THE KNOCK-OUT BLOW: Johnson is down for the count

The Australian’s detailed exposition on Wednesday of just one of Michael Johnson’s business dealings was  the final nail in the Queensland LNP MP’s political coffin. He has now been expelled.

VEXNEWS originally broke the Michael Johnson fundraising investigation yarn the 11th of March this year. On March 17th we wrote:

Before you read it as an ‘exclusive’ elsewhere, Michael Johnson will not be a preselected Liberal candidate at the next election and while his execution will be delivered by long-time internal factional foes he’ll have no-one to blame but himself.

Just one of Johnson’s business deals, conducted through his email and his electorate office, was calculated to net him $12 million in commissions on a coal-supply contract.

VEXNEWS understands that there are many other deals of this nature.

“This is the tip of the iceberg,” one LNP insider told us this morning.

Our sources familiar with Johnson’s dealings have revealed that the coal company with which Johnson was negotiating was the Queensland Coal Corporation, not Q Coal as earlier reported.

LNP sources suggest that Johnson could be “rissoled” by Friday or even as early as tomorrow.

VEXNEWS exclusively reported the LNP’s investigation into Johnson over fundraising and financial irregularities back in March. Other stories on the Johnson saga as it’s unfolded are here.


â–  Tony Abbott has now withdrawn his public support of Michael Johnson, saying that his candidacy in Ryan is a matter for the LNP

â–  There is a meeting this morning of the LNP which will consider expelling the MP over irregularities involving campaign funds. Johnson will have the opportunity to hear the charges against him and to respond to them, consistent with the principles of procedural fairness, in case the MP litigates the matter, as he has repeatedly privately threatened.

UPDATE 1pm: Word is starting to trickle out of the LNP meeting, looks like Johnson is gone as VEXNEWS sources have been speculating for weeks.

UPDATE 5PM: Michael Johnson has been expelled from the LNP. You are passing another VEXNEWS train-wreck.



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113 responses to “THE KNOCK-OUT BLOW: Johnson is down for the count

  1. lolz

    gotta love those email leaks

  2. Julian

    the lnp should be investigating for expulsion the person(s) responsible for the leaking of this story to The Australian

  3. lolz

    if the emails are real. i recall a guy call greche or something like that.

  4. Wendy

    Oh dear, oh my, such a talented young man, such a beacon for the LNP … what was he thinking? What a sad loss to the Coalition brains trust if this genius was to go.

  5. Alex Hork


    This article scared the living bujeezes out of me for a sec! I thought my past of branch stacking, white-anting, leaking to the media and constitutional rorting had finally caught up with me.

  6. Anonymous


    Andrew , this article scared the living bujeezes out of me for a sec! I thought my past of branch stacking, white-anting, abusing tax payer supplied resources, leaking to the media and constitutional rorting had finally caught up with me.

  7. Alex Hork

    Sorry I forgot to sign off on the last post.

  8. Julian

    I sure hope none of his close former employees are caught up in this

  9. lolz

    sure hope one of them did not leak all of this as revenge for disagreements in the past or to suck up to new factional allies who want to run for ryan.

  10. Atilla the Hun

    I think the person who leaked this story to the Australian is to be congratulated.

    Perhaps the flatfoots at the AFP even read the newspapers and might do some investigating of their own.

    And isn’t there supposed to be a Parliamentary committee that has a watching brief on this sort of thing.

    Then again, I wonder if it was of so many ex-staffers who had an axe to grind and grabbed their opportunity just as the LNP Execeutive is about to swing the axe anyhow.

  11. Myrddin Seren

    He used his parliamentary email account to tout for ( excessive ) commission business ?!

    So – apart from any ethics issues impacting upon his fitness to hold office, we also have to doubt either his intelligence and/or his sanity.

    Proof yet again that, before being allowed to even stand for pre-selection, candidates should be made to demonstrate physical health and mental capacity like – you know – people in the real workforce often have to when applying to enter large organisations !

  12. Joh Bulke Paymentsen

    What else do you expect from a Queenslander?

    Do you you you you think that there Rudd chappie is any better?

    Time to feed the chooks …

  13. Michael Johnson

    Anyone need a used car salesman?

  14. Which idiot wrote this poorly researched crap?

  15. Vince Gair

    Ah the good old days in Queensland when we had the best politicans that money could buy!

