WISHING GOUGH DEAD: Young LNP ghouls celebrate Whitlam's birthday "because the man is old and nearly dead"

nicholasstantonlnp Queensland LNP operative Nicholas Stanton and dozens of LNP colleagues plan to celebrate former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam’s birthday “because the man is old and nearly dead, he got sacked, and he is just shit… no point rubbing it in, we definitely got the last laugh! So lets (sic) celebrate and be happy!!”

UPDATE: Nationals Senate leader Barnaby Joyce has condemned those involved as this story is reported on the ABC and AAP and elsewhere:

“I’d say that they’ve got a kick up the backside coming their way very quickly,” he told ABC Radio today.

UPDATE: He has been joined by recently expelled LNP member Michael Johnson – now styled as Mike on twitter – who wrote:

I will write to PM Rudd + Mr Whitlam, expressing deep disgust at how some people in my fmr political party could stoop so low as did LNP.

Last week, the sad news broke that the former PM, aged 93, had been moved to an aged-care facility Lulworth House  in Sydney due to his poor health. Whitlam uses a wheelchair and while mentally alert is physically frail.

VEXNEWS has obtained access to a Facebook page established by Stanton, where at the time 17 of his friends, most of them activists within the LNP, had indicated their intention to participate in the ghoulish “celebration” of Whitlam’s impending demise. Two of them are believed to be staffers to federal members of Parliament, Phil Pease is believed to work for high-flying former minister Peter Dutton and Zach Davis-Hancock apparently is employed as an electorate officer for marginal seat holder Andrew Laming. One of those indicating that he ‘maybe’ attending is Luke Barnes, who is believed to be an employee of Fiona Nash, a NSW Nationals federal MP. He once served Sophie Mirabella with distinction before departing in controversial circumstances.

Nicholas Stanton is understood to have been a civil engineering student at James Cook University, a fact which can only partly excuse his unpleasant shenanigans.

stantonjohnhoward Stanton – pictured here with former Prime Minister John Howard – declares on his Facebook page:

Edward Gough Whitlam, AC, QC (born 11 July 1916), known as Gough Whitlam served as the 21st Prime Minister of Australia from 1972 to 1975. He was dismissed as Prime Minister by the Governor-General Sir John Kerr at the climax of the 1975 Australian constitutional crisis; he is the only Prime Minister to have his commission terminated in that manner.
Until November 2007 Mr Whitlam held the title of Australia’s Worst ever Prime Minister. Like everything else about Mr Whitlam, this has since been taken away from him.

Why are we celebrating not condemning?

Because the man is old and nearly dead, he got sacked, and he is just shit…no point rubbing it in, we definitely got the last laugh!
So lets celebrate and be happy!!

When asked by one of his friends why they were celebrating Whitlam’s birthday in this way and not merely condemning the target of their enmity, Stanton responded:

because we’re cool, he’s old and nearly dead..aaaaand, He got SACKED! I think we get the last laugh! So why not be happy?? Also just to be random and funny!

Other ghouls listed as attending this unpleasant event include:

Tommy Brennan – YLNP President
Rennae Leeuw
David Bell
Ruben Roszkowski
Stephanie Heath
Dani Keys
Callum Potts
Michael Francis
Phillip Pease
Kate Pasfield
Zach Davis-Hancock – YLNP Executive
Sarah Jones
Natalie Keys
Alison Prescott
Ben Maxwell
Madeline Sophia
Nicholas Stanton

Those listed as ‘maybe’ attending include:

Luke Barnes
Laney McLaren
Ben Riley
Christopher Balean
Christopher Franklin
Christian Hayes





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188 responses to “WISHING GOUGH DEAD: Young LNP ghouls celebrate Whitlam's birthday "because the man is old and nearly dead"

  1. Arther conan doyle

    How do these people who appear educated, become such absolute arseholes at such a young age?

  2. Anonymous

    Disgusting Tory brats. They don’t have to agree with the great man’s politics but they do have to have manners. Shows a fundamental lack of breeding, sense and judgement, you chinless twits. This lot better hope they getter smarter with age as they don’t seem to have much to recommend them at present.

  3. Spud


    However, I wouldn’t be surprised if some ultra-left freaks tried to do the same about John Howard in the future. Very sad.

  4. Smash the Hard Right~!

    These littlies are pure Motherfaarken Trolllls!

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  6. great stuff

    i kinda wish i was invited ….

  7. Alex Hork

    I bet David Clarke was behind this disgusting right wing love fest!!

  8. Sophie

    Hmm Luke Barnes re-appears on Vexnews… I wonder how he knows Nicholas Stanton?

  9. David Toohey

    I think Madeline Sophia has a good point. VexNews is right to report this story, if anything it highlights the poor-quality of young politcal activists coming through party ranks around the country at the moment.

  10. John Ryan

    I have a funny feeling it has been removed or have you a link to it

  11. Roger Lamb

    Jesus wept.

  12. derper

    i hate it when private jokes like this get blown out of proportion. sure, it was probably unnecessary, but it’s not really fair to take something like this out of context and liken it to the guys personality.

  13. Young LNPer

    Tommy Brennan is Rod Schneider’s handpicked successor as YLNP President.

  14. Andy ware

    These fascist bastards needed to be alive to have participated in the Lottery their party set up to be sent to Vietnam and get Agent Orange in their systems so their kids could be deformed, then they might understand what they missed. Now all they want to do is party. I hope their life becomes a car wreck

  15. Life on Mars

    Arseholes. They see themselves as future politicians, God help them because nothing will save them.

  16. zeto

    That wasn’t the original group name…

  17. jeff

    hope they get rat-faced, fall down, break their faces, get rushed to hospital, where Medicare (introduced by Whitlam and surviving still despite Tory efforts to kill it) will fund their treatment.

  18. Boxer the Horse

    Was Farlow invited? It’s not like he’s got anything else on.

