MAL'S BESTIE: Fraser finds Liberals too right-wing except for Red Ted Baillieu

tedandmal Malcolm Fraser, the former Liberal prime minister, has resigned from the party that elected him to federal parliament for nearly three decades.

That’s no surprise and was exclusively revealed to the Financial Review today in a the kind of front-page that must puzzle their readers keen to find out what’s going on in Europe or with the federal government’s latest new tax.

Fraser, possibly the worst Prime Minister conservative politics has produced in Australia, quit the party last year although that seemed a little confused too as he was also expressing anger about the Liberals use of red arrows in a campaign ad. Something they did quite recently.


We won’t rehash the Financial Review story about when he left, why he thought his party failed him for being too right-wing or his history of uninspired mediocrity as Prime Minister or even the dubious circumstances of his elevation to that office which did so much to make him a cautious do-nothing leader.

But one paragraph of the story caught our eye:

“However in a continued link with his Victorian party division, Mr Fraser has told Victorian Liberal leader Ted Baillieu he will ‘do anything he can to support him’ in the election campaign ahead of the November state poll, according to friends of Mr Fraser. But it is understood that Mr Fraser cannot come to terms with the current policies and attitudes of the federal Liberal party and the way it conducts its affairs.”

Many Liberals will have reason to ponder what is it about Ted Baillieu that appeals to someone who has clearly moved so far to the left.

In recent times, Fraser has written to members of the left-wing ginger group Get Up! spruiking the unilateral withdrawal of Australian forces from Iraq.

He opposed the liberation of Iraq in the first place.

And strongly opposed George W Bush, arguing he abused power.

He also opposed laws to keep us safe from terrorism.

And campaigned for the release of convicted terror supporter David Hicks.

He described the Australian and US governments of acting like tyrannical regimes.

Back while Prime Minister he worked to install Robert Mugabe, a real tyrant, to rule Zimbabwe, forcing out a far more moderate black leader Abel Muzorewa.

As PM, he refused his then Treasurer John Howard’s push to cut taxes and spending and restrain the out-of-control budget deficit. He stridently opposed privatisation, leaving that heavy lifting to the Hawke, Keating and Howard governments that followed. He opposed deregulation, sunk plans to float the dollar and maintained big taxpayer subsidies to big wealthy farm land-owners like himself.

He has recently lashed the Victorian division of the party – to which he professes loyalty – as being in the grip of ideological conservatives.

He believes the CIA or Mossad rather than a greedy prostitute he may have been entertained by drugged him and stole his trousers while visiting the United States.

It really is a worry to reflect on why it is that Victorian Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu appeals to him.



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32 responses to “MAL'S BESTIE: Fraser finds Liberals too right-wing except for Red Ted Baillieu

  1. sg

    Fraser’s right – the Liberals are in big trouble.

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  3. hughie

    Fraser might be the worst conservative PM we’ve had (although I think McMahon gives him a run for his money), but he still did a massive service for us all by rolling the worst PM by a country mile. Sad he’s now turned off his own lights, it seems.

    I think it’s unfair to take a crack at him (or Ted) for his patrician background – Western Districts grazier, Melbourne Grammar, Oxford, Melbourne Club – it’s not that atypical of many patriots within the Liberal Party.

    Rather, it’s his support for policies not in the national interest that angers me.

  4. Fraser has spent years attacking the Howard Government so it is no suprise. Probably better off without him.

  5. Clam man

    The old Easter Island statue redeems himself at last.

  6. Lib Member

    Things are looking up. Has Hewson handed his membership back also?

  7. Victorian Liberal leader Ted Baillieu has expressed his sadness at former prime minister Malcolm Fraser’s decision to quit the party.

    ‘‘I’m sorry to see him leave the party,’’ Mr Baillieu said today, after Mr Fraser confirmed his resignation, allegedly over a belief the party has moved too far to the right.

    Mr Baillieu said there would be ‘‘different views’’ about whether right-wingers in the party had gone too far.

    ‘‘I think as long as the party maintains a broad church then we will fill the Menzies tradition,’’ Mr Baillieu told ABC radio.

  8. David

    At last!! This is excellent news. Now I hope all the leftie infiltrators follow suit.

  9. Maedros

    Ahh Fraser.

    Always gave the impression of having been so shocked by his loss to Hawke that he never recovered.

