EXTREMIST: Liberal preselection front-runner Houssam Abiad hates Israel and America

houssamabiad SA Liberal insiders are worried that a man with extreme anti-Israel and anti-US views is set to win preselection for the federal seat of Adelaide.

Houssam Abiad  is reportedly backed by prominent Liberals including SA Liberal wet power-broker, Christopher Pyne and even former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, whose policies Abiad has loudly and repeatedly denounced.

VEXNEWS can reveal that this Liberal preselection candidate has publicly expressed stridently anti-Israel and anti-American views, including at a rally organised by the notorious socialist militant group Resistance.

Just two years ago, Houssam Abiad also signed an advertisement that protested Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s congratulations to Israel as it celebrated sixty years of statehood.

Abiad’s advertisement published on the 12th of March 2008 claimed that Israel’s celebration was a “triumph of racism” and declared that Israel had engaged in “ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.” The full text is here.

The socialist anti-Israel rally at which Houssam Abiad was a guest speaker – to use the words of the organisers – “drew a relationship between the horror of that day (the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima) and the growing catastrophe in the Middle East as Israel continues its attack on Lebanon and Gaza.”

Israel – at that time – was attempting to cease the relentless terrorist attacks launched on it by Lebanese and Palestinian backed terror groups, the Hezbollah and Hamas.

The website explains:

This rally was called by Resistance and was supported by NoWar and Australian Friends of Palestine. Speakers were Houssam Abiad and Claire O’Connor of Australian Friends of Palestine, Kris Hanna, Independent South Australian PM, Sandra Kanck MLC, Leader of the South Australian Democrats and Stephen Darley, NoWar Committee member.

In what we understand to be a blog version of his remarks that day, Abiad made his Israel and American-hating views very clear:

The United States blind support of Israel, arm length policy and double standards is the very root of this present conflict…While the world is crying out for global intervention to stop the bloodshed, I was not surprised one bit by the response from the American government. Instead of using its influence on Israel to stop the devastating attacks on the Lebanese population, it has supported once again such attacks.

His extraordinary oration no doubt won him many cheers from the Resistance audience, including a demand for the complete destruction of Israel and stident opposition to Australia’s role in Afghanistan and Iraq’s liberation:

What happened to negotiations and diplomacy? Why don’t the world and the international community learn from history? When will Palestine be a sovereign country? When will the Palestinians get their right of return back to their land? What did the war in Afghanistan achieve? How about the war in Iraq? Where is bin laden? And I surely don’t see any weapons of mass destruction.

Abiad even goes on to quote leftist and anti-Israel journalist Robert Fisk favourably.

We suspect his remarks at the Adelaide Liberal preselection contest will be slightly modified.

SA Liberal sources insist that Pyne – normally considered a reliable friend of Israel is strongly supporting the anti-Israel anti-American militant.

They explain that Victoria Matterson, a candidate who would normally have expected support from Pyne’s “moderates” was told she wouldn’t because they’d decided to support Abiad.

We also understand Pyne was asked on radio today about the battle and that he expressed support for the extremist.

It’s an unfortunate development because there are a number of strong contenders in the field. A whopping eight nominations for preselection in the seat of Adelaide were initially received, with five horses still in the race after one was disqualified in the candidate review process and a further two withdrawing.

Business manager and marketer Luke Westley was tipped as the early favourite. As a candidate for the safe Labor seat of Enfield in the March 2010 state election Westley impressed many people throughout the Party with his enthusiasm and energy. He achieved a notable swing of over 10%, however it wasn’t substantially higher than the swing in other similar seats around the state, prompting some insiders to question whether he was an effective campaigner or prolific boaster.

That said, his campaign was strictly limited by way of resources and much of the seat of Enfield lies in the ‘tough end’ for the Liberals in the federal Adelaide electorate, giving him a clear advantage over other candidates.

Westley is likely to pick up a lot of the ‘middle ground’ vote within the Party, but is also expected to poll well with both conservatives and moderates, with key supporters in both camps backing his candidacy.

Another good alternative to the Abiad menace could be Sam Duluk. The conservative Young Liberal has been around the Party for nearly a decade. Having spent his earlier years involved in student politics, Duluk built himself a reputation as a key mouthpiece for the young right and works in business banking in Adelaide.

