WITNESS OF TRUTH: Julian Grill found not guilty, praised by magistrate and awarded costs

juliangrillcleared Former WA Labor Minister and patriot Julian Grill has been acquitted on charges brought by the increasingly discredited Western Australian Corruption and Crime Commission.

An indication of just how flawed the CCC’s case was against Grill was the order of $19,000 in legal costs to Grill, something rarely done in the criminal jurisdiction and a sign that the Commission’s claims against him held little merit.

It is the second time in two weeks that bogus charges brought by the CCC were thrown out in court.

The Magistrate Michael Wheeler couldn’t have been more emphatic in his judgment:

“I believe he was being truthful on that day when he was giving evidence to the CCC,” Mr Wheeler told Perth Magistrates Court. I consider him to be a witness of truth.He was very candid in his evidence.”

Grill told a waiting media pack that the CCC’s conduct is wholly unacceptable:

“Not only myself but other people … by this CCC process had their reputations sullied, in some cases very, very badly indeed, that has happened in circumstances where the normal safeguards of procedural fairness and natural justice have been stripped away. We’ve been left in a situation where we haven’t been able to effectively defend ourselves in anyway to the allegations that have been made.”

The former minister continued:

Not only was I vindicated the Magistrate said in no uncertain terms that I was a truthful witness and had always been truthful.

Justice has been done, in part, now it remains a challenge for the Barnett government to seriously reform the WA CCC into a serious crime-fighter not a headline-chaser.

The CCC is clearly the most disgraced agency in law enforcement in the nation, its own corrupt deeds far exceeding anything committed by those they have targetted. The West’s most famous son Ben Cousins is just one of many victims of the state’s rampant corrupt drug trade, dominated by scary folk like bikies. And yet the Crime and Corruption Commission do nothing. Instead they pick easy marks, politicos demonised by the media for persecution and prosecution.

It’s a disgrace that cannot be allowed to continue.



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32 responses to “WITNESS OF TRUTH: Julian Grill found not guilty, praised by magistrate and awarded costs

  1. Abolish the CCC crooks

    They are a blight on WA.

  2. L

    Good on ya, Grillsy

  3. Anon Annonski

    Its absolute justice that Grill has been acquitted!
    The CCC should go after the real crims no doubt! Including a few building industry thugs as well as the bikies and drug tzars!
    But lets not have collective amnesia about why the Commission exists. WA Inc and the recent examples of Brian Burke not virtually giving orders to Ministers but also coaching them on how to deal with issues in parliament were as much a disgrace as the CCC’s abuse of process and fairness in persecuting Grill.

  4. hedgehog

    Of course he is innocent. His mate Burke is also a saint. Lets hope he is not jailed again.Feathering your own nest is not a crime, being a grub is not a crime, having no ethics or morals is not a crime, and praise the Lord SDA Officials are not crims.

  5. L

    Fuck off hedgehog

    Look at the real issues involved in the CCC – and for that matter, get some FACTS on the SDA – before you try being a supercilious smartarse.

    Julian mught not be a saint, but he also broke no law. As proved today. Inarguable fact.

    Lets see you justify the Stasi-like powers and operations of the CCC, if you reckon its all such a joke.

  6. L

    And Anonski – the CCC is the bastard creation of Leftist McGinty, and the evil remnants of the Courts and the stupid recommendations of the WA Royal Commision’s Public Sector Management Act.

  7. Truth speaker

    Justice will only be done when McGinty does a stint in the big house.

  8. MightyMouse

    Not enough work today at the CCC chamber, Hedgehog?

  9. LaManchat

    Let’s see if Porter and Barnett have the guts to either re-direct the attentions of this lot to where they should be or else close them down. Clowns. All charges brought against WA citizens by this lot should immediately dropped or at least be suspended until reviewed by a team of interstate judiciary. The CCC have brought nothing but embarrassment to WA with their Stasi like attitude. Australia is NO PLACE for Star Chamber politics perhaps McGinty should re-read that chapter in his student law text.

  10. Anonymous

    Who’s got the guts to shut this kangaroo court down?