  19. QLD Lib

    Yeah nice work Jeff, hoping someone breaks their face and gets rushed to hospital in response to a petty comment about the country’s worst PM.

    What type of world are we living in when someone can’t even write something as insignificant as that without it being reported on?

    Grow up.

  20. Corey Seccombe

    Why wasn’t I invited? They are my best mates.

  21. Roderick Schneider

    You bet your arse Tommy Brennan is my hand picked successor.

    Down with Whitlam.

    Down with Rudd.

    Down with any self righteous bastard who taxes us into poverty and pisses our hard earned money up against a wall.

  22. Roderick Schneider

    PS the sooner Whitlam dies the better.

    If Kevin Rudd follows suit, the world will be a better place.

  23. Response to Jeff

    Oi Jeff, when I meet you and break your face you’ll be off to a public hospital.

    Conversely, I’ll be off to a private hospital to fix up the scratches on my knuckles. When I’m done, I’ll go have a three course meal, then go treat your mother to an all night visit and when I get home in the morning, you’ll still be in the waiting room.

  24. Expel Tommy Brennan

    what a disgrace.

  25. NPH

    I wouldn’t be on that list if I was president. Time for some synergism for the movement. NPH

  26. Peter Beattie

    Give these people a break, they had to grow up in a state run by an aimless dictator.

  27. Bavid Dell

    lmfao how leweseeeeeeeeeee

  28. The Crumbs.

    Watch out guys. This marks our return to the dizzying heights of power we once held. This is just our first salvo.

  29. James Slowly

    I’m coming back! I have just one month left on my suspension from the LNP. I’ve done the deal: in exchange for Ryan pre-selection votes my return will not be blocked. I can now do whatever I like and there is nothing the Frat or Family can do to stop me. This was just my first salvo.

  30. leftie hypocrite

    This is the first and only time anyone has made an irreverent statement about any politician, let alone about Gough Whitlam who has been praised as being the strongest and most successful Prime Minister in the history of Australia. Naturally when I walked down the street wearing ‘KILL HOWARD’ shirts and demanding that he be imprisoned for war crimes I was just expressing myself in a confronting way. A bunch of Young Libs having an event to mock such an outstanding Prime Minister is completely different from the years us in the left engaged in protests and death threats to Tories, right? Yes. This make sense.

  31. Whistling for dogs

    Why do the left hate so much?

  32. The Crumbs

    We will also use this article from such a high quality publication as our argument to get all our members unexpelled.

  33. We danced drank and made merry

    No lib party can take away the great memories and the relief we felt when howard was voted out…lock stock and barrel….even his own seat….too good for words….

  34. Bavid Dell

    cause it is leweseeeeeeeeeee

  35. Stooge

    Ben Maxwell?

    As in Ben Maxwell – works for Sen. Feeney’s office?

    Something’s up.

  36. [deleted - impersonation]

    I hope Laming doesn’t find out! Not like he can win Bowman anyway.

  37. Bavid Dell

    How leweseeeeeeeee zach

  38. A Nguyen

    Like i leaked johnson’s email! deal with Mciver sign sealed and delivered!

  39. Completely amoral

    This is the calibre of young aspiring politicians from all sides of politics these days. I will not deign to even comment on these little twats, they are not worth me exercising my digits over. However, the likes of Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser will never, unfortunately be seen again. Gough made it worth voting Labor. He was elected at a time of great political change, his ‘sacking’ which no doubt involved the US at a time when they were hysterically enagaged around the world eliminating anything remotely left was a travesty. Malcolm Fraser has demonstrated time and time again that he is a man of great humility, honesty, integrity and ethics. Both of these great men have values that they have lived by, these are the anchors that made them great. The generic politician of today have none of these traits, none of the qualities that are so so sorely needed in todays politics. These little bastards have enjoyed the Australia that the likes of Whitlam and Fraser created. They are not fit to lick Gough’s boots.

  40. Bavid Dell

    Sounds lewseeeeeeeeee Completely amoral

  41. Bavid Dell

    Very lewseeeeeee Completely amoral

  42. Josh Young

    Let the factional games begin.

  43. LNP Executive

    Damage Control!

  44. Sod Rchneider

    Look what i have created…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. a masterpiece

  45. Crumb

    Frat and Family are going, going GONE

  46. Fascinating

    @Completely amoral. Thank you. Your comment is a keeper. The 70’s was one huge societal paradigm shift. Gender Equality, Credit Cards,post Vietnam, Cold War, OPEC, and Olivia Newton John.

  47. The Crumbs

    This is just the first step in the demise of the Frat and Family. Your traitorous protectors cannot stop us anymore.

  48. Young LNP Member

    I’m going to be letting my membership lapse, but not before I write to the LNP president’s committee demanding these people be expelled.

  49. Another Young LNP Member

    I too am going to be letting my membership lapse. This party has turned into a joke and i can see why we never win state elections, let alone federal seats.
    I will also be writing to the state Executive to ask for these people to be expelled for bring serve harm to the party.

  50. Michael McPherson

    It was a private joke, that has been blown out of proportion by someone who has an axe to grind. Did it ever occur to anyone that these kids just want to have an excuse to have a party?

    Whitlam did something for the country, in terms of Health and Education – Rudd has done nothing. As far as it is distasteful to say that he has had the title of worst prime minister stripped from him “like everything else”, it is pertinent

  51. Flaney McL

    Another gay YLNPer bites the dust…

  52. Political Realist

    Seriously – listing the ‘maybe’ attendees: this borders ridiculous. Let the kids have a BBQ if they want!!!

  53. wonders

    Really?? This seems to me as if it has been blown way out of proportion.. Its a Birthday celebration not a celebration of ill health or death! Seriously, i wonder about the quality of press sometimes!

  54. Pisstopher Chryne

    I am going to attend this party to give these young men a bit of discipline. They are all so naughty they need a good spanking…so do I now that i think of it.

