’t have rejected me.

  77. disgusting behaviour

    Sean Black or Sean Wheelehen, ( Shepardson Inquiry Report), holy shit man you nearly have as many surnames as Elizabeth Taylor tried to get. Tanya, your so wierd as the arty type who looks for substance at every corner, get on with your life, or were you promised a lick of cash to be compliant. The QCAT document pretty much spells it out for all to see. If your missing something read it again. I feel sorry for those that previously supported you to get this far, betrayal is a bitter pill. But that is something you will only begin to realise when you grow up.

  78. drink driver too

    The LNP’s high-profile candidate is Hajnal Ban, a local councillor who unsuccessfully sought to win the neighbouring seat of Forde for the National Party in 2007. Ms Ban, a barrister, is best known for undergoing leg lengthening surgery in Russia.

    What is less known about Ms Ban is that she pleaded guilty to a minor drink-driving offence — she blew .057 after, she says, drinking two glasses of champagne at a fashion event “so as not to appear indifferent” — and in 2005 appealed against the recording of a conviction.

    LNP is forced to axe poll hopeful
    The Australian, 3 hours ago
    Libs dump candidate famed for surgery
    The Australian, 3 hours ago
    Funds claim clouds Hajnal’s bid
    Courier Mail, 4 hours ago
    LNP punishes its problem child
    Courier Mail, 21 May 2010
    Wanted: a few good candidates
    The Australian, 19 May 2010

    Ms Ban argued a conviction might harm her economic and social wellbeing and her chances of finding employment as a federal MP or senator.

    District Court judge Walter Tutt agreed to lift the conviction, but Ms Ban had to pay a $200 fine and endure a restricted licence.


  79. just deserts

    this is a person who sold her self as a alchol drinking plastic bimbo, now she has proven she is one, casting her spell on the old farts in the National Party, fools

  80. Fran

    Is she not entitled to use a joint bank account which includes her own money not just that of the elderly man?

    Has anyone actually bothered to ask how much $xxx.xx transactions are actually worth? Maybe she just bought a box of chocolates and some flowers for the poor old guy.

    As the finaicial power of attorney she can use the funds in the account in any capacity she sees fit to look after the old guy. Was any of the money spent at his request? Or has he lost his human rights and ability to request things?

    Given that incomplete information has been deliberetly released to the media before a thorough investigation could even be commenced, I think we should all just wait our turn to express our opinions.

  81. Logan McAidon

    The article says:

    The attorney has an obligation to keep the donor’s property separate to theirs and should keep a written record of all dealings with the donor’s affairs.

    Sounds like she’s not done that and even told the tribunal she was the ‘joint owner’ of $2.25 million.

    She’s going down… not for the first time.

  82. Bean Slack

    The local mill has been grinding all night it seems, and the latest is that $2.25 was about half the real value of the property? So who got lucky? or is it another “mentor” who got to buy it?

  83. Joe

    She didn’t tell the LNP preslection that this was going on. That is enough to be dismissed. End of story.

    Its not about weather he was a friendly friend or relative or happening “while Hajnal is nursing an elderly relative who is on his death bed” (Black in SMH today.)

    You have to tell preselectors of everything that could popup like this.

  84. Bean Slack

    So , no points for guessing who’s going to be the only executor and beneficiary of his will is there?

  85. Fran

    Actually it could be argued that the property is worth x 100 that in 100 years time. It is a real shame that the guy is 65, very ill and requires the money at this time of his life. Notwithstanding that he went to market before the onset of his illness at his own decision. A real shame! because if he lived till 2110 he could be really wealthy.

    Preceived value and market value, look it up!

    I wonder how much money the family inheritance would have been if creditors had of foreclosed on the old mans property and bankrupted him as they threatened to do so last year? I wonder what share of $0.00 would be received then?

    Why didn’t they force him to file for bankruptcy? Who paid the bills?

