THE WHITE FLAG: Weekly Times runs out Greens party lines and trips over them

whiteflag The Weekly Times, which ably serves Victoria’s regional and rural communities, is an unlikely forum for environmentalist propaganda against the forest industry.

And yet its Canberra based reporter Leslie White recently opined that the entire industry ought to be shut down in a highly controversial oped that went off like a stink-bomb among The Weekly Times patriotic constituency.

His central argument was that the forestry industry receives taxpayer subsidy. He did not explain the reason for that is to compensate it for government decisions that have greatly contributed to higher expenses for the industry, in the name of environmental protection. This is a trade-off the industry came to accept but it is a little rich for the environmentalists who campaigned for these restrictions to then oppose the compensation that resulted. To many in the industry, it reveals their real agenda: to shut-down Australia’s forestry industry completely.

Further, Leslie White claims that forestry giant Gunns is currently being sued by its shareholders in a class action. While such legal action has been discussed for some time, the company is in fact not actually being sued at all.

White has form for getting things wrong about Gunns, one of the country’s biggest employers in the forestry industry, in this article he claimed:

The St Helens toxic water scandal, where toxins which kill human cells were found in water and matched to toxins in a nearby plantation, continues to hang over the company.

That’s not right either, company insiders say, Gunns has no plantation near St Helens or along the river that feeds into the area.

Fortunately White isn’t getting it all his own way in his seemingly desperate desire to chop at the forestry industry.

fabulousphil In this week’s edition, after howls of protest about White’s inaccurate piece from the industry being directed at the Weekly Times, the articulate Victorian Forestry Industry advocate Philip Dalidakis has responded, making the case that forestry in Victoria is just as big an industry as dairy and tourism and that it uses less than 0.07 per cent annually of our total forest estate.

He makes the compelling argument that if we’re not logging even that small amount here, we’ll simply end up importing timber from places far less environmentally aware than Australia has become.

It’s well worthwhile reading his entire article, it makes a compelling case for his industry, an industry that Weekly Times writers would once support.

The Weekly Times enjoys a great reputation. It’s a shame to see their own writers bringing it down by acting as unthinking and error-prone mouthpieces for Greens party propaganda that is ultimately not so much pro-environment as anti-industry and anti-development.

Enviro-extremists have done much to demonise and undermine great Australian companies like Gunns. The Weekly Times should afford these enemies of primary production no sanctuary by raising the White flag.

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66 responses to “THE WHITE FLAG: Weekly Times runs out Greens party lines and trips over them

  1. RDR

    Is Leslie a girl? Would give him a lift home anyday of the week…

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  3. blackmambo

    I will add to this fulsomely later because I think you are being a bit hard on the poor bloke, despite some silly claims he has made, there is something he touches on that is quite true but rarely if ever discussed.

    However, I can’t but help now toi immediately congratulate you on the caption for Dalidakis’ photo – taken from his self-promo piece in a recent edition of The Deal magazine. I only just noticed it haha. Very nice. lols. I reckon Phil would love it too.

  4. I'm a lumberjack and i'm OK

    Gotta love the Dalisaurus, even if he is a Saints fan. He shines a light and the greenies scurry away like cockroaches. I doubt they’ll be darkening the pages of the Weekly Times again.

  5. Renew-acide

    Thanks for exposing some more environmental hypocrisy. When will these people be happy. We shut down native forest industries and were told plantations were the answer. Now the same groups are coming out with every reason why plantations are no good. We cannot just lock up the whole country because it looks pretty. If green groups would allow regular management of forests and plantations then we would all benefit. Because despite all the environmental doom and gloom of recent years, it is the timber industry which is the key to sensible management of the carbon cycle. Remember if you don’t promote and use wooden fibre products, then the alternatives are either oil and mineral based, and do not provide the same recyclable circle that timber does. Ultimately locked up Australian forests will just burst into flame, as nature intended, and will just deposit all the carbon in the atmosphere. Forest management is the best way to reduce and manage this natural regeneration process.

  6. cunning linguist

    Is it true what they say that Big Phil can speak Thai?

  7. Glenn Smith

    There you go….. Dalidakis in the Weekly times taking up the fight and challenging the lunacy of the Greens and other far left nutcases. Good to see that there actually is a labor man out there who can articulate and promote a sane and balanced argument ….this bloke is far more deserving of a seat in parliament rather than half the lemmings in there today. Good on him.

