HOUSSAM ABIAD: Addy reports on VEXNEWS coverage of anti-Israel fanatic's Liberal preselection putsch

houssamabiadadel Houssam Abiad, the front-runner in the Liberal Adelaide preselection contest this Sunday, has run into the fist of his own despicable anti-Israel and anti-American rhetoric.

The Adelaide Advertiser reports today that “on various websites” (that’d be VEXNEWS) Abiad was being held to account for his extremist views on foreign policy.

VEXNEWS has learned that Abiad spoke with Greg Kelton off-the-record in violation of Liberal party preselection rules which prohibit campaigning.

In his defence, Abiad offered that he was endorsed by Christopher Pyne (as we’d reported), Alexander Downer (of the Right faction) and even a Jewish community leader clearly unfamiliar with Google.

After the week Israel has had, it might well be a positive for Abiad among some Liberal Left preselectors that he is on the record as recently as 2008 describing Israel’s foundation as “Al Nakba” or a “catastrophe.”

alnakba An advertisement dated 12 March 2008 that Houssam Abiad signed and endorsed – which has been obtained by VEXNEWS and was originally published in The Australian – refers to Israel as a “triumph of racism” and claims that Israel engaged in “ethnic cleansing” (a term used to describe Nazi Germany) against the Palestinians.

To give you an idea of the political assocates of Mr Abiad, the advertisement was signed by the boss of CFMEU in NSW Andrew Ferguson, wacky SA former Democrats SA state MP Sandra Kanck, Socialist Left ex federal MP Margaret Reynolds, Socialist Left ex Victorian MP Joan Coxsedge and Israel hater Antony Lowenstein.

Also standing alongside Abiad in his denunciation of Israel were a who’s who of left-wing political extremism in this country including:

Socialist Alliance, Green Left Weekly, Communist Party of Australia, Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition, Socialist Alternative (Newcastle), NSW Refugee Action Coalition, Maritime Union of Australia (Sydney) and a host of Palestinian solidarity groups.

It should be noted Abiad is not Palestinian, but is of Lebanese Muslim descent. His foreign policy misadventures cannot be attributed to a misplaced loyalty to his people. He hates Israel and all who stand alongside the Middle East’s only genuine democracy.

He’s entitled to his views but it also appropriate he be judged by them.

He has claimed that Israel “harvests innocent lives”.

He has made it clear he is not just anti-Israel but anti-US too:

The United States blind support of Israel, arm length policy and double standards is the very root of this present conflict….While the world is crying out for global intervention to stop the bloodshed, I was not surprised one bit by the response from the American government. Instead of using its influence on Israel to stop the devastating attacks on the Lebanese population, it has supported once again such attacks. And instead of rallying the international community to call for an immediate cease-fire to stop further bloodshed, it blocked all UN efforts to call for an immediate cease-fire.

He insists that Israel is America’s “proxy” in the Middle East. (Someone should tell Barack Obama)

And he identifies with every country that makes itself the adversary of the United States it seems. He said:

Today I stand in the face of all injustice and atrocities committed in the world, today I condemn all forms of terror, today, I am truly a proud Australian, a Palestinian, Afghani, Iraqi and Lebanese, the war has to stop, this is not a war against terror, this is a war of terror.

That’s right. He reckons the Israelis are terrorists. And he declares that America’s liberation of the oppressed peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq was “injustice,” “atrocity,” and “a war of terror.”

On what planet is this person a candidate for public office from any major party in Australia?

fischerloon He makes former National Party leader Tim Fischer – whose hatred of Israel seemed to know no decent bounds – look quite the moderate. Fischer used to make up bizarre tales about Mossad and Israel deliberately attacking US Navy ships and seemed generally to conduct himself like his hat was on too tight when it came to the Middle East.

Houssam Abiad looks like continuing that lunatic tradition in conservative politics.

He makes up things too. Try this on:

The Israeli certainly are achieving what they have preached in the beginning of the current bombing, when they stated their wish is to put Lebanon back twenty years.

Simply not true. “The Israeli” – as he so charmingly puts it in the style of Sheik Hilaly – said no such thing.

He also repeats the standard left-wing mantra about Israel acting “illegally” which is part of a half-century plus campaign of delegitimising Israel in any way they can:

Israel is in violation of over 65 UN Security Council Resolutions, some of them go back to as far as 1948.

Leaving aside criticism of the United Nations, dominated as it is by dictatorships, Israel withdrew from Sinai and struck a peace deal with Egypt which has basically stuck much to both countries’ credit.

It withdrew from Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank too, and those Israelis unfortunate enough to live near Gaza get terrorist rockets landing in their schools, shopping centres and apartment buildings. That’s why Israel has had to do everything it could to stop the flow of weapons into the Hamas controlled territory. No other democratically elected government could do anything other than do whatever it needed to do to defend the lives and property of its own people. We doubt there’s a UN resolution that decrees that but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Houssam Abiad wasn’t just ripping into foreign democracies either. He didn’t think much of the Howard government or of then Foreign Minister Alex Downer either, even conjuring up some bizarre and unlikely conspiracy theory about their conduct in 2006:

The Australian government has failed its nationals in Lebanon, they were left stranded. The Australian embassy was closed; many had no place to go and had no idea what to do. I want to send a clear message to our government that it’s not good enough to put Israel’s military objectives ahead of the safety of our Australian citizens.

Houssam Abiad clearly talks a good game. The extremist has duped many good people whose support for Israel and freedom is not questioned. But if he is indeed preselected on Sunday as our sources fear he might be, this will be just the beginning of our campaign of truth and accountability.

This week, when Israel has been under attack, the Liberal party needs to make it clear where it stands. It will regret choosing a man who publicly sympathises with terrorists and refers to the creation of Israel as a “catastrophe.”