  16. Anonymous

    And just who might Julian be?

  17. Nicole from Tennyson

    Doesn’t Julian work for Lord Mayor Campbell Newman or is it Jane Prentice

  18. Pisstopher Chryne

    I am willing to pay Michael if he’ll render me some ‘services’

  19. Andrew Nguyen

    Julian, Did I leak them?

  20. McLindon and Co

    Someone should investigate the lnp (Bruce McIver) involvement in this! How did he get the emails???????? He tried getting my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Anonymous

    An ex staffer of Michael Johnson named Julian works for Jane Prentice’s transport committee at the Bridsbane City Council.

  22. Anonymous

    that guy Julian – is he the same Julian who is chairman of Johnson’s very own election committee?

  23. Lord Byron

    Speaking of Jane Prentice, I hear that she still wants to run for Ryan. Better hope if she does that there are no controversies, financial irregularities or financial skeletons in the cupboard as Ryan MP’s seem to be so strongly scrutinized. Likewise, better hope that anyone wanting to run for Ryan has no inner demons waiting to arise.

  24. BabyBlue

    Hey Julian, you’re (more) famous now!! very popular guy indeed 😉

  25. Anonymous

    Why yes I believe he is! Wouldn’t he be in line to take Prentice’s Council seat if she ran for Ryan?

  26. Mr Moto

    Bring back Mr Moore!

  27. Flabsley

    Jurian, you are my hero. We make big empire in west. Have fun time. Take prentice seat!! you are future rord mayor!

  28. Kim Jong-il

    You can be my foreign minister because im so roanry

  29. Kylie

    He has been expelled according to ABC news

  30. BabyBlue

    yeah VexNews u r way behind.

  31. Anonymous

    Posted by Anonymous | May 20, 2010, 10:26

    Julian, you are the only one that thinks so 🙂

  32. Clam man

    He’s gone like last weeks wages.

  33. Anonymous

    Nwxt problem is who will be the LNP candidate for Ryan – surely a certain fat slob who does not even live in or near the electorate?

  34. The other ferret

    Well that is the best news in Ryan politcally speking since “Mike” rorted his way int0 the seat.

    Good riddance!

  35. Lord Byron

    The whole thing for this is they went on a witch hunt against Johnson for bringing the party into disrepute based mainly on leaked emails etc to the media and ‘Liberal Insiders’ yet they and their actions have been ignored. I’m sure I can bring any and all MP’s into disrepute by leaking emails, hacking into private email accounts, going through their bins, being a ‘Liberal Insider’ etc etc. Surely it is the leakers who should be sent to disciplinary committee and expelled as well.

  36. Boofa Leigh

    Bugger me dead… Michael Johnson is doing the things I have been trying to do for ages. I wonder what makes him so successful?…oh if I only had a brain…some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don’t they Dorothy?

  37. Stormin

    I make no apologies for this present trend of anyone remotely involved with politics never making any apologies. None whatsoever.

  38. Sydneysider

    I heard that Alex Hawke, MP for Mitchell is sending his lieutenant Scott Farlow up there to have a crack at the seat.

    The Bligh government isn’t planning on duplicating any bridges in Ryan are they??

  39. Simmo

    Simmo is my name and leaking documents is my game!

  40. Anonymous

    It is only a few years since the Bligh Govt did duplicate a bridge over Moggill Creek in the Ryan electorate and they were so smart that they picked a contractor who went broke on the job.

    They then blew the budget to hell as they slowly and ineptly “finished” the job – that is they did this and that and it is still not finished off properly.

    And yes there is a proposal floating around to build a third bridge across the Brisbane River (still on the Ryan boundary) to add capacity to the Freeway.

    But again who is this Scott Farlow chappie?

  41. Hold'en

    Maybe Johnson could be a used car salesman at the Lexus agency just across the road from his present (and temporary) office.

    Then again, that might not add value to the Lexus name.

  42. Bernie Mac

    I’m bored. Anyone want to be preselected for a blue ribbon seat?

  43. Public information service for anonymous

    It was the Howard Government who started building the Moggill bridge. Construction was suspended when Rudd decided that it would be better to have a 6 lanes than 8. This is the only time in history Rudd has ever invoked the ‘less is more’ principle.

  44. The Player

    There is a picture of his wife in The Age today, Johnson is punching well above his weight.