    You have already distroyed the hard work, wishes and dreams of a wonderful old man. You have publicly shamed and humiliated him before his family, peers and the eyes of God.

    Maybe it is time to stop and wait for the findings of the QCAT.

  86. The Ear

    Just a side issue here (or something else that needs to be looked into), Hajnal’s new husband Logan City Councilor Sean Black, was/is a real estate agent. I wonder who sold the $2.25 million house and property? Anyone got any guesses? I know who my monies on!

  87. Black Banned

    What a joke both Cr Ban and Cr Black are. Keep digging I say – lets have a look at the time and money (Logan City Council’s) that has gone into the now “Home and Away” saga!

    As a rate payer in Logan, I want to know just how much both have these people have done for Logan – We can all see what they have done for themselves.

  88. Black Banned

    Mr Black said his wife of nine days had properly managed the funds of her 65-year-old close friend, who is in a nursing home, suffering from medical problems including ”confusion”

    Hahahahahahahaha – “confusion” – how you have treated Logan is just “dillusion”

  89. The Ear

    Speaking of Money, what now happens to all the proceeds raised on raffles such as this one http://www.hajnalban.com/mightyraffle

    Or from the donations via sms or otherwise?

  90. Anonymous

    Rumours to check, could be another scoop.

    His property was sold quickly while he was in hospital with confusion and very unsteady on his feet, he signed the contracts?

    the property which is in the urban footprint of a current major development area may have been sold to a local developer

    the sale price was almost the same as one nearby at half the size

    The power of attorney was also given under a state of confusion.

    He was the first lawyer used by HB’s father when ariving in Australia from either Isreal (likely) or Hungary ?

    He also bought a house for her MUM and DAD ?

    The man was at the wedding, arrived 2 minutes before the service, and left as soon as he had given the nod, he could hardly walk and didn’t know where he was.?


  91. Fran

    Oh my, where do you people come from?

    1. The property was on the market for nearly 5 years with developers refusing to purchase the property for anything near market value. Definetly not the perceived value you are all dreaming about. That is 5 years…before the economic down turn and the demise of property values.

    2. The sale of the property or the official settlement may have coincided with one of the hospital visits but the conditions of the sale were already agreed and on paper.

    3. Two properties side by side will fetch different market price, based on location, dimension and time of sale. Conditions of contract on larger properties are also a factor. Anyone who has ‘owned’ a home knows this.

    4. Power of attorney was issued well before illness took effect. Ms Ban did not invoke her powers for months until a time such as deemed neccessary.

    5. Lawyer used is a friend of the man and has nothing to do with Ban family. The Ban family immigrated from neither of those two locations.

    6. The Ban family have paid for their home prior to meeting the man. Be very careful of making any accusations about the Ban family outside the facts. This web site will not protect you against defermation action!

    7. The man arrived at the wedding at exactly 1.50pm and left at approx 4.30pm. Had you attended the wedding you would have seen Ms Ban with the man during the thank you speeches.

    8. The man whilst quietly spoken gave his blessing of the union during the wedding party photos. He knew exactly where he was.

  92. annon

    Another quality conservative.

  93. Real world

    Never mind Hajnal Ban’s spinners here. Read the Tribunal decision:

    In view of the attorney’s refusal to provide an undertaking to the Tribunal
    not to deal further with the funds withdrawn for the joint account until the
    next hearing, the Tribunal was convinced that directions were necessary to
    be made to protect AB’s interests against dissipation of the funds from the
    sale of his property. The Tribunal directed that CD must notify The Public
    Trustee within 48 hours before she intends to deal with any of the funds
    already withdrawn from the joint bank account.

  94. Ban Ban

    the Tribunal was convinced that directions were necessary to
    be made to protect AB’s interests against *dissipation* of the funds from the
    sale of his property.

    dissipate verb to (cause to) gradually disappear or waste

  95. Karma

    Fran, you have no idea what you are talking about. I always find it hilarious when people make legal representations and have no legal qualifications. People can say what they want on this website. A cursory look at current defamation laws (and your inability to spell) will show that if you had a brain, Fran, you would have a headache.

