BOGAN BUSTER: Public servant "Pauline" threatens VEXNEWS with legal action over snob claims

boganfreebitchOur story yesterday on Pauline, the Canberra based public servant who wrote on her blog she was troubled about the prospect of her prospective child mixing with “bogans”, attracted considerable attention around town.

But the most priceless reaction came from Pauline herself who called VEXNEWS to protest our publication in the strongest terms at 11 o’clock last night.

Sadly she didn’t leave a number and promised to call back but has been too busy with group hugs, team-building sessions and workshops at her public service job to call.

So we’ll put up her message for your amusement and keep you posted if she proceeds with the sort of war on free speech and political commentary of a kind some might consider most inconsistent with Amnesty membership.



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26 responses to “BOGAN BUSTER: Public servant "Pauline" threatens VEXNEWS with legal action over snob claims

  1. Pemba the Red Panda

    I find it high-larious that someone called Pauline is complaining about bogans. She does make an excellent point regarding childcare workers however. Is it still snobbery if it’s true? Is it a crime if you don’t want your children to pick up filthy habits such as pronouncing H as “haitch”? I’m behind her on the childcare issue.

    Honestly though Pauline, save your taxpayer funded salary. Forget about the legal advice.

  2. You can’t sue for libel if it’s true, Pauline.

  3. Gleeson J

    Not 100% accurate Leon. Not only has she got a potential defamation claim, but a few other causes of action to boot.

    I find it interesting that vexnews is willing to break the law by intentionally causing emotional distress to this young woman. Especially considering that it decided to abide by the law in refusing to publish the identity of a politician who paid a young man for sex and then lied about it to his family.

    Is Vexnews sexist?

  4. barking toad

    Don’t ya just love hippie leftie sheilas.

    Post stuff in the public domain for all the world to see and then ring up to complain because someone saw it, and referred to it.

    Please get legal advice toots. And I hope you go to a firm where the 1st consultation ISN’T free. Although with the usual leftard sense of entitlement, you’ll probably seek Legal Aid.

    And please ring VexNews tomorrow – can’t wait for the next hilarious episode on the www.

    Is that really a pic of you with the curly ginge? You look a bit like a bogan.

  5. Get over it

    Emotional distress? Pleeeeaaaase. Pauline needs to harden the fuck up.

  6. Butters


    Clearly you have a bogan accent from listening to your voice on the phone call.

    Can you give me a ring back so I can tell you how to speak like a real Australian, that is to say a person who is allowed to participate in Australian society, which you clearly think that Bogans are not.

    “You know man, Im a Bogan, You’re a Bogan?”

    Quote from The Big Bogan

  7. oink

    This is a sexist attack on an independent woman who wishes to make choices about herself and her child.

    This is a virtual rape.

    Particularly notable is the large phallic arrow you have aimed at her mouth, suggestive of your desire to continue to violate.

    Take this shit down or pay very dearly.

  8. Anonymous

    This is a sexist attack on an independent woman who wishes to make choices about herself and her child.

    This is a virtual rape.

    FFS what the fuck are you smoking

  9. RDR

    I’m happy to give her a lift to any bogan free childcare centre not on a public transport root. Oops, I mean route.. (Bit of a freudian slip there …Sorry)

  10. Inga Binga

    ‘oink’ I am than willing to take any large phallic arrow in my orifices if it helps, especially since their vacant due to Sav’s soft medical problem.

  11. Anonymous

    Can’t spare a dollar for worthwhile causes she says but will spend up big on lawyers – typical lefties.

  12. Annika

    It’s actually a very CPSU attitude! The union is just full of people like this. She is just so full of herself.

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  14. Dan

    Give that tax eater a bailout.

  15. mick

    As a bogan, should I get legal advice over what she wrote about me on her blog?

  16. Phil McCrackin

    Forget the child care – get that shiela a decent hair dresser…holy shit – the 80s are long gone sweetheart!

  17. Noel Jackson

    Actually, contrary to an earlier, posting, you can take defamatory action even if the statement is true – but it would have be used in a vexacious way.

    In this case, Andy mate, you ain’t got a worry.

    This girl plastered her life on the web and has to suffer the fair and reasonable consequences of doing so.

    So much for the green elite

  18. Butters

    No, Noel, she has plastered her Bogan accent over the web.

    And I pity her children who have to listen to it.

  19. tHE jOKER

    How precious some are! Imagine putting your life on the web them having a sook when she’s caught out.

    I want some legal advice on how to stop oxygen thieves like this moron.

    Dippy cow.

  20. Hi Andrew,

    Happy to contribute to your legal fund to defend this action hehehe

    cheers, Jack

  21. Noel Jackson

    Butters, my point is that defamation action can be taken even if what is being said is the truth – but it would have to be pretty vexatious for it to work, an extremely rare situation. I’m just saying it can happen.

    It wouldn’t work in this case, because Andrew’s posting was not vexatious, but reporting – entertaining, in fact!

  22. Daniel Lewis

    “Virtual Rape?”

    You are a virtual idiot.

  23. Anonymous

    seems very nervous right now!

  24. Anonymous

    You can’t type [deleted] on this blog anymore. You would think there was a supression order or something.

  25. Anonymous

    Stop deleting my posts about a former Heidelberg Councillor Andrew. It’s not fair!

  26. Anonymous

    My name is Jenny Mulholland and I’m really happy about the Jake the Snake article and what it means for politics in my area.

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