  11. Paul

    But is it negligence with intent, lets face it, Assistant Chief CCC Commissioner Moira Rainer, tipped off druggy,crooked, thieving, top Burocrat in the State, Laurie Marquet, that her CCC were bugging his phones, he immediately ceased using the phones to some extent, showing quite clearly that her information to the crook, that her CCC were “investigating”, caused him to limit to some extent his useage of the devices, that her CCC were “bugging”, yet the CCC neglect to win their case, when they had her “bang to rights”,.

    Just how much of their neglect is contrived?, well their negligence may get the Commissioner a few slaps on the back, or drinks at the Weld Club, or whatever “other” benefits may spin off.

    But will the thinking public ever wake up to the point that far more sinister motives may be afoot.

    Prior comment has been that the CCC is “the bastard creation of McGinty”, not so, I fear, as I recall it, major players in the triple C’s creation, were W.A. Premier Geof Gallop and Chief District Court Judge Kevin Hammond.

    Which does absolutely nothing to inspire, ANY CONFIDENCE IN THE TRIPLE “C” WHATSOEVER, TO ME.

    Some of these characters in the CCC are claimed clever, honest people. well if you can lay one of those six letter claims aside, would that give any indications as to the continuing neglect?

  12. anon

    Burke always has been and always will be a grubby crook.

  13. LaManchat

    Well, Paul, my understanding is that the CCC was born from the collapse of the ACC and as a result of the findings of a Royal Commission into the state’s police service. McGinty fashioned the legislation (and it so happened that Gallop and Hammond were the political instigators) but it was McGinty and a pathetically weak Labor Caucus under his control that saw it into existence. In 2005 McGinty made subtle, but significant changes through legislation that forced a redirecting of the CCC’s focus away from organized crime towards the political. These changes forced the CCC to focus on whatever corruption they could find and if they couldn’t find it had to go looking for it (especially if they wanted to maintain and grow their budget). It is here that the worm turns, because the obvious choice for the CCC were the lobbyists and who better than McGinty’s “labor enemies” (not forgetting their funding was in McGinty’s hands) messers Burke and Grill. So the dogs were unleashed, and probably unknown to them, to do his (McGinty’s) dirty deeds. I have to agree with Paul, but for different reasons, though, that the CCC do not inspire confidence because the basic clay from which they are moulded comes from poor soil.

  14. King Phat

    Anon, piss off. Your contribution on the matter is about as welcome as another hole in a chook’s arse.

  15. Paul

    LaManchat, your comments/perceptions are interesting, but you mention that the CCC were re-directed from “organised crime”, well surely the political in W.A. are “organised crime”, very organised, very sinister and very corrupt.

    Personally I always considered McGinty to be a bit of a fool originally, then I started to wonder if he was in fact quite clever, later I decided that I had been correct originally, but that he was probably just a puppet for a very clever “system”, that rules and decides apolitically.

    But what makes it all tick?.

    McGinty as Attorney General I understand, removed all reference to the Crown from our constitution, this done blatantly, in the face of all our our “claimed Parliamentry Representatives”,without going to Public referendum, this action surely, criminal.

    All of our Judiciary are surely aware that they, the Police, The Polititions etc are sworn to the Crown, yet none of these persons or authorities have returned our Western Australian Constitution to its rightful status, now that has to be super Criminal does’nt it? Why bash and rape a little old age pensioner for $5.00 of her Pension money, when you can steal a State?

    If all Beaks were sworn to the Crown and the Crown removed from the Constitution, would’nt that mean that the Beaks are sitting in
    “Limbo”? in the Courts illegally, unless some other Oath has been sworn unbeknown to me or perhaps the general Public.

    Again why has Barnett and his Liberal Co; not reversed McGinty’s action, unless they are complicit, with what I see as illegal activity, what is the catalyst if not corruption?

    McGinty is closely related to at least one person I understand, claimed to be/or have been a paedophile, now personally
    I wonder, just how powerfull that particular unsung vice is in the Political machinations of the States corruption.

  16. Anonymous

    So I ask again, who’s got the guts to shut this kangaroo court down?

  17. LaManchat

    Very good point, Paul. The proposition that the “political are organised crime in WA”, as you argue it is for the most part correct – It is a crime of extreme largess! I certainly take the point, Paul. In fact, I can’t argue with your assessment of the situation as it stands in this regard. A very interesting legal point, were the judges re-sworn, or are they sitting illegally? You correctly point out that there is no longer a separation between the Crown and the State in WA so was this anomaly corrected? I also join with anonymous and ask who will stand up and shut this Kangaroo Court down?