  55. Ruben Roszkowski

    Contrary to the views expressed on the Facebook event page, I wish Gough Whitlam a long life. As a distinguished Australian, he deserves to be treated with respect. To mock another is unacceptable and should not be condoned in a just society. A bit of larrikin fun at the expense of another is part of the fair dinkum Aussie culture, just as long as it is not taken to the extreme level.

  56. Roderick Schneider

    Any excuse to get drunk! Hopefully I won’t embarrass myself in front of the senior party this time!

  57. [deleted - impersonation]

    Thankfully i didnt RSVP

  58. Ollie

    What are you doing back there C Pearce?

  59. Slick Manton

    I am a disgrace. Tee-Hee!

  60. [deleted - impersonation]

    I’ll be there, might want to get some more pies in though!

  61. [deleted - impersonation]

    Hey Guys, do you need me to bring anything? I have plenty of space in my backpack.

    I’m going to bleach my anus for the occasion.

  62. [deleted - impersonation]

    Don’t you listen to that meany Andy Landeryou, I still love you. Nice to see you’ve kept the picture of our special kiss on your profile.

  63. Big Cork

    The Liberal Party is Australia’s alimentary canal.

    The unspeakable Young Libs are the descendants of a long line of political turds who have ruined Australia and turned us into an upstairs/downstairs society.

    The Libs are elitest shite.

  64. [deleted - impersonation]

    Gough Whitlam is a vanilla monkey!!!!

  65. Clam Man

    This is the calibre of young activists that will be leading our country in the years ahead. It is frightening.

    These little Tory brats have no idea how damaging their actions are…not just in terms of disrespect to an aging leader but to the view of politics from their peers.

    Sickening little turds.

  66. Ozymandias

    This pathetic undergraduate attempt at humour speaks volumes about the ignorance of these little twats. It also tells us a lot about these childrens’ political mentors. The worst part of the whole idea is its perpetuation of the meme that Whitlam was our worst-ever PM. If that were the case, one would not expect his legacy to include the creation of many institutions and policies which are now the bedrock of our community, and which neither side of politics would dream of destroying. But these kids weren’t there, and they know nothing of those turbulent times.

  67. Shane Ariel

    I find it hilarious that so many people are quick to judge the whole LNP by the actions of a few kids having a joke at someones expense. There is nothing to say to those ppl who will forever judge regardless of circumstances.

  68. As a hard working member of the YLNP exec, I put the Frat on lockdown tonight. I’m the media and campaigns expert so there is no way I was going to allow my kids out and about on a Friday night when there is a scandal we need to hose down. Instead we all logged on using various stolen identities and using the same IP address we hosed down this fire.

    This demonstrates my superior campaign and tactical knowledge. No need to expect any further work from me this year. I’m a banker waiting for my interest to accrue.

    I don’t want to be President. There is no need desiring the inevitable.

  69. Benjamin Stanton

    I wonder how many of the people who have commented on this thread have ever had a bad joke taken out of context. Sure this joke may have been in bad taste. But I’d be willing to bet that ill will was not meant in any way, shape or form. The old saying, “those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” comes to mind. The “righteous” commentors on this threas should remember that they themselves have almost certainly made a very distasteful joke at some time in their past. Chances are, however, that they made such a joke in private, rather then in public. If they are guilty of anything, then the YLNP members responsible for this “event” are guilty of a momentary lapse in judgement rather then a lack of character. It has been said by much greater men then me, but let the sinless throw the first stone.

  70. annon

    Nicholan and Luke – two vile individuals who give gays a bad name.

  71. The Crumbs

    We’ve been up all night celebrating what is surely the killer blow to our factional enemies and all those who stand before us.

  72. right side

    annon – how dare you say that. Nick and Luke are two wonderful people. This event was simply an excuse for a party and no ill intent was meant by it. Why don’t you grow up.

  73. Roar

    “Maybe” on Facebook a polite brushoff for not wanting to attend. I don’t understand why the “Maybe” list who have brushed off the event are being demonized.

  74. It's a Sad Day When...

    Looks at your comments, kids. “You blew a joke out of proportion but, all the same, Gough deserves every half-brained insult he gets” from overprivileged, one-eyed power-lusters.
    I was at uni with quite a few people like these party-(or, rather, insult-) throwers over the turn of the last decade. Humour was just an ostensible defense for venal & self-righteous chest-beating for these vocal attack-dogs. Any attempted debate with this mob seemed limited to hyperbollically abstract rhetoric & had merely cursory links to the question of how best to lead, provide for & govern Australian society. The underlying assumption being that the poor/disadvantaged/ vulnerable/non-mainstream, along with anyone who cared literally and philosophically for them, deserved all/the little they got in great competition for the “thrival” of the fittest. Greed is [the public] good seemed to be the fundamental value. It looks like the line has little wavered. Made and still makes me sick.
    I remain happy, even enthusaistic about, engaging in constructive debate with social/economic conservatives any day. Sadly, these people don’t seem to get very high up
    the NLP’s greasy pole any more…

    Grow up & start extrapolating upon & justifying some policies, kids.
    Reading of your “bit of a laugh” birthday party, a poorly veiled brainless insult to one Australian’s courgeous attempt (however flawed you may judge it) at improving the public good, I know who’d I’d sack!

  75. Anonymous

    I was wounded in the house of my friends.
    Zechariah, 13. 6

  76. anon

    I so want to watch Stanton [deleted]

  77. Kim Jong Il

    Why are people so stupid

  78. Shane Good-dog

    I don’t get invited to anything anymore.

  79. Sicholas Nanton

    Whitlam would have accepted the lifestyle choice I made.

  80. Luke Barnes

    I never liked this guy anyway.

  81. Bitchell Redfid

    Who is Shane Good-dog anyway?
    Wasn’t he someone that did something a long time ago?

