GAME SET MATCH: Newnham slams "latte sipper" analysis of his Kororoit triumph

paulaustin ALP boss Stephen Newnham has fired back at the baloney served up by The Age yesterday over increasingly hysterical claims about the Labor’s success in the Kororoit by-election.

He explained why it was perfectly legitimate and lawful to state – as Labor did – that a vote for Les Twentyman was a vote for the Liberals:

“The Liberal Party knew they couldn’t win Kororoit, so their strategy was to attempt to damage Labor’s brand and maximise the chances of Les Twentyman being elected,” he said. “That’s why they placed him No. 2 on their how-to-vote card. Therefore Les Twentyman was the de facto Liberal candidate for Kororoit, and a vote for him was a vote for the Liberal strategy.”

He said: “If Les Twentyman or any other independent were to run in any future election and it was clear that the Liberals were attempting to get them elected, we would use this strategy again.”

He said “working families” had excellent “bulldust detectors” and it was arrogant and patronising to think they could be hoodwinked. “We have great respect for the view of working families and believe they get it right 10 times more often than most latte-sipping journalists and commentators.”

Too bloody right they do.

VEXNEWS would prefer to restrain our usual active and spirited discussion of Twentyman until we’re sure he’s recovered from his medical issues which his publicist insists on telling us all about via press release. Even he’s entitled to some privacy when crook, we think. We certainly wish the old grouch the very best of health so he’s fit to run again in 2010 for a new bout of payout.

Not like that nasty piece of work Sharri Markson in the Gallery in Canberra, whose main claim to fame was impersonating a grieving relative after the July 7 terror attacks in London. Markson teared up, made herself looked distressed and carried flowers to get through to interview a bloke who’d been blown up. Nice.

Paul “Curly” Austin clearly didn’t have much on so he recycled a weeks old story about the notoriously incompetent Victorian Electoral Commission deeming a leaflet to be misleading. When reheating left-overs, it’s very important to add spice for taste, enough chili to minimise the risk of food poisoning,  so he did, making claims of lies, smears, “offences against democracy” and other demonstrably false hype of the kind he normally only lathers himself into a frenzy about when denouncing Ted Baillieu/Petro Georgiou’s factional foes in the Liberal Party.

Regular readers of VEXNEWS and its predecessor publication the OC will remember that Twentyman (well really his shadowy backers)  had promised to take the ALP to court over all the nasty lies they told about him. They of course never did, knowing they didn’t have a leg to stand on.

Principally their complaint was about one of the most devastating pieces of material put out in the campaign that directly quoted Twentyman’s support of heroin injecting rooms. It contained a then recent quote from him supporting such facilities.

He insisted it was all lies despite his views appearing in his own column and his own book. His backers complained to the VEC. They clearly rejected that complaint.

Twentyman’s backers also complained about a leaflet that made the argument that a vote for Les Twentyman was a vote for the Liberals. No, howled Les, even though I’m receiving Liberal preferences, and they want me to win, I’m not a Liberal.

The VEC said saying a vote for Les Twentyman was a vote for the Liberals could be misleading. Poppycock.

No more so – as a wise person on Andrew Bolt’s blog yesterday made the point – than when John Howard said a vote for Labor is a vote for higher interest rates.

It’s just a rhetorical device to make a point.

Like in Queensland, when Labor used to push very hard in Brisbane saying a vote for the Liberals is a a vote for the then rather unfashionable Nationals. Again, technically not true in a literal sense but it’s not meant to be, it’s making a political argument saying supporting one gives support to the other. It’s an opinion and an entirely legitimate one.

The assertion that it’s all a nasty campaign of deceit or whatever is ridiculous and typical of the half-thought out hysteria that Austin trots out about the major political parties.

In his world view, every politician is a crook and every voter a f*cktard who is easily conned by Rupert Murdoch’s media and cynical TV executives.

It’s a less intelligently argued version of John Pilgerism. And Pilger while smart is clearly as mad as a cut snake on total fire ban day.

Newnham was right to demolish his argument, even batting up to the same journo who attempted to do him over the day before. Note the change in tone in the two articles. One hysterical. The other reasonable. A good effort. No wonder he’s still State Secretary. May it ever be thus.



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13 responses to “GAME SET MATCH: Newnham slams "latte sipper" analysis of his Kororoit triumph

  1. anon

    q: What has the Newnham ever done for us?

    a: Well, he has kind of won elections, crushingly..

    ’nuff said. ‘may it ever be thus’.

  2. Anon Annonski

    Austin should concentrate on the real issue of Kororoit. How the the usually solid citizen NUW came to saddle up with George Seitz one of the most parasitic vermin ever to burrow under the ALP’s skin to pre-select a floozy of a candidate just to get Stephen Newnham’s attention.
    And why the afore said Newnham doesn’t just accept that letting the NUW back into the Right with positions of power etc isn’t the sort of magnanimous gesture a man of his undoubted talents should make?
    Everyone’s inability to answer this question will eventually lead to the destruction of the Right in Victoria if everyone isn’t very careful!