  18. Anonymous

    The attempt by the CCC to get at Brian Burke is disgraceful. Burke remains WAs greatest Premier. His factional enemies in the WA ALP are behind this. Burke is great. The CCC is utterly contemptible.

  19. Anonymous

    My name is Banyule Councillor Jenny Mulholland and I’m really happy about the Jake the Snake article and what it means for politics in my area.

  20. John West

    Brian Burke, not unlike many of the charges of illegality and corruption levelled at some of our greatest ALP politicians, are greatly exaggerated. Burke’s so called political conspiracies and other actions attributed to him are simply fictional. Those who choose to believe the CCC choose to do so without critical awareness and choose to do so with mischief in mind. It’s time to leave Burke & Grill, et al alone and get on with the job of dealing with organized criminal activity in WA, but given the reputation of the CCC and its lack of investigative rigour and legal knowledge I doubt that it could do this and remain credible – so it is time to close it up and give the money to the WA police in leu of removing 3% from their budget. WA doesn’t nee, nor can it now afford, a rolling Royal Commission and second police force.

  21. The incompetent clown Mike Silverstone who runs the CCC was the person who “cocked up” the ‘Children Overboard’ message from Comander Banks of HMAS Adelaide.
    Later he added the time 7.20am to his notes. a time when is was dark 2800 km west of Darwin – and crossed out “men overbaord” and substituted “child” after he took the message.
    Refugees don’t jump in the water when it’s dark!
    Later the ‘child’ multiplied into “children”.
    That cost Labor the election win and government: Kim Beasley the Prime Ministership and McGinty rewarded Mike Silverstone by making him Executive Officer of the new CCC.
    Not a bad dividend at $165K plus perks for 5 year to date.
    Now he trying to make a new name foir himself.
    Who set the rabbit running for the Libs?

  22. Sunshine

    I believe all of those in this comment page who are critical of Burke should go back and read the full transcripts of the hearings into Burke. The only matter that he was found guilty of was a travel rort and I am aware that if a full investigation was done into all MP’s from that time there would have been a few more charges.

    Understand that he was the Premier at the time and that he signed many documents in a day and as any Premier will tell you, they rely on their staff when making claims for benefits.

    Nevertheless Burke took full responsibility for what happened and at no time tried to pass the buck and ruin the name and reputation of his staff who were responsible for the wrongful claims. This man at least has some integrity, loyalty and honesty which I find sadly lacking in today’s politician’s.

    As to the CCC, they suggest that they have done a full investigation into the Smiths Beach matter.

    This is a complete fabrication, they at no time did or have ever done an investigation into the very wealthy lobbying group that opposed the development and who lobbied a number left(overs) ALP politicians extensively to ensure that their little piece of paradise was not invaded by the dirty smelly working class.

  23. Paul

    So we all see things slightly different Sunshine, are you forgetting the “Collectable Stamps”, the “Unseen Bagmen” picking up quite huge money transfers “claimed to be”, to who really knows whom.

    The imported “Car deals”,.

    I can never understand why Brian Burke was not charged with “stealing as a servant”, which carried far higher penalties, but put that down to, perhaps a deal with the mentioned, other M.P.’s with similar fiddles or mistakes, that is of course M.P.’s of all Parties, not just a couple of Burkes, did he have the advantage of “Lobbying them”? to get off his back a bit?, if so what form could any (if any) enticements have been, merely pointing out their own discrepencies? I doubt that.

    I abhor my Tax’s etc contributing to any Lobbyist, ( not just those with any perhaps “found” criminal intentions or past ) having Office space in the Parliament Buildings.

    Admittedly “Lobbying”, is claimed to be legitimate, yet it is largely, a priviledge, based upon payments of at times quite large sums, is it not? Do portions of these payments, ever spinoff back to providing favours for any who have been lobbied?

    Who paid for Burkes mate Kevin Rudds American Strip Club jaunt, was’nt his Missus was it?

    Personally I wonder if Lobbying is not bordering on close to Backmail, pay up or dip out, it is for those priviledged to have funds to pay, pay up, get richer, have an advantage over those underpriviledged.