  45. Scott Farlow is the rather unispiring leader of the NSW young libs who recently got pounded in a preselection for an electorate he moved to just over a year ago (he’s not a local). He is aligned with the joke of an MP Alex Hawke, who has been involved in a huge number of rorts within the party and was described by Alan Jones (top rating breakfast radio show in Sydney) as a “cancer on the Liberal Party”.

    I’m sure Scott will be pleased to see that there is the proposal to build another bridge. He runs a mean anti-dupilication/construction campaign.

    See one here

  46. anonymous

    that youtube makes me sick

  47. Josh Young

    Michael Johnson is a patriot.

    I once wanted him to be the UQLC Patron. That was just before I was expelled from the UQLC, just after my friend James Hastie was expelled from the Liberal Party, and just before my friend Nick Sowden was expelled from the Liberal Party.

    At least we’re good at something.

  48. RDR

    Christ! I’d give that ‘hori’ he was photographed with a ‘big hard throbbing one’ if I got half a chance.

  49. Adrian Jackson

    Well done Andrew. I hate MP’s that use their office or office staff for personal matters or and personal financial gain.

  50. Libs in vic always mean business

    I like the way the libs in opposition are still doing deals here and overseas.

    they really mean it when they say they support ‘free’ enterprise – ‘free’ from ethics.

  51. Adrian Jackson

    What is it with QLD – Vince Gair, Pauline Hansen, the ALP pedophile Doyle gaoled years ago, Kevin Rudd, etc. Where does it stop.

  52. Andrew Nguyen

    I got a mention in the Australian today. Lets hope i dont get a mention of a court summons from my former boss. Andrew!

  53. Anonymous

    Josh Young – is that the Josh who works for Michael Johnson the LNP member for Ryan that was?

    If so he has had a harsh lesson in realities – from Wednesday in a safe comfy job with a LNP MHR to today with a soon terminating job with a MHR who has been expelled from the LNP.

    How Josh what do you next on your relentless march to get a seat – any seat – in a Parliament?

  54. Anonymous

    Yeah that’s not the same josh. Fail comment

  55. Anonymous

    No doubt Mernie Back is laughing over his flied lice as he celebrates the fall of his former stooge Johnson.

  56. Seniors Party supporter

    Perhaps MJ and the Bernsteroo can rejoin with that new seniors party the Big Mack is forming.

  57. The Crumbs

    As most of us have also been expelled we put forward a coalition of independent expulsionists to form a mighty new empire in the west.

  58. Can Do

    Stinky Seb for Ryan.

  59. Alex Hork

    Scott Farlow for Ryan.

  60. Andrew Nguyen

    I swear it wasnt only me Julian did it aswell. we both want Ryan!

  61. Men Sonsour

    I hope no one investigates my private life or my affair. it would be interesting if Pain Jrentice haha contests ryan cause she wpuld loose by a mile! ME or Trood for ryan

  62. Pain Jentice

    I hope Big Bruce McIver (and he really is big if you get my drift)doesn’t check out all my extra bank accounts that I have been hiding oops

  63. Puddock

    I hope no one sees my conflict of interest with a certain candidate.

  64. Andrew Nguyen

    Now that emails i leaked have taken out Johnson, I wonder which other former employer of mine i could spill the dirt on?

  65. Boofa Leigh

    The problem with Michael is that he just didn’t know how to cover up his ill-gotten gains. Look at me the ‘doyen’ of gutter rats and still going strong! I know how to cover up my ill-gotten gains! I still even pull the birds in my evening classes. Take it from Johnson me if you can’t beat their argument or you think they are too intelligent for you just huff and puff and point at them vigorously . It sometimes works for me!

  66. Johno Mike

    I never thought it would get to this when I sold out the Libs. Big Crive promised to look after me because he was my bestest friend. He told me he would. As for big Jake and the Springer what a duo.

  67. Brandis, G

    I still support Michael. He is a bright up and comer in our party.

  68. Sebby

    I am running for Ryan. McIver told me so! The only catch is i have to sit in the Nat party room :@ oh well, anything for brucey

  69. McIver

    Thats right sebby! with the nats! if you dont Jane will sit with them!

  70. Jess of Yuletide

    Stop the presses:Chairman Brewster agrees

    Sebby and Pain Jentice have done a deal. Pain will be on top of fat sebby. Jake and the Springer watch on

  71. A grateful kaNgaroo

    No loss for china.