  96. Black Banned

    I agree with Ban Ban – dissipate – Logan City Council would know all about that one!

  97. thegrapevine

    Farlow is running for Castle Hill.

  98. lolz

    Another preselection tomorrow night for the seat of Ryan.

    Let’s hope that the person selected doesn’t have any dodgy skeletons in the closet like massive tax debts, arguments in wills, overspending public money, DD convictions, poor treatment of family members, court appearances, double lives, cheating spouses…. the list could go on and on.

    The LNP seems to demand squeaky clean candidates and good on ’em!

  99. about time

    Hello Fran….are you there,was that you answering, Mr and Mrs Black..waste of money that leg extention,,should have been a brain extention.

  100. Alastair Murray

    It is beyond comprehension just HOW this Gold-Digger, Usurper and Purveyor of lies, deceit and deception could EVER have won the preselection for the LNP!!

    It was clear a long time ago something was seriously questionable about this candidate!! Anyone with eyes, ears and any modicom of intellect should have seen that Ms. Ban’s career and experience, plus the deranged self image requiring her leg’s be “extended” were well aware this was a misfit of a human being, and clearly a misfit to Ever be trusted in Any position of authority or financial affairs.

    Well LNP, you now have the Chance to vote for a Truly Worthy candidate!! A man of absolute integrity, honesty and ethics. And I believe I am well qualified to make this statement as I have known the Councillor from Lockyer Valley, Cr. David Neuendorf and his entire family for 35 years. David is an outstanding family man. He and his wife Bronwyn are the two most outstanding examples of good parenting I have ever seen, bar None!

    God help the people of Wright – do not get is so Wrong this time around!!

  101. Cusack Greg

    Damn, I was hoping to bludge off the ratepayers of Division 11 just like Ban after she jagged a federal seat.
    My only hope now is that she gets the push from the Council when it becomes obvious to all that she has about as much credibility as her physical appearance.
    Is it true that when she first stood for a federal seat, she failed at preselection as a Liberal before rolling over to the Nationals ?
    I also heard that the “lucky one” was a staunch ALP man before hooking up with a meal ticket.
    Not to worry, at least she was being paid by the reatpayers of Division 11 when she was out campaigning for Wright.

  102. AL Davis

    Gee Heck – no good

  103. Michael S

    good god

  104. Warren Jyler

    i don’t get it at all – she seems like a good person – smear campaign again ?

  105. not an insider

    How the hell can any “insider” claim to know that a candidate will be unopposed?

    The preselection isn’t even open yet!

    I suspect he is dreaming…

  106. Joe

    “Newlywed Cr Hajnal Ban could put her run at federal politics on hold in favour of having a baby after her shock disendorsement as the LNP candidate for Wright this week. “

  107. QLD true

    Hear it here!

    I’ve heard worse media interviews, she could have gone to more effort in defending herself instead of hiding behind court process.

    I wouldn’t say it was so bad it that she deserves to be disendorsed, she’s still a media novice after all.

  108. anthony

    prentice wins. So a old lady wins. Good to see the party modernising.
    She must have called in all favours from what i heard. And open friends

  109. Boofa Leigh

    Don’t be too upset Hajnal. You can always come and sit on my knee and we can talk about the first thing that pops up…

  110. wont be fooled again

    why don’t you take your website down too, its just embarrassing now.

  111. Heather

    This was a right mess from the start! How this bimbo got the nod, I’ll never understand. I think they must have drugged the pre-registration drinks at preselection.