    Perth has the highest level of Child Luekemia in the Nation, W.A. Breast Cancer is escalating, with Women near forming queue’s for double Mastectomies, Mesothelmioma (Asbestosis) heading for a W.A. crisis within twenty years, yet I have never ever heard of any Lobbyist Lobbying in any form to help these unfortunate’s, this in my opinion, because all lobbyists with a past in Politics, have a share in the blame.

  24. Anon Annonski

    What a totally surreal inversion of the nuremberg defence Sunshine! So now its not the foot soldiers who can claim they were just following orders, its the leaders who can claim they didn’t know that their henchmen were up to!!!
    Next you’ll be saying that The Cain/Kirner Labor Govt had nothing to do with Victoria’s parlous condition prior to their drubbing by the electorate.
    What is it about WA Labor, they hate Geoff Gallop their own premier and hound him office, they give shelter to the most extreme remnants of the BLF and give them a new lease of life and they are fine with Brian Burke!
    The CCC does need to concentrate on organised crime as well as pollies.
    And Moira Rayner in the CCC??? She is a shocker!

  25. L

    Incidentally, Burke was found guilty of the same travel rort that Carmen Lawrence was in a subsequent inverstigation. She was allowed to pay it back…Burkie went to jail.

    Fair much?

  26. Sit Bubu Sit

    Well, we do view things slightly differently. And I view lobbying as completely legitimate; it is obvious you do not. Now let’s put is simply, lobbyists contribute to better governance. They provide a community perspective to assist government in its decision making. When lobbyists are involved in the legislative process they represent individuals who feel strongly on issues but can’t or don’t have the opportunity to present their views to politicians. Lobbyists allow people, especially minorities, to exercise their democratic right to be heard. If you had a tax issue with the ATO, would you go in without a tax specialist? Would you attend a cautioned police interview without a lawyer? Why should it differ for government – you reach out for experts.

    As to the fusing of issues between health and lobbying… I will bite by saying that I don’t view it as the responsibility of lobbyist to take on what the government should be providing through the executive role. Quite frankly if the public wont get off their arse to lobby for a better health system from their elected representatives then why would you expect an a lobbyist to do so pro-bono? I have no doubt if there was a special interests group that paid them to do so they would.

  27. Anon Annonski

    I won’t be holding my breath for the beatification of lobbyists. Not least because it’s only those minority groups who can AFFORD to pay someone to access influencers for them who benefit. Let’s not lobbyists perform some altruistic public service but they are a legitimate business that employs many patriots!
    Isn’t the problem that in WA Burke somehow manages to corner all the influence. Why did all those ALP Ministers and MP’s obsequiously take his calls and do his bidding?

  28. John West

    Because Brian Burke, whether some like it or not, was one of the few persons in the state who understood government and ALP policies his party was founded upon. I also think they took his calls because those new ministers didn’t have a clue on legislation and they needed guidance. There is nothing wrong about that in my opinion. The bottom line is that Burke knows how government works where Carpenter and some of his pathetic, fat-arsed ministers didn’t have a clue. Evidence: Not in government now!

  29. McGinty appointed Moira Raynor to the CCC Board.
    McGinty was responsible for Geoff Gallop’s departure (“hounding out of office”) from politics – not Burke. Not many people hated Gallop – some of us regarded him as ineffectual (he didn’t really run the show) – hence the explosion of lobbyists.
    Politicians are lobbyied most days by someone wanting something – that’s what they are there for. If they are too weak to resist requests they don’t agree with – blame the mindless factions who endorse so many mindless sheep and quash dissenting opinion.
    Asbestosis and mesothelioma are not the same – one is a deadly cancer, one affects the quality of your life – oxygen intake.

  30. Hey what's up

    The cccexposed.org web site is loading with the message, Error 500, Internal Server error! Was there a knock at the door, Have the CCC got them?


    Normally we’d just attribute it to a problem with the hosting company, but sadly in WA right now, it is certainly not of the question for the WA Corrupt Commission to have raided the site.

    We’ll do our best to find out.

  32. Hi all, apologies for the outage. We’re back in business now – in a kind of a cobbled-together fashion. The site should be fully operational again before too long.

    cheers, Jack

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