  8. Nathan Murphy faction

    Lemmings? Oi, I resemble that.

  9. blackmambo

    Dally will end up in Parliament because he is a prostitute (aren’t we all) …but on the wrong side the big loser.

    Such a shame when somoeone so bright and articulate gets his politics so wrong.

    Vexx readers, can he be rescued and shown the truth?

    Well, I have been trying for 18 months and no movement, although I did record him criticising Brumby at a lunch once which is now his personal ringtone when he calls me.

    Phil, my tragic mate is dragging me to a liberal party fund raising trivia night in Melbourne this Saturday. Apparently there will be women there. You could be my big fat greek wingman when the questions about carbon sequestration and fuel reduction come on.

    It will be OK if you remain silent when we are asked to calculate Brumby’s net personal wealth.

    By the way Phil, as I know your ego will drive you to read every word of this, you and Lisa turned out commendable work at the bushfire inquiry. Thanks mate

  10. Ben

    As a regional Australian, I can tell you that these green talking points sold in the Weekly Times are out of touch. Don’t they care about their readers?

  11. Mmmmm

    Dear dalidakis, could you ever so kindly ask your ex boss how and why you became his advisor furthermore why and what is the viewpoints on Israel as a fab pseudo intellectual that you are and the wonderful and weird way that you engage with the public via your mature and intellectual rants via the Internet.lastly when do the affairs of the state state if you know what I mean that you are known for as the best dali!

  12. Denis

    I want to see Australia destroyed.

    Please vote greens and if you can’t lower yourself to that standard just vote labor

  13. Ok...

    So investment bankers and their families use the alp as a gravy train via vafi et al,nothing wrong with that just don,t insult the polity Phillip and then you might gain respect from intellectuals like Obama that condemn your industry and are from decent families.
    Furthermore Obama worked in the community and did not be bossy boots student politicians with brattish agendas, that is the big big difference mate and you sure as hell know it boy!!!
    So keep on continuong supporting the Jewish clique and be proud of the pretentious image you have created thus far…….good luck with that honestly we mean it

  14. Jewish giftware shop owner

    I also spy for him as well you know………

  15. Rampant

    We need to see Mr Dalidakis stand for a safe upper house seat.

    He’s got great political form and is doing what is undoubtedly a great job for the forest industry.

    He is precisely the sort of person we need to see in Victorian politics.

  16. Princess

    Ok so this is pr for a career move interesting rampant…

  17. Princess

    Petros georgiou was a greatly admired Hellenes who is leaving politics…what a sad day for decency leaving and learn dalidakis from a Well respected man on both sides of the political spectrum and that includes you Timothy. Aka Phil,s friend

  18. Silly

    That dalidakis uses this site for pr says a lot about him does it not……?

  19. Robby

    You are a stupid right-wing cockwad

  20. Dallidakis

    I need a yeeros

  21. the great pretender

    The above is starting to look like the pages of Mr Rosenblums List Dalidakis,very very funny indeed!

  22. self hating jew with crocodile tears

    FIND it hard to take the above seriously:
    Where is Dalidaki’s concern – and protests as a party hack.sad sad days
    This is a show of greedy, self-serving cynicism rather than real concern for Australian forests from non-elected and in some cases indecent individuals…….

  23. wow

    if there is a heart of the above tourists would flock to see the hard core of the centre that is like so hollow…

  24. princess bride (2)

    The political paradigm has shifted so far to the right that individuals like Dalidakis who believe to be acting progressively are really extremely right.

    That’s the very sad nature of politics today and indeed no reflection on Mr Dalidakis at all, who uses the opportunities with v.a.f.i and the timber/forestry industry.(M.B.A. remember)

    Green-washing great marketing ploy but c’mon sir, you know it’s clever marketing.

    It’s the party machine and their “hollow men” that have allowed government positions to be available “for offer” so i would refrain from attacking the man himself.

    Seems like a nice guy and love the Obama pose,funny stuff Mr Philip D.

  25. mt scopus girl

    religious nationalism=FASCISM= extremism…any one we know?

  26. not to stage anti- flotilla march at all by dean et al

    The Zionist Council of Victoria (ZCV), with the support of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria and the Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS), meanwhile, has decided not to stage a similar event.

    How times have changed..any thoughts from an ex aujs member Dalidakis…?

