WANTING IT BOTH WAYS: Victorian Greens party want a coalition with Labor and preferences from the Liberals

liberalsgreens The origins of the leadership of the Victorian Greens party comprises mostly former Trotskyist, communist, Socialist Left and other ultra-left wing groups.

Whatever the attributes of those groups, you could never fault them for a lack of sneakiness. Some of them even trained in Moscow to learn the dark arts of political manipulation and intrigue.

The Melbourne Times’s Bianca Hall this week has explored the interesting situation where the Greens party appear to have been caught out, simultaneously proposing a coalition between their far-left party and the Australian Labor Party while also coveting Liberal preferences in key inner-city marginal seats.

One Liberal – Matthew Guy – known for his principled opposition to the Greens party – has cried foul, warning Liberal party members of the Greens party’s intentions to keep Labor in government, as they recently did in Tasmania.

Under the Tasmanian deal, the Greens party leader has entered the Cabinet and his lover has become Cabinet Secretary.

The effective leader of the Victorian Greens – Greg Barber – has made it clear he wants to be a minister in a Victorian government. Barber has previously made it clear that he was frustrated in his role as a legislator compared with the more hands-on problem solving he could do as a Yarra councillor.

Presumably Barber’s elevation to the ministry could only happen in a Labor coalition although after David Cameron’s Conservatives allied with the sort of left-wing Liberal Democrats in England, Barber might perhaps seek out a deal with Tories too.

Other Liberals have told VEXNEWS that Tony Nutt and Ted Baillieu plan to give the Greens party preferences “for nothing” and will “ride roughshod” over strong reservations expressed by the Liberal party Admin committee.

Its not just the Liberals internal processes either. The Nationals are believed to be worried about the implications for them if the Coalition is seen to deliver a balance of power to the Greens party whose own MPs profess no desire to travel beyond the Zone 1 public transport area covering inner-city Melbourne.

The ambitious front-bench Liberal Matthew Guy is aligned with the dominant Kroger/Ronaldson/Fifield clan within the Liberal party who also dominate Admin. Their view tends to be much less enthusiastic about giving the far-left Greens party anything “for nothing.”

“We have helped the Greens party for nothing for too long. They’ll have to come forward with preferences in the upper house or in a close marginal or two, otherwise there’ll be strong opposition to giving them anything,” one insider explained.

“Keeping Labor busy in the inner-city is fine but if we’re going to take heat for electing Greens party MPs on our preferences they must give something back, for example a pledge they won’t enter into a coalition arrangement with Labor” they argued.

“Barber claiming he can win Hawthorn (Ted Baillieu’s seat which is held by the Liberals by a comfortable margin) isn’t going to help their cause,” the insider explained.

On reading the article in the TMT, analysts say that there is definitely positioning going on ahead of negotiations between the Liberals and the Greens party.

“The Liberals want to extract a commitment from the Greens not to enter a coalition with Labor and to preference them in a couple of close contests, in the upper house or at least talk to them about their positioning on a split-ticket,” he explained.

“Despite this recent outburst of hostilities, there is a lot of scope to do a deal, but obviously the most important aspect is secrecy, as neither Greens or Liberals want to be seen in bed together, especially after the Buswell-Carles revelations.”



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23 responses to “WANTING IT BOTH WAYS: Victorian Greens party want a coalition with Labor and preferences from the Liberals

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  2. Rampant

    Two things.

    First, it will be dangerous for the Nats allow the coalition to ‘give’ preferences to the Greens.

    Secondly, Yes, Barber seemed to enjoy discussing toilet blocks in his old job, rather than worry about little things like state interests.

  3. Democrat

    You should not right off the Australian Democrats. They maintained the support of 2% in the last State election and with People Power out of th game we can expect that the Democrat vote will increase to above 3-4% This will put therm in a Family first like climb which could starve Te Greens from receiving vital preference flow. The Democrats need to also rethink their 2 party split ticket and make sure the Greens are not always second in line ahead of the Liberal Party and the ALP, otherwise they will run the risk of being seen purely as a Green feeder Party.

  4. Head scratching

    They could have stayed at home to learn the dark arts of political manipulation and intrigue. The ALP Right make the rest look like absolute pikers! You wonder when the penny is going to drop. The ALP Right created the Greens. That’s what happens when you alienate your base. That’s what happens when you stack branches and force out people with opinions different to your own. That’s what happens when you turn the ALP into a party of branchstackers, liars, rorters, lackeys that get their support from the big end of town. People leave, they find alternatives more closely aligned with their views. Amazing that the ALP as an election strategy is now ‘turning to its blue collar base’ read union members. What they will find is that blue collar base in now a green collar base. I would love to see the ALP eventually forced into being a coalition party; they will have no one but themselves to blame.

