SHAME FRASER SHAME: Libs cry fraud over Fraser's book boosting at party gatherings

malcolmfrasersirjohnkerr Victorian Liberals expressed disgust at Malcolm Fraser’s willingness to boost sales of his Political Memoirs at party gatherings held at the party’s headquarters months after he’d quit the party in protest that it had become too right-wing.

A document obtained by VEXNEWS reveals that the former Prime Minister – who had kept his decision to leave the party quiet – promoted his book to Liberal party members and supporters as late as April this year, even providing autographs on request to the duped party loyalists.

His co-author, a writer at a left-wing email newsletter, revealed yesterday that in response to direct questions about whether he was still a party member, Fraser disingenuously replied “I’m still a Liberal.”

One outraged Liberal told VEXNEWS last night he felt deceived and defrauded by Fraser:

Remember that the Rat’s resignation occurred in December 2009. In April 2010, some four months after he had quit the Liberal Part, the Rat spoke to the Liberal Party faithful at 104 Exhibition Street, the headquarters of the Victorian Division of the Liberal Party, with the topic of his speech being his then recently launched book, “Malcolm Fraser in conversation with Margaret Simons”. Copies of the book were available for purchase at this meeting.

After having resigned from the Liberal Party in December 2009, if the Rat had a conscience, how could he in good faith present himself to Liberal Party members at Party HQ, spruiking his book, at a time when they were not aware that he turned his back on the Party that had given him so much over the years?

Another question that demands an answer is why the Rat was even allowed to speak at Liberal Party HQ “104” by Party Chieftains given that he had resigned his membership?

No doubt a shiver would have gone down Malcolm’s co-author’s spine as she entered 104 Exhibition Street complex, possibly humming the Star Wars Imperial March to herself as she and Mad Mal swept in, most probably for the last time unless Fraser’s chum Ted Baillieu is elected in November and subsequently attempts to seize control of the party apparatus, as a number of mainstream Liberals fear.

The co-author was perhaps comforted by the Art Gallery in the Liberal party owned building still professing that it exhibits the works of controversial child nude artist Bill Henson, who trawled inner-city primary schools looking for nude talent, with the apparent support of Liberal leader Ted Baillieu.

Baillieu backers Judith Troeth and Petro Georgiou, both on the verge of retirement from the federal Parliament, told their favourite journal The Age of their pain:

But it will spark discussion about just who has changed most since Mr Fraser led the Liberal Party – him or the party. Supporters such as Senator Troeth insist it is the latter, pointing to his stand on immigration, refugees, indigenous affairs and the environment while in government. One of those supporters, Petro Georgiou, who was an adviser to Mr Fraser and a state campaign director before becoming a Liberal MP, said the departure ”should be viewed as the action of a man who takes his convictions very seriously”.

And of course Ted Baillieu himself was standing by his man despite what many Liberals have seen as a gross act of disloyalty from a man they bumped into Parliament in his twenties and made Prime Minister for eight years. The Aged reports:

Mr Baillieu, a fellow moderate, said he was saddened by Mr Fraser’s decision to quit the party. ”I’m sorry that Malcolm is no longer a member of the party,” he said. ”I have a very high regard for Malcolm Fraser, I respect him immensely.”

The feeling is mutual, as we reported yesterday, while Fraser is displeased with John Howard and Tony Abbott’s federal Liberals, he’ll be doing “anything he can” to help the election of Liberal  lefty Ted Baillieu in Victoria.

While most of the Gallerybots were wired to defend Fraser as a true Liberal of a better yesterday, we were delighted with the contribution of BMW X5 driving Tony Wright of the Fairfax stable who stuck the boot into the former PM in a manner most pleasing. Aside from calling him a rat, a highlight was a horrendous tale that spoke of the true Malcolm before he decided to win over the hard Left:

Some 16 years ago, when Malcolm Fraser was still squire of the Western District grazing property Nareen, he held what turned out to be a disastrous bull sale.

One of his bulls, named Mountbatten, leapt out of the bull ring and trampled a couple in the crowd, causing serious injuries. The Supreme Court of South Australia subsequently ordered Fraser and his family to fork out more than $500,000 in damages.

Among the issues raised during the case was the height of the sale ring’s fence. According to evidence, Fraser had told the manager who built the bull ring: ”Cut the bloody top rail off. You’ll make the bulls look too little.”

A very similar ethical approach, some might suggest, to pretending to be a Liberal while selling copies of your memoirs to them.