    Any one with even a casual interest in politics would know that Cameron Thompson should have been preselected from the start, unopposed preferably. How this woman, who reminds me of that ridiculous little Maroochy Shire Mayor (Grosse?) even got nominated for preselection, is beyond me. Thompson has been there, done that, even getting to be Parliamentary Secretary in his last term, which just means a step away from being a Minister. You’ve got someone in Thompson with all that experience who is an old hat and can run a campaign on his own, freeing up HQ campaigning time for more inexperienced ones (Longman candidate), and who even has experience in winning brand new seats where there is no set precedence (Blair) they chose a woman who is disliked in Logan and who’s claim to fame is paying to have longer legs. Seriously, could they have chosen a WORSE candidate? Thompson was the only one running who was even half-way decent and if the LNP want to win this new seat, then Thompson will be preselected. End of story.

    Disclaimer: No, I’m not in the LNP, and I don’t even live in the Division of Wright.

  112. Ryan Voter

    One councillor is replaced with another. Jane Prentice I’m sure will not resign from our rate/tax payer funded job she has to run for Ryan. Think of this- each day she will be collecting over $350 worth of salary alone to not represent people and fix our buses and transport system which she has failed at so far. She will be being paid $350 each day of our money to campaign for another job. This is not right- Jane Prentice should resign from council and get her snout out of the public trough seeing as she has no wish to represent people on Council issues any more.

  113. Sam Newman

    Id get on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. a Ryan LNP member

    Jane Prentice got about 70% of the vote for the last BCC election.

    She also got about 70% of the vote on the first ballot last night at the pre-selection for the seat of Ryan.

    I have stood for pre-selection and faced the usual demand that the person having the guts to put their name forward is expected to start campaigning there and then regardless of their professional or workplace obligations.

    This is unrelistic and leaves the game wide open for some rich fool who has rich friends and not a full set of brains in any of them.

    Good on you Jane for standing and let us hope that you not only see Johnson into the dust bin of history but also get to be in a position to use your talents in Canberra!

  115. Grateful Vex Fan

    thanks Vexnews,you were on the ball with this one, check this out latest wisper has it that, Black was once in real estate with Preston the person who sold the $2.2 m. property,Is this true? Hajnal has a Unit in the big smoke, they say brought recently through Preston,Is this true? worth checking out,Is this true ?that she should be kept away from that old man to see if he recovers.

  116. inside story

    It just keeps getting deeper & deeper, it is my mail that the property sale is now being investigated by Logan Council as well, as Hajnal was involved in discussions regarding the Park Ridge Master Plan, and did not declare an interest in the property. I wonder if the property would have sold if not for changes proposed in the master plan. Oh Hajnal, you may still have some people fooled at the moment as you scramble for excuses, but in time they will realise that are manipulative and contrived. Everyone else is wrong and your the only one who is right, yeah right. Gravy train of the leg job, breast augmentation, and nose job, just pulled into the station for a long drink. I’m glad you can think of going off to have a baby, all of this has left most others ‘soft’.

  117. robert mann

    i was there last night. 2 of her supporters in question time attacked wayne black and christian rowan for not being able to work full time from tomorrow. one agressively argued that one of them shouldnt be voted on because due to work couldnt do 7 day a week campaigning till 12th july. now she is doing the same. i wont ever trust her again.

  118. Ryan Insider

    The LNP looks to the future by booting a 40yo and a 32yo and has replaced one with Jane Prentice who is like 60. LMAO.

  119. NPH

    Is it too late to run for Ryan? I was held up having martinis after big day at E&Y.

    NPH for next LNP Pres!

  120. player

    Such a joke that 2 successful business people in their respective careers are beaten by a career politican who couldnt cut it in the real world.

  121. James

    Has she officially stepped down ?

  122. AD

    .. I think so – courier mail said she was

  123. James

    such a shame – I thought she could win that seat

  124. AD

    .. she can still run for preselection again apparently.

  125. James

    That’s weird, so you can recontest a preselection that you won and lost an endorsement for ?

  126. AD

    correct. confusing but its the way it goes.