His preselection – if it occurs – will be just the beginning of a long nightmare for the party that associates themselves with such an inappropriate candidate. And they can’t say they weren’t warned.

Believe it or not, we have even more material on this fellow, on his business dealings and other previously expressed views but we’ll save all that for when he’s a marginal seat candidate, if he is foolishly chosen, so that he can become a highly visible cautionary tale for all budding Israel haters aspiring to public office who think they can slink into power without scrutiny or accountability.

A chubby guy who dropped some twenty kilograms apparently in preparation for his candidacy, Houssam Abiad remains very much unfit for office.



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24 responses to “HOUSSAM ABIAD: Addy reports on VEXNEWS coverage of anti-Israel fanatic's Liberal preselection putsch

  1. Ben

    If Houssam Abiad is an anti-Semite he should join the Green Party.

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  3. Dud

    No mention of vexnews in the Adelaide Advertiser article!

  4. Craig

    The previous article was more informative. This one unfortunately comes across more as an opinion piece. While Mr Landeryou should be clearly supported in his efforts to report details to the public, he must also ensure he does not fall into the trap of projecting his personal views over his audience.

  5. Dee

    Ben 90% of the world is

  6. Rosenbaum

    I can’t understand why Chris Pyne and Alexander Downer are so supportive of this guy. Is he a bit camp too?

  7. Anonymous

    @ Rosenbaum:

  8. bozo the clown

    Don’t worry about this boring stuff andy…We want to know what is happening with the LHMU elections?

  9. Sandy

    He will get Greens Party preferences!

  10. Boofa Leigh

    Hey Houssam give me a call. I can help! I have contacts in high places. But not on Wednesday nights as I am getting on top of things then.

  11. Anon

    This is a fine example of DON’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ. Not reporting anything even close to facts. Andrew Landeryou, do a spell check first and here’s an idea…research the facts and report those. Now wouldn’t that make a change!

  12. Abdul

    Israel lovers enjoy this filthy illegitimate shit hole while it lasts, soon it will be reclaimed and the human scum called Israelis will be no more.

  13. VD

    Another great hatchet job by [deleted – false claims]

  14. Josh

    The only thing this article proves, is that the writer is racist and against anyone who is of middle eastern origins. Forget the fact that Houssam is pitching some fantastic and modern ideas for Adelaide, the writer makes it seem like Houssam is running for the seat of Adelaide so he can take down America and Israel. From what I have been reading, including the PDF attachment, it seems that Houssam is opposing policies that the Israeli government is making and is not “an extremist” but rather promoting peace in the middle east. A quote from this article:

    “He hates Israel and all who stand alongside the Middle East’s only genuine democracy.”

    …now who is being racist here?
    To me it seems that this writer is not reporting any news, but sticking to a few quotes and twisting it to suit his own opinion and personal vendetta.

  15. PW

    The author must be a Jew.

  16. Ben Dover

    Does this boy have AIDS or something. He has lost so much weight that he has probably been living on a diet of cock alone for the past few months.

  17. Vendetta

    it is a redneck agenda to oust a well credentialed candidate by [deleted – false claims]. You should hang your heads in shame. What is next opposing a wog to run?

  18. Anonymous

    Colin Brooks IS relevant.

  19. Abdul

    Hey Israelis come for a ride in my ‘special truck’ don’t push there is plenty of room in the back.

  20. Anonymous

    “Fair & Balanced Way” Give us a break. Censorship lives in Landy’s Vexnews.

  21. Shane

    ”Fischer used to make up bizarre tales about… Israel deliberately attacking US Navy ships ”
    I agree that it is a bizarre tale… what is even stranger is that it actually did take place. The israeli airforce for reasons best known to themselves,in 1967 , straffed & napalmed the unarmed USS Liberty, repeatedly over a number of hours.
    They did pay an indemnity , but that money would have ultimately come from the US taxpayer.
    Cant really comment on the rest of the story.

  22. Anonymous

    I’m sure Houssam would be straight! There is no evidence to suggest otherwise – just because you are single and backed by Pyne, does not make you gay.

  23. Anonymous

    What an idiot for bagging an Australian just because he happen to be a muslim. [VEXNEWS: His views are the issue not his religion. The racist assumption that all Muslims share Abiad’s extremist views is not correct…] I have done my research on this man and i found out the your article is ignoring the full facts. How do you maintain your job as a writer without looking at the facts. [VEXNEWS: The miracle of self-employment] You shouldn’t twist the words to suit your agenda. Forget about Israel and the things you are trying to stir to make him fail.I say look at what this man has done to Australia and praise him. He should be idiolised for the youth of today to follow and not put down. This selection is about Australia and not the middle east. Houssam Abiad achievements are no joke and are recognised in Australia. Here is a list of few of his achievements. He is the Winner of ADC Australian Leadership Award,Governor’s Multicultural Award:First Prize for services to the community, Pride of Australia Medal:Winner First Prize in the category of Peace. [VEXNEWS: LOL, truly a prince of peace, has he met Les Twentyman?]

    So, Dear Andrew Landeryou. Do you doubt the Australian system that awarded Houssam the listed awards and more. [VEXNEWS: Yes I do, a “peace prize” especially from the UN or similar agency must surely trigger reasonable suspicions] If you do, then maybe i need to write an article about you and your supporters for being anti Australian and anti success. [VEXNEWS: All anonofascist contributions will be considered on their merits of course] Does it really matter what religion you practice or what color you are? [VEXNEWS: No, they don’t but your views and public statements ought to be considered when running for office] Grow up and start working with facts.

  24. Hey Houssam give me a call. I can help! I have contacts in high places. But not on Wednesday nights as I am getting on top of things then.

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