  10. anon

    Hey Lib Member don’t get too excited dickhead, you will be shattered later this year and I for one can’t wait to watch Abbott die.


    If we take into consideration Energy and its impact on the Environment and Community the government’s Resources Super Profit Tax
    “RSPT” deserves more RESPECT.

    Cleary Fraser has decided that the Liberal Party of today has no morals or respect let alone broad support. The scare tatocs and fa;lse infrmation piushed by the greedy defend the profgits party is not the party thhat Menzie formed or the one that Fraser joined years ago.

  12. Ted's man

    Ted will win the next State election with a coalition … with the Greens. Nats beware.

  13. Gang Green Bailout

    The Greens will not win any lower house seats so there will not be a coalition. Having said that I think Brumby will not win an ALP fourth term. Ted will fall over the line by default with labour losing 16-18 seats and in the process lose government. Much will depend on how Labor performs in the Federal election. Contrary to past wisdom the electorate will hedge its best on State versus Federal politics.

    An Abbott government is a real worry, much more so then a Bailout State Government

  14. anon

    Mal’s brain has slowly been deteriorating with age, hence his drift to the left.

  15. Anonymous

    You should either cut your nails or stay off the piss during the day

  16. Miles

    But what about ME?

    I’m still a member of the party. Why doesn’t anyone notice ME anymore?

    I promise not to quit the party after I retire from my Senate career.

  17. Stubby Holder

    There is zero proof that many leaders anticipated the damage caused by narrowly focusing on economics of the business.

  18. Argus Tuft

    Nobody with a sound mind will vote for the Mad Monk or his Dumb Blond Julie Bishop

  19. Sacked Brimbank CouncillorTran Sui charged today

    ha ha ha

  20. anon

    Julie Bishop is so thick, I bet she only got to where she is by polishing liberal knob.

  21. BOOT OUT

    Tony Abbott will rank among the best Liberal PMs ever, all things being well because he Tony socks it to them the most disorganised lacklustre ALP!
    Tony Abbott is the future of the liberal party Malcolm Fraser was the past! Australia needs a fresh start to clean up all the messes the Federal ALP have both wrought and the havoc they have caused to so many Australians since the last election! Australia has to be in a pair of safe hands ie the coalitions , the liberals dont waste so much money like the ALP do!ALP need one thing the BOOT OUT at the next election

  22. so long old man

    good riddance fraser.. dont forget to shut the door before it hits your backside on the way out.

  23. another former lib

    ….quit the party apparently early this year, but still had time to speak at the Higgins AGM a few weeks, a faction that really doesn’t support Ted Baillieu all that much?

    anyone would think he had a new book coming out soon…

  24. Terry Mulder

    I lurv Mal too – Choo-Choo!

  25. Mal-Content

    I just wanted to use my cool-for-this-yarn Tag

  26. Little Blonde Choir Boy

    Please Cardinal Pell don’t make me visit Mt Abbott’s rooms again tonight.

  27. Alex Hork

    Malcolm Fraser is my hero (oh wait Malcolm Turnbull is my hero too).

    I am already emulating his drift to the left by going from “hard right zealot” to “Chris Pyne befriending wet moderate”.

  28. Anonymous

    Colin Brooks is relevant.

  29. Denis

    Scum always rises to the surface.

    Malcolm Fraser is the single greatest scum that has ever sought to rule Australia.

    He created the problem that caused the demise of the Australian Wool Board, the need for the Murray Darling Basin Commission, the destruction of the Australian Wheat Board, the corruption of ASIO and the stink of a so called High Court of Australia.

    He is the foulest person that has ever existed in Australia.

    If you want proof, ask Malcom. And that is Mal the comi.

    He, in his absolute arrogance, will tell you how his family destroyed the Wool Board, pressured State governments to give water to mates like John Elliot, propped up gun toting idiot directors of an honest Growers organisation, crippled Australia’s ability to negotiate and reinforced that by backing Mugabi.

    His actions, as chairman of Care Australia, were foul.

  30. anan

    i wish malcolm was our prime minister now. he is far more left than that dud rudd

  31. Observer

    Well, the “Fraser Blessing” on Ted means one thing, and one thing only – that’s the end of HIM!

  32. anon

    Will Ted give Mal a job if he wins in November?

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