Since that time he has been heavily involved in both the senior party and the Young Liberals in a variety of roles and is considered a strong candidate due to his campaign experience and long-term dedication to the party. The defining elements in Duluk’s campaign will be that many members know him and his ability to deliver a strong speech on the day of the preselection. Well known in the party, Duluk’s critics say he has a much lower profile in the electorate.

Duluk reportedly has the backing of most of the conservative voters in the college.

Houssam Abiad – referred to above – is a businessman who runs a variety of small businesses, with five registered to his home address.

Some within the Liberal Left like Pyne have been saying that he is good on paper, but even that is questionable following his first letter to the electoral college that was littered with spelling and grammatical errors. His abrupt tone in emails and phone calls have also reportedly rubbed some voters the wrong way, and rumour has it that he is already claiming to members of the public that he is the candidate for Adelaide. VEXNEWS understands that Abiad was a member of the Liberal Party for less than a week before he nominated for Adelaide and doesn’t live in the electorate.

Abiad maintains a Facebook page and a website dedicated to his achievements.

The remaining contender with a shot at glory is HR and recruitment consultant David Maerschel. The fact that he was only a member of the Party for two months before he nominated does not work in his favour, however sources say that he has impressed some key players around the electorate.

Real estate agent Vivienne Twelftree is the only female candidate, but who is also the oldest candidate at 60 years of age. While she may pick up a few votes around the place and possibly be favoured by some as the only woman, she isn’t expected to poll strongly enough to be a serious contender.

The big mystery is why the Liberal Party candidate review committee didn’t do even as much as a Google search on the candidate that had been a member of the Party for less than a week.

With little or no ideological affiliation to the Party, Liberal insiders say it would be a disaster for the Party to select Abiad as their candidate. While the other four certainly have deficiencies, Liberals worry Abiad has too much baggage that the Labor Party can exploit in the lead up to a general election.



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28 responses to “EXTREMIST: Liberal preselection front-runner Houssam Abiad hates Israel and America

  1. Pissy Chryne

    I like his butt thats’s all I am concerned about.

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  3. Dan Lewis

    When a Western liberal democracy attains a critical mass of Muslims, Islamists can overthrow democracy using democratic means.

    When you have political groups who will say and do anything to win votes, the group with the numbers wins, and the rest of us lose pure and simple.

    Muslim immigration to this country, if unchecked will surpass other far more compatible, established ethnic groups.

  4. Perce White

    C’mon Pissy. “A man is not a camel”.
    Hmmm, it’s already beer o’clock.

  5. Charlie

    Hmm- surely the libs would go for someone with his closet already raided?

  6. White Rhino

    Houssam is out of the closet already. He’s 30, neat, single and still lives at home with mummy and daddy – like something out of a Sienfeld episode.
    His family left lebanon because he was threatened with the fate that all homosexuals are supposed to suffer under the koran – death. That would explain the close link to Pyne and Downer.

  7. Alexander

    What needs to be understood here is that this man was capable of becoming a liberal member and was able to impress a large number of people in a matter of weeks. Unlike the other candidates, Houssam has guts and a different take on things. He’s neither boring nor anyone’s puppet and that is why he gets my vote, we need a man of action not a puppet and I believe Houssam is a man of action and he will beat Ellis if he wins pre-selection.

  8. Mustafa Rudd

    Someone give me a kebab!!

  9. Josh

    Dan Lewis you sound like you are talking about Israel!
    Give up your dream of a Greater Israel its never going to happen. You will be out numbered in 20 years then what…apartheid?
    By the way, nice showing by your mates in the IDF today more then 19 aid workers die over aid to Gaza.

  10. Kylie M

    Have Trotskyites started joining the Liberal Party in South Australia?

  11. Elizabeth

    I am a Liberal member and have had the pleasure of speaking to Houssam Abiad via telephone and met him personally. I am disgusted to be seeing such comments and assumptions being made about Houssam. Yes he is Muslim but I only see this bringing a great advantage to the party. His achievements, education and expertise speak for themselves. I am proud to have him as one of us and I agree with Alexander, he is the only candidate capable in beating Kate Ellis.

  12. Anonymous

    Marlene Karnose knows him well..