  127. James

    guess so buddy

  128. Pro Prentice

    Jane Prentice will get the job done i think – proven warhorse.

  129. Black Banned

    I think we are all over the Ban drama and would love both her and her Cr husband, instead of thinking about all else to actually start doing what the Logan City Council pay them to do……..work for the residents!!! Not sure if they were aware but they have been employed by the LCC for quite some time now and they both have divisions that are in desperate need of a “suitable” representative – OK now I understand………”suitable” – that is where we have a problem!!!

  130. interested

    Jane won the preselection for Ryan by a wide margin because she has the best chance of winning the seat and that is demonstrated by her building up her margin by nearly 20% since first winning the local Ward.

    Two other candidates squibbed it after nominating and the other two in the race were unable to get the numbers despite the best efforts of Santoro & his mates.

  131. Why bother

    Vex. Why bother trying to make out you give a crap about Ban when the image at the top of the story where it says Ban Boned and the little speech bubble from Tony Abbott’s mouth make it blatantly obvious that you are having plenty of fun with this situation. [VEXNEWS: Fair enough point I suppose, reporting on this at all was obviously not the most sympathetic thing to do and we pondered exactly how we’d deal with it most of Sunday afternoon. The graphic isn’t subtle but that’s just the VEXNEWS way. We don’t know Ban and it’s not really about us caring about her but about acknowledging that had a bright future in politics and that she’d to some extent demonstrated highly patriotic ways. We give a crap about that: it’s a terrible shame this has happened at all. I don’t know where it ends but it certainly doesn’t look good does it?]

  132. ryan voter

    She won preselection because of all the deals being done behind the scenes and by the great pretenders in the YLNP / UQLC.

    The way the UQLC attacked the 2 other candidates was so prentice biased it wasnt funny. Half were observers from other side of town, but still came on orders to influence people to vote prentice

  133. Ryan Insider

    Interested- Santoro Faction and mates were backing Prentice because it is convenient for them to do so in order for them to try and make a dash at taking over the party.

    The actions at the preselection were disgraceful.

    Michael Johnson has my vote now and that of the rest of my friends and family.

  134. Jimbo

    Love how everyone is saying Jane Prentice is the best person to win the seat because she is on around 70% of the votes in her ward. Hmmm, I recall that Campbell Newman got 67% of the vote across all of Brisbane and above 70% in Walter Taylor- seems to me like he is the best person for the job and Jane is an also-rand by comparison. By my maths Jane Prentice’s vote is actually not as a result of her and her skill but by by piggybacking good ‘ole Campbell into office- seems it is Campbell’s efforts that are to be recognised here not Jane’s.

    If we wanted a real talent then surely Peter Matic would have been better- before the election his seat was marginal and talk was it was vulnerable and he walked away with over 65% of the vote all in a single election or Margaret De Wit who has over 80% vote to have what I think is the safest Liberal seat in the country! Two more who seem to me to have more runs on the board and are also within the Ryan electorate.

  135. Richard

    Hey Heather (you little Cameron Thompson fan) – if you think Thompson is anything but a failed ex-MP who didn’t work his old electorate of Blair anywhere near hard enough then you really don’t have a clue.

    Or … it’s just Cameron writing nice things about himself again (sad little Cameron).

    Failed former MPs who lost their seats by being lazy shouldn’t get another run – get some fresh blood instead!!

