LINGERING: Ghoulish Catherine Ng haunts Legislative Assembly

catheringngevil Supposedly busy TAFE worker and deposed Melbourne Councillor Liberal lefty Catherine Ng found time to sit in for quite a while today on Victorian Legislative Assembly Question Time. Was she checking up on wayward hubby Douglas Campbell, believed to be increasingly unhappy about life or as some suggested perhaps was there to eye off Robert Clark’s seat of Box Hill and see what it’s like to be among the legislators.

She wouldn’t know what Box Hill’s like given she lives in West Melbourne, having moved confidently into the City of Melbourne municipality ahead of the Lord Mayoral election she probably should have won til she ran into a freight train of truth, justice, freedom and accountability.

Some fancy the chances of Chairman Gladys Liu in Box Hill, others say there’s life in the old Clarky yet and that should the Libs change leaders and suddenly become competitive again that he’d like nothing more than being a senior minister in a Liberal government.

Clark has a special place in many patriot’s hearts for suing the University of Melbourne at a time when its perpetually corrupt student union/SRC was donating money directly to terrorist groups in the Middle East. The Supreme Court ordered that it was illegal and it shut down a lot of the dodgiest and most egregious student union misconduct.



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14 responses to “LINGERING: Ghoulish Catherine Ng haunts Legislative Assembly

  1. Anon Annonski

    Clarky is a bit of a modest rags to riches story. He grew up in St Albans which isn’t exactly a rosy picture today but must have been really wild west back then!

  2. Natasha The Despoiler


    Clarke is a very unattractive man… I know many honeys from St Albans who are honeys and do not wear their trousers tightly tucked up under their armpits!

    Although Douglas has been known to shout homophobic insults at Upper House legislators, Clarke has used the lower house to spout the most vile homophobia directly into hansard.

    As Shadow Treasurer, he disastrously proved that he knew nothing about economics, and could not even add upp without double counting. Foolish.

    A pox on them both, and I hereby declare them “anti – honeys”, which as you all know is anathema.

  3. anon

    If Gladys is a serious candidate for Box Hill, the standard of candidates the party will consider is shocking. At least Ng has experience in office. However I don’t see Clarke going anywhere yet.

  4. Choo choo

    Its pretty obvious why Ng, along with many others, decided to catch Question Time. They were all there to see the GTM Express in all its glory. And as always, the GTM Express did not let down the many passengers, onlookers, and well wishers that we now associate with the greatest fast train ever seen in this fair land: the Great Terry Mulder.

    All aboard!

  5. Railyard Worker

    I am so tired. I have been working double over time over the past two weeks. Getting the greatest gold plated machine ever constructed up and running is not an easy or quick task. But boy will it be worth it. Should be days now!

  6. Awe-struck onlooker

    Are you serious? Only days now? I can’t wait to board this train. It will be the greatest day this state has ever seen. All I can say to that is …..


  7. Goose

    The sun was out, the air was crisp
    Everyone was clearing the path
    All so we could watch the amazing creation
    That is the train from Polwarth

  8. Wacka Macka

    I am done with the MBF.

  9. Choo choo

    All aboard. Next stop: Kew.

  10. Dj Dj Spedding

    I’ll jump on board.

  11. Thomas the tank engine

    How does this impact me?

  12. Anon

    The Mulder Choo choo better have better air con than Connex, it’s going to get soooo hot in there when they realise none of the passengers have valid tickets.

  13. anon

    Chairman Lui is no longer the Secretary of the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Electorate Council. If she doesn’t have support for that position it is unlikely she’ll have the necessary support to win preselection for Box Hill.

  14. Willow

    Guys you have got to get it right when you are penning, NG lives in Richmond and has done so for many years…

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