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69 responses to “SHAME FRASER SHAME: Libs cry fraud over Fraser's book boosting at party gatherings

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  2. Dr Dean

    Malcolm Fraser is upholding the Menzies Legacy, but not nearly so well as me.

    The key to upholding the Menzies Legacy is to wait until the election campaign in order to have maximum impact – just as I did!

  3. By resigning form the Liberal Party Malcolm has defended the Menzies Legacy.

  4. Poseidon Burke

    Fraser’s greatest crime was his failure to reform the Australian economy. The recession of 82/3 was his fault and he has never recanted his adoration of big government and failed welfare state economics. Good bye and good riddance!

  5. Myrddin Seren

    Well Andrew,

    Courtesy of the flier above – there obviously could have been worse ways to spend an evening despite having to listen to the Laird of Nareen wallpapering his life history ?

    I am sure Andrew Norton would be worth a listen, and Miranda Kiraly of the Liberal Book Club Committee ?!

    Whoa – stand by for a flood of membership applications in her branch !!

  6. Top Shelf Tony

    Should have more discussion about Miranda Kiraly, judging by the picture in the advertisement.

  7. Geoff Cass

    I cannot recall anything he has done or said since his defeat as PM that means anything at all these days, or is even partly relevent to today.
    So goodby Fraser – donlt call us again and you can be sure that we wonlt call you.

  8. pottermouth

    Well Malcolm it looks like dementia has finally arrived and a touch of Alzheimers has got to you.Dont you remember supporting the installation of that corrupt and uncivilised Mugabe your trusted mate as President of Zimbabwe,I dont remember him buying any bulls from you.
    And dear old Gough, the person you knifed in the back and who you are now pretending to be a suppository for him. We wont bring up your performance as PM with regards Aboriginal health and welfare issues as that would certainly show up your real views on Koorie society.
    Fade away into the sunset Malcolm you are yesterday’s man!!

  9. RDR

    I would happily give Miranda a lift home any night of the week.

  10. Miranda Kiraly a star is born

  11. Troy Buswell

    Corr I’d slip her a hard one.

  12. Dan Lewis

    “Fraser disingenuously replied “I’m still a Liberal.””

    Hard to pronounce a small letter L I suppose.

    Yet it sounds more reasonable than saying “I’m a barking moonbat” which is surely what he has become.

    I’ve heard that Fraser blames Mossad for stealing his trousers in Memphis.

  13. more Lib functions

    He was also flogging his book at a Higgins Liberal function a few weeks after the 104 function. Very strange!

  14. Chrissy Pyne

    I might write a book so I too can present at this Liberal Book Club.

  15. Wendy

    I heard Fraser voted Green at the last election – that says it all really. At least he saw the light.

  16. indifferent!

    Who cares what Malcolm Fraser ever does see nothing he does is ever as bad as what Australias lazy and lacklustre party dishes up!
    failed BERs faile insulation schemes billions of taxpayers money wasted!
    Tony Abbott for PM , ASAP!
    So allliberals please focus on the real rival the incompetent ALP, dont sweat the small stuff like Malcolm F
    He is the past!
    Tony Abbott is the future!

  17. Boofa Leigh

    Piss of RDR. Miranda is all mine (next Weds night 10.12pm to 10.14pm). Usuall attire……

  18. Wenchy

    Another busy day with Geoff working my ‘passage’ into parliament.

  19. Wenchy

    What is this little ‘accounting error’ with my campaign funds mean Geoffrey?

  20. Damien

    Malcolm Fraser is a wonderful, coherent and insightful speaker. The “party faithful” are not one single-minded set of intolerant, extremist conservatives. They have diverse views and welcome genuine discourse.

  21. Coxarker.

    Fraser is correct, the Libs have gone to far to the right. If they go any further, they will nearly be as far right as Rudd and Gillaed.

  22. “I am a Menzies progressive Liberal – a liberal, not a conservative. I don’t really know what conservatives are doing in a Liberal Party and why they don’t go and start their own bloody party rather than screwing up my party.”

  23. Malcolm, Petro and I can do a perfectly good job of screwing up our party on our own. Just as I proudly did in 2002!

    To do anything less is to betray the Menzies-Fraser Legacy.

  24. Dr Dean

    Correction – the Menzies-Fraser-Dean Legacy.

    My own legacy is there for all to see!

  25. Boofa Leigh

    Accounting error! Accounting error! Thats not an accounting error, this is an accounting error! Sorry. Sorry. I have my hands back on the table Wenchy….

  26. McPerton

    My Dear Fatty, the Dearest of Dear Fatties

    All this talk of small ‘l’ liberalism makes me nostalgic for my glorious time in Australian public life.