  3. NUW patriot

    I hate reading some of the shit here at times. The NUW wanted nothing other than peace.

    None of us saddled up with George Seitz, in fact there’s a long history there, we just wanted to put old battles behind us if we were given the chance.

    Shorten never gave us that chance, that’s the truth.

    We were left with no choice by the SDA and had desperately wanted to abstain on Kororoit. We were told in no uncertain terms that if we did abstain we would lose support from the people who were supporting our readmission to Labor Unity.

    There is so little difference in views and outlook between NUW people and the rest of Labor Unity, I just don’t understand why we can’t get along as we mostly do at Young Labor.

    I think Shorten and Feeney’s egos are a big part of it but isolating the NUW won’t work. We are here to stay.

  4. Anon Annonski

    Well finally a frank an honest explanation! If you want to stop reading shit about it then stop with the sulky no talky stuff and tell your bloody story! Shorten certainly isn’t bloody shy about telling his!!!

  5. Fuckknuckle..

    Hey, NUW patriot, how fucking pathetic are you. What a sook.

    Sulking about Shorten not giving you a chance and SDA giving you no choice and you hate reading this shit and you only want peace. Fuck me drunk, how pathetic.

    Which one of you pathetic VIC sooks is it, Donnelly, Thow, Kennedy ? You are all a fucking disgrace.

  6. Anon

    Fuck fuck fuck. What a beautiful point Mr Knuckle- head makes. Pity he has the vocabulary of a 12 year old.

    NUW patriot about time we have an supposed inside perspective. I know Feensy and Shorten are Unitys stubborn mules, but please explain what the hell Donnelly is doing attempting to conquer QLD branch?

    If you ask me its just a bunch of egos that need to get into a room and talk about their trumatuc childhood experiences. You can’t have 10 king dicks. Someone needs to get circumsised. I still can’t understand why Newham almost had his on the block?

  7. Fuckknuckle.

    Mr Anon , for someone who talks about vocabulary, you could at least learn to spell. Maybe its you that had a traumatic childhood experience and it`s your head that needs to get circumcised. Dickhead.

  8. Bill

    Hurry up Mr Fuckknuckle, get a box of tissues for NUW patriot. It sounds like he`s going to have a good cry. Anon sounds like he is just as big a softcock as the NUW patriot.

  9. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

    The OC’s Kororoit ‘coverage’ was poisonous in intent and results.

    , pure poison, evil undemocratic louts, and users of grubby smear tactics.

  10. Movember

    we will see how long miss karnose survives

  11. yoy

    I think reality may have finally set in for the NUW. They are where they are because they were forced into a corner.

    “We were left with no choice by the SDA and had desperately wanted to abstain on Kororoit”

    All the NUW had to do was say “Hey boys, we’re staying outta this one. We just got back into the faction”

    Whats even more astounding is the attempt on Newnham-Richardson. WTF was that about ? Now we all know that the newnham part of newnham-richardson aint the most charismatic thing to come outta the right, and he may be playing outta his league, but there was no reason to go after him. It was bound to end in disaster.

    I hear that the SDA NUW and Robit Scott are all blaming Don O’Brian for screwing them. Dan I’m told told the collaborators that Brumby had OK’d the execution.

    I hear that O’Brian has been asked by Brumby to slowly start packing his office up.

    Newnham will eventually have to go for sake of party stability. Leading up to an important election. Brumby wont want anything to destabilize the party. He’s got enough of that with the likes of Theo and George Seitz, who I hear is now targeting Shorten for some bizarre reason. It was Shorten after all who changed the ALP rules to let George stand again.

    Its true that Newman hasn’t lost an election yet, but he really hasn’t been on the front line where an election is in the balance. I think it might be time to go.

    On an aside, those pesky SL unions who were agitating for a piece of the action in the 10 year deal have come to party and no longer entertain the idea of doing a deal with the SDA.

    On another aside, word from the inside is that Jeff Jackson from HSUA is still battling on despite some irregularities which the auditors have identified. Word is that Jackson has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, and is suggesting that charges on his union credit card were made without his knowledge or authorisation. The auditors agreed that the pizza and beer may have been charged by others, but some of the other charges interstate are not so easy to explain.

  12. chuffed

    when is that f#$%wit carey leaving??

  13. Anon Annonski

    Kororoit hardly needed the OC to be grubby and full of smear.
    F Knuckle never says anything of substance he is clearly a bitter and twisted neanderthal who cannot escapte his bitterness about the NUW trying to reform itself structurally.
    Isn’t it time to see the bigger picture?

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