VIOLENCE: Liberal candidate in it up to his neck

clemnewtonbrown Liberal candidate in Prahran, Clem Newton-Brown, has embroiled his party in a big stink over the display of an effigy of Premier John Brumby at a protest rally he helped organise.

Photographs obtained by VEXNEWS clearly show Newton-Brown, a barrister, speaking in front of the effigy, which later had a noose put around its head and was apparently decapitated during the rally.

clemnewtontweet Newton-Brown encouraged people to attend the violent protest from his twitter account.

Shop-keepers in the inner-city, particularly in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, have been protesting about a government decision to ban street parking on major roads during peak hour to increase the flow of traffic in and out of the city.

Some believe the distress over the issue could be enough to finally get Clem Newton-Brown, a regular contender for public office, elected in the marginal state seat.

He’ll need to exercise much better judgment if he’s ever going to prevail.

His involvement in this rally is a first-class disgrace and a major setback to his campaign.




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26 responses to “VIOLENCE: Liberal candidate in it up to his neck

  1. Kylie M

    Maybe Newton-Brown wants the endorsement of the Greens in Prahran.


    This today is a nothing compared to the real violence suffered by so many innocent unborn that are now aborted late term in Victoria because of both Brumby and his Emilys list dominated government! Joan Kirner and Maxine Morand and Jacinta Allen and Candy Broad- the list goes on and on!
    so Bye Brumby off you go to a cold ending at the polls voters will choose to abort the Brumby government!
    Brumby and his cohorts wouldnt ever know the pain the innocent unborn that are aborted and still alive suffer, because of no pain relief!
    but Brumby you will suffer at the polls because of your choice to vote pro abortion
    Remember the unborn the future generation got No choice thats not fair at all so its time to vote for the unborn at the next election
    Long live all pro life MPs forever!

  3. I think there is some serious mis-reporting of the facts as stated above.

    It is mischievous to suggest Mr Newton – Brown helped organise the rally. The organisation is clearly identified on

    Mr Newton-Brown attended to give his support and speak his point of view. At issue in the photos was the traders anger and frustration at a process that gave lip service to their rights. The clearway decision, which has had no material benefit, is having a dramatic impact on their businesses and the activity centres that dot Melb’s inner city.


  4. politicalrealist

    Could any poor soul called Clem eler be elected to high office? Is it short for Clementine?

  5. politicalrealist

    Could any poor soul called Clem ever be elected to high office? Is it short for Clementine?

  6. Anonymous

    Is it not true that Brumby & Pallas have placed a “noose” around so many small business traders around Melbourne with these ridiculous clearway hours? Another ALP Government trying to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Symbolism is lost on an out of date Labor Government.

  7. Former ALP voter

    What a strange interpretation of events! Many traders demonstrating had nooses around their necks to symbolize the strangling of their businesses. When one was placed on the cardboard image of Brumby, the head fell off. There was no violence, were no injuries and the traders felt that their point was made. You refer to peak- hour, however many businesses have had no standing times doubled to 4 hours (3-7pm) and of course no reduction in rentals. Not many voters believe that peak hour starts at 3.00pm. Did you mean to say that this is all about increasing the flow of vehicles on our inner suburban streets? It was supposed to improve public transport not encourage more vehicles to clog the inner city roads! And it failed to do even that!

  8. Youth in Asia

    ‘Hanging’ a dummy is sometimes a bit unfair.

    But the Brumby government sure needs a rocket up the arse.

    It is tottering!

  9. Argus Tuft

    What else can be expected from one of those hyphenated surname toffs,
    who think they were born to Rule.

  10. pbeaco

    TThe protest today demonstrated the frustration of those affected by a Vic Government and VicRoads process and decision that was not properly researched, nor was the impact assessed, nor was there proper consultation, and nor was the long term style of our future communities considered. Because we have a democracy we not only have a right to protest, but a duty to fight to maintain a fair and just democratic system. If governments or state authorities wish to bypass the rights of their citizens, it is up to the citizens to stand up and fight to protect their rights. Our thanks and congratulations should go to those who are willing to stand up and fight for our rights. If the use of the effigy touched a raw point with some people, then maybe these people should consider the very real impact that clearways are having on local communities, the neighbourhood amenity around strip shopping centres, the property owners both along the clearways and the residents in the adjacent streets, the shopkeepers, the employees and those customers in the local communities who have previously enjoyed the benefit of these retail and service businesses.

  11. Make my trams faster

    Love the coverage- these anti clearway campaigner are so self righteous it was only time before they went too far. Most of them just want to be able to park their car in front of their shop. Others seem so lacking in confidence in the merits of their business that the refuse to believe that people will park across the street or aound the corner (where many free council car parks are anyway). And what about people like me, without cars, who want their tram to move and who also shops in strip shopping centre. People who walk and catch public transport shop. Anti clearways protesters are just Libs trying to get votes. Lame issue, bad campaigning skills.

  12. spaz chariot

    Bugger the trams! The first rule of opening a business that requires people to go into them is access, access, access. So what’s the solution.
    The Councils and the State want them there but empty shops in the strip what they will get. Good Look, that! I want access for my chair, not a spot on a cliff face a mile from the shops so I wont’ wheel across the street or in the free council car park thanks. Brumby, Pallas and Vic Roads should go back to something they know about, like fairy lights.

  13. Do they dare

    So small businesses claim that they are losing business due to the clearways. How about independent auditors go in and go through their financial records over the last few years and compare them to the recent financial records to see if they are actually losing all this money. If they are right, then they have a credible argument to cease these clearways.

  14. Former ALP voter

    Reply to MAKE MY TRAMS FASTER. Most, if not all of the anti-clearway protesters are pro public transport but this will not speed up your trams and hasn’t. Check out the Public Transport Users Association website. They want to speed up trams too but condemn the clearway extensions as it simply encourages cars off the freeways and into the streets. They say much more tram time is wasted at traffic lights and if anyone was serious about improving public transport travel times they would give priority to trams and buses at traffic lights. More on-board light changers etc. But the ALP won’t spend the money.

  15. Anon

    The Herald-Sun published a photo today of the protesters at the rally and Clem Newton-Brown is in clear view at the front.

  16. Harold Screwball

    The Pedestrian Council of Victoria … all one of me … strongly endorses this move to get rid of dangerous horseless carriages and get everyone walking again.

    As for those who don’t live within walking distance of a shopping centre … well … it sucks to be you!

  17. hogwash

    former ALP voter did you ever think that maybe there will be more than this to improve traffic flow?
    Maybe his is ony the first of many stages. Nevertheless there is ample vacant parking durin those tmes. The shopkeepers/workers do park outside their shops. It has made negligible difference to their business. I guarantee it has knocked over 10 mins off my trip down High Street. Now multiply that by the 500k cars and see how much time/petrol/carbon emmissions that saves

  18. professional

    Maybe Newton-Brown is the Greens candidate

  19. Boofa Leigh

    Hey guys why don’t you come and see me about this clearway problem? I have good connections with some people who may help.

  20. Wenchy

    Geoff have you got my campaign funds yet and do I still need to perform some ‘tricks’ for you behind Pompeis?

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  22. Rock Lifter

    God, Victoria politics is dull.

  23. Joe

    Victoria’s abortion laws are the real disgrace.

  24. Andy

    This is an absurd and pathetic excuse for an article. There are ample good reasons to target the Liberal Party, this is hardly one of them.

  25. Sandy

    Why are Liberal candidates sucking up to the Greens Party?
    Do Conservatives and Trotskyites go well together these days?

  26. How dare you nit wits ever say my dads name is short for Clementine. that IS HIS DAUGHTERS NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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