  82. Observer

    Young. Sick. Stupid. Senseless. That just about says it all for me, I think. And to think these idiots actually vote. Worse han that, they probably think hey’re doing the LNP cause good – add “fools” to my first four words.

  83. Observer

    Young. Sick. Stupid. Senseless. That just about says it all for me, I think. And to think these idiots actually vote. Worse than that, they probably think they’re doing the LNP cause good – add “fools” to my first four words.

  84. Stupid

    Politics in this country has denigrated into a useless, irrelevant and monkey arsed business.

    Activists who party over dying former PMs, chuck out fridges from second story windows at NUS conferences and contradict themselves as Liberal “conservative” thinkers are the best this country can produce. What a laugh.

    We have an ageging population, increasing level of endebtness and significant economic structural risks in the long term. Instead of acting candy arsed, why don’t they start thinking pro-actively about preserving our quality of life. Isn’t that what Liberalism is meant to be about?

  85. Argus Tuft

    You could not expect anything less
    than this from the RIGHT WING extremeist trash that support the Mad Monk and the Dumb Blond.
    The born to rule branch of the so miss named Liberal Party will be stuffed after the next election.

  86. shane badloser

    I made schnod rider the man he is today. I created the tommy brennan juggernaut.

    Why doesn’t anyone respect my authoritah??

    I wish I was like my hero, ss.

  87. Cameron Macdonald

    This act is indicative of the entire Young Liberals organisation. It identifies their morbidity, insensitivity, ignorance and complete lack of capacity to foresee the consequences of their immature actions.

    Are these the future LNP politicians?

  88. You are the weakest link

    Nicholas Stanton can kiss his bid for the Brisbane City Council Ward of The Gabba Goodbye, and every other seat for that matter.

  89. The Real Bavid Dell

    My gf is so lewwwwwwwse… now…

  90. Bavid Dell

    awww vex news, way to ruin a lewsee partyyyyy

  91. Ruben Roszkowski

    I just think that this is all such a terrible shame, travesty, a disgrace, a blemish on my esteemed reputation and above all an opprobrium on my well recognised and admired character. I assure that I do not condone such ignominy. Although I may have expressed an intention to attend this satanistic soiree I was only doing it as a statement of ironic opposition to it. I am a knightly chap and was raised with old world manners and I shall not and will not have my reputation smeared by associating with such young ruffians. To express to you all my highest levels of disgust for this event and to further validate my desire to be recognised as an upstanding man of honour, I shall meet these unkindly folk for pistols at dawn in which I trust my years of mastering World of Warcraft shall come in much use. The faces of those who dare make comments about Gough Whitlam, I slap thee with my glove of disgust!! You shall be smoten like Sauron in the Mountain of Doom! From fire you came and into the fire I shall send you! Huzzahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. [deleted - impersonation]

    When I’m not awol I support nick stanton all the way… My lifestyle perversion (my glasses give it away) suits his!!

  93. Pete Gollumson


  94. H Sedge

    I’m more of a man than Stanton will ever be.

  95. flamin leeham

    “If I was on there I’d be flaming!!”

  96. Margaret Preston

    I’d like to know how this is any kind of victory for the Crumbs. How does this second-rate article, posted on a second-rate news site about an obvious excuse to have fun constitute the fall of the Frat and the Family? Good work tattling to the press, now you’d best go find a party that you are invited to, if you can.

  97. Simon Ingram

    I RULE Supreme now!

  98. Bavid Dell

    very lewseeeeeeeeeeeee like my gf when i did her.

  99. Labor hypocrites

    What sanctamonious hypocrites most of you posters are! When Howard was PM how many of you lot trashed Howard at every possible opportunity and wished every possible bad thing would happen to him!

    To link every person who was at this event to the comments made by just one person at this shin dig is the crassest form of guilt by association that I have ever seen.

    Talk about a storm in a tea cup!

    Get over yourselves you leftie pinkos – grow another half of the brain that was somehow removed when you joined the Labor Party and sold it and your souls to the devil! Your comments are immature – as are you!

    Geez, if any Libs gate crashed your leftie love in – what would they reveal about you lot!!? I guarantee it would be a lot worse than happenned here tonight!

    People in glass houses …….

  100. Brandon Carter

    Why wasn’t I invited?

    Doesn’t matter anyhow, I have a bagpipes lesson on then.

  101. Luke Barnes

    Thank god they haven’t reported the encounter nicky and I had in the stationary cupboard!

  102. Michelle Delport

    Anyone keen for a rendition of ‘scotland the brave’?

  103. Pete Carlsson

    It wasn’t smith who ate all the pies!

  104. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


  105. Naddy Mielsen

    I wasn’t really going to go. These peoples morals are more questionable than my own!

  106. phat phuk

    what a discrace from these young little upstarts they should all hang their heads in SHAME

  107. The Real Brandon Carter

    The above posters are just jealous that I can still get into the playground at McDonalds and no-one bats an eyelid.

  108. Donal Campbell

    To Bavid Dell, I will send you some needle and thread to sew the holes up in your pockets (you wanker). Also just wondering do you have two d..cks, you can’t be that stupid with just playing with one. Ever thought that a person may just be pissed off with the comments irrespective of what political persuasion they may be.

  109. Maverick

    Stanton, let me think for a moment, yes, I remember Whitlam’s dismissal back in 1975. I also remember Holt’s disappearance. I have no idea what you were doing, but what was I doing. Ah yes that’s right I was in Bagdad and yes, you were still in dad’s bag.

    You a joke kid.

  110. Adrian Williams

    Go easy on these poor kids, however in saying that, can each one of them let everyone else know if any of their respective parents go into hospital under similar circumstances as Gough, then just maybe, some one can organise a party to celebrate

    Different story now heh, because if affects you personally. How do you think Gough’s family feels.

    You people are poor excuses even for oxygen thieves.

