GOT WOOD: Former cop politician fondly remembers police groupie conwoman as "breath of fresh air"

jwood The federal MP for the very marginal seat of LaTrobe Jason Wood has fondly remembered his former squeeze conwoman Jodie Harris as “a breath of fresh air” in today’s Herald Sun.

Harris was the odd conwoman who pretended to be a policewoman on occasion to steal money from people and who had serially dated policemen. She stole hundreds of thousands of dollars that way before being busted and sentenced to years of imprisonment in Victoria and other states.

The parliamentarian and former counter-terror cop who famously and repeatedly confused his ‘organisms’ with his ‘orgasms’ in a late-night speech in the House of Representatives appears to have scored quite a few from the eccentric woman and cop-groupie.

Some of the least likely objects of affection in political circles appear to be able to maintain a Charles Manson-esque level of young political female groupie-love so if it’s possible for them we don’t see why the boys in blue who risk their lives to keep us safe every day should be denied.

Wood – who will perhaps be used as a case study for why a good no-comment can be a superior option to chatting the day away with pesky scribes – has told the Hun’s Paul Anderson that the convicted serial conwoman was “a breath of fresh air” around the stations he worked at in the early 1990s. No doubt she was.

He explained she operated under a different name back then. But of course a rose by any other name would surely smell as sweet.

“Jodie Harris was under a different name and she used to come around, for example, (to) East Melbourne and Russell St police stations, I regarded her as a casual acquaintance.”

Very casual. You could of course drive a divvy van through such a non-denial denial. She was perhaps filed under “Booty call” on his speed-dial. What a heartless brute, willing to give her one out the back but not willing to buy her a meal afterwards:

“I never went out with her,” he insisted.

It seems he didn’t have to in order to take full advantage of her services. A bit sad really. The parliamentarian says as much:

“She was infatuated with all police members.She would come across as the world’s nicest girl . . . (but) I never had a relationship with her. Definitely not.”

No, not a relationship. She used cops to be able to perfect her crimes. And they used her in the manner of a town bike. Not nice.

Hopefully if the honourable member’s non-denial denial of over-the-counter love isn’t satisfactory to Jodie Harris, an enterprising member of the press will make their way in to see her where she is currently a guest of Her Majesty and Minister Bob Cameron to get her perspective.

That would be a breath of fresh air.



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10 responses to “GOT WOOD: Former cop politician fondly remembers police groupie conwoman as "breath of fresh air"

  1. wise one

    This dill managed a database in the terrorism unit. He was a junior pen pusher. God help us if he was leading the charge against terrorists. The guy is DADS!

  2. George Jetson

    Quite a flurry of dumb cop stories lately. One didn’t see a manipulative skank coming, the other didn’t see a large flying barrier coming. One was too focused on the namesake in his pants, one too focused on cracking skulls.

    Woody and Dicko, 21st century Keystone Cops, now there’s a comedic spin on Underbelly. Surely a cracking prime time series for the Networks.

  3. Jimbob

    Jason Wood didn’t but whiney pyney met her at a bathouse once.

  4. anon

    Thinking with little head.

  5. Insider

    Good old Jason Wood has a habit of choosing the ‘bad egg’ types of the fairer sex, apart from this conwoman, he has been for quite some time been having a on again off again affair with the State Member for Gembrook, the one and only Tammy Lobato.
    The two are extremely close and have been caught coming our of the same hotel room. Too close i think for a couple on different sides of politics.

  6. wise one

    he’s been engaged a few times as well

  7. Insider

    Oh Wise One, you are well informed, maybe you can confirm my hearings that little Jason Wood has been snubbed by his family because he is anti-gay, and that one of his own brothers is gay???
    What a good MP and role model this person makes!

  8. pfft

    If I was working in a shit job at VicPol and that little hottie came bounding up wanting to share the love, I’d give her a good pounding too. What’s the big deal?? He wasn’t married back then.

    Society here is becoming more nanny state and more like Saudi Arabia every day.

  9. RDR

    If the young lady needs a lift back to Dame Phyllis Frost Centre I am more than happy to oblige.
    My roving hands could easily guide her back in the gate.

  10. Fatty Doyle

    I might pop up Dame Pyll’s tomorrow, I will get more bang for my buck there.

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