UNLIKELY CANDIDATE: Former punk rocker and Noam Chomsky fan who drinks VB represents LNP in Queensland election

VBdrinker The LNP candidate for their safe seat of Beaudesert in the Queensland election, young buck Aidan McLindon, faces a challenge from election funding rorter Pauline Hanson and from a picture clearly demonstrating his subversive taste for the southern drop Victoria Bitter.

Our snout – a member of our growing Twitter sub-faction – sent us happy snaps of young Aidan with his party-hard LNP homeboys enjoying the nation’s finest brew. But that’s not usually how the good folk of outer suburban Brisbane regard it. Get XXXX or get f*cked is their usual attitude.

In Queensland, a candidate could easily get away with being an alcoholic, it some seats it might help, but sipping the nancy boy VB is almost as suspicious an act as wearing fishnet stockings under the RM Williams boots and moleskins.

William Bowe at Poll Bludger advises the suspicious acts don’t end there either. It is alleged the candidate was in a “punk grindcore” band with unpleasant and possibly satanic tributes to Noam Chomsky and “fret melting goodness” of a decidedly left-wing kind.

McLindon and an accessory also stage-invaded Big Brother back in 2005, revealing the name of the winner. He was fined $250 for creating a public nuisance.

Sounds like quite the piece of work.

But at least he’s not Pauline Hanson.




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5 responses to “UNLIKELY CANDIDATE: Former punk rocker and Noam Chomsky fan who drinks VB represents LNP in Queensland election

  1. Just because you read “Noam Chomsky” doesn’t mean you enjoy it. Got Noam Book, fell asleep, girlfriend got me a DVD, fell alseep faster.

    Note that the VB has been consumed, but the XXXX are freshly opened.

  2. Note also he’s the only one in that picture drinking a full-strength beer.

  3. Voice

    VB or XXXX, I don’t know how they got the cat to squat over those bottles.

  4. stop lying as we are not idiots

    It is a pitty that you Mr Landeryou are able to slander a person simply because of you political views! It is also a pitty that you are able to rally others to your outragous claims.

    Now I beleive that as Mr Twentyman obliviously is committed to a worthy cause! it seems that you have decided to focus on slandering him and others

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