  111. ABC

    There is nothing wrong with a little undergraduate humour. The reality is, Whitlam was the worst PM in history!

  112. Bavid Dell

    Donal Campbell thats lewseeee

  113. Donal Campbell

    You are right Bavid Dell, I noticed the same thing about your girl friend also, very lewseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I suppose the guys say the same about you too, extra lucy.

  114. Fascinating

    Whiltam volunteered to fight in World War 2. I doubt very much these little grubs would do the same thing. Have a look at how their cousins in the USA felt about volunteering.

  115. spaz chariot

    I don’t mind a bit of undergrd humour – but prefer it when it’s funny.
    Nicholas, who’s a pretty boy then?

  116. appalled!

    You all should be ashamed of yourself! Some kids were organising a harmless bbq, albeit in bad humour, and the way you are all behaving is absolutely disgraceful! Shame on you for personally attacking people in a publish forum! In my opinion you are acting much worse then those responsible for the bbq! Grow up people!!!

  117. screamin mee mees

    To Nicholas Stanton:

    Why be a man when you can be a success?

    B. Brecht.

  118. John Fergurson

    To ABC. Undergrad my arse. Obviously, you are one of the bunch of dh generation under 30 who think the world revolves around them. Did you ever know Gough, did you ever meet him, did you ever work at a job when he led the labour party. No you didn’t. So shut your fn mouth you di.k. The world is full of wankers like you. I remember that I shot better bastards than you when I was in uniform doing active service. Active service to you would be how quick can I get a beer at the uni bar. God help Australia.

  119. Bavid Dell

    John Fergurson if your as good as you claim to be, why are you spending your time on vex news? thats so lewseeee

  120. james

    This outright display @ what foul attitudes lay @ the heart of the moronic Y Libs is going nationwide. Get ready for it fools! May Abbott your hero be pleased.

  121. “I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake; and I will not remember your sins. Put Me in remembrance; let us contend together; state your case, that you may be acquitted.” (Isaiah 43:25-26)

  122. Mick D-Port

    I hope I get let into Q&A tomorrow night, I’ll be wearing my best polyester suit and tie combo – rented from Lowes.

  123. shane

    Such a Liberal thing to do. sick really

  124. Martin Wilson.

    Heh Dinga Bell

    I just read your comments and back checked on what John Ferguson said. What I have seen of you so far and what John said, I have no doubt he could kick your arse with both hands tied behind his back. Give up boy whilst you are ahead.

    And yeah, I also agree with Maverick, you’re a joke like stanton.

    And if you want to take me on white boy, it will be my pleasure.

  125. Andre

    How do these people who appear educated, become such absolute arseholes at such a young age?
    I completely agree with this comment, have some respect!!!!

    I hope the young idiot who has his photo at the top dies a slow painful death at a young age!!!!

  126. Steeve

    This is what we should all be aware of. A Bunch of cretins with an overdeveloped sense of entitlement and a god given right to govern. Arrogance in the extreme. Another reasonnwhy Crap Labor will always be better than great Liberal.
    These vultures ought to be used by Labor as poster boys for why Abbot and his gang should NEVER be allowed back in Power..

  127. Steeve

    Roderick Schneider – Come on out you coward. Pick on an old man.. Why? Me mate,.. I’ll take you on any day, any time either fists or an intellectual swedge match. You and your ilk are a bunch of A grade cretins who shame a party that once tried to be nation builders and tried to work with all Australians.
    I hope its fists. Because after I am finished with you, I’ll want you to remember for the rest of your miserable life what happened and who did it. Just Like Ingluorious Basterds…
    Giving you an Intellectual Bashing would be just as quick and violent, except scarring your pitifully smal brain.

  128. Cartenz

    This upstanding young individuals will one day go on to be the future seat-sniffers of this country.

  129. Completely and utterly outraged!!!!

    I am completely and utterly outraged at the behaviour of these people. To make comments referring to Gough Whitlam being 95 years old, in poor health and close to mortality and therefore things couldn’t get worse for him is such a baseless and outrageous statement. It is an over the top, aggressive, anti-social, threatening, evil and Hitleresque thing to say. If I ever meet these people I am going to decapitate them with a butter knife, rip out their eyes, piss in their skull, take a dump on their body and then burn it. I feel completely justified in my desire to do disgusting and evil acts to them and then advertise it on Vexnews because they decided to get together as a small private group and make a semi-irreverant statement about a 95 year old former Prime Minister who is very unpopular.
    Yes, I’m not highly unbalanced and insane. I’m an entirely tough and logical person who really brings the rage on a pathetic leftist website. I also beat my wife and crack peanuts with a sledgehammer. I AM SO AWESOME!!!!!!!

  130. Mike Baird

    i feel sorry for Gough – I understand that he does not believe the Bible to be the literal word of God – he probably does not believe that the world is less than 7,000 years old.

  131. rofl @ you

    steeve, you must be complete threatening people from a keyboard. I bet you feel big when you press “Submit Comment”. If you’re that smart why are you spending your time on vex news?

  132. Pate Kashfield

    Don’t worry Nick, I’m self rightious and love Jesus. I will save you from all the moral people judging you.

  133. Gayle

    Wow how proud your parents must be to have raised you and to call you thier son, a person who dislikes the elderly and who has no respect for anyones feelings no compassion for your fellow humans I myself worry that you are a danger to be let out in public , I am concerned that anyone who want to celebrate the demise or misfortune of another has a very real mental disorder if not an anti social problem , or were you not taught to respect your elders, do you find it amusing when someone dies in an accident or drowning when decent peolpe are sent to war and die was 911 a jolly day for you? You are not fit to be in a position of making decisions for me or anyone and anyone who finds you amusing is no better. I repect peoples views be it political religious or other but this personal and you are either to young or to self absorbed to realise that, your family is aging think how you would feel if someone said this about your parents ,sorry my mistake, you may even find the comedy in that no doubt.Go away lick your wounds and try to amend your ways not that I think that will happen.

