NO COMMENT: Melbourne greedy greens party councillor stonewalls over junkets


Recently elected Melbourne City councillor Cathy Oke has wasted no time shoving her snout into the travel trough, with reports on Nine News and in News Limited publications about a series of trips she has planned at ratepayers’ expense that will cost $33,000.

VEXNEWS invited the councillor to explain herself to a disgusted public and it appears she has been struck dumb. We wrote to her:

cathyokedumbass Dear Councillor Oke
I refer to media reports that you are embarking on ratepayer funded $33,000 travel to various overseas destinations. We propose to do a follow-up story that explores the issues in detail.
The $33,000 bill contrasts starkly with a previous Greens party Melbourne councillor David Risstrom who travelled extensively on council business but managed to spend very little money indeed, other than on airfares. He appeared to stay at backpacker style hostels and
to eat very parsimoniously indeed. We fear he consumed a vegan variety of seeds and berries.
This meant he was very hard to criticise for travelling at ratepayer expense, except of course by those conscious – as you no doubt are – of one’s carbon footprint. What measures will you be taking to deal with the carbon consequences of these very long trips? And why are you proposing to travel so regally by comparison to your own party’s predecessors? Could you please provide us with a breakdown of how you propose to spend $33,000 on these trips? And also what is the length of the trips? With airfares as they currently are, the quantum outlined in that article seems to be almost impossible unless you are living very large indeed.
What do you say to those who believe that three different trips in such a short time is excessive? What will you be doing on such trips to justify the large expense? How are they not in breach of the Lord Mayor’s ban on junkets?
Given that you say you work as an environmental consultant, how do you respond to suggestions you might be getting ratepayers to pay for travel that could be advantageous to your business?
The Herald Sun said that you would be travelling with a member of staff. Is it envisaged that you would be sharing accommodation with that person? If not, why not?
Please feel free to contact us on the mobile 0415 99 33 26 or by return email
editor[at] in time for our deadline of 9am
tomorrow. If you fail to respond, we will note that in the customary way.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Landeryou

Without divulging too many VEXNEWS secrets, it is our custom to search local newspapers for photographs of the subjects of our stories. People are forever posing with goats, donning costumes or wielding shovels in cheesy photo ops for these fine weekly publications.

It is noteworthy that despite being elected last year and it being March already that the councillor is yet to actually appear in any such shots. Too lazy even for a few photo ops. Even with a brain-shattering hang-over, Lord Mayor Doyle would still make himself available for a snapper occasionally.

She’s clearly not wanting to tilt her life-work balance too far from hippy bludger.



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14 responses to “NO COMMENT: Melbourne greedy greens party councillor stonewalls over junkets

  1. iron chef

    They ask for our votes and then wipe their arse on our face.

    She looks like a monger mate, I wouldn’t waste my time.

  2. hypos

    theses greens are ***** amazing. Pure in mind but dirty in flesh.

  3. iron chef


    Nah, I used to get down with a goth girl who voted Green. Neither pure in mind or flesh.

    Good times.

  4. hypos

    i wouldn’t use my iron rod on her

  5. Sandy

    The Greens are pious Marxists.

  6. Fatty Doyle

    I am lining Young Cathy up for a hiding, by jove she is well stacked up front!

  7. Luke

    Uh Why do you think that any elected official would call you to explain anything? It’s not like you are part of the media. Maybe oh maybe people just don’t take your seriously. It might be hard to believe, but thems the breaks. get over it.

  8. Luke takes drugs

    Yeh you take this site so seriously you don’t visit it. Go away leftard.

  9. Alf Garnett

    Looks like Mrs Mulholland has got some competition on who can be the biggest junket porcine.

  10. Con Call

    It’s the Martin Brennan Non- environmental Environment Organisation. The one where the MCC was funding the Executive costs of a third party organisation. The Council is allowed to refund out of pocket expenses but the MCC now illegally pays a travel allowance.

    It seams that the Greens do not subscribe to the policy of using the Internet/conference calls. Why cable it when you an fly like a bird after all they are not paying Melbourne Ratepayers foot the bill and at the cost of our environment.

    It will be interesting to hear of the Environmental organisations like the Conservation Foundation support the Greens OS travel actions or their own published policy.

    So much for Robert Doyle’s policy of no Junkets.

    Help Save our planet and City Budget.

    Those wishing to contact Ms Oke and express their concern for the environment can do so by sending an email to the

    Send a copy also to the Greens State Office and the Conservation Foundation

  11. Qantas FF

    How many Frequent Flyer Points will she earn? Will she declare them on her Tax statement.

  12. humbug

    What a non-story. Maybe you should be concentrating more on Moreland where your mates are involved in a real scandal. Same old same old.

  13. Willow

    why did not Brindly travel to ICLE was a waste of time

  14. Anonymous

    Poor polewal. Rejected by Don Lang for a dova della.

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