  5. Reality Check

    @Democrat – you’re not even registered at a state level: http://www.vec.vic.gov.au/parties.html#current
    and you received 0.9% in the recent South Australian election. You seriously think you’re going to poll 3-4% in the Vic state election?

  6. Craig L

    Did someone say ” Wanting it both ways?”

    Oh, I see. Sorry my mistake. I thought you were talking about something else. Never mind. Back to work you go. Nothing to see here. You can’t prove anything. Don’t forget about the suppression order.

  7. AC

    If my secrets get out I will never be an MP and I will be lucky to even be Bronnies man servant.

  8. Dead head ted

    Red Ted is a dead head- giving away preferences to help the greens so they can form a coalition govt of Alp and greens..

    But who can blame the greens for taking a free ride…..expect more pity sex for liberal members from grateful greens mps….

  9. Inner city orgy

    after events in wa the preference swapping and bed hopping liberal greens consiracy has just begun…here in Vic with Melbourne. Richmond and Brunswick likely to go.., we must brace ourselves for an aqua orgy in the inner city….

  10. Sex for preferences

    This prospect of a sex for preferences deal cannot be overlooked…. Can vex gives us a form guide on like post election hook ups on a seat by seat basis?


    Anyone willing to bed Stephen Luntz deserves preferences.

  12. In bed with libs

    The greens have long dream about direct prefence deals with the libs…it can work in some leafy locales….but vic politics is looking more and more like one if those crazy french flicks…,libs in bed with greens on preferences….greens in bed with libs mps…and Greg barber in bed with a future minority labor govt….

    Only thing missing in this steamy political bed hoping bedlam is true love…..

  13. GET SMART!

    Why does RED TED lead the liberals here he should be leading the labor party well he RT always labors so hard to be a total ALP clone ! So get rid of Red Ted, brumby, too they are so similar in outlook Victoria needs a change of both leaders at the top of both parties
    Revamp the liberals
    revamp the Australin Loose Standards Party the ALP

  14. Little Blonde Choir Boy

    Please Mr Abbott not again tonight.

  15. Natasha the Despoiler

    @Democrat – really honeys, these continuing delusional Democrats are going bonkers.

    The exodus of Victorian members (pushed or jumping) is the reason why you will not be contesting the Victorian election – even if you did, you could expect no more than 1% of the vote – regardless of your brilliant strategy to become a Liberal Party preference machine.

    You people are definitely not honeys!!!

  16. Giving the Greens the balance of power is dangerous. Watching the Tasmania experience will be a good insight to what can happen.

  17. Grgeg Barber is dreaming

    2006 election results:

    16% Green
    25% Labor

    16% Green
    27% Labor

    20% Green
    37% Labor

    Albert Park:
    19% Green
    35% Liberal
    41% Labor

    The Higgins byelection result showed there is a large proportion of Labor voters who simply will not vote Green.

    Greg Barber is dreaming.

  18. Greens are dreaming

    The old greying self serving ex socialist left factional hacks who run the greens have alienated the base labor vote with their arrogance.
    By being a completely negative anti labor voice in Victorian media they have put off a large section of labor voters.
    There can be no partnership with a group that bags labor party at every turn a operates like an external faction of the liberal party – when you seek liberal preferences while claiming you are not in bed with them it wears a bit thin.

    A bit like clintons early claims about his relations with his intern. The greens can pretend it is not sex – because they just lay back and let the libs preference them but like Clinton they will need to finally admit that it is a consensual arrangement. The liberals may be unwise to give the greens such a service – but they fact remains greens at many levels, upper house, local government, and at federal and state elections are in bed with libs. and this is no one-sided affair……

  19. Joy of secs by g barber

    First u screw labor for labor protest votes
    then u screw the libs for preferences
    finally u screw brumby for a ministry on a minority labor government

    then after stuffing up u remind everyone u are really a nice guy and they should vote for u back onto yarra council again.

    Greg can’t save the planet but he can save himself.

  20. No green

    barber is really the final fart left on the bowels of the greens….the greens moment in history passed with the refugee issue when they showed inner urbanites that they had some humanity in a sea of me too politics.

    The greens today lack any moral courage….simply a ‘me three’ party chasing labor and liberal voters.

  21. Anonymous

    I heard Bianca Hall is having it off with ex Green counsellor Fraser Brindley? Brings a new meaning to milking your sources….

  22. Yabba dabba

    Greens! Are they the same ones who in a number of communities fined and intimidated people NOT to trim trees, clear land etc and thus caused many deaths last summer?

  23. Yabba dabba

    Someone should take a good look at the Moonee Valley Council this week. They had a motion on their books, found on their web page, which if it had gone through would have affected one of their number attending a political rally on their land. Yet she spoke and voted on it and amended it. Now isn’t that a very clear conflict of interest which she did not declare? Will she be the first victim of the new ICAC?

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