  134. Steeve

    rofl @ you – come out from behind the moniker….Oh thats right,.. you are too chickenshit to put your name there..

  135. Steeve

    Completely and utterly outraged!!!! – Kudos on the bit you Tory seat sniffer.
    Go back to sniffing the lines of caviar off poor people. It suits you best.

  136. Gayle

    I need to add a reply to the fool named (labour Hypocryts) , you are an idiot and a waste of time, when someone is in the position of prime minister they are obviously of sound mind and good health and able to respond to thier critics you are a fool do you not understand? this has nothing to do with stupid mud slinging what people are upset with is the fact you attacking and celebrating the demise of a person who cannot defend himself and hurting his family who love him, and if you and your fellow ghouls had a brain to share you would see this is not funny it is not politics it is not normal behaviour to want to celebrate the pain in anothers life , be they Labour , Liberal or a different color you are a waste of oxygen and do not want to admit you did the wrong thing .

  137. Uni admin worker

    There is a huge proportion of this new generation that are self-entitled well-off kids that judge the hell out of people and are so exclusionary that their underworked minds & arses would never comprehend how “the other” people live. Big probs indeed.

  138. Verrity Brazon

    It’s Adam and Eve, Nick, not Adam and Steve. I judge you and your choices. What kind of example are you setting for single mum’s?

  139. Myan Rurphy

    Blue juice anyone?

  140. True Blue

    Thankyou for your honest comments STANTON. You have well and truly convinced me that the next generation of Liberal leaders are over-educated and under-informed and ill-fit to have the power and the passion to lead the peoples of Australia.
    You have succeeded in making the LNP appear to look like a pack of stuck-up PRATS, who have never truly worked a day in your lives and are completely disconnected with mainstream Austrlalia.
    Go and continue living off your parents wealth and just fade away, your commentry is no longer welcome in this great land of peoples.
    I will never vote Liberal again due to lack of trust and honesty. SHAME, SHAME ON YOU….

  141. Clive

    Typical of the young libs, a bunch of spoilt rich kids with no values a little respect.
    Fuck them all and the misguided things they believe in.
    Real decent Aussies would never act like this the young libs are the hitler youth of the 21st century.

  142. Diane

    I’ve kept this list of names just in case they are looking for a job in future years – I don’t want to make the mistake of employing any of them and I’d certainly reassess the credibility at any politician or company that I deal with that has them anywhere in their employ.

  143. Joe

    Well noone is disputing the fact that Rudd is now the worst prime minister in Australia’s history.

  144. Michael Johnson

    “It was also interesting to read in today’s Sunday Mail that The President of the Young LNP and 21 other members of the Young LNP were planning to attend an event to celebrate the ‘near death’ of Former Prime Minster, Mr Gough Whitlam. This a total disgrace and by any measure, their conduct surely brings the LNP into disrepute and causes the LNP severe harm. An invitee asked when invited to the event, “Why are we celebrating not condemning?” The organiser of the event Mr Stanton said in response the question “because we’re cool, he’s old and nearly dead..aaaaand, He got SACKED! I think we get the last laugh! So why not be happy?? Also just to be random and funny!” It was also interesting to read that Mr. Tommy Brennan, the President was one of those signed up to attend the function. The people of Ryan may be interested to know that Mr Brennan was one of only 12 ordinary state executive members (the other half didn’t bother to turn up) which unanimously voted to expel me from the LNP. Mr Brennan, holding a leadership position in the LNP couldn’t even bring himself to ask me a single question or look me in the eye as he sat in judgment of a 3rd term Federal MP with 15 years membership in the Liberal Party. It is little wonder the LNP is so out of touch with the lives of regular Mums and Dads, Families, Pensioners and Business Owners in the Ryan electorate.”

  145. John

    Nicholas Stanton is, without a doubt, guilty for his comments – especially as he made them twice. While it may have been intended as a private joke, it was certainly in bad taste.

    However, to list the names, such as Tommy Brennan, Phil Pease, Zach Davis-Hancock, Luke Barnes, and anybody else whether they have party positions, party membership, or not at all, and to take their names on a Facebook event page as some sort of statement that they agree with Nick’s comments is one of the most blatant forms of guilt-by-association.

    Facebook event pages can have their descriptions edited at any time, and it can be done by the event creator without the consent of anybody else. Who is to say that Nicholas didn’t append those disgraceful comments to the event description at a later time, such as after he answered Madeline’s question?

    It certainly looks like it happened, otherwise she wouldn’t have asked why they were celebrating if the answer was already there.

    As there is no evidence to refute such possibilities, nobody but Nicholas Stanton can be assumed to be associated with the comments. To embarrass those who may be potentially innocent is disgusting and vile.

  146. Reds Are Better in Bed

    Add Norman Evangelista to this list, lives in hawthorn went Xavier and works for BHP and suggests refugees be sent out into the desert and be used as free labour to dig up minerals.

  147. Martin Wilson.

    To Joe and all you other YLNP wankers (I am now certain that you use each other’s hands), how in the hell would you know if the current PM or Gough was the worse PM in Australian history, you have only been around for less than 30 years, read books have you so what.

    I have been around for 88 years, and I can honestly say that some PMs have been have been high performers, some middle of the road but there has never been a bad performer and that includes the present one.

    I have experienced all types of economies of the day but there have only been two really bad times when our economy nearly collapsed and each time the party in power did a good job and I bet you that both times, the oposition party were pleased that they were in oposition.

    So, in terms that you would understand and which were words of the day when I was a boy, go f..ck yourselves, why because you would not know if a rat crawled up your bum even if it was master Stanton and his cronies.

    Leave Gough alone, you are not fit to wipe his bum.