    China has plenty more grateful kangaroos at it’s disposal.

  72. Pain Jentice

    I am really sick and tired of you pee-poles taking the micky out of me. I may be loose with the truth, be an ar**** hole, suck up to people who I can use (hello cam-do) and are rich, but I am senitive and have deep feelings for ….. power. So I am woman (I think) and I will prevail so back off fat sebby and Arex Hork. Puddock and Big John luv mee …and it is all about me, me, me.

  73. Kim Jong Il

    Now you see, the changing of the worrd is inevitabre!

  74. Anonymous

    Who pray tell is Andrew Nyugen and what is his connection with Ryan?

    Who was the ex-staffer at Mike’s office who was in a position to tip off the media?

    Does anybody think seriously that Seb will get more than a few ex YLP votes?

  75. Anonymous

    Dear Brandis, G

    Any possible future that Johnson had is now well behind him ha ha

  76. Gorge Bendis

    I would love to run for the house of representatives, but unfortunately it, like all of my constituents, is beneath me.

    Joshua! Where’s my brandy?!

  77. T Elson

    Mummy sure won’t be happy if I stay with Johnson and get expelled from the LNP

  78. Justin Bieber wannabe

    I see in the Courier Mail that Jane Prentice is now running for Ryan. She says she will be representing Ryan with the same focus, energy and enthusiasm as her council seat. What rot! Her council seat will be neglected as she spends all her time doing a marginal campaign. As a Brisbane rate payer this is not acceptable- our money needs to go to people who truly represent Brisbane not for people who have a council funded salary, office and staff to be campaigning. She needs to decide where her heart is and if preselected quit council altogether.

  79. Anonymous

    And the bee man might not be happy either what?

  80. Josh who works for Michael

    I sure hope that my ambition wont show when i try for a federal seat soon.

  81. Frustrated Commuter

    Jane Prentice wants to replace Michael Johnson in Federal Parliament but won’t resign from Council. She has to decide where her heart is. Does she want to be a “can-doer”, or does she want to swill in Canberra. It is clear her loyalty is to Club Fed and not to the “Can-Do” team. Campbell Newman should immediately sack her from Civic Cabinet and put someone in charge who actually has their heart in delivering the promised 800 new buses, ferries, and bikeways.

  82. Spry

    How old is Jane Prentice? I’ve seen her photo in the Courier Mail and she looks over 60. Isn’t that too old to be seeking a new career in Parliament? That Ryan is a marginal must-win seat for the LNP perhaps a younger energetic candidate would give them some chance of winning.

  83. Old Biscuit

    Jane Prentice wants to be a Federal MP but won’t resign from Council? Collecting one $130,000 a year pay cheque isn’t enough, she wants taxpayers to be paying her two wages! The nerve! This gluttonous cash grab makes you think. Maybe she, or her husband, have significant debts that they aren’t telling anyone about. Perhaps someone should inquire with the ATO?

  84. Anonymous

    Jane is well on the sunny side of 60.

    My a younger energetic surely you are not going to support that diskhead Seb the blimp?

  85. Ryan voter

    Wow! What a choice we have in Ryan to vote last on the ballot- Michael Johnson or Jane Prentice. Sorry Michael you lose again, Jane you win- I’m putting you dead last.

  86. Wicked Witch of the West

    Jane Prentice on the sunny side of 60? Have you had a close look at her lately?

    She’ll have to spend half of her campaign budget on graphic designers to digitally enhance her photographic image before it is blown up onto posters and billboards.

    No amount of anti-wrinkle cream can hide the facial craters, grey hairs are religiously bleached, everything else is hidden under 1/4 inch thick makeup, the hips won’t survive half a day of door knocking, especially with the extra bulk built up while on the Brisbane Council gravy train, and she is only a few more lapses away from joining factional chieftain Bob Tucker in the secured dementia wing.

    Plus she used to date Phillip Ruddock, and they don’t come any older or crustier.

  87. Ryan voter

    Jane Prentice is over 60? In that case I am definitely going to vote for her last. How about some decent people not of toddler age or far far over the hill for us to vote for LNP?

  88. anthony p

    now my friend mj has left it is left for me to spy and pretend to love erevyone. Maybe the frat will take me in with corey

  89. Q&A

    Why don’t they run that young LNP guy who was promoted in the Sun Herald?