  27. Sadly but truly

    He is doing it for the money…..don’t get too excited hate to use a cliche but yuppies of immigrant background have families that have something to prove financially or have the chip on their shoulder welcome to Melbourne politics

  28. an insulting up himself nasty.........

    you insert the appropriate term…

  29. anglisized tosser number (2)

    Hi people,
    Thanks to the lovely middle- class that have infiltrated the a.l.p. with people like the above….
    You have created monsters that have no social regard and conscience to any-one but their own bull-shit agenda’s.

    Have no sympathy to this pretentious, plutocratic, poser phillip stratos strauss fascist nouveau riche bastard ….there there…poor de!

    Wake up establishment and seek the decency of manipulative middle men and their f—–wit agenda’s.

    Go f—- yourselves oh no you have the wifeys to do that for you!!

  30. posh jewish redneck

    oh don’t be so hard on them….they are from right- wing fams who really have the inferiority complex and disfunction to match…poor darlings can’t see that the diaspora are repulsed by all this and wish their children well as they have them as parents for the the rest of their lives…
    it does damage Australia’s poltical class and it’s credibilty with many tony abbotts of the a.l.p indisguise as well.
    that is not cool!!!

  31. shame!

    is politics getting dirty or what…this blog is not at all worthy of the recipient or the crude remarks….

  32. anon

    Happy factions make a happy state conference – even Lee Tarlamis & Garth Head were observed today in a ‘loving & passionate’ embrace.

  33. :casual racist"...sorry i mean good bloke

    if you use the term i am a product of third gen migrant in the a.l.p’s propaganda to win the ethnic vote and use the ethnic press to win this time around, forget it guys..public to smart for that trick these days…

  34. anonymous

    out of a weird loyalty to logging
    what the……?

  35. go julia gillard!

    this blog and the above seem like the underbelly of the alp…?

  36. silly get real mate!

    what a narrow and limited brighton suburban upbringing and world view coming into play with dalidakis’ twitter comments….very sheltered guy indeed especially his comments on crikey are ridiculous! Are you really intending to join the state government mate…?

  37. sociopaths united 101

    interesting comments here

  38. faceless young man mr dalidakis...?

    RT @howespaul: Heading to our Vic Delegates Conf to talk about how we’re going to stand up 4 working Australians by campaigning 4 PM Gil …

  39. anonymous

    He is a nice guy and some of these disparaging comments are silly.

    The A.L.P need “cluey” people like Dalidakis and be well respected again in the community especially amongst generation y/z

    Let’s see if you can do that mate…the ball is in your court!!

  40. heres an idea.....

    Dalidakis et al why don’t you breakaway of the Labor Left faction to unite with the Greens, Democrats and the Socialists to form a new Green-Left party capable of winning elections within the foreseeable future.

  41. silly days in labour-wake up people

    if you are part of the danby faction and are just as ruthless,god help us all in this country and i feel so very very sad for the next gen….and for your kids.

    go live in the u.s where they would welcome you with open arms.

    we live in a westminster system remember…this is not the u.s

  42. have a look here

    The political class has become more detached from society, not least the ALP which is now a narrowly based and corrupt fiefdom. Membership languishes because the grass roots are now merely ballot fodder, branch-stacked and treated with private contempt by the professionals. But publicy lauded as stalwarts of the movement. Factions are now empty ideological husks. Gillard is “Left”. Joke. Look at the ALP career conveyor-belt: student politics, lawyer, party staffer, MP. Gillard failed three times to get to Level 4, preselection. She’s never been off the conveyor belt in her entire life. Shorten’s

  43. to legitimise his sullied ascension .."

    what’s the response to the forest policies that bob brown announced recently for this election 2010

  44. hey....

    This pressure guy for hire remains a shadowy and sinister player in the body politic.

    but who and what he works for time will tell….won’t they dali?


    To be a LEADER requires constant engagement of DEEP learning and doing. Without this, one’s identity fades and dies amongst shallowness …important point within this contex… it seems that you have to either go to the right school and know about CERTAIN issues when maturity is lacking.

    LACK AND degree of depth and complexity involved in matters pertaining to policies.

    some go to unis to tick the boxes and look prestigious without gaining any real wisdom….gravy trainers and no substance to match…

    please prove us wrong in this yuppy SHALLOW class people.