  136. Bean Slack

    Hajnal Ban’s friend sold $5.7m block of land for less than half of price he wanted
    • Emma Chalmers, Alison Sandy
    • From: The Courier-Mail
    • June 09, 2010 11:00PM

    CONTROVERSY: Cr Hajnal Ban, the dumped Liberal National Party candidate for Wright. Source: The Courier-Mail
    A 65-YEAR-old friend of Hajnal Ban sold his block of land while he was in hospital for “confusion”, for less than half of the $5.7 million he initially wanted.
    Cr Ban, the dumped Liberal National Party candidate for Wright, signed the final transfer documents on the property using her financial power of attorney, which was suspended by Queensland’s Adult Guardian this year.
    The $2.25 million in proceeds from the sale were deposited into a joint bank account he established with the Logan City councillor while in hospital.
    The sale was three months after the property was reportedly almost sold for $5.3 million, but the deal fell through.
    The Office of the Adult Guardian has taken Cr Ban to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal over transactions from the joint bank account.
    Cr Ban’s husband, Sean Black, a registered real estate agent, said he had nothing to do with the property sale, but the couple had spoken with the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, as a “friend”.
    “The man was the full quid up until October last year so he was able to sell his own property,” Cr Black said.
    QCAT documents show the man was hospitalised for an investigation of his “unusual behaviour and confusion” on July 21 last year and released 18 days later before being re-admitted on October 13.
    Property searches reveal his Park Ridge property was advertised for sale for $5.7 million up until August last year with The Nick Team agency and had been listed at the same amount with a separate agent nine months earlier.
    Nick Preston of The Nick Team said the seller had nominated the price and a few months later had asked for the property to come off listing.
    Cr Black said the man had negotiated the eventual sale price himself without an agent and “he had full capacity”.
    QCAT documents reveal the man signed a contract while in hospital and Cr Ban completed the sale using her power of attorney on October 28 last year – two weeks after he was readmitted to hospital. The sale of the property was settled on October 30 and the man was discharged on November 4 to a care facility.
    Cr Ban’s authority as his financial power of attorney was suspended by the Adult Guardian on April 30, but she remains responsible for his personal wellbeing and denies any wrong-doing.
    The former candidate was dumped on Monday after the LNP’s state executive found she had failed to notify preselectors that she was facing legal action. She said on Facebook yesterday that she was yet to make a decision on her future.
    The preselection will be rerun on June 27.

  137. concerned resident

    maybe she is running to clear her families tax debt. the santos are even better then this in ryan

  138. still amazed at denial

    ” She said on Facebook yesterday that she was yet to make a decision on her future” That’s good because the way this is turning out, OTHERS will be making decisions on her future. The only decision she needs to be thinking of, is which State to move to, to escape all of this.

  139. Campaign Media

    Congratulations Hajnal(Helen), you have made the press five or so days in a row, something you could not achieve with your run towards election for the federal seat of Wrong. Your media machine must be so proud of their advice to you in this matter. From all accounts, a bit over-paid it seems. Such a shame and a sham your life is now and for time to come. Its not so much that you have taken money that maybe, in your opinion, to access, it is the general way you regard people, and that sincerity is more than obvious and is regarded as SHALLOW. You would have thought for $100,000 you would have got better value for money. Your mistake, again.

  140. Concerned resident too

    To Concerned resident:

    You wouldn’t be talking about the Prentice family’s tax bill would you:

    The bill
    Financial year Tax liability +
    interest to
    May 21, 2006
    1992-93 $98,895.82
    1993-94 $57,174.55
    1994-95 $55,189.22
    1995-96 $103,076.15
    1996-97 $175,462.04
    1997-98 $164,748.15
    1998-99 $373.67
    1999-2000 $98,244.23
    2000-01 $98,808.91
    2001-02 $68,398.71
    2002-03 $14,242.13
    2004-05 $128,303.77
    TOTAL $1,062,917.35
    Source: Supreme Court Documents
    Courtesy of the Courier Mail.

    It’s only a million dollars plus that was owed- only small change really- like the debts owed only amount to about the average salary or above for 10 years- give the Prentices a break, Ian wasn’t even really aware of it: “It was mentioned to me, but I’m not aware of the details,”said
    Mr Prentice, 57, of Chapel Hill in Brisbane’s west and, Jane didn’t make comment so it must all be a mistake! …’Jane [Prentice] is the Brisbane city councillor for the Walter Taylor ward in Brisbane’s west.
    Cr Prentice did not return The Courier-Mail’s phone calls to her office.’