    Martin Wilson

    ex 8 Div AIF

  148. Alex

    One has to realize that generally the Young Libs are drunk or on the way to being drunk!
    Drunk or sober this was one of silliest of these pranks…Young Tory Prats(or Brats)dont seem to know how bad this all looks for their political party..Silly Silly Silly

  149. Pingback: Tweets that mention VEXNEWS 2010© | WISHING GOUGH DEAD: Young LNP ghouls celebrate Whitlam’s birthday “because the man is old and nearly dead” -- Topsy.com

  150. Northern Beaches

    The young liberals are piss ants. They have no life so they join a political party with no substance. You are weak individuals that need to be in a political party to be someone or somebody. Do your selves a favour and get a life you piss ants

  151. L I Stalker

    Why wasn’t I invited? I would fit in perfectly…

  152. Sue Gant

    Good post Andrew! Bolt at the Herald Sun won’t touch it I bet. If the party had any balls they’d suspend the organisation. Don’t need it. An embarrasment.

  153. David A

    To think these immature, ignorant ghouls are probably our Liberal politicians of the future. I will be making a note of their names. The LNP in Queensland is a very sick party and looks like being that way for a long time to come.

  154. Red Mitchford

    Vexnews forgot to mention that Madeline Sophia works as an electorate officer for Queensland State Member for Indooroopilly Scott Emerson.

  155. Amazed

    What’s the difference between Nicholas Stanton and faeces? The latter has principles! What a sleazy little non-entity and bozo is Nicholas Stanton.

  156. ex Lib

    Thuis is what you would expect of the prats in Young Labour and Young Liberal.

    Most of them with no real world experience but intend on getting a seat – any seat – in Parliament no matter what it takes.

    Straight out of Uni and into a politician’s office and by the age of 30 they are hoping to be able to tell he rest of us how to run our lives.

    This from people who often enough never had a real job.

  157. Madeline Sophia…

    Madeline Sophia aka Madeline Nielsen aka Maddy Nielsen aka Maddie Nielsen…

    Maddy Nielsen creating a facebook profile using her middle name as her surname…

    Maddy Nielsen who used to date Julian Simmonds – feared numbers man for Jane Prentice.

    Maddy Nielsen who got dumped by Julian for Liberal party Treasurer’s niece Emma Yabsley when Maddy ran out of numbers for Jane.

    Maddy Nielsen who has been romantically linked with feared numbers man Luke Walker. Coitus occurred the day after her breakup with Julian.

    Maddy Nielsen… efficient…

    Maddy Nielsen, who masterminded the great Mt Ommaney ALP sign migration event of 2008.

    Maddy Nielson, what will her next dastardly plan be…?

  158. Anonymous

    Julian Simmonds is about as fearsome as Bob Harper.

  159. Pat

    I’ve met Rod Schneider….he’s a c*nt

  160. Grammar Boy

    Michael Johnson. Stop spelling things with capital letters when words are not nouns! You do it all the time and for a 40 year-old man who has Cambridge degree or something, you should know better!

  161. Anon

    wow I am surprised it is not me this time that has foot in mouth disease or creates another fuck up for the party to deal with

  162. J Hastie

    wow I am surprised it is not me this time that has foot in mouth disease or creates another problem for the party to deal with

  163. A Lib

    Unfortunately Nick, your parents have reared a PLONKER. One day we can only hope that you GROW UP.

  164. William Johnson

    To Mr Stanton and the rest of your group of friends.

    I realise that to get ahead in life, one normally has to work hard and should have high work ethics.

    In yours and your friends case, it is obvious to all that for you to get ahead, [deleted]

  165. anonymous

    after all that they did to you Johnson you have the right to name these bastards,who are the rest of them?

  166. Balanced1990

    A note to whoever is legally responsible for Vexnews: some of the views published in this comment column are already exposing you to charges of defamation, and without the defence of truth and public benefit. Read up on media law and hope nobody feels like putting their legal studies to the test. Or start deleting some of these posts.

  167. A Real Student

    That Grady guy on Q and A is clearly a turncoat. He may as well have started making out with Maxxie right there and then they were so lovie dovey close.

  168. “There’s a concern that the current liberal party wear a lack of compassion as a badge of pride”

    It wouldn’t be so funny if it wasn’t so true the Young LNP have made consistent fuck ups I love how you all make this blame game of who to throw out, spy on next and yet you don’t see the big picture when was the last time Young Labor did something stupid? you guys are just wanting to throw it all away and even put your names to it in the process.

  169. It's a Sad Day When...

    I have plenty of healthy skepticism about “the Left” and plenty of time to engage with defenders of “the Right”. I rarely rarely agree with or am convinced by the mainstream opinions of the latter since 1996. So I am no stranger to your Howard-Haters, leftie-love-in, bleeding-hearts line. I find it SO BORING AND REPETITIVE to be branded with the same old slogans and insults at the expense of engaging in a meaningful debate of sustainable objectives, healthy values and the means of achieving them in Australian government and society.

    Did you ever ask WHY anybody hated John Howard’s policies and approach to governance? Did you ever spend a moment comparing arguments and established facts about the circumstances under which Gough Whitlam was “sacked” in the first place? Do you ever question the LNP’s line (and policy backflips)? Or is it just easier to party irrerevently, tell the people you aspire to represent(*shudder*) to stop being so serious, fling around one-liners like you’re the Bruce Willises of politics and leave any intellectual effort to Debating Club competitions?

    Have you even considered your objectives and values? Are you really too arrogant, and morally and intellectually limited to evaluate and explain your political values, objectives and methods? Or are you just getting off school-boy style over your newfound discovery of that age-old game “competition for power”?

    By the way, “chevaux de boucherie (translation: the horse butcher)” you’ve mistranslated yourself rather beautifully. Apparently you are the Butcher’s horses! Nice to imagine those Pinko French Butchers doing a splendid job of carving up your chevaline rump!

