BAD TASTE: Isobel Redmond compares Tony Abbott's fibbing with the family who lied to the Nazis to protect Anne Frank

SA Liberal leader Isobel Redmond is clearly not the sharpest tool in the box.

When her son recently opined over dinner that telling the truth in certain circumstances is not always right, for example when people lied to the murderous Nazis to protect Anne Frank, she found it quite a powerful analogy.

And yet it’s quite a disgusting comparison because she was comparing the righteous gentiles whose lies to the Nazis saved lives with Tony Abbott’s recent clumsy explanation about the difference in magnitude of his scripted remarks and those that are off the cuff.

To be sure the press gallery reaction has been typically over-the-top about Abbott but he won’t be assisted by nuff nuffs like Isobel Redmond.

It is not appropriate to compare politicians’ fibs or broken commitments with those who lie to murderers about the location of their intended victim.



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20 responses to “BAD TASTE: Isobel Redmond compares Tony Abbott's fibbing with the family who lied to the Nazis to protect Anne Frank

  1. Alex Hork

    All the more reason to bring back Malcolm.

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  3. Observer

    Woman’s an idiot. Pity. She was a chance at being a Premier at one stage. Now proves she doesn’t know when to shut up.

    Next – to lead the SA Liberals?


  4. Chris

    NO need to bring back Malcolm!

  5. sg

    Unfortunately her thinking is prevalent amongst the Right at the moment – it’s OK to lie as long as its For The Cause.
    Check out any recent interview with any given mining CEO. Check out any interview with Tony Abbott.

  6. Indi Warrior

    Yes, I agree lets have Malcolm back in the middle…

  7. Boofa Leigh

    Ohhhh Isobel, if you want to learn the dark art of politics I have a vacancy on Wednesday nights between 10.08pm and 10.10pm. No need to bring anything with you in fact the less you have the better the lesson.

  8. Wenchy

    That means I’ll have to go ‘seconds’ Geoffrey.

  9. Pisstopher Chryne

    I milk men just like Isobel is milking that cow

  10. zap brannigan

    i invoke godwin’s law…this thread should now be closed down.

  11. Pisstopher Chryne

    Lucky I wasn’t caught milking men at Ken’s. I love uncut man milk.

  12. Pissy Chryne

    I hope no one photographs me or Alan coming out of the ‘Bath House’ on a towel-free naked night.

  13. Richard Licker.

    Don`t worry about the fat ring stinger who was at Kens. The question is, who gave him up?

  14. Alan Jones

    Just had a satisfying spot of ‘dogging’ with Pissy at the ‘Bath House’ I hope no one saw me.

  15. The Redfield Cross Dresser

    I bumped into David Campbell at Ken’s of Kensington.

  16. John Michael Howson

    Hold on Alan I bring my little sambo Alfie along and we can all play “Choo Choo Trains’ in the Bath House.

  17. Ollie

    “What about me – it isn’t fair?”

  18. Mitchell Observer

    Abbott is not saying that it is ok to lie. Quite the contrary.
    But he’s acknowledging that politicians, himself included, are given to hyperbole, which then needs to be amended, and that can mislead.
    Redmond is an able leader, who won the popular vote, and really, but for some poor marginal seat campaigning, and dubious conduct by Labor ( eg. giving out false Family First how-to-vote-cards), should be SA’s Premier.

  19. Talihunter

    Is it just me or would Don Harwin and David Campbell make a very cute bipartisan couple??

  20. Forbsey

    Ollie – you psychotic f&^k!

    P!ss off – and stop being a parasite on the taxpayer – relinquish your pension.

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