    It’s times like these that I wish I was back there in the Legislative Assembly on that luxurian warm green leather, dozing away… oops, I mean fighting the good fight for human rights and the Charter of Rights. In fact, if I was still in Parliament I have no doubt that Malcolm would not have felt compelled to leave. He could have looked at moi, McPerton, the embodiment of Menzian liberalism, the conscience of the Party, the Keeper of the Flame.

    Yes, all this talk is making me very nostalgic. But even more importantly, it’s making me damn hungry. How about lunch tomorrow? Your shout – on the mayoral expense account.

    See you there, toot-a-loo now.

  27. The liberals turned out to be just what the tough-skinned conservatives have always said about us – weak and ineffectual. All heart, no stomach. They were herded like sheep by the barking and snarling conservatives – first religious dogma devotee and dull conservative Kevin Andrews jumped (or was told to jump) into the herd, scaring the sheep witless then Minchin and Abbott rounded them up and penned them. Now their bleats can be heard reverberating up and down the corridors of Parliament House. Having caused the chaos, the conservatives now cry ”Unity! Unity!” and the little sheep bleat their acceptance. Next stop the lunch plate.

    The liberal sheep were too frightened of Malcolm, their big, grumpy ram leader, to follow him into battle and too scared of Tony and Nick, the nasty sheep dogs, to organise resistance.

  28. Dr Dean

    What these poor little sheep needed to save them from the big nasty sheep dog was Malcolm’s big bull Mountbatten. Mountbatten could have trampled the sheep dogs and restored order.

  29. Dr Dean

    Baaaaa, said the sheep.

    Mooooooo, said Mountbatten.

    Moooooooooooooo Tony Abbott, Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Friends hard to come by, old bull Fraser leaps the fence

    Some 16 years ago, when Malcolm Fraser was still squire of the Western District grazing property Nareen, he held what turned out to be a disastrous bull sale.

    One of his bulls, named Mountbatten, leapt out of the bull ring and trampled a couple in the crowd, causing serious injuries. The Supreme Court of South Australia subsequently ordered Fraser and his family to fork out more than $500,000 in damages.

    Among the issues raised during the case was the height of the sale ring’s fence. According to evidence, Fraser had told the manager who built the bull ring: ”Cut the bloody top rail off. You’ll make the bulls look too little.”

  31. Vic Lib

    A fitting story – not the first time Fraser’s bull has made him look foolish.

  32. Dr Dean

    Baaaa, said the sheep.

    Mooooooooo, said Mountbatten the bull.

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr said the tiger.


  33. Dr Dean

    Wait a minute – something’s wrong here. Something is very, very wrong.

    Why is Malcolm’s bull named after a member of the Royal family?

    Malcolm is a committed republican. He has ALWAYS been a committed republican.

    Just as Menzies was a republican.

    Malcolm – how can you be a republican yet stoop so low as to have a monarchist bull.

    Malcolm – you of ALL people.

    Malcolm Fraser, you and your monarchist bull have betrayed the Menzies Legacy.

    Shame Fraser Shame!

  34. Fatty Doyle

    Victor my dear dear Pal, you are my bestest of chums you have done so much for me, not the least introducing me to that randy little firecracker EPC. Luncheon tomorrow would be simply glorious, how about I pick you up at noon in V RD 001 outside the Club, I should be finished with Lindy my Therapist by then she is continuing her treatment on my niggling throbbing organ and you should have finished your morning nips of eastern european whiskey. How about we head to the Flower Drum, MCC can pay?

  35. Wenchy

    Is that really you Dr Dean? It has been so long. You were always so ‘head’ and shoulder above all who came in my path. At the moment I have a leech (I think thats how you spell his name) that I am trying to ride with into Parliament, but after that I can ditch him and we can hang out again, if you want that is…PS I am a blonde now.

  36. Dr Dean

    Wenchy, you flatter me, but I care not for the colour of your hair – it is the size of the ‘l’ in your liberalism that counts.

    Are you or are you not a small ‘l’ Menzies liberal?

  37. Gobbler

    It seems the case against the detective is going to fail. Maybe I was wrong about Senator x.

  38. Gobbler

    Fatty, could I please Have lunch with you and McPerton? I am also a fatty.

  39. Gobbler

    Mocca has seen my “l”.

  40. Dr Dean

    To take criminal cases as a barrister is to defend the Menzies legacy.

  41. No one important in the ALP

    Fraser was the Liberal’s worst ever PM and Rudd will be the Labor Party’s worst. He is leading us to a defeat with no real policy successes to show for it.

