IT'S WAR: Greens militants plot to unseat Labor MP's over climate change

adrianwhiteheadgreens A confidential document obtained by VEXNEWS reveals that aggressive climate change militants will be campaigning to cost Labor seats at the next state and federal elections because they say it “has been capture(sic) by the fossil fuel lobby and big business.”

The leader of the militant tendency Melbourne Climate Campaign Group, Adrian Whitehead has told his minions:

There will be no point of negotiation: we will be seeking to unseat the sitting Labor candidates…

The email explains his targets include Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner’s seat in Melbourne, state Education Minister Bronwyn Pike in the state seat, Carlo Carli in Brunswick and Local Government minister Richard Wynne in Richmond.

Somewhat ironically the avowedly anti-Labor militants meet at Victoria’s Trades Hall, the building owned by the peak body of the state’s trade union movement.

While the email doesn’t make it clear, it appears the militant group is unhappy with the size of the government’s proposed Emissions Trading Scheme, that appears increasingly unlikely to be passed in the Senate anyway.

The email:

From: Greenleap On Behalf Of Adrian Whitehead
Sent: Monday, 2 March 2009 8:59 AM
To: Greenleap members

Subject: [greenleap] Labor likely to loose (sic) seats at next elections due to climate change.

Labor is likely to loose at least one federal seat and a number of Victorian state seats at the 2010 elections after a meeting in Melboure (sic)
of climate and political activists committed to campaign against Labor due to it’s (sic) failure on the issue of climate change.

The meeting, which was held on February the 18th, consisted of climate activists, members from local climate action groups, student campaigners, union members, and members from progressive political parties.

The meeting decided that the Rudd Government, despite being elected with support from the climate movement and despite a strong mandate to take significant action on climate change, has been capture (sic) by the fossil fuel lobby and big business. The Rudd Government has failed the Australian people and the global community on developing goals and policy that will actually help avoid a run away climate event.

The meeting decided to commence its campaign immediately with the formation of a Melbourne Climate Campaign Group and a second meeting to help coordinate activities across a number of Federal and State seats where climate campaigns will be run.

The campaign will differ from previous election campaigns run because we will be holding Labor to account for its failure to implement a climate emergency response. There will be no point of negotiation: we will be seeking to unseat the sitting Labor candidates and hand the seats to progressive parties with stronger climate policies.

In Victoria, the Federal seat of Melbourne is only held by Labor’s Lindsay Tanner by 2.35% from the Greens, while State Labor seats are also vulnerable: Melbourne 2.0% ; Brunswick 3.6%; and Richmond 3.7% to the Greens.

In Sydney two seats may come into play, Sydney and Grayndler, if the Greens can out poll the Liberals and Labor’s primary vote falls.

In addition the campaign will be see as an important opportunity to grow the Climate Emergency Movement.

The next meeting of the Melbourne Climate Campaign Group is being held at the Climate Action Centre, Level 5, Annex Building Trades Hall, 6pm, Wednesday the 4th of March.

Adrian Whitehead
Social Campaigner


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15 responses to “IT'S WAR: Greens militants plot to unseat Labor MP's over climate change

  1. Anonymous

    Graig Langton the Member for Ivanhoo will be happy the Greens aren’t targeting him.

  2. Anonymous

    Grayg Wankton

  3. mick

    Let me guess – the banner says “climate change, social change”. Frigging watermelons dont even give a crap about the issue except for its usefulness in advancing their retarded political views.

  4. Anonymous

    The Greens truly are a joke.

  5. Anonymous

    There is one State MP whose name you can’t use in a comment on this site because of a suppression order.

  6. Anonymous

    There is one Victorian Labor MLA’s name you can’t use in a comment here. Suppression order anyone?

  7. Stephen J. Conroy

    1. tech worker types are ticked off at Labor’s proposed internet filtering regs (i.e. net censorship), to the extent that it’s a vote-changer for exRudd supporters

    2. the greens are the only party philopsophically opposed to the move, therefore the most likely place for those voters to swing

    3. those voters tend to live in inner-urban (i.e Tanner / Pike’s seats)

    Conclusion: a bunch of votes are headed the greens way thanks to a non-environmental issue.

  8. Stephen J. Conroy

    p.s. I spel good

  9. brumby for PM

    Couldn’t give a crap about wynne, piketard, or carli, but losing tanner – one of Labor’s most effective operators and Australia’s next treasurer – would be a disaster. The very thought of losing the one truly patriotic lefty in parliament and having him replaced with another blowhard know-nothing moron from the greens sends shivers down my spine.

    Pragmatists across the spectrum should unite behind Tanner. His commitment to reform and his respect for the power of markets is critical to the nation. More greens=more do-nothing, winner-picking, empty-headed, budget-demolishing exercises in symbolism, identity politics, and failed policy.

  10. rats

    can’t believe tardes hall has so many f**kin rats in it’s building. Next trades hall will be blocking the streets, train tracks and alike. Bring on A LIBERAL GOVERNMENT BOYS AND GIRLS

  11. Beware of con artists dressed in Koala suits

    The Greens are a neo-leftist anarchists. They should only be approached with extreme caution and even then it is best that you maintain a safe distance. In spit the rhetoric the fact is the Greens will not be in a position to topple Labor in the Federal Seat of Melbourne. In order to win the seat of Melbourne they would need to first out poll the Liberal party and be in a position to collect 100% of non-labor preferences. A huge ask.

    Even with the support of the likes of the CFMEU, the ETU or Brian Boyd they have little to no chance of success.

  12. Anonymous

    Melb. State Seat likely to fall to Greens, due to loss of support over planning issues sending mainstream ALP votes to the Greens, in a combination of anger and despair.
    Essendon could fall to a high profile conservative indep, IF the Libs don’t run a candidate.
    Was Moonee Valley Mayor Giuliano’s anti-Rudd, anti-Moslem e-mail a publicity stunt, to ‘dog whistle’ to the Liberal heartland north of Moonee Ponds?

  13. Natasha The Despoiler


    I only approve of unseating true “anti-honeys” who are anathema. (Love that word, really I do!)

    Send cash to this wonderfully true honey, honeys.

  14. Tiny Tim - Evil water overlord

    Adrian Whitehead would never get a job at my office given the number of grammatical errors in his press release

  15. Inga

    Dearest Girth et al. All this talk of greens has made me somewhat peckish. I like greens especially when served with roast lamb and a lovely bottle of red followed by a delicious serving of tiramisu. A perfect question time snack sandwiched between dorothy dixers.

    Did someone mention sandwiches? I’ll take two rounds of ham, cheese and baby spinach followed by a lightly dusted lamington

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