  46. timber worker in the fam

    so your grandpa was a timber worker according to the internet…

    how interesting landeryou…interesting indeed..

    care to share?

  47. Ker change ker change

    Self appointed moral crusaders and lobby group people want the public to think that their opinion is decent….ok put think tanks in that category as well…so what do u get.
    Individuals that manipulate the moral compass and have intellectual dishonesty on the cards for the ignoramuses of the world….

  48. Ker change ker change

    Are you party of the progressive business clique dalidakis.

  49. fascism is not cool

    re lathmas tweet

    mark is indicative of many of his type in the labour party Dalidakis, you should know that for sure.

    no one is perfect and im sure you would have done things in the past and will in the future to have embarrassed the family (insert smirk here)

    can imagine the question from his kids, “daddy why are you such a tosser?”

  50. hmmmmmmm;)

    don’t you hate it when yuppies who come from secular /conservative backgrounds jump on the progressive bandwagon because it makes them look interesting,cool and provocative….

    please don’t resort to these type of tactics …there are tossers who fit into this demographic as well…

    so shallow and stupid touche

  51. ethnic chip on the shoulder with this guy...


  52. fascist anarchists who is weird thats him


  53. One more thing

    Latham exposes the hypocrisies of labour despite his eccentricities Phillip maybe like some people you know hey


    Dalidakis et al is indictaive of an extremist generation of hard-right yuppies in for the kill..

    spoilt no part-time jobs at university at all for SOME of these guys…interesting time ahead… where are their real life skills?


  55. dalidakis $$$$$

    Today’s buzz word is “sustainable”. A sustainable industry needs no government subsidies, mandates or exemptions.

    Warmists and subsidy entrepreneurs have created five unsustainable industries in gullible and guilt stricken western economies — carbon sequestration, ethanol, solar/wind power, carbon forestry and the climate change industry

    Carbon geo-sequestration is the idea that we can alter global temperature by burying the carbon dioxide produced by industry. It is totally without merit yet consumes billions of dollars from taxpayers and shareholders.

    The production of ethanol motor fuel from food producing land may be sustainable in some special circumstances, but has been bloated into obesity by subsidies and mandates. It should be cut loose to stand or fall in the open market.

    Carbon credits and re-growth clearing bans are creating another parasitic industry – the growth of carbon forests. These are destroying food production, will de-populate country towns but provide zero long term effect on carbon dioxide levels.

    Finally, climate change regulation, research and summiteering has become a mega-dollar, multi-national industry fed almost entirely on tax payer funds. Instead of government nannies lecturing us on which cars, light bulbs and appliances to buy, they should relieve tax payers and consumers of the dead weight of all five subsidy-sucking industries. The sun is setting on the unsustainable subsidy society.

  56. shallow and narcisistic

    @philipdalidakis disagree all you like. This result speaks for itself. And his finger prints are all over it. Ambition trumps Ability.

    yeah philiip any-one you know close to you…?

  57. one more thing

    factional hacks in a.l.p that promote careerists like dalidakis et al maybe, no heart and soul just power based individuals.

    no wonder so many have gone to the greens?

    the thinking mans party of Australia as it’s now called

  58. fuck off now

    Democracy has worked in Australia — the people have seen-through and dispatched a gutless, deceitful, incompetent, hypocritical Labor government of careerists run by Trade Unionist puppeteers.

  59. yep...dalidakis do you agree...?

    what an election shocker. All about egos, nothing about the good of the country. Sad.

  60. mmmmm re:twitter comments on q and a

    nothing wrong with lobbyists philip,but buying government positions is corrupt this is not the u.s listen to what malcolm turnball said about this and he is a capitalist…oh i see he’s made his money, love you hun!!;););)

  61. re:twitter comments on q and a

    ban hot lobbyists like way he’s cute…shame he’s married though next lifetime mate!

  62. obt

    That’s politics nowadays …

    Say it loud enough, say it often enough, get it published … and it becomes the truth.

    The spin doctors have won …not really Dalidakis when the courts overule IN FAVOUR Of proetecting the environment.making money from forests…it;s ok just explain that crap to the next genration whne thay ask why daddy rapes trees for that gucci bag

  63. the branding of the timber industry is low ....


  64. omt

    re:tweet in lobbying,

    where would one stop donating to then….to a corrupt third party organisation

  65. "loveable rogue"


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