  13. Anonymous

    Houssam has a strong business background and interest in the Liberal Party. He has been attending Liberal fundraisers for years – so he he is not just new at all. If he wasn’t a Liberal, I don’t think he’d be putting himself up against Kate Ellis. He’s just the right kind of Liberal we need for the seat of Adelaide – progressive, diverse and talented!

  14. Rusted on

    This guy also had “a strong business background and interest in the Liberal Party.”


  15. Mike Baird

    we all know that the Israelis are God’s chosen people – it says so in the Bible –

  16. Anonymous

    You can’t outflank Labor to the left…

  17. Dan hawkin

    It is clear those so called “insiders” may criticize houssam for being anti Israel, but they are in fact The Israel puppets or Zionist lobbies. We need people who cares about this country interest and work for this country Australia, we do not need people who play dirty policy on behalf of the State of Terrorism Israel. People who condone Israel are Hypocrites, deceivers and manipulators of people minds.

  18. Ben

    Coalition Voter: Wipe that smile off your face Christopher and get your s**t together.

  19. Ahmed Swan

    I want a kebab!

  20. Carlos

    Extremist??? Militant??? Menace?? These comments are by those that are ill-informed, uneducated and jealous. Houssam is not anti jew or anti israel but pro democracy and pro peace. Those comments above that lash out against him personally are insecure about their own position and own achievements. An up and coming young Australian that will go a long way and that Australia needs.

  21. Fred

    I cannot believe what i am reading… In reference to this disgusting article, all i am reading is ‘Israel this and Israel that’ oh poor poor Israel… They are so threatened by a Muslim they need to write an article rubbishing Houssam. What has this got to do with Israel? Houssam seems like a well respected, intelligent young man with a bright future.. I cannot think of anyone better for the job. Good Luck Houssam!!!!!!!

  22. Cain Marko

    White Rhino.Does living at home with ones parents make one gay? If that’s the case then half of Australia is. What has being a homosexual got to do with the price of eggs in China.

  23. Mud

    Hmmm… considering I know the vast majority of the people mentioned in this article I can just say that there is a very large amound of speculation across the board here about nearly everyone’s motives.

    Unless there is a parallel seat of Adelaide somewhere I have read this and wondered if they are all the same people.

  24. Anonymous

    is that George Svigos

  25. Sarah D

    This is absolute garbage.

  26. Anonymous

    Absolutely childish article. Was it written by 4th grader? I’ve never read such deliberatley inciteful and ill-informed drivel. I guess it is too much to expect to have a serious and adult discussion about real issues that concern the electorate of Adelaide. Why am I even responding to this? WHATEVER!

  27. Charlie

    must be pushed by Sammy boy, how is sick of being pushed..

  28. Anonymous

    What an idiot for bagging an Australian just because he happen to be a muslim. [VEXNEWS: His views are the issue not his religion. The racist assumption that all Muslims share Abiad’s extremist views is not correct…] I have done my research on this man and i found out the your article is ignoring the full facts. How do you maintain your job as a writer without looking at the facts. [VEXNEWS: The miracle of self-employment] You shouldn’t twist the words to suit your agenda. Forget about Israel and the things you are trying to stir to make him fail.I say look at what this man has done to Australia and praise him. He should be idiolised for the youth of today to follow and not put down. This selection is about Australia and not the middle east. Houssam Abiad achievements are no joke and are recognised in Australia. Here is a list of few of his achievements. He is the Winner of ADC Australian Leadership Award,Governor’s Multicultural Award:First Prize for services to the community, Pride of Australia Medal:Winner First Prize in the category of Peace. [VEXNEWS: LOL, truly a prince of peace, has he met Les Twentyman?]

    So, Dear Andrew Landeryou. Do you doubt the Australian system that awarded Houssam the listed awards and more. [VEXNEWS: Yes I do, a “peace prize” especially from the UN or similar agency must surely trigger reasonable suspicions] If you do, then maybe i need to write an article about you and your supporters for being anti Australian and anti success. [VEXNEWS: All anonofascist contributions will be considered on their merits of course] Does it really matter what religion you practice or what color you are? [VEXNEWS: No, they don’t but your views and public statements ought to be considered when running for office] Grow up and start working with facts.

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