  170. Disgruntled Citizen

    This kid is already showing his personality traits and looks like he’ll grow up to be a very good likeness of Tony Abbott.
    What’s wrong with people in politics, don’t any of them actually care for the people that put them there in the first place?
    It’s not a Monopoly game people, it’s not your game board and it’s not your country to do with as you please, it belongs to the rest of the 20 million people that live here.
    The only thing that is different between Tony Abbott, this kid and the rest of the politicians is that these two don’t give a sh!t and just speak out what ever crap is on their minds without have a clue about the consequences.
    They live in their own little worlds and they have God complexes, they really don’t give a sh!t.

  171. Sad Face

    Balanced1990 is Maddie Nielsen. 1990 is her birth year and legal threats are her usual resort when she is caught out. Mr Vexnews, if you were ever going to take legal advice, don’t take it from Maddie Nielsen. She flunked out of QUT Law. Come to think of it, so did her ex Julian Simmonds. Come to think of it, so did his new squeeze Emma Yabsley. Come to think of it so did a certain Ian Prentice who was struck off the Barrister roll for bankruptcy. Then there is the Godmother of them all Jane Prentice who threatens to sue anything she doesn’t like. What a Brady Bunch!

  172. Intalektual

    Rod Schneider must be intimidated to a challenge of wits from a heavyweight like ‘Steeve’ who spells his own name with three ‘e’s, but can not afford a second ‘l’ when spelling ‘small’.

  173. bec

    Oh my God.

    RELAX all of you. It was just a small little invite, surely enough a piss up, and a reason to.

    Honestly, we all just need to chill and realise it was for the fun of it.

  174. lolz

    Gotta love these ‘legal’ threats. The person making them has to be certain they really don’t want any dirty laundry brought up 😉

  175. Antonio Ferrero Rocher

    Guys, I’m begging you.. Please give me relevance. Just this once. I’ll be good, I promise.

  176. cosh jhristian

    wheres my federal seat?

  177. Davenfrat

    Sorry Tony, but I destroyed single handedly your entire group and banished you into irrelevance. Pretty embarrassing for you seeing as you told everyone how useless I was and such an easybeat.

  178. The Whole Truth

    To #gradyhorse on Q&A last night

    Perhaps you should view the video footage of the Israeli commandos fast-roping onto that ship (http://player.video.news.com.au/theaustralian/#FarufpLGQ1wi8mcGNoCzsEGm7GkG8ZyU) and then tell us all, if several people were beating you with metal poles and chairs, whether or not you would fire your weapon.

    We could always test it out: i’ll give you my pistol, unloaded (I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself), i’ll throw you to the ground and me and my mates will beat you with metal poles and a chair, and we’ll see how long it takes you to aim the weapon and pull the trigger.

    Perhaps then you might have a change of mind and no longer think the action of the IDF commandos was “indefensible”.

    You say that you support Israel but you clearly don’t. Thank God that you’re not in charge of protecting Israel’s borders: you’d raise the white flag at the first threat of a hair follicle being ruffled.

    I bet those members of the UQ Jewish Students who supported this moron in the 2009 UQ Union election are now seriously regretting every doing so.

  179. A Real Student

    it always amuses me how quickly appalled these people get when these things happen. Instead of looking at the situation as a whole and thinking about they jump on the bandwagon and just go for it. These same people are also the ones who often throw the first stones and when the other person reacts run around and tell everyone how appalled they are that the person responded and how unfair it is.

  180. Simon Jamison

    Thanks Gough for keeping me and my three brothers out of the war in Vietnam, for bringing the troops home, for my University education, for Medibank, for ending the Menzies era. Good health, best wishes, Simon J.

  181. Another 'thanks' Gough reply.

    Thanks Gough for reneging on the promise of safe passage for South Vietnamese who were to be treated like slaves after being disallowed to escape because you recognised the North Vietnamses government. Thanks Gough for making so many lives hell and turning us into boat people and refugees that had to apply for asylum instead of the free passage that should have been afforded us. Thanks Gough on behalf of all the men, women and children killed when the North swept through because they had nowhere to go. Thanks Gough for all the men forced into re-education camps who otherwise might have had a choice and escaped to Australia.

    All this because you decided to break Australia’s humanitarian promise so you could befriend your socialist comrades over the benefit and safety of your fellow human beings.

    As always there are two sides to every coin.

  182. Leean Lafferty

    Sunday July 11
    my place


  183. Emily

    This kid is already showing his personality traits and looks like he’ll grow up to be a very good likeness of Tony Abbott.
    What’s wrong with people in politics, don’t any of them actually care for the people that put them there in the first place?
    It’s not a Monopoly game people, it’s not your game board and it’s not your country to do with as you please, it belongs to the rest of the 20 million people that live here.
    The only thing that is different between Tony Abbott, this kid and the rest of the politicians is that these two don’t give a sh!t and just speak out what ever crap is on their minds without have a clue about the consequences.
    They live in their own little worlds and they have God complexes, they really don’t give a sh!t.

  184. Micky Davenfrat

    Hey Guys, did you catch me after the Young LNP Ball? I was cool as a cat in my best polyester blend suit, lucky lowes was having a sale that day because I also picked up a nice new shirt and tie combination! Well, I’d better get back to scheming my latest attack against Antonio, Walker and Grady, their breeding and GPS educations make me throb with jealous rage!

  185. Tim Hoff

    Tasteless stuff. But NO different to the drop kick hippy socialist Howard Haters club.

  186. Firebird

    Nicholas Stanton you are a worthless piece of shit. How dare you speak about Gough Whitlam in the mean and revoltingly ghoulish way you do. I hope I never meet you because if I do I will throw up. You are a low bastard to wish death on anyone, let alone a great man like Gough Whitlam.

  187. Josh christiansen

    Now that all these losers are gone I can have my federal seat Of ryan. Just hope Johnson doesn’t figure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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