  141. ryan preselector

    with regards to concerned resident too. i was at the preselection and she never made mention of this.

    this is an utter disgrace and if i knew about this i would have changed my vote.

    i pay my taxes, what makes the prentices above the law.

    i ask the lnp to investigate as the labor party will now be looking into this.

    im sure all those ylnp staffers who do uni work all day and have fights on blogs/facebook whilst being paid on my fees can lift their finger.

    or is actually making policy in head office or leaders office to hard.

  142. WTF

    Hey, this is Hajnal’s blog, Prentice can get one of her own. As impressive as those numbers are, Hajnal’s numbers are also unique. “” Oh darling that is a nice ring, I wonder how you afforded that, you must really love me, thanks.”” To wear it I have to do what…eeyyyeeewwwww yucky. OK!!

  143. Anonymous

    Harjinal is a University in law graduate and has I assume a practice certificate.

    Was she fast asleep when she attended lecturers on elementary trust and estate law.

  144. JJFranklin

    Well she is not the only one in trouble….word is that they are going to do the same thing to the guy in Forde…..they must think they are going to win…..lol

  145. Anonymous

    I was there at the Ryan pre-selection and rather than Santoro being involved in backing Prentice I understand that Santoro was backing Rowan.

    And a fat lot of good it did them!

  146. Dog Captain

    she is a nasty bit of work..

  147. back to the Cue Shop

    DUMPED LNP candidate Hajnal Ban has pulled out of a second pre-selection race for the Federal seat of Wright, but still wants to make it to Canberra.

    Last week, the LNP set aside Ms Ban’s candidacy for the seat and re-opened nominations after it was revealed Queensland’s Adult Guardian had questioned her business dealings.

    Documents from the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) show Ms Ban was stripped of her power of attorney in the affairs of a 65-year-old man.

    Her husband, fellow Logan City councillor Sean Black said he could not comment on the legal matters but defended his wife.

    “She hasn’t done anything wrong, and that will be the focus of her efforts,” he said He said Ms Ban had not ruled out a future tilt at Federal politics but would not run as an independent for the seat of Wright.
    THE ONLY WAY YOU ARE GOING TO GET TO CANBERRA, IS BY CAMEL.. The People will never trust you again.. ever. Just who do you think are you, have some honour, you don’t have to buy it either.

  148. JimT

    Ah, Richard, I am not Cameron Thompson but I was closely involved with him and his work and I can set you straight right here and right now; I’ve seen several parliamentarians in my time, and NONE have ever worked as hard in their electorate than Thompson did. His reputation as a very hard worker both from people within his electorate and in the House is well-known. You’ve obviously got your pollies confused, or you’re full of bullsh1te. I think its the latter.

  149. JimT

    As to Prentice, well, thats another mistake…

  150. Drunk Guy

    Surely this isn’t over already? There has to be just one more day, just one, come on , . . . . I just need one more Ban story, . . .just one more, . . . . . please , . .ugh.

  151. Wright Voter

    One more sleep and we get a new candidate to represent the LNP in Wright. And eighteen more sleeps to the next QCAT hearing. So Drunk Guy you will have to wait til then. We will be front row and all ears that day. see ya there.

  152. Anonymous

    Clearly the LNP would be crazy to let the Wright FDC make a decision about the next candidate for the election particulalrly with time so short.

    The State Executive shoould call a pre-selection where they have the HO with a majority over the locals.

  153. And the winner is...

    ….drum roll…the candidate for the seat of Wright is Scott Bucholtz. Good National – I mean LNP man.

  154. Black Banned

    Dear Oh Dear – the papers have had a little more content lately. No more pictures of Hajnal and the entourage – if fact they have all gone quiet in Jimboomba? Where are you? Do you have something to hide? Maybe we already know the mystery person who received a slice of the old mans pie! Shame on you.

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