  90. gracie

    maybe i should get an upgrade from old euro to hot asian sportscar

  91. gracie

    maybe its time i trade in old euro model for a middle aged asian import that has been recently traded in

  92. Anonymous

    Michael Johson features in the meaia today saying that Seb Monsour “was the best candidate to replace me” because “he will have access to cash and powerful people”.

    That says it all – talent, local connections, a successful career and maturity and some real ability – all as nothing compared to Johnson’s criteria.

    Of course Johnson has form in this regard and clearly mixing with the rich and powerful was far more important to him than any genuine desire to work in the interests of the local voters regardless of their party affiliations and their financial circumstances.

    The LNP only made one mistake in regard to Johnson – having inherited him from the LPA two years ago, they took two years to knock him off.

  93. Anonymous

    Surely Monsour’s endorsement by the present MHR for Ryan should be the kiss of death for that poor fool Seb.

  94. Anonymous

    Michael Johnson who is the near terminal MHR for Ryan, is quoted in the media today as saying that Seb Monsour would be “the best LNP candidate to replace me” and goes on to say that “he will have access to cash and powerful people”.

    Johnson has form of course in regard to the latter but even so it appears that he regards those two criteria as more important than talent, ability, local connections, a successful career before politics, and a driving passion to represent the electors regardless of their wealth and power.

    The LNP made one mistake with Johnson – having inherited him from the LPA they took two years to knock him off.

    With an endorsement like Johnson’s that poor fool Monsour is dead in the water even before the pre-selection closes.

  95. Lib Insider

    Seems like a clever move on Johnson’s part to me. Publically endorse the one you fear most (Monsour) so that they do not win and replace with the ‘dud’ who you think you can beat (Prentice).

  96. Crikey!

    I agree Lib Insider, if you were going to run against someone- Seb Monsour is not the man; people actually like him. If I was going to run against someone who I knew I could beat any day of the week it would be Jane Prentice.

  97. Ex Liberal

    I think the “Lib insider” may be giving too much credit to Johnson for endorsing the Blimp for the preselection.

    Seb, as the candidate for the LNP in Ryan, would be much easier to knock off than Prentice – although I would vote for any candidate even with hooves and a tail rather than Johnson.

    I really doubt that Johnson has enough smarts to dream up such a scheme.

    For years I’ve had my doubts that he was smart enough to even tie up his own shoes.

  98. Anonymous

    Mightn’t banking cheques payable to the then Liberal Party into a bank account not in the name of the Liberal Party be a form of “conversion” and as such a criminal offence?

  99. Roar

    No, The cheques were probably in the name “Michael Johnson election fund”. If he was smart that’s what he’s done.

  100. Ex Liberal

    Nobody ever accused Johnson of being “smart”!

    Dumb, thick, an idiot, out of touch, delusional Yes – but never smart.

  101. Roar

    He had some very capable individuals around him at the time at which this was meant to have gone down.

  102. Anonymous

    for Roar

    So Johnson had capable individuals around him? Now let me see that could have been Mirnie Back and Warth Gong perhaps?

    You have got to be kidding. Two rorters and stackers from way back.

  103. anonymous

    There are costs associated with fund raising activities, such as kitchen equipments. These were not for his house but for the office’s use. Why wasn’t this mentioned by any press?

  104. an insider

    In reply to the previous comment

    In my experience, MHR’s offices are well equiped at Govt expense for morning and afternoon tea facilities – what more do they need?

    Your comments above is naive.

  105. anonymous

    hi insider, how much do you think you can raise with morning and afternoon teas? I have done fundraising before and can I tell you it is not easy!

  106. insider

    I don’t recall that Mike raised much of his funding from morning and afternoon teas and certainly not morning and afternoon teas at the electorale office.

  107. anonymous

    sounds like you are more of an outsider than an insider!

  108. Anonymous

    as it happens both – figure that out.

  109. Anonymous

    Seb didn’t bother to nominate for the Ryan pre-selection after all.

  110. Anonymous

    So the Privaleges committee is actually going to have a look-see.

    It has been a long time coming what?

  111. Anonymous

    So all you yuppies have found something else to tweet about?

  112. interested

    whaT a pity Johnson is off the radar screen – he does need watching.

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