  42. Fatty Doyle

    McPerton, do you know that Miranda from the Liberal Book Club? Do you have her number?

  43. Dr Dean's Sheep


  44. Dr Dean

    Wenchy are you still an aeroplane blonde?

  45. Ollie

    Can I please cum to luncheon with someone? It might be a good idea if I leave the car at home and not drive.

  46. Cronulla Simon

    Malcolm! Come back!

    I’ve found your trowsers. I had to fight a fat dirty black Mephis hooker for them, but I got em.

    Good riddance you SOFT C*CK!

  47. Denis

    Scum always rises to the surface.

    Malcolm Fraser is the single greatest scum that has ever sought to rule Australia.

    He created the problem that caused the demise of the Australian Wool Board, the need for the Murray Darling Basin Commission, the destruction of the Australian Wheat Board, the corruption of ASIO and the stink of a so called High Court of Australia.

    He is the foulest person that has ever existed in Australia.

    If you want proof, ask Malcom. And that is, Mal-comi.

    He, in his absolute arrogance, will tell you how his family destroyed the Wool Board, pressured State governments to give water to mates like John Elliot, propped up gun toting idiot directors of an honest Growers organisation, crippled Australia’s ability to negotiate and reinforced that by backing Mugabi.

    His actions, as chairman of Care Australia, were foul.

  48. Mike Baird

    My daddy told me that Malcolm was a nice man – except he does not believe the bible to be the literal word of god – fancy doubting that the planet is not 7,000 years old!

  49. Keith Topolski

    Someone give me a bucket of KFC Malcolm Fraser is gone good riddance!

  50. Alex Hork

    Keith, is that a dog’s tail poking out of your mouth??

  51. Wenchy

    Where is my money Leigh!

    I have done what you want and now you must cough up you arse-hole

  52. Boofa Leigh

    Look Wenchy I am trying my best…. I am not used to being held accountable for or all my billshitting! What about some chicken pizza instead?

  53. Anonymous

    Colin Brooks is very relevant today as always.

  54. Anonymous

    Banyule City Council is full of Judas’s, just look at Jenny Mulholland, Anthony Carbines and other Labor rats.

  55. Wenchy

    Look Leigh I want my money none of your f@@king chicken pizza!

  56. Wenchy

    No more ‘booty’ Geoffrey, until I see some cash, I’m only a struggling single Mum.

  57. Boofa Leigh

    Bugger off Wenchy. Where were you last night? I waited and waited and then I learned you were off with someone else. How could you do this to me?

  58. Owen

    Never trust a farmer selling Livestock.

  59. Wenchy

    Geoffrey you aren’t as good as you think you are.
    I’m also wining, dining & _ _ _ _ _ a younger, harder and more virile man since you can’t deliver on more than one front.

  60. Miles

    But what about ME!

    Lots of people will come to MY book launch to celebrate MY political career.

    MY Senate career will be even more impressive than my mate Alex’s Reps career.

  61. Boofa Leigh

    Who is it Wenchy? Is it someome I know? I will huff and puff until his house falls down. Shit I hope he doesn’t biff me though. I have a yellow belt in No Can Do….

  62. NEW PARTY!

    Malcolm Turnbull and Malcolm Fraser should start a new party
    No harm in that because no party could ever be as bad as Australias lazy lacklustre party
    the branch stacking
    profligate money wasting
    ad rigging
    Emilys list dominated
    blind eyed ALP
    vote Tony Abbott in boot the following KGST out
    ie K=KEVIN
    S= SWAN
    one GST was enough
    we dont need this inept KGST gang of four any more they have done enough damage to the country already

  63. Anonymous

    wasn’t he considered a real right winger who liked Ayn Rand in the 70s

  64. Wenchy

    Not telling Boofa. Where is my promised booty anyway? I have given you so much but with nothing in return – except this bloody Liberap Party Mordialloc electorate endorsement – that I really don’t give a rats arse about…. Give me Berwick anyday. Thats where my roots are….

  65. Boofa Leigh

    I told you Wenchy – no booty for you darling

  66. Wenchy

    And NO MORE humpy pumpy for you Geoffrey.

  67. Boofa Leigh

    Thnat OK Wenchy, I am all humped out this week! Some new mature eye candy has just come my way….and its all natural…

  68. Wenchy

    You not doing Dirty Donna are you Geoffrey?

  69. Boofa Leigh

    No I am not on with Dirty Donna! I will be back on to Wenchy after my mentoring obligations are finished with my new bit of mature